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Recent Bioactive Materials Articles

Recently published articles from Bioactive Materials.

Bioactive glass coatings on metallic implants for biomedical applications

December 2019
Joy-anne N. Oliver | Yingchao Su | Xiaonan Lu | Po-Hsuen Kuo | Jincheng Du | Donghui Zhu

Metallic implant materials possess adequate mechanical properties such as strength, elastic modulus, and ductility for long term support and stability in vivo. Traditional metallic biomaterials, including...

3D printing of silk fibroin-based hybrid scaffold treated with platelet rich plasma for bone tissue engineering

December 2019
Liang Wei | Shaohua Wu | Mitchell Kuss | Xiping Jiang | Runjun Sun | Patrick Reid | Xiaohong Qin | Bin Duan

3D printing/bioprinting are promising techniques to fabricate scaffolds with well controlled and patient-specific structures and architectures for bone tissue engineering. In this study, we developed...

Human mesenchymal stem cell morphology, migration, and differentiation on micro and nano-textured titanium

December 2019
Emily G. Long | Merve Buluk | Michelle B. Gallagher | Jennifer M. Schneider | Justin L. Brown

Orthopedic implants rely on facilitating a robust interaction between the implant material surface and the surrounding bone tissue. Ideally, the interface will encourage osseointegration with the host...

Fatigue resistance of ProTaper gold exposed to high-concentration sodium hypochlorite in double curvature artificial canal

December 2019
Fahda Algahtani | Xiangya Huang | Markus Haapasalo | Zhejun Wang | Ahmed Hieawy | Duo Zhang | Jolanta Aleksejuniene | Ya Shen

This study aimed to evaluate and compare the fatigue resistance of ProTaper Gold (PTG) and ProTaper Universal (PTU) in artificial single and double curvature canals in 5% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)...

In vitro and in vivo biocompatibility of Mg–Zn–Ca alloy operative clip

December 2019
Pengfei Ding | Yuanchao Liu | Xianghui He | Debao Liu | Minfang Chen

At present, titanium (Ti) and its alloys are most commonly use in hemostasis clip clinical applications. However, the Ti Clip cannot be absorbed in human body and produce artifacts on computed tomography...

Modification of titanium surface via Ag-, Sr- and Si-containing micro-arc calcium phosphate coating

December 2019
Mariya B. Sedelnikova | Ekaterina G. Komarova | Yurii P. Sharkeev | Anna V. Ugodchikova | Tatiana V. Tolkacheva | Julietta V. Rau | Evgeny E. Buyko | Vladimir V. Ivanov | Vladimir V. Sheikin

The current research is devoted to the study of the modification of the titanium implants by the micro-arc oxidation with bioactive calcium phosphate coatings containing Ag or Sr and Si elements. The...

Fabrication and multiscale characterization of 3D silver containing bioactive glass-ceramic scaffolds

December 2019
Adam C. Marsh | Nathan P. Mellott | Natalia Pajares-Chamorro | Martin Crimp | Anthony Wren | Neal D. Hammer | Xanthippi Chatzistavrou

In this work, we fabricated and characterized bioactive 3D glass-ceramic scaffolds with inherent antibacterial properties. The sol-gel (solution-gelation) technique and the sacrificial template method...

Effect of solution condition on hydroxyapatite formation in evaluating bioactivity of B2O3 containing 45S5 bioactive glasses

December 2019
Xiaonan Lu | Jessica Kolzow | Roberto R. Chen | Jincheng Du

The effects of testing solutions and conditions on hydroxyapatite (HAp) formation as a means of in vitro bioactivity evaluation of B2O3 containing 45S5 bioactive glasses were systematically investigated....

Biofunctionalization of metallic implants by calcium phosphate coatings

December 2019
Yingchao Su | Irsalan Cockerill | Yufeng Zheng | Liping Tang | Yi-Xian Qin | Donghui Zhu

Metallic materials have been extensively applied in clinical practice due to their unique mechanical properties and durability. Recent years have witnessed broad interests and advances on surface functionalization...

Latest research progress of marine microbiological corrosion and bio-fouling, and new approaches of marine anti-corrosion and anti-fouling

December 2019
Yangfan Li | Chengyun Ning

Marine resources and industry have become one of the most important pillars in economic development all over the world. However, corrosion of materials is always the most serious problem to the infrastructure...

Proteome analysis of human mesenchymal stem cells undergoing chondrogenesis when exposed to the products of various magnesium-based materials degradation

December 2019
Adela Helvia Martínez Sánchez | Maryam Omidi | Marcus Wurlitzer | Marceline Manka Fuh | Frank Feyerabend | Hartmut Schlüter | Regine Willumeit-Römer | Bérengère J.C. Luthringer

Treatment of physeal fractures (15%–30% of all paediatric fractures) remains a challenge as in approximately 10% of the cases, significant growth disturbance may occur. Bioresorbable Magnesium-based...

Synergistic therapy of magnetism-responsive hydrogel for soft tissue injuries

December 2019
Lining Zhang | Xiuqin Zuo | Shengjie Li | Mi Sun | Huimin Xie | Kai Zhang | Jikun Zhou | Liyun Che | Junxuan Ma | Zishan Jia | Fei Yang

Soft tissue injury is very common and associated with pain, tissue swelling and even malformation if not treated on time. Treating methods include cryotherapy, electrical therapy, ultrasound therapy...

Controlled-release neurotensin-loaded silk fibroin dressings improve wound healing in diabetic rat model

December 2019
Jianghui Liu | Liwei Yan | Wei Yang | Yong Lan | Qiyu Zhu | Hongjie Xu | Canbin Zheng | Rui Guo

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), which may lead to lower extremity amputation, is one of the severe and chronic complications of diabetic mellitus. This study aims to develop, and use dressings based on...

Polydopamine and collagen coated micro-grated polydimethylsiloxane for human mesenchymal stem cell culture

December 2019
Dhavan Sharma | Wenkai Jia | Fei Long | Shweta Pati | Qinghui Chen | Yibing Qyang | Bruce Lee | Chang Kyong Choi | Feng Zhao

Natural tissues contain highly organized cellular architecture. One of the major challenges in tissue engineering is to develop engineered tissue constructs that promote cellular growth in physiological...

Surface bioactivation of PEEK by neutral atom beam technology

December 2019
Joseph Khoury | Irina Selezneva | Sergei Pestov | Vadim Tarassov | Artem Ermakov | Andrey Mikheev | Mikhail Lazov | Sean R. Kirkpatrick | Dmitry Shashkov | Alexandre Smolkov

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is an alternative to metallic implants and a material of choice in many applications, including orthopedic, spinal, trauma, and dental. While titanium (Ti) and Ti-alloys...

Toward dental caries: Exploring nanoparticle-based platforms and calcium phosphate compounds for dental restorative materials

December 2019
Abdulrahman A. Balhaddad | Anmar A. Kansara | Denise Hidan | Michael D. Weir | Hockin H.K. Xu | Mary Anne S. Melo

Millions of people worldwide suffer from a toothache due to tooth cavity, and often permanent tooth loss. Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, is a biofilm-dependent infectious disease that damages...

Self-assemble peptide biomaterials and their biomedical applications

March 2019
Jun Chen | Xuenong Zou

Inspired by self-assembling peptides found in native proteins, deliberately designed engineered peptides have shown outstanding biocompatibility, biodegradability, and extracellular matrix-mimicking...

In vitro degradation and biocompatibility evaluation of typical biodegradable metals (Mg/Zn/Fe) for the application of tracheobronchial stenosis

March 2019
Yangyang Li | Jianglong Yan | Wenhao Zhou | Pan Xiong | Pei Wang | Wei Yuan | Yufeng Zheng | Yan Cheng

Tracheobronchial obstruction in children due to benign stenosis or tracheobronchomalacia still remains a challenging matter of concern. Currently, there is 10%–20% complication rate in clinical treatment....

Biomimetic polycaprolactone-chitosan nanofibrous substrate influenced cell cycle and ECM secretion affect cellular uptake of nanoclusters

March 2019
Dhwani Jhala | Hilal Rather | Dhaval Kedaria | Juhi Shah | Sanjay Singh | Rajesh Vasita

Biomimetic cell culture substrates are developed as an alternative to the conventional substrates. They provide necessary biochemical and biophysical cues to the cells from their surrounding environment...

Additive manufacturing technology for porous metal implant applications and triple minimal surface structures: A review

March 2019
Li Yuan | Songlin Ding | Cuie Wen

Recently, the fabrication methods of orthopedic implants and devices have been greatly developed. Additive manufacturing technology allows the production of complex structures with bio-mimicry features,...

In-vitro corrosion of AZ31 magnesium alloys by using a polydopamine coating

March 2019
Anna Carangelo | Annalisa Acquesta | Tullio Monetta

Magnesium alloys are candidates to be used as biodegradable biomaterials for producing medical device. Their use is restricted due to the high degradation rate in physiological media. To contribute...

Powder metallurgical Ti-Mg metal-metal composites facilitate osteoconduction and osseointegration for orthopedic application

March 2019
Sihui Ouyang | Qianli Huang | Yong Liu | Zhengxiao Ouyang | Luxin Liang

In this work, TiMg metal-metal composites (MMCs) were successfully fabricated by spark plasma sintering (SPS). In vitro, the proliferation and differentiation of SaOS-2 cells in response to TiMg metal-metal...

A comprehensive review of biodegradable synthetic polymer-ceramic composites and their manufacture for biomedical applications

March 2019
Mona Alizadeh-Osgouei | Yuncang Li | Cuie Wen

The application of various materials in biomedical procedures has recently experienced rapid growth. One area that is currently receiving significant attention from the scientific community is the treatment...

Effects of deformation twinning on the mechanical properties of biodegradable Zn-Mg alloys

March 2019
Shiyang Liu | Damon Kent | Nghiem Doan | Matthew Dargusch | Gui Wang

To satisfy the property requirements for biodegradable medical implants, Zn alloyed with low levels of Mg (≤0.8 wt%) has attracted increased research interest. In the present study, deformation twinning...

A facile fabrication of novel stuff with antibacterial property and osteogenic promotion utilizing red phosphorus and near-infrared light

March 2019
Bo Huang | Lei Tan | Xiangmei Liu | Jun Li | Shuilin Wu

Bone-implant materials are important for bone repairing and orthopedics surgery, which include bone plates and bone nails. These materials need to be designed not only considering its biostability and...

Bioactive glass based scaffolds coated with gelatin for the sustained release of icariin

March 2019
Theresa Reiter | Tanja Panick | Katharina Schuhladen | Judith A. Roether | Jasmin Hum | Aldo R. Boccaccini

Gelatin-coated, 3D sponge-like scaffolds based on 45S5 bioactive glass were produced using the foam replication technique. Compressive strength tests of gelatin-coated samples compared to uncoated scaffolds...

Initial formation of corrosion products on pure zinc in saline solution

March 2019
Yao Meng | Lijun Liu | Dawei Zhang | Chaofang Dong | Yu Yan | Alex A. Volinsky | Lu-Ning Wang

Corrosion product formed on zinc sample during 2 weeks immersion in saline solution has been investigated. The corrosion layer morphology as well as its chemical composition, was analyzed using scanning...

Viable cryopreserved umbilical tissue (vCUT) reduces post-operative adhesions in a rabbit abdominal adhesion model

March 2019
Sandeep Dhall | Turhan Coksaygan | Tyler Hoffman | Matthew Moorman | Anne Lerch | Jin-Qiang Kuang | Malathi Sathyamoorthy | Alla Danilkovitch

Post-operative adhesions, a common complication of surgery, cause pain, impair organ functionality, and often require additional surgical interventions. Control of inflammation, protection of injured...

Review: Bioengineering approach for the repair and regeneration of peripheral nerve

March 2019
Joshua Moskow | Bryan Ferrigno | Nikhil Mistry | Devina Jaiswal | Ketan Bulsara | Swetha Rudraiah | Sangamesh G. Kumbar

Complex craniofacial surgeries of damaged tissues have several limitations, which present complications and challenges when trying to replicate facial function and structure. Traditional treatment techniques...

The effect of tensile and fluid shear stress on the in vitro degradation of magnesium alloy for stent applications

December 2018
Xue-Nan Gu | Yun Lu | Fan Wang | Wenting Lin | Ping Li | Yubo Fan

Magnesium alloys have gained great attention as biodegradable materials for stent applications. Cardiovascular stents are continuously exposed to different types of mechanical loadings simultaneously...

Polymeric biomaterials for biophotonic applications

December 2018
Dingying Shan | Ethan Gerhard | Chenji Zhang | John William Tierney | Daniel Xie | Zhiwen Liu | Jian Yang

With the growing importance of optical techniques in medical diagnosis and treatment, there exists a pressing need to develop and optimize materials platform for biophotonic applications. Particularly,...

The effect of applied voltages on the structure, apatite-inducing ability and antibacterial ability of micro arc oxidation coating formed on titanium surface

December 2018
Qing Du | Daqing Wei | Yaming Wang | Su Cheng | Shang Liu | Yu Zhou | Dechang Jia

The micro arc oxidation (MAO) coatings with different concentrations of Ca, P and Zn elements are successfully formed on the titanium substrate at the different applied voltages. After MAO treatment,...

Antibiofilm peptides against biofilms on titanium and hydroxyapatite surfaces

December 2018
Dan Wang | Markus Haapasalo | Yuan Gao | Jingzhi Ma | Ya Shen

Biofilms are the main challenges in the treatment of common oral diseases such as caries, gingival and endodontic infection and periimplantitis. Oral plaque is the origin of microbes colonizing in the...

Therapeutic neovascularization promoted by injectable hydrogels

December 2018
Amrita Pal | Brent L. Vernon | Mehdi Nikkhah

The aim of therapeutic neovascularization is to repair ischemic tissues via formation of new blood vessels by delivery of angiogenic growth factors, stem cells or expansion of pre-existing cells. For...

Thin films of binary amorphous Zn-Zr alloys developed by magnetron co-sputtering for the production of degradable coronary stents: A preliminary study

December 2018
Nathalie Annonay | Fatiha Challali | Marie-Noëlle Labour | Valérie Bockelée | A. Garcia-Sanchez | Florent Tetard | Marie-Paule Besland | Philippe Djemia | Frédéric Chaubet

Image 1...

Bioactive hydrogels for bone regeneration

December 2018
Xin Bai | Mingzhu Gao | Sahla Syed | Jerry Zhuang | Xiaoyang Xu | Xue-Qing Zhang

Bone self-healing is limited and generally requires external intervention to augment bone repair and regeneration. While traditional methods for repairing bone defects such as autografts, allografts,...

Doxorubicin-conjugated pH-responsive gold nanorods for combined photothermal therapy and chemotherapy of cancer

September 2018
Jin Chen | Xiao Li | Xinlian Zhao | QianQian Wu | Huihui Zhu | Zhengwei Mao | Changyou Gao

Cancer chemotherapy can be hindered by drug resistance which leads to lower drug efficiency. Here, we have developed a drug delivery system that tethers doxorubicin to the surface of gold nanorods via...

Combination types between graphene oxide and substrate affect the antibacterial activity

September 2018
Jiajun Qiu | Lu Liu | Hongqin Zhu | Xuanyong Liu

Duo to their superior physicochemical properties, graphene and its derivatives (GDs), such as graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO), have attracted extensive research interests around...

Self-stabilized chitosan and its complexes with carboxymethyl starch as excipients in drug delivery

September 2018
Mihaela Leonida | Pompilia Ispas-Szabo | Mircea Alexandru Mateescu

This study focuses on the behavior of chitosan (CHI) and its polyelectrolyte complexes with carboxymethyl starch (CMS) used as monolithic matrices with acetaminophen as drug tracer. Two different chitosan...

In vitro biodegradation testing of Mg-alloy EZK400 and manufacturing of implant prototypes using PM (powder metallurgy) methods

September 2018
M. Wolff | M. Luczak | J.G. Schaper | B. Wiese | M. Dahms | T. Ebel | R. Willumeit-Römer | T. Klassen

The study is focussing towards Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) of Mg-alloys for biomedical implant applications. Especially the influence of the sintering processing necessary for the consolidation of...

Fabrication and characterization of biodegradable Mg-Zn-Y-Nd-Ag alloy: Microstructure, mechanical properties, corrosion behavior and antibacterial activities

September 2018
Yashan Feng | Shijie Zhu | Liguo Wang | Lei Chang | Yachen Hou | Shaokang Guan

Magnesium (Mg), a potential biodegradable material, has drawn wide attention in the bone reconstruction field. However, Mg alloys, served as the bone graft substitution, remain a clinical challenge,...

Recent progress on biodegradable materials and transient electronics

September 2018
Rongfeng Li | Liu Wang | Deying Kong | Lan Yin

Transient electronics (or biodegradable electronics) is an emerging technology whose key characteristic is an ability to dissolve, resorb, or physically disappear in physiological environments in a...

Study of locust bean gum reinforced cyst-chitosan and oxidized dextran based semi-IPN cryogel dressing for hemostatic application

September 2018
Lalit Kumar Meena | Pavani Raval | Dhaval Kedaria | Rajesh Vasita

Severe blood loss due to traumatic injuries remains one of the leading causes of death in emergency settings. Chitosan continues to be the candidate material for hemostatic applications due to its inherent...

Unique strengthening mechanisms of ultrahigh pressure Mg alloys

September 2018
Bingcheng Ge | Hui Fu | Kunkun Deng | Qingrui Zhang | Qiuming Peng

Ultrahigh pressure technique remarkably extends solid solubility limitation of Al alloying element (∼25 at.%) in Mg alloys, resulting in unique solid-solution strengthening and age hardening response....

Preparation and characterization of bioactive glass tablets and evaluation of bioactivity and cytotoxicity in vitro

September 2018
Jianhui Chen | Lei Zeng | Xiaofeng Chen | Tianshun Liao | Jiafu Zheng

In this study, the SiO2CaOP2O5 ternary component of bioactive glass particles were successfully synthesized by sol-gel method, then the bioactive glass particles were pressed into tablets with dry pressing...

Starch based nanofibrous scaffolds for wound healing applications

September 2018
Vijaya Sadashiv Waghmare | Pallavi Ravindra Wadke | Sathish Dyawanapelly | Aparna Deshpande | Ratnesh Jain | Prajakta Dandekar

Starch is an attractive polymer for wound healing applications because of its wide availability, low cost, biocompatibility, biodegradability and wound-healing property. Here, we have fabricated starch-based...

Chitosan based metallic nanocomposite scaffolds as antimicrobial wound dressings

September 2018
Annapoorna Mohandas | S. Deepthi | Raja Biswas | R. Jayakumar

Chitosan based nanocomposite scaffolds have attracted wider applications in medicine, in the area of drug delivery, tissue engineering and wound healing. Chitosan matrix incorporated with nanometallic...

Corrosion resistance of a novel SnO2-doped dicalcium phosphate coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy

September 2018
Lan-Yue Cui | Guang-Bin Wei | Rong-Chang Zeng | Shuo-Qi Li | Yu-Hong Zou | En-Hou Han

A SnO2-doped dicalcium phosphate coating was prepared on AZ31 alloy by means of hydrothermal deposition. The results showed that the coating possessed a globular morphology with a long lamellar crystalline...

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