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Recent Bioactive Materials Articles

Recently published articles from Bioactive Materials.

Osteoblastic and anti-osteoclastic activities of strontium-substituted silicocarnotite ceramics: In vitro and in vivo studies

September 2020
Junkai Zeng | Jingshu Guo | Zhenyu Sun | Fanyan Deng | Congqin Ning | Youzhuan Xie

Osteoporosis bone defect is a refractory orthopaedic disease which characterized by impaired bone quality and bone regeneration capacity. Current therapies, including antiosteoporosis drugs and artificial...

Metal alginates for polyphenol delivery systems: Studies on crosslinking ions and easy-to-use patches for release of protective flavonoids in skin

September 2020
João Silva | Pavlo Vanat | Dorinda Marques-da-Silva | Joaquim Rui Rodrigues | Ricardo Lagoa

Incorporation of bioactive natural compounds like polyphenols is an attractive approach for enhanced functionalities of biomaterials. In particular flavonoids have important pharmacological activities,...

Additive manufacturing of biodegradable porous orthopaedic screw

September 2020
Ramya Dhandapani | Priya Dharshini Krishnan | Allen Zennifer | Vishal Kannan | Amrutha Manigandan | Michael R. Arul | Devina Jaiswal | Anuradha Subramanian | Sangamesh Gurappa Kumbar | Swaminathan Sethuraman

Advent of additive manufacturing in biomedical field has nurtured fabrication of complex, customizable and reproducible orthopaedic implants. Layer-by-layer deposition of biodegradable polymer employed...

Bioactive polymeric materials and electrical stimulation strategies for musculoskeletal tissue repair and regeneration

September 2020
Bryan Ferrigno | Rosalie Bordett | Nithyadevi Duraisamy | Joshua Moskow | Michael R. Arul | Swetha Rudraiah | Syam P. Nukavarapu | Anthony T. Vella | Sangamesh G. Kumbar

Electrical stimulation (ES) is predominantly used as a physical therapy modality to promote tissue healing and functional recovery. Research efforts in both laboratory and clinical settings have shown...

Bioactive biodegradable polycitrate nanoclusters enhances the myoblast differentiation and in vivo skeletal muscle regeneration via p38 MAPK signaling pathway

September 2020
Yi Guo | Min Wang | Juan Ge | Wen Niu | Mi Chen | Wei Cheng | Bo Lei

Complete skeletal muscle repair and regeneration due to severe large injury or disease is still a challenge. Biochemical cues are critical to control myoblast cell function and can be utilized to develop...

Improving mechanical and antibacterial properties of PMMA via polyblend electrospinning with silk fibroin and polyethyleneimine towards dental applications

September 2020
Ugur Yunus Karatepe | Tugba Ozdemir

Poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) is a widely used material in dental applications, particularly as denture resins. Due to thermally unstable and wet oral cavity, the implanted PMMA based resins occasionally...

Keratin - Based materials for biomedical applications

September 2020
Sandleen Feroz | Nawshad Muhammad | Jithendra Ratnayake | George Dias

Keratin constitutes the major component of the feather, hair, hooves, horns, and wool represents a group of biological material having high cysteine content (7–13%) as compared to other structural proteins....

Engineered three-dimensional scaffolds for enhanced bone regeneration in osteonecrosis

September 2020
Tongtong Zhu | Yutao Cui | Mingran Zhang | Duoyi Zhao | Guangyao Liu | Jianxun Ding

Osteonecrosis, which is typically induced by trauma, glucocorticoid abuse, or alcoholism, is one of the most severe diseases in clinical orthopedics. Osteonecrosis often leads to joint destruction,...

Nanoparticles modified by polydopamine: Working as “drug” carriers

September 2020
Anting Jin | Yitong Wang | Kaili Lin | Lingyong Jiang

Inspired by the mechanism of mussel adhesion, polydopamine (PDA), a versatile polymer for surface modification has been discovered. Owing to its unique properties like extraordinary adhesiveness, excellent...

Evaluation of the properties of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate mixed with Zinc Oxide exposed to different environmental conditions

September 2020
B. Bolhari | N. Meraji | M. Rezazadeh Sefideh | P. Pedram

Addition of zinc oxide (ZnO) to Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) has been shown to rectify tooth discoloration caused by Angelus MTA. This study evaluated the microhardness, compressive strength, calcium...

Near-infrared responsive 5-fluorouracil and indocyanine green loaded MPEG-PCL nanoparticle integrated with dissolvable microneedle for skin cancer therapy

September 2020
Ying Hao | YuWen Chen | XinLong He | Fan Yang | RuXia Han | ChengLi Yang | Wei Li | ZhiYong Qian

The prevalence of skin cancer is rising along with the rapid population aging in recent years. Traditional therapies, such as surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and...

Physico-chemical and biological evaluation of doxycycline loaded into hybrid oxide-polymer layer on Ti–Mo alloy

September 2020
Alicja Kazek-Kęsik | Agnieszka Nosol | Joanna Płonka | Monika Śmiga-Matuszowicz | Sebastian Student | Monika Brzychczy-Włoch | Małgorzata Krok-Borkowicz | Elżbieta Pamuła | Wojciech Simka

Oxide-polymer coatings were formed on the surface of the vanadium-free Ti–15Mo titanium alloy. The Ti alloy surface was modified by the plasma electrolytic oxidation process, and then, the polymer layer...

Bioprinting of radiopaque constructs for tissue engineering and understanding degradation behavior by use of Micro-CT

September 2020
Sudipto Datta | Shuvodeep Jana | Ankita Das | Arindam Chakraborty | Amit Roy Chowdhury | Pallab Datta

Bioprinting has emerged as a potential technique to fabricate tissue engineering constructs and in vitro models directly using living cells as a raw material for fabrication, conforming to the heterogeneity...

Microstructure, mechanical property and corrosion behavior of porous Ti–Ta–Nb–Zr

September 2020
B.Q. Li | R.Z. Xie | X. Lu

In this paper, biomedical porous Ti–Nb–Ta–Zr with 40% porosity and 166 ± 21 μm macro-pore size was successfully fabricated by space holder method. The microstructure, Vickers hardness, compressive and...

Drug-loaded chitosan film prepared via facile solution casting and air-drying of plain water-based chitosan solution for ocular drug delivery

September 2020
Boxuan Li | Juan Wang | Qin Gui | Hu Yang

Chitosan is a nature-based polymer with low toxicity, excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability. However, the intractable solubility of chitosan in water and most conventional solvents hampers...

A new antimicrobial compound from the leaves of Dodonaea viscosa for infectious diseases

September 2020
Basma Mubarak Hamed Al Bimani | Mohammad Amzad Hossain

The main aim of this research work was to isolate and characterize the antimicrobial compounds that can be extracted from the leaves of Dodonaea viscosa (D. viscosa) and to assess their antimicrobial...

High-affinity mutant Interleukin-13 targeted CAR T cells enhance delivery of clickable biodegradable fluorescent nanoparticles to glioblastoma

September 2020
Gloria B. Kim | Virginia Aragon-Sanabria | Lauren Randolph | Hali Jiang | Joshua A. Reynolds | Becky S. Webb | Achuthamangalam Madhankumar | Xiaojun Lian | James R. Connor | Jian Yang | Cheng Dong

Glioblastoma (GBM), the deadliest form of brain cancer, presents long-standing problems due to its localization. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy has emerged as a powerful strategy...

3D printing of multilayered scaffolds for rotator cuff tendon regeneration

September 2020
Xiping Jiang | Shaohua Wu | Mitchell Kuss | Yunfan Kong | Wen Shi | Philipp N. Streubel | Tieshi Li | Bin Duan

Repairing massive rotator cuff tendon defects remains a challenge due to the high retear rate after surgical intervention. 3D printing has emerged as a promising technique that enables the fabrication...

Layer-by-layer deposition of bioactive layers on magnesium alloy stent materials to improve corrosion resistance and biocompatibility

September 2020
Fan Gao | Youdong Hu | Guicai Li | Sen Liu | Li Quan | Zhongmei Yang | Yanchun Wei | Changjiang Pan

Magnesium alloy is considered as one of the ideal cardiovascular stent materials owing to its good mechanical properties and biodegradability. However, the in vivo rapid degradation rate and the insufficient...

Gene-activated dermal equivalents to accelerate healing of diabetic chronic wounds by regulating inflammation and promoting angiogenesis

September 2020
Dong Lou | Yu Luo | Qian Pang | Wei-Qiang Tan | Lie Ma

Diabetic chronic wound, characterized by prolonged inflammation and impaired angiogenesis, has become one of the most serious challenges in clinic and pose a significant healthcare burden worldwide....

Characteristics of novel Ti–10Mo-xCu alloy by powder metallurgy for potential biomedical implant applications

September 2020
Wei Xu | Chenjin Hou | Yuxuan Mao | Lei Yang | Maryam Tamaddon | Jianliang Zhang | Xuanhui Qu | Chaozong Liu | Bo Su | Xin Lu

When biomaterials are implanted in the human body, the surfaces of the implants become favorable sites for microbial adhesion and biofilm formation, causing peri-implant infection which frequently results...

In situ magnesium calcium phosphate cements formation: From one pot powders precursors synthesis to in vitro investigations

September 2020
M.A. Goldberg | P.A. Krohicheva | A.S. Fomin | D.R. Khairutdinova | O.S. Antonova | A.S. Baikin | V.V. Smirnov | A.A. Fomina | A.V. Leonov | I.V. Mikheev | N.S. Sergeeva | S.A. Akhmedova | S.M. Barinov | V.S. Komlev

Calcium phosphate cements are of great interest for researchers and their applications in medical practice expanded. Nevertheless, they have a number of drawbacks including the insufficient level of...

Biofunctional magnesium coated Ti6Al4V scaffold enhances osteogenesis and angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo for orthopedic application

September 2020
Peng Gao | Bo Fan | Xiaoming Yu | Wenwen Liu | Jie Wu | Lei Shi | Di Yang | Lili Tan | Peng Wan | Yulin Hao | Shujun Li | Wentao Hou | Ke Yang | Xiaokang Li | Zheng Guo

The insufficient osteogenesis and osseointegration of porous titanium based scaffold limit its further application. Early angiogenesis is important for scaffold survival. It is necessary to develop...

Targeted delivery of chlorogenic acid by mannosylated liposomes to effectively promote the polarization of TAMs for the treatment of glioblastoma

September 2020
Jun Ye | Yanfang Yang | Jing Jin | Ming Ji | Yue Gao | Yu Feng | Hongliang Wang | Xiaoguang Chen | Yuling Liu

Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) generally display an immunosuppressive M2 phenotype and promote tumor progression and metastasis, suggesting their potential value as a target in cancer immunotherapy....

Antibacterial and cytocompatible coatings based on poly(adipic anhydride) for a Ti alloy surface

September 2020
Katarzyna Leśniak-Ziółkowska | Monika Śmiga-Matuszowicz | Agata Blacha-Grzechnik | Sebastian Student | Monika Brzychczy-Włoch | Małgorzata Krok-Borkowicz | Elżbieta Pamuła | Wojciech Simka | Alicja Kazek-Kęsik

This paper describes a formation of hybrid coatings on a Ti–2Ta–3Zr–36Nb surface. This is accomplished by plasma electrolytic oxidation and a dip-coating technique with poly(adipic anhydride) ((C6H8O3)n)...

Tuning C–C sp2/sp3 ratio of DLC films in FCVA system for biomedical application

June 2020
Xi Rao | Jihan Yang | Zilin Chen | Yidie Yuan | Qiubing Chen | Xue Feng | Lizhao Qin | Yongping Zhang

Diamond like carbon (DLC) films with different C–C sp2/sp3 ratios were prepared by tuning the N2 flow rate in a filtered cathodic vacuum arc (FCVA) system. The increase of N2 flow rate facilitated the...

Strontium modulates osteogenic activity of bone cement composed of bioactive borosilicate glass particles by activating Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

June 2020
Xu Cui | Yadong Zhang | Jianyun Wang | Chengcheng Huang | Yudong Wang | Hongsheng Yang | Wenlong Liu | Ting Wang | Deping Wang | Guocheng Wang | Changshun Ruan | Dafu Chen | William W. Lu | Wenhai Huang | Mohamed N. Rahaman | Haobo Pan

There is a need for synthetic grafts to reconstruct large bone defects using minimal invasive surgery. Our previous study showed that incorporation of Sr into bioactive borate glass cement enhanced...

Magnetic resonance (MR) safety and compatibility of a novel iron bioresorbable scaffold

June 2020
Dong Bian | Li Qin | Wenjiao Lin | Danni Shen | Haiping Qi | Xiaoli Shi | Gui Zhang | Hongwei Liu | Han Yang | Jin Wang | Deyuan Zhang | Yufeng Zheng

Fully bioresorbable scaffolds have been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional drug-eluting stents (DESs), which permanently cage the native vessel wall and pose possible complications....

A microarray platform designed for high-throughput screening the reaction conditions for the synthesis of micro/nanosized biomedical materials

June 2020
Xiaoyu Li | Xiran Yang | Lei Liu | Peipei Zhou | Jianhua Zhou | Xuetao Shi | Yingjun Wang

Materials research usually relies on lengthy and largely trial-and-error methods, high-throughput technology has thereby emerged as an alternative method which is proven to be a simple, rapid, accurate...

Recent advances in periodontal regeneration: A biomaterial perspective

June 2020
Yongxi Liang | Xianghong Luan | Xiaohua Liu

Periodontal disease (PD) is one of the most common inflammatory oral diseases, affecting approximately 47% of adults aged 30 years or older in the United States. If not treated properly, PD leads to...

Antibacterial and angiogenic chitosan microneedle array patch for promoting wound healing

June 2020
Junjie Chi | Xiaoxuan Zhang | Canwen Chen | Changmin Shao | Yuanjin Zhao | Yongan Wang

A patch with the capability of avoiding wound infection and promoting tissue remolding is of great value for wound healing. In this paper, we develop a biomass chitosan microneedle array (CSMNA) patch...

Ce and Er Co-doped TiO2 for rapid bacteria- killing using visible light

June 2020
Yawei Ren | Yajing Han | Zhaoyang Li | Xiangmei Liu | Shengli Zhu | Yanqin Liang | Kelvin Wai Kwok Yeung | Shuilin Wu

Bacterial infection and related diseases are threatening the health of human beings. Photocatalytic disinfection as a simple and low-cost disinfection strategy is attracting more and more attention....

Design biodegradable Zn alloys: Second phases and their significant influences on alloy properties

June 2020
Zhang-Zhi Shi | Xi-Xian Gao | Hai-Jun Zhang | Xue-Feng Liu | Hui-Yan Li | Chao Zhou | Yu-Xia Yin | Lu-Ning Wang

Alloying combined with plastic deformation processing is widely used to improve mechanical properties of pure Zn. As-cast Zn and its alloys are brittle. Beside plastic deformation processing, no effective...

In vitro degradation of pure magnesium―the synergetic influences of glucose and albumin

June 2020
Wei Yan | Yi-Jie Lian | Zhi-Yuan Zhang | Mei-Qi Zeng | Zhao-Qi Zhang | Zheng-Zheng Yin | Lan-Yue Cui | Rong-Chang Zeng

The biocorrosion of magnesium in the external physiological environment is still difficult to accurately evaluate the degradation behavior in vivo, particularly, in the microenvironment of the patients...

Enhanced osteogenesis and therapy of osteoporosis using simvastatin loaded hybrid system

June 2020
Tao Wu | Jing Sun | Lei Tan | Qi Yan | Lei Li | Liangwen Chen | Xiangmei Liu | Shi Bin

Postmenopausal osteoporosis is a common chronic dynamic bone disorder, caused by estrogen deficiency. To address this issue, we constructed a controlled drug-release system composed of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)...

Guanidine derivative inhibits C. albicans biofilm growth on denture liner without promote loss of materials’ resistance

June 2020
Isadora Martini Garcia | Stéfani Becker Rodrigues | Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Gama | Vicente Castelo Branco Leitune | Mary Anne Melo | Fabrício Mezzomo Collares

To reduce the burden of denture stomatitis and oral candidiasis, an aqueous solution containing polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride (PHMGH) was investigated as an antifungal disinfectant against...

Evolving role of biomaterials in diagnostic and therapeutic radiation oncology

June 2020
Siyu Shi | Ravi Vissapragada | Joseph Abi Jaoude | Caroline Huang | Anmol Mittal | Elisa Liu | Jim Zhong | Vivek Kumar

Radiation therapy to treat cancer has evolved significantly since the discovery of x-rays. Yet, radiation therapy still has room for improvement in reducing side effects and improving control of cancer....

Colloidal forming of macroporous calcium pyrophosphate bioceramics in 3D-printed molds

June 2020
Ya.Yu Filippov | E.D. Orlov | E.S. Klimashina | P.V. Evdokimov | T.V. Safronova | V.I. Putlayev | J.V. Rau

A technique for colloidal forming of Ca2P2O7 macroporous bioceramics, based on low-pressure injection molding (LPIM) of a glycerol-water slip containing Ca2P2O7 and Ca(Н2PO4)2 into a plastic mold fabricated...

Long-term storage of lipid-like nanoparticles for mRNA delivery

June 2020
Pengxuan Zhao | Xucheng Hou | Jingyue Yan | Shi Du | Yonger Xue | Wenqing Li | Guangya Xiang | Yizhou Dong

Lipid-like nanoparticles (LLNs) have been extensively explored for messenger RNA (mRNA) delivery in various biomedical applications. However, the long-term storage of these nanoparticles is still a...

Effect of extrusion process on the mechanical and in vitro degradation performance of a biomedical Mg-Zn-Y-Nd alloy

June 2020
Beining Du | Ziyang Hu | Jiali Wang | Liyuan Sheng | Hui Zhao | Yufeng Zheng | Tingfei Xi

A new type of biomedical Mg–Zn–Y-Nd alloy was developed and thermal extruded by different processes to investigate the effect of extrusion ratio and extrusion pass on its microstructure, mechanical...

In vitro and in vivo degradation behavior of Mg–2Sr–Ca and Mg–2Sr–Zn alloys

June 2020
Kai Chen | Xinhui Xie | Hongyan Tang | Hui Sun | Ling Qin | Yufeng Zheng | Xuenan Gu | Yubo Fan

Magnesium alloys with integration of degradability and good mechanical performance are desired for orthopedic implants. In this paper, Mg–2Sr–Ca and Mg–2Sr–Zn alloys were prepared and the degradation...

Effect of process parameters on additive-free electrospinning of regenerated silk fibroin nonwovens

June 2020
Alexander Kopp | Ralf Smeets | Martin Gosau | Nadja Kröger | Sandra Fuest | Marius Köpf | Magnus Kruse | Judith Krieger | Rico Rutkowski | Anders Henningsen | Simon Burg

Silk fibroin is a biomaterial with multiple beneficial properties for use in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. When dissolving and processing the reconstituted silk fibroin solution by electrospinning,...

Polycaprolactone/polysaccharide functional composites for low-temperature fused deposition modelling

June 2020
Yu-Qing Zhao | Ji-Hao Yang | Xiaokang Ding | Xuejia Ding | Shun Duan | Fu-Jian Xu

Fused deposition modelling (FDM) is a commonly used 3D printing technology. The development of FDM materials was essential for the product quality of FDM. In this work, a series of polycaprolactone...

In vitro degradation and cytocompatibility of a low temperature in-situ grown self-healing Mg-Al LDH coating on MAO-coated magnesium alloy AZ31

June 2020
Chang-Yang Li | Ling Gao | Xiao-Li Fan | Rong-Chang Zeng | Dong-Chu Chen | Ke-Qian Zhi

Basically, Mg–Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) coatings are prepared on the surface of micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coated magnesium (Mg) alloys at a high temperature or a low pH value. This scenario...

Enhanced physicochemical and biological properties of C/Cu dual ions implanted medical titanium

June 2020
Chao Xia | Xiaohan Ma | Xianming Zhang | Kunqiang Li | Ji Tan | Yuqin Qiao | Xuanyong Liu

It is increasingly popular for titanium and its alloys to be utilized as the medical implants. However, their bio-inert nature and lack of antibacterial ability limit their applications. In this work,...

Mineralization of calcium phosphate controlled by biomimetic self-assembled peptide monolayers via surface electrostatic potentials

June 2020
Shuo Wang | Yongdong Yang | Ronghan Wang | Xiangdong Kong | Xiumei Wang

The functions of acidic-rich domains in non-collagenous protein during biomineralization are thought to induce nucleation and control the growth of hydroxyapatite. The tripeptide Asp-Ser-Ser (DSS) repeats...

Biodegradation behavior of micro-arc oxidation coating on magnesium alloy-from a protein perspective

June 2020
Zhao-Qi Zhang | Li Wang | Mei-Qi Zeng | Rong-Chang Zeng | M. Bobby Kannan | Cun-Guo Lin | Yu-Feng Zheng

Protein exerts a critical influence on the degradation behavior of absorbable magnesium (Mg)-based implants. However, the interaction mechanism between protein and a micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coating...

Serum zinc levels and multiple health outcomes: Implications for zinc-based biomaterials

June 2020
Xinhua Qu | Hongtao Yang | Zhifeng Yu | Bo Jia | Han Qiao | Yufeng Zheng | Kerong Dai

Zinc-based biomaterials, including biodegradable metal, nanoparticles, and coatings used in medical implants release zinc ions that may increase the whole-body and serum zinc concentrations. The impact...

Biocompatibility of biphasic α,β-tricalcium phosphate ceramics in vitro

June 2020
T.V. Safronova | I.I. Selezneva | S.A. Tikhonova | A.S. Kiselev | G.A. Davydova | T.B. Shatalova | D.S. Larionov | J.V. Rau

The biocompatibility of biphasic α,β-tricalcium phosphate ceramics, obtained by annealing a compact preform based on β-tricalcium phosphate powder, was studied in vitro. It was found that within 10–30...

Quasi-isothermal modulated DSC as a valuable characterisation method for soft tissue biomaterial crosslinking reactions

June 2020
K. Joyce | S. Rahmani | Y. Rochev

Glutaraldehyde (Glut) is an extensively used sterilant and fixative for the crosslinking of natural soft tissue biomaterials like bovine pericardium (BP) to provide stability and is required for its...

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