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Recently published articles from Bioactive Materials.

Nano-needle strontium-substituted apatite coating enhances osteoporotic osseointegration through promoting osteogenesis and inhibiting osteoclastogenesis

April 2021
Zhen Geng | Luli Ji | Zhaoyang Li | Jing Wang | Hongyan He | Zhenduo Cui | Xianjin Yang | Changsheng Liu

Implant loosening remains a major clinical challenge for osteoporotic patients. This is because osteoclastic bone resorption rate is higher than osteoblastic bone formation rate in the case of osteoporosis,...

Biological applications of copper-containing materials

April 2021
Peng Wang | Yonghui Yuan | Ke Xu | Hongshan Zhong | Yinghui Yang | Shiyu Jin | Ke Yang | Xun Qi

Copper is an indispensable trace metal element in the human body, which is mainly absorbed in the stomach and small intestine and excreted into the bile. Copper is an important component and catalytic...

Implantable PEKK/tantalum microparticles composite with improved surface performances for regulating cell behaviors, promoting bone formation and osseointegration

April 2021
Xinglong Hu | Shiqi Mei | Fan Wang | Jun Qian | Dong Xie | Jun Zhao | Lili Yang | Zhaoying Wu | Jie Wei

Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) exhibits admirable biocompatibility and mechanical performances but bioinert while tantalum (Ta) possesses excellent osteogenesis and osseointegration but high elastic modulus...

Overcoming bacterial physical defenses with molecule-like ultrasmall antimicrobial gold nanoclusters

April 2021
Kaiyuan Zheng | Magdiel I. Setyawati | David Tai Leong | Jianping Xie

The size of metal nanoparticles (NPs) is crucial in their biomedical applications. Although abundant studies on the size effects of metal NPs in the range of 2–100 nm have been conducted, the exploration...

Folic acid-modified Exosome-PH20 enhances the efficiency of therapy via modulation of the tumor microenvironment and directly inhibits tumor cell metastasis

April 2021
Chunxiang Feng | Zhiyong Xiong | Cheng Wang | Wen Xiao | Haibing Xiao | Kairu Xie | Ke Chen | Huageng Liang | Xiaoping Zhang | Hongmei Yang

High accumulation of hyaluronan (HA) in the tumor microenvironment leads to an increase in the interstitial pressure and reduction perfusion of drugs. Furthermore, high molecular-weight (HMW)-HA suppresses...

Appropriately adapted properties of hot-extruded Zn–0.5Cu–xFe alloys aimed for biodegradable guided bone regeneration membrane application

April 2021
Wentai Zhang | Ping Li | Gang Shen | Xiaoshan Mo | Chao Zhou | Dorothea Alexander | Frank Rupp | Jürgen Geis-Gerstorfer | Haijun Zhang | Guojiang Wan

Appropriately adapted comprehensive mechanical properties, degradation behavior and biocompatibility are prerequisites for the application of Zn-based biodegradable implants. In this study, hot-extruded...

Bio-inspired chiral self-assemblies promoted neuronal differentiation of retinal progenitor cells through activation of metabolic pathway

April 2021
Na Sun | Xiaoqiu Dou | Zhimin Tang | Dandan Zhang | Ni Ni | Jiajing Wang | Huiqin Gao | Yahan Ju | Xiaochan Dai | Changli Zhao | Ping Gu | Jing Ji | Chuanliang Feng

Retinal degeneration is a main class of ocular diseases. So far, retinal progenitor cell (RPC) transplantation has been the most potential therapy for it, in which promoting RPCs neuronal differentiation...

Click CAR-T cell engineering for robustly boosting cell immunotherapy in blood and subcutaneous xenograft tumor

April 2021
Hong Pan | Wenjun Li | Ze Chen | Yingmei Luo | Wei He | Mengmeng Wang | Xiaofan Tang | Huamei He | Lanlan Liu | Mingbin Zheng | Xin Jiang | Ting Yin | Ruijing Liang | Yifan Ma | Lintao Cai

The adoptive transfer of chimeric antigen receptor-T (CAR-T) cells has shown remarkable clinical responses in hematologic malignancies. However, unsatisfactory curative results and side effects for...

Advanced hydrogels for the repair of cartilage defects and regeneration

April 2021
Wei Wei | Yuanzhu Ma | Xudong Yao | Wenyan Zhou | Xiaozhao Wang | Chenglin Li | Junxin Lin | Qiulin He | Sebastian Leptihn | Hongwei Ouyang

Cartilage defects are one of the most common symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA), a degenerative disease that affects millions of people world-wide and places a significant socio-economic burden on society....

Organ-on-a-chip platforms for accelerating the evaluation of nanomedicine

April 2021
Xi Chen | Yu Shrike Zhang | Xinping Zhang | Changsheng Liu

Nanomedicine involves the use of engineered nanoscale materials in an extensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications and can be applied to the treatment of many diseases. Despite the rapid...

In vivo degradation and endothelialization of an iron bioresorbable scaffold

April 2021
Wenjiao Lin | Hongjie Zhang | Wanqian Zhang | Haiping Qi | Gui Zhang | Jie Qian | Xin Li | Li Qin | Haifeng Li | Xiang Wang | Hong Qiu | Xiaoli Shi | Wei Zheng | Deyuan Zhang | Runlin Gao | Jiandong Ding

Detection of in vivo biodegradation is critical for development of next-generation medical devices such as bioresorbable stents or scaffolds (BRSs). In particular, it is urgent to establish a nondestructive...

Intelligent H2S release coating for regulating vascular remodeling

April 2021
Bingyang Lu | Xiao Han | Ansha Zhao | Dan Luo | Manfred F. Maitz | Haohao Wang | Ping Yang | Nan Huang

Coronary atherosclerotic lesions exhibit a low-pH chronic inflammatory response. Due to insufficient drug release control, drug-eluting stent intervention can lead to delayed endothelialization, advanced...

Recruited CD68+CD206+ macrophages orchestrate graft immune tolerance to prompt xenogeneic-dentin matrix-based tooth root regeneration

April 2021
Hui Li | Jingjing Sun | Hefeng Yang | Xue Han | Xiangyou Luo | LiJun Liao | Bo Yang | Tian Zhu | Fangjun Huo | Weihua Guo | Weidong Tian

Successful regenerative medicine strategies of xenogeneic extracellular matrix need a synergistic balance among inflammation, fibrosis, and remodeling process. Adaptive macrophage subsets have been...

3D additive manufactured composite scaffolds with antibiotic-loaded lamellar fillers for bone infection prevention and tissue regeneration

April 2021
María Cámara-Torres | Stacy Duarte | Ravi Sinha | Ainhoa Egizabal | Noelia Álvarez | Maria Bastianini | Michele Sisani | Paolo Scopece | Marco Scatto | Alessandro Bonetto | Antonio Marcomini | Alberto Sanchez | Alessandro Patelli | Carlos Mota | Lorenzo Moroni

Bone infections following open bone fracture or implant surgery remain a challenge in the orthopedics field. In order to avoid high doses of systemic drug administration, optimized local antibiotic...

Biobased polyurethanes for biomedical applications

April 2021
Sophie Wendels | Luc Avérous

Polyurethanes (PUs) are a major family of polymers displaying a wide spectrum of physico-chemical, mechanical and structural properties for a large range of fields. They have shown suitable for biomedical...

Nature-inspired topographies on hydroxyapatite surfaces regulate stem cells behaviour

April 2021
Yogambha Ramaswamy | Iman Roohani | Young Jung No | Genevieve Madafiglio | Frank Chang | Furong Zhang | Zufu Lu | Hala Zreiqat

Surface topography is one of the key factors in regulating interactions between materials and cells. While topographies presented to cells in vivo are non-symmetrical and in complex shapes, current...

A matrigel-free method to generate matured human cerebral organoids using 3D-Printed microwell arrays

April 2021
Cheng Chen | Venkatakrishnan Rengarajan | Andrew Kjar | Yu Huang

The current methods of generating human cerebral organoids rely excessively on the use of Matrigel or other external extracellular matrices (ECM) for cell micro-environmental modulation. Matrigel embedding...

Hydroxyapatite-modified micro/nanostructured titania surfaces with different crystalline phases for osteoblast regulation

April 2021
Pinliang Jiang | Yanmei Zhang | Ren Hu | Xiankuan Wang | Yuekun Lai | Gang Rui | Changjian Lin

Surface structures and physicochemical properties critically influence osseointegration of titanium (Ti) implants. Previous studies have shown that the surface with both micro- and nanoscale roughness...

Viscosity and degradation controlled injectable hydrogel for esophageal endoscopic submucosal dissection

April 2021
Chaoqiang Fan | Kaige Xu | Yu Huang | Shuang Liu | Tongchuan Wang | Wei Wang | Weichao Hu | Lu Liu | Malcolm Xing | Shiming Yang

Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is a common procedure to treat early and precancerous gastrointestinal lesions. Via submucosal injection, a liquid cushion is created to lift and separate the...

Nanomotor-based adsorbent for blood Lead(II) removal in vitro and in pig models

April 2021
Meng Wang | Tianyi Bao | Wenqiang Yan | Dan Fang | Yueqi Yu | Zhiyong Liu | Guoyong Yin | Mimi Wan | Chun Mao | Dongquan Shi

Blood lead (Pb(II)) removal is very important but challenging. The main difficulty of blood Pb(II) removal currently lies in the fact that blood Pb(II) is mainly complexed with hemoglobin (Hb) inside...

Azacarbazole n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids ethyl esters nanoemulsion with enhanced efficacy against Plasmodium falciparum

April 2021
Anna Jaromin | Silvia Parapini | Nicoletta Basilico | Magdalena Zaremba-Czogalla | Agnieszka Lewińska | Agnieszka Zagórska | Maria Walczak | Bożena Tyliszczak | Aleksandra Grzeszczak | Marcin Łukaszewicz | Łukasz Kaczmarek | Jerzy Gubernator

Alternative therapies are necessary for the treatment of malaria due to emerging drug resistance. However, many promising antimalarial compounds have poor water solubility and suffer from the lack of...

Dimethyloxallyl glycine/nanosilicates-loaded osteogenic/angiogenic difunctional fibrous structure for functional periodontal tissue regeneration

April 2021
Lingling Shang | Ziqi Liu | Baojin Ma | Jinlong Shao | Bing Wang | Chenxi Ma | Shaohua Ge

The coupled process of osteogenesis-angiogenesis plays a crucial role in periodontal tissue regeneration. Although various cytokines or chemokines have been widely applied in periodontal in situ tissue...

Mussel-inspired agarose hydrogel scaffolds for skin tissue engineering

March 2021
Ting Su | Mengying Zhang | Qiankun Zeng | Wenhao Pan | Yijing Huang | Yuna Qian | Wei Dong | Xiaoliang Qi | Jianliang Shen

Polysaccharide hydrogels are widely used in tissue engineering because of their superior biocompatibility and low immunogenicity. However, many of these hydrogels are unrealistic for practical applications...

Elastin-like polypeptide modified silk fibroin porous scaffold promotes osteochondral repair

March 2021
Zhuoyue Chen | Qiang Zhang | Hongmin Li | Qi Wei | Xin Zhao | Fulin Chen

Silk fibroin (SF) is considered biocompatible and biodegradable for osteochondral repair. However, it lacks a bioactive domain for cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation, limiting its therapeutic...

Galvanic replacement reaction for in situ fabrication of litchi-shaped heterogeneous liquid metal-Au nano-composite for radio-photothermal cancer therapy

March 2021
Zhenhu Guo | Jingsong Lu | Dan Wang | Wensheng Xie | Yongjie Chi | Jianzhong Xu | Nonaka Takuya | Junxin Zhang | Wanling Xu | Fei Gao | Hong Wu | Lingyun Zhao

With tremendous research advances in biomedical application, liquid metals (LM) also offer fantastic chemistry for synthesis of novel nano-composites. Herein, as a pioneering trial, litchi-shaped heterogeneous...

Application of bioactive hydrogels combined with dental pulp stem cells for the repair of large gap peripheral nerve injuries

March 2021
Lihua Luo | Yan He | Ling Jin | Yanni Zhang | Fernando P. Guastaldi | Abdullkhaleg A. Albashari | Fengting Hu | Xiaoyan Wang | Lei Wang | Jian Xiao | Lingli Li | Jianming Wang | Akon Higuchi | Qingsong Ye

Due to the limitations in autogenous nerve grafting or Schwann cell transplantation, large gap peripheral nerve injuries require a bridging strategy supported by nerve conduit. Cell based therapies...

Development of methods for detecting the fate of mesenchymal stem cells regulated by bone bioactive materials

March 2021
Jiang Le | Liu Zhongqun | Wang Zhaoyan | Su Yijun | Wang Yingjin | Wei Yaojie | Jiang Yanan | Jia Zhanrong | Ma Chunyang | Gang Fangli | Xu Nan | Zhao Lingyun | Wang Xiumei | Wu Qiong | Lu Xiong | Sun Xiaodan

The fate of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is regulated by biological, physical and chemical signals. Developments in biotechnology and materials science promoted the occurrence of bioactive materials...

Neuro-regenerative imidazole-functionalized GelMA hydrogel loaded with hAMSC and SDF-1α promote stem cell differentiation and repair focal brain injury

March 2021
Yantao Zheng | Gang Wu | Limei Chen | Ying Zhang | Yuwei Luo | Yong Zheng | Fengjun Hu | Tymor Forouzanfar | Haiyan Lin | Bin Liu

Brain tissues that are severely damaged by traumatic brain injury (TBI) is hardly regenerated, which leads to a cavity or a repair with glial scarring. Stem-cell therapy is one viable option to treat...

Redox responsive nanoparticle encapsulating black phosphorus quantum dots for cancer theranostics

March 2021
Haolin Chen | Zhiming Liu | Bo Wei | Jun Huang | Xinru You | Jingyang Zhang | Zhiling Yuan | Zhilie Tang | Zhouyi Guo | Jun Wu

Effective cancer treatment puts high demands for cancer theranostics. For cancer diagnostics, optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology (including photothermal optical coherence tomography (PT-OCT))...

Advancing application of mesenchymal stem cell-based bone tissue regeneration

March 2021
Fengqing Shang | Yang Yu | Shiyu Liu | Leiguo Ming | Yongjie Zhang | Zhifei Zhou | Jiayu Zhao | Yan Jin

Reconstruction of bone defects, especially the critical-sized defects, with mechanical integrity to the skeleton is important for a patient's rehabilitation, however, it still remains challenge. Utilizing...

Bioengineering strategies for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease

March 2021
Cui Li | Oliver Kitzerow | Fujiao Nie | Jingxuan Dai | Xiaoyan Liu | Mark A. Carlson | George P. Casale | Iraklis I. Pipinos | Xiaowei Li

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a progressive atherosclerotic disorder characterized by narrowing and occlusion of arteries supplying the lower extremities. Approximately 200 million people worldwide...

The construction of a lymphoma cell-based, DC-targeted vaccine, and its application in lymphoma prevention and cure

March 2021
Tianlin Zhou | Jinrong Peng | Ying Hao | Kun Shi | Kai Zhou | Yun Yang | Chengli Yang | Xinlong He | Xinmian Chen | Zhiyong Qian

In recent years, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) has been one of the most fast-growing malignant tumor diseases. NHL poses severe damages to physical health and a heavy burden to patients. Traditional therapies...

Inhibition of furin by bone targeting superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles alleviated breast cancer bone metastasis

March 2021
Yichuan Pang | Li Su | Yao Fu | Fan Jia | Chenxi Zhang | Xiankun Cao | Wenxin He | Xueqian Kong | Jiake Xu | Jie Zhao | An Qin

Breast cancer bone metastasis poses significant challenge for therapeutic strategies. Inside the metastatic environment, osteoclasts and tumor cells interact synergistically to promote cancer progression....

Bioactive antiinflammatory antibacterial hemostatic citrate-based dressing with macrophage polarization regulation for accelerating wound healing and hair follicle neogenesis

March 2021
Wenguang Liu | Min Wang | Wei Cheng | Wen Niu | Mi Chen | Meng Luo | Chenxi Xie | Tongtong Leng | Long Zhang | Bo Lei

The efficient cutaneous wound healing accompanied with the enhanced skin appendage regeneration is still a challenge. The bacterial infection and excessive/prolonged inflammation inhibit wound healing...

Pressure-induced amorphous zeolitic imidazole frameworks with reduced toxicity and increased tumor accumulation improves therapeutic efficacy In vivo

March 2021
Zhenqi Jiang | Yanying Li | Zhenni Wei | Bo Yuan | Yinjie Wang | Ozioma Udochukwu Akakuru | Yong Li | Juan Li | Aiguo Wu

Zeolitic Imidazole Frameworks (ZIFs) are widely applied in nanomedicine for their high drug loading, suitable pore size, pH-responsive drug release, and so on. However, fast drug release during circulation,...

Ultrasound-enhanced fluorescence imaging and chemotherapy of multidrug-resistant tumors using multifunctional dendrimer/carbon dot nanohybrids

March 2021
Dan Li | Lizhou Lin | Yu Fan | Long Liu | Mingwu Shen | Rong Wu | Lianfang Du | Xiangyang Shi

Development of innovative nanomedicine enabling enhanced theranostics of multidrug-resistant (MDR) tumors remains to be challenging. Herein, we report the development of a newly designed multifunctional...

Conferring receptors on recipient cells with extracellular vesicles for targeted drug delivery

March 2021
Zachary Quinn | Wenjun Mao | Yiqiu Xia | Rhea John | Yuan Wan

Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a heterogeneous subset of breast cancer characterized by its lack of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2),...

Three-dimensional bioprinting of multicell-laden scaffolds containing bone morphogenic protein-4 for promoting M2 macrophage polarization and accelerating bone defect repair in diabetes mellitus

March 2021
Xin Sun | Zhenjiang Ma | Xue Zhao | Wenjie Jin | Chenyu Zhang | Jie Ma | Lei Qiang | Wenhao Wang | Qian Deng | Han Yang | Jinzhong Zhao | Qianqian Liang | Xiaojun Zhou | Tao Li | Jinwu Wang

Critical-sized bone defect repair in patients with diabetes mellitus remains a challenge in clinical treatment because of dysfunction of macrophage polarization and the inflammatory microenvironment...

Cyanine conjugates in cancer theranostics

March 2021
Yang Li | Yiming Zhou | Xiuli Yue | Zhifei Dai

Cyanine is a meritorious fluorogenic core for the construction of fluorescent probes and its phototherapeutic potential has been enthusiastically explored as well. Alternatively, the covalent conjugation...

Electrodeposition of calcium phosphate onto polyethylene terephthalate artificial ligament enhances graft-bone integration after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

March 2021
Jiangyu Cai | Qianqian Zhang | Jiebo Chen | Jia Jiang | Xiumei Mo | Chuanglong He | Jinzhong Zhao

It is a big challenge to develop a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) artificial ligament with excellent osteogenetic activity to enhance graft-bone integration for ligament reconstruction. Herein, we...

Marine-inspired molecular mimicry generates a drug-free, but immunogenic hydrogel adhesive protecting surgical anastomosis

March 2021
Jinjian Huang | Yungang Jiang | Ye Liu | Yanhan Ren | Ziyan Xu | Zongan Li | Yun Zhao | Xiuwen Wu | Jianan Ren

Herein, we report the synthesis of a biomimic hydrogel adhesive that addresses the poor healing of surgical anastomosis. Dopamine-conjugated xanthan gum (Da-g-Xan) is fabricated using deep insights...

Calcium silicate bioactive ceramics induce osteogenesis through oncostatin M

March 2021
Panyu Zhou | Demeng Xia | Zhexin Ni | Tianle Ou | Yang Wang | Hongyue Zhang | Lixia Mao | Kaili Lin | Shuogui Xu | Jiaqiang Liu

Immune reactions are a key factor in determining the destiny of bone substitute materials after implantation. Macrophages, the most vital factor in the immune response affecting implants, are critical...

Bioglass enhances the production of exosomes and improves their capability of promoting vascularization

March 2021
Zhi Wu | Dan He | Haiyan Li

Recently, exosomes have been extensively applied in tissue regeneration. However, their practical applications are severely restricted by the limited exosome secretion capability of cells. Therefore,...

Recent research and progress of biodegradable zinc alloys and composites for biomedical applications: Biomechanical and biocorrosion perspectives

March 2021
Humayun Kabir | Khurram Munir | Cuie Wen | Yuncang Li

Biodegradable metals (BMs) gradually degrade in vivo by releasing corrosion products once exposed to the physiological environment in the body. Complete dissolution of biodegradable implants assists...

Significant difference between sirolimus and paclitaxel nanoparticles in anti-proliferation effect in normoxia and hypoxia: The basis of better selection of atherosclerosis treatment

March 2021
Youlu Chen | Yong Zeng | Xiaowei Zhu | Lifu Miao | Xiaoyu Liang | Jianwei Duan | Huiyang Li | Xinxin Tian | Liyun Pang | Yongxiang Wei | Jing Yang

Compared with paclitaxel, sirolimus has been more used in the treatment of vascular restenosis gradually as an anti-proliferative drug, but few basic studies have elucidated its mechanism. The anti-proliferative...

Hybrid gelatin/oxidized chondroitin sulfate hydrogels incorporating bioactive glass nanoparticles with enhanced mechanical properties, mineralization, and osteogenic differentiation

March 2021
Lei Zhou | Lei Fan | Feng-Miao Zhang | Yuhe Jiang | Min Cai | Cong Dai | Yi-An Luo | Ling-Jie Tu | Zheng-Nan Zhou | Xiao-Jun Li | Cheng-Yun Ning | Kai Zheng | Aldo R. Boccaccini | Guo-Xin Tan

Biopolymer based hydrogels are characteristic of their biocompatibility and capability of mimicking extracellular matrix structure to support cellular behavior. However, these hydrogels suffer from...

Gold nanoparticles inhibit activation of cancer-associated fibroblasts by disrupting communication from tumor and microenvironmental cells

February 2021
Yushan Zhang | Chandra Kumar Elechalawar | Md Nazir Hossen | Emmy R. Francek | Anindya Dey | Stefan Wilhelm | Resham Bhattacharya | Priyabrata Mukherjee

Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are a major constituent of the tumor microenvironment (TME) and an important contributor to cancer progression and therapeutic resistance. Regulation of CAF activation...

The effect of carbon nanotubes on osteogenic functions of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in vitro and bone formation in vivo compared with that of nano-hydroxyapatite and the possible mechanism

February 2021
Zhipo Du | Xinxing Feng | Guangxiu Cao | Zhending She | Rongwei Tan | Katerina E. Aifantis | Ruihong Zhang | Xiaoming Li

It has been well recognized that the development and use of artificial materials with high osteogenic ability is one of the most promising means to replace bone grafting that has exhibited various negative...

Bistratal Au@Bi2S3 nanobones for excellent NIR-triggered/multimodal imaging-guided synergistic therapy for liver cancer

February 2021
Ruizhuo Ouyang | Penghui Cao | Pengpeng Jia | Hui Wang | Tianyu Zong | Chenyu Dai | Jie Yuan | Yuhao Li | Dong Sun | Ning Guo | Yuqing Miao | Shuang Zhou

To fabricate a highly biocompatible nanoplatform enabling synergistic therapy and real-time imaging, novel Au@Bi2S3 core shell nanobones (NBs) (Au@Bi2S3 NBs) with Au nanorods as cores were synthesized....

Inhibition of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation by a textured fluorinated alkoxyphosphazene surface

February 2021
Meixian Tang | Chen Chen | Jieru Zhu | Harry R. Allcock | Christopher A. Siedlecki | Li-Chong Xu

The utilization of biomaterials in implanted blood-contacting medical devices often induces a persistent problem of microbial infection, which results from bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on...

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