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Recent Bioactive Materials Articles

Recently published articles from Bioactive Materials.

ROS-responsive capsules engineered from EGCG-Zinc networks improve therapeutic angiogenesis in mouse limb ischemia

January 2021
Zuoguan Chen | Jianwei Duan | Yongpeng Diao | Youlu Chen | Xiaoyu Liang | Huiyang Li | Yuqing Miao | Qing Gao | Liang Gui | Xiaoli Wang | Jing Yang | Yongjun Li

The successful treatment of limb ischemia requires that promote angiogenesis along with microenvironment improvement. Zinc ions have been reported to stimulate angiogenesis, but application was limited...

Synergistic antibacterial activity of physical-chemical multi-mechanism by TiO2 nanorod arrays for safe biofilm eradication on implant

January 2021
Xiangyu Zhang | Guannan Zhang | Maozhou Chai | Xiaohong Yao | Weiyi Chen | Paul K. Chu

Treatment of implant-associated infection is becoming more challenging, especially when bacterial biofilms form on the surface of the implants. Developing multi-mechanism antibacterial methods to combat...

Gadolinium-hyaluronic acid nanoparticles as an efficient and safe magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent for articular cartilage injury detection

December 2020
Rong Lu | Yuyang Zhang | Hongyue Tao | Lu Zhou | Huidi Li | Tianwu Chen | Peng Zhang | Yao Lu | Shuang Chen

Accurate detection of cartilage injuries is critical for their proper treatment because these injuries lack the self-healing ability and lead to joint dysfunction. However, the low longitudinal T1 relaxivity...

Biological and bioinspired materials: Structure leading to functional and mechanical performance

December 2020
Yayun Wang | Steven E. Naleway | Bin Wang

Nature has achieved materials with properties and mechanisms that go far beyond the current know-how of the engineering-materials industry. The remarkable efficiency of biological materials, such as...

Biofilm-inspired adhesive and antibacterial hydrogel with tough tissue integration performance for sealing hemostasis and wound healing

December 2020
Wei Han | Bo Zhou | Kai Yang | Xin Xiong | Shifang Luan | Yu Wang | Zheng Xu | Peng Lei | Zhengshan Luo | Jian Gao | Yijing Zhan | Guopu Chen | Lei Liang | Rui Wang | Sha Li | Hong Xu

Uncontrolled bleeding and infection can cause significant increases in mortalities. Hydrogel sealants have attracted extensive attention for their ability to control bleeding. However, because interfacial...

High nitrogen stainless steel drug-eluting stent - Assessment of pharmacokinetics and preclinical safety in vivo

December 2020
Shanshan Chen | Zhifeng Yao | Yongbiao Guan | Hui Yang | M. Babar Shahzad | Yizhe Wu | Bingchun Zhang | Li Shen | Ke Yang

Pharmacokinetic analyses were performed using 20 pigs for 120-days implantation, while one sirolimus-eluting stent was implanted into one of their coronary artery. At different time points, the residual...

Coating doxycycline on titanium-based implants: Two in vivo studies

December 2020
Maryam Rahmati | Ståle Petter Lyngstadaas | Janne E. Reseland | Ingrid Andersbakken | Heidi Straume Haugland | Mónica López-Peña | Antonio Gonzalez Cantalapiedra | Fernando Maria Guzon Muñoz | Håvard Jostein Haugen

Regardless of the substantial progress in designing titanium-based dental implants and aseptic techniques, infection remains as the most common complication after implantation surgeries. Although, having...

3D-printable supramolecular hydrogels with shear-thinning property: fabricating strength tunable bioink via dual crosslinking

December 2020
Tian Hu | Xiaoliang Cui | Meng Zhu | Man Wu | Ye Tian | Bin Yao | Wei Song | Zhongwei Niu | Sha Huang | Xiaobing Fu

3-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology provides promising strategy in the fabrication of artificial tissues and organs. As the fundamental element in bioprinting process, preparation of bioink with...

3D printing preview for stereo-lithography based on photopolymerization kinetic models

December 2020
Yi Gao | Lei Xu | Yang Zhao | Zhengwei You | Qingbao Guan

The diversity of biomedical applications makes stereolithographic (SL) three-dimensional (3D) printing process complex. A strategy was developed to simulate the layer-by-layer fabrication of 3D printed...

Bisphosphonate-based nanocomposite hydrogels for biomedical applications

December 2020
Weihao Yuan | Zhuo Li | Xian Xie | Zhi-Yong Zhang | Liming Bian

Nanocomposite hydrogels consist of polymeric network embedded with functional nanoparticles or nanostructures, which not only contribute to the enhanced mechanical properties but also exhibit the bioactivities...

An all-silk-derived functional nanosphere matrix for sequential biomolecule delivery and in situ osteochondral regeneration

December 2020
Wei Zhang | Chen Ling | Aini Zhang | Haoyang Liu | Yujie Jiang | Xiaolong Li | Renwang Sheng | Qingqiang Yao | Jialin Chen

Endogenous repair of osteochondral defect is usually limited by the insufficient number of cells in the early stage and incomplete cell differentiation in the later stage. The development of drug delivery...

Alendronate loaded graphene oxide functionalized collagen sponge for the dual effects of osteogenesis and anti-osteoclastogenesis in osteoporotic rats

December 2020
Yuyang Zeng | Muran Zhou | Lifeng Chen | Huimin Fang | Shaokai Liu | Chuchao Zhou | Jiaming Sun | Zhenxing Wang

Graphene Oxide (GO)-related hydrogels have been extensively studied in hard tissue repair, because GO can not only enhance the mechanical properties of polymers but also promote osteogenic differentiation...

Doping bioactive elements into a collagen scaffold based on synchronous self-assembly/mineralization for bone tissue engineering

December 2020
Huanhuan Liu | Mingli Lin | Xue Liu | Ye Zhang | Yuyu Luo | Yanyun Pang | Haitao Chen | Dongwang Zhu | Xue Zhong | Shiqing Ma | Yanhong Zhao | Qiang Yang | Xu Zhang

Pure collagen is biocompatible but lacks inherent osteoinductive, osteoimmunomodulatory and antibacterial activities. To obtain collagen with these characteristics, we developed a novel methodology...

Injectable ECM hydrogel for delivery of BMSCs enabled full-thickness meniscus repair in an orthotopic rat model

December 2020
Gang Zhong | Jun Yao | Xing Huang | Yixuan Luo | Meng Wang | Jinyu Han | Fei Chen | Yin Yu

Meniscal injuries have poor intrinsic healing capability and are associated with the development of osteoarthritis. Decellularized meniscus extracellular matrix (mECM) has been suggested to be efficacious...

Microbial ingress and in vitro degradation enhanced by glucose on bioabsorbable Mg–Li–Ca alloy

December 2020
Ling-Yu Li | Zhuang-Zhuang Han | Rong-Chang Zeng | Wei-Chen Qi | Xiao-Fan Zhai | Yi Yang | Yun-Tian Lou | Tingyue Gu | Dake Xu | Ji-Zhou Duan

Biodegradable magnesium alloys are challenging to be implanted in patients with hyperglycemia and diabetes. A hypothesis is suggested that glucose accelerates microbial ingress and in vitro degradation...

Studies of nanoparticle delivery with in vitro bio-engineered microtissues

December 2020
Mingze Sun | Jinhyung Lee | Yupeng Chen | Kazunori Hoshino

A variety of engineered nanoparticles, including lipid nanoparticles, polymer nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles, and biomimetic nanoparticles, have been studied as delivery vehicles for biomedical applications....

Osteoblast/fibroblast coculture derived bioactive ECM with unique matrisome profile facilitates bone regeneration

December 2020
Mei Li | Anqi Zhang | Jiajing Li | Jing Zhou | Yanan Zheng | Chi Zhang | Dongdong Xia | Haijiao Mao | Jiyuan Zhao

Extracellular matrix (ECM) with mimetic tissue niches was attractive to facilitate tissue regeneration in situ via recruitment of endogenous cells and stimulation of self-healing process. However, how...

In-vitro biomineralization and biocompatibility of friction stir additively manufactured AZ31B magnesium alloy-hydroxyapatite composites

December 2020
Yee-Hsien Ho | Kun Man | Sameehan S. Joshi | Mangesh V. Pantawane | Tso-Chang Wu | Yong Yang | Narendra B. Dahotre

The present study aims to evaluate effect of hydroxyapatite (HA, Ca10(PO4)6OH2), a ceramic similar to natural bone, into AZ31B Mg alloy matrix on biomineralization and biocompatibility. The novel friction...

Bioinspired structural color particles with multi-layer graphene oxide encapsulated nanoparticle components

December 2020
Yuxiao Liu | Yuetong Wang | Yu Wang | Yilai Shu | Hui Tan | Yuanjin Zhao

Because of the unique features of spherical symmetry, angle-independency, good monodispersity, controllable components and morphologies, structural color particles (SCPs) have found great significances...

Substrate stiffness modulates bone marrow-derived macrophage polarization through NF-κB signaling pathway

December 2020
Mimi Chen | Yu Zhang | Pinghui Zhou | Xingzhi Liu | Huan Zhao | Xichao Zhou | Qiaoli Gu | Bin Li | Xuesong Zhu | Qin Shi

The stiffness of the extracellular matrix (ECM) plays an important role in regulating the cellular programming. However, the mechanical characteristics of ECM affecting cell differentiation are still...

Novel fibrin-fibronectin matrix accelerates mice skin wound healing

December 2020
Carlos Poblete Jara | Ou Wang | Thais Paulino do Prado | Ayman Ismail | Frank Marco Fabian | Han Li | Licio A. Velloso | Mark A. Carlson | William Burgess | Yuguo Lei | William H. Velander | Eliana P. Araújo

Plasma fibrinogen (F1) and fibronectin (pFN) polymerize to form a fibrin clot that is both a hemostatic and provisional matrix for wound healing. About 90% of plasma F1 has a homodimeric pair of γ chains...

Advanced fabrication for electrospun three-dimensional nanofiber aerogels and scaffolds

December 2020
Yujie Chen | Muhammad Shafiq | Mingyue Liu | Yosry Morsi | Xiumei Mo

Electrospinning is a versatile strategy for creating nanofiber materials with various structures, which has broad application for a myriad of areas ranging from tissue engineering, energy harvesting,...

Comparing the regeneration potential between PLLA/Aragonite and PLLA/Vaterite pearl composite scaffolds in rabbit radius segmental bone defects

December 2020
Qianli Huang | Yuansheng Liu | Zhengxiao Ouyang | Qingling Feng

Mussel-derived nacre and pearl, which are natural composites composed CaCO3 platelets and interplatelet organic matrix, have recently gained interest due to their osteogenic potential. The crystal form...

Recent advances in polymeric biomaterials-based gene delivery for cartilage repair

December 2020
Ran Yang | Fei Chen | Jinshan Guo | Dongfang Zhou | Shifang Luan

Untreated articular cartilage damage normally results in osteoarthritis and even disability that affects millions of people. However, both the existing surgical treatment and tissue engineering approaches...

Gaseous sulfur trioxide induced controllable sulfonation promoting biomineralization and osseointegration of polyetheretherketone implants

December 2020
Teng Wan | Zixue Jiao | Min Guo | Zongliang Wang | Yizao Wan | Kaili Lin | Qinyi Liu | Peibiao Zhang

Fabricating a desired porous structure on the surface of biomedical polyetheretherketone (PEEK) implants for enhancing biological functions is crucial and difficult due to its inherent chemical inertness....

A specific aggregation-induced emission-conjugated polymer enables visual monitoring of osteogenic differentiation

December 2020
Zhenyu Zheng | Taotao Zhou | Rong Hu | Minjun Huang | Xiang Ao | Jun Chu | Tao Jiang | Anjun Qin | Zhongmin Zhang

Osteogenic differentiation is the basis of bone growth and repair related to many diseases, in which evaluating the degree and ability of osteogenic transformation is quite important and highly desirable....

Black phosphorus-based 2D materials for bone therapy

December 2020
Liang Cheng | Zhengwei Cai | Jingwen Zhao | Fei Wang | Min Lu | Lianfu Deng | Wenguo Cui

Since their discovery, Black Phosphorus (BP)-based nanomaterials have received extensive attentions in the fields of electromechanics, optics and biomedicine, due to their remarkable properties and...

Insight into vitronectin structural evolution on material surface chemistries: The mediation for cell adhesion

December 2020
Tianjie Li | Lijing Hao | Jiangyu Li | Chang Du | Yingjun Wang

Biomaterial surface chemistry engenders profound consequences on cell adhesion and the ultimate tissue response by adsorbing proteins from extracellular matrix, where vitronectin (Vn) is involved as...

Efficient hepatic delivery and protein expression enabled by optimized mRNA and ionizable lipid nanoparticle

December 2020
Tongren Yang | Chunhui Li | Xiaoxia Wang | Deyao Zhao | Mengjie Zhang | Huiqing Cao | Zicai Liang | Haihua Xiao | Xing-Jie Liang | Yuhua Weng | Yuanyu Huang

mRNA is a novel class of therapeutic modality that holds great promise in vaccination, protein replacement therapy, cancer immunotherapy, immune cell engineering etc. However, optimization of mRNA molecules...

Electroactive barium titanate coated titanium scaffold improves osteogenesis and osseointegration with low-intensity pulsed ultrasound for large segmental bone defects

December 2020
Bo Fan | Zheng Guo | Xiaokang Li | Songkai Li | Peng Gao | Xin Xiao | Jie Wu | Chao Shen | Yilai Jiao | Wentao Hou

For large segmental bone defects, porous titanium scaffolds have some advantages, however, they lack electrical activity which hinders their further use. In this study, a barium titanate (BaTiO3) piezoelectric...

Effect of size and crystalline phase of TiO2 nanotubes on cell behaviors: A high throughput study using gradient TiO2 nanotubes

December 2020
Yanran Li | Si Wang | Yuanjun Dong | Ping Mu | Yun Yang | Xiangyang Liu | Changjian Lin | Qiaoling Huang

The research of TiO2 nanotubes (TNTs) in the field of biomedicine has been increasingly active. However, given the diversity of the nanoscale dimension and controversial reports, our understanding of...

Recent advances of two-dimensional materials in smart drug delivery nano-systems

December 2020
Hua Zhang | Taojian Fan | Wen Chen | Yingchun Li | Bing Wang

Smart drug delivery nano-systems show significant changes in their physical or chemical properties in response to slight change in environmental physical and/or chemical signals, and further releasing...

A pretargeting nanoplatform for imaging and enhancing anti-inflammatory drug delivery

December 2020
Min Kyung Khang | Jun Zhou | Cynthia M. Co | Shuxin Li | Liping Tang

This work details a newly developed “sandwich” nanoplatform via neutravidin-biotin system for the detection and treatment of inflammation. First, biotinylated- and folate-conjugated optical imaging...

Chitosan hydrogel incorporated with dental pulp stem cell-derived exosomes alleviates periodontitis in mice via a macrophage-dependent mechanism

December 2020
Zongshan Shen | Shuhong Kuang | Yong Zhang | Mingmei Yang | Wei Qin | Xuetao Shi | Zhengmei Lin

Periodontitis is caused by host immune-inflammatory response to bacterial insult. A high proportion of pro-inflammatory macrophages to anti-inflammatory macrophages leads to the pathogenesis of periodontitis....

Reactive mesoporous silica nanoparticles loaded with limonene for improving physical and mental health of mice at simulated microgravity condition

December 2020
Zhiguo Lu | Jianze Wang | Lina Qu | Guanghan Kan | Tianlu Zhang | Jie Shen | Yan Li | Jun Yang | Yunwei Niu | Zuobing Xiao | Yinghui Li | Xin Zhang

Astronauts are under high stress for a long time because of the microgravity condition, which leads to anxiety, affects their learning and memory abilities, and seriously impairs the health of astronauts....

Osteoblastic and anti-osteoclastic activities of strontium-substituted silicocarnotite ceramics: In vitro and in vivo studies

September 2020
Junkai Zeng | Jingshu Guo | Zhenyu Sun | Fanyan Deng | Congqin Ning | Youzhuan Xie

Osteoporosis bone defect is a refractory orthopaedic disease which characterized by impaired bone quality and bone regeneration capacity. Current therapies, including antiosteoporosis drugs and artificial...

Metal alginates for polyphenol delivery systems: Studies on crosslinking ions and easy-to-use patches for release of protective flavonoids in skin

September 2020
João Silva | Pavlo Vanat | Dorinda Marques-da-Silva | Joaquim Rui Rodrigues | Ricardo Lagoa

Incorporation of bioactive natural compounds like polyphenols is an attractive approach for enhanced functionalities of biomaterials. In particular flavonoids have important pharmacological activities,...

Bioactive biodegradable polycitrate nanoclusters enhances the myoblast differentiation and in vivo skeletal muscle regeneration via p38 MAPK signaling pathway

September 2020
Yi Guo | Min Wang | Juan Ge | Wen Niu | Mi Chen | Wei Cheng | Bo Lei

Complete skeletal muscle repair and regeneration due to severe large injury or disease is still a challenge. Biochemical cues are critical to control myoblast cell function and can be utilized to develop...

Improving mechanical and antibacterial properties of PMMA via polyblend electrospinning with silk fibroin and polyethyleneimine towards dental applications

September 2020
Ugur Yunus Karatepe | Tugba Ozdemir

Poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) is a widely used material in dental applications, particularly as denture resins. Due to thermally unstable and wet oral cavity, the implanted PMMA based resins occasionally...

Nanoparticles modified by polydopamine: Working as “drug” carriers

September 2020
Anting Jin | Yitong Wang | Kaili Lin | Lingyong Jiang

Inspired by the mechanism of mussel adhesion, polydopamine (PDA), a versatile polymer for surface modification has been discovered. Owing to its unique properties like extraordinary adhesiveness, excellent...

Physico-chemical and biological evaluation of doxycycline loaded into hybrid oxide-polymer layer on Ti–Mo alloy

September 2020
Alicja Kazek-Kęsik | Agnieszka Nosol | Joanna Płonka | Monika Śmiga-Matuszowicz | Sebastian Student | Monika Brzychczy-Włoch | Małgorzata Krok-Borkowicz | Elżbieta Pamuła | Wojciech Simka

Oxide-polymer coatings were formed on the surface of the vanadium-free Ti–15Mo titanium alloy. The Ti alloy surface was modified by the plasma electrolytic oxidation process, and then, the polymer layer...

Microstructure, mechanical property and corrosion behavior of porous Ti–Ta–Nb–Zr

September 2020
B.Q. Li | R.Z. Xie | X. Lu

In this paper, biomedical porous Ti–Nb–Ta–Zr with 40% porosity and 166 ± 21 μm macro-pore size was successfully fabricated by space holder method. The microstructure, Vickers hardness, compressive and...

Drug-loaded chitosan film prepared via facile solution casting and air-drying of plain water-based chitosan solution for ocular drug delivery

September 2020
Boxuan Li | Juan Wang | Qin Gui | Hu Yang

Chitosan is a nature-based polymer with low toxicity, excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability. However, the intractable solubility of chitosan in water and most conventional solvents hampers...

High-affinity mutant Interleukin-13 targeted CAR T cells enhance delivery of clickable biodegradable fluorescent nanoparticles to glioblastoma

September 2020
Gloria B. Kim | Virginia Aragon-Sanabria | Lauren Randolph | Hali Jiang | Joshua A. Reynolds | Becky S. Webb | Achuthamangalam Madhankumar | Xiaojun Lian | James R. Connor | Jian Yang | Cheng Dong

Glioblastoma (GBM), the deadliest form of brain cancer, presents long-standing problems due to its localization. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy has emerged as a powerful strategy...

3D printing of multilayered scaffolds for rotator cuff tendon regeneration

September 2020
Xiping Jiang | Shaohua Wu | Mitchell Kuss | Yunfan Kong | Wen Shi | Philipp N. Streubel | Tieshi Li | Bin Duan

Repairing massive rotator cuff tendon defects remains a challenge due to the high retear rate after surgical intervention. 3D printing has emerged as a promising technique that enables the fabrication...

Gene-activated dermal equivalents to accelerate healing of diabetic chronic wounds by regulating inflammation and promoting angiogenesis

September 2020
Dong Lou | Yu Luo | Qian Pang | Wei-Qiang Tan | Lie Ma

Diabetic chronic wound, characterized by prolonged inflammation and impaired angiogenesis, has become one of the most serious challenges in clinic and pose a significant healthcare burden worldwide....

Characteristics of novel Ti–10Mo-xCu alloy by powder metallurgy for potential biomedical implant applications

September 2020
Wei Xu | Chenjin Hou | Yuxuan Mao | Lei Yang | Maryam Tamaddon | Jianliang Zhang | Xuanhui Qu | Chaozong Liu | Bo Su | Xin Lu

When biomaterials are implanted in the human body, the surfaces of the implants become favorable sites for microbial adhesion and biofilm formation, causing peri-implant infection which frequently results...

Biofunctional magnesium coated Ti6Al4V scaffold enhances osteogenesis and angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo for orthopedic application

September 2020
Peng Gao | Bo Fan | Xiaoming Yu | Wenwen Liu | Jie Wu | Lei Shi | Di Yang | Lili Tan | Peng Wan | Yulin Hao | Shujun Li | Wentao Hou | Ke Yang | Xiaokang Li | Zheng Guo

The insufficient osteogenesis and osseointegration of porous titanium based scaffold limit its further application. Early angiogenesis is important for scaffold survival. It is necessary to develop...

Antibacterial and cytocompatible coatings based on poly(adipic anhydride) for a Ti alloy surface

September 2020
Katarzyna Leśniak-Ziółkowska | Monika Śmiga-Matuszowicz | Agata Blacha-Grzechnik | Sebastian Student | Monika Brzychczy-Włoch | Małgorzata Krok-Borkowicz | Elżbieta Pamuła | Wojciech Simka | Alicja Kazek-Kęsik

This paper describes a formation of hybrid coatings on a Ti–2Ta–3Zr–36Nb surface. This is accomplished by plasma electrolytic oxidation and a dip-coating technique with poly(adipic anhydride) ((C6H8O3)n)...

Calcium-mineralized polypeptide nanoparticle for intracellular drug delivery in osteosarcoma chemotherapy

September 2020
Ke Li | Di Li | Li Zhao | Yonghe Chang | Yi Zhang | Yan Cui | Zhiyu Zhang

The acidic microenvironments of tumor tissue and cells provide an opportunity for the development of pH-responsive drug delivery systems in cancer therapy. In this work, we designed a calcium carbonate...

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