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Most Downloaded Defence Technology Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Body armour – New materials, new systems

June 2019
Ian G. Crouch

This is a very timely review of body armour materials and systems since new test standards are currently being written, or reviewed, and new, innovative products released. Of greatest importance, however,...

2. A review: On path planning strategies for navigation of mobile robot

August 2019
B.K. Patle | Ganesh Babu L | Anish Pandey | D.R.K. Parhi | A. Jagadeesh

This paper presents the rigorous study of mobile robot navigation techniques used so far. The step by step investigations of classical and reactive approaches are made here to understand the development...

3. Experimental study of bullet-proofing capabilities of Kevlar, of different weights and number of layers, with 9 mm projectiles

April 2019
Riaan Stopforth | Sarp Adali

Kevlar is the most commonly used material as armour for protection against bullets used in hand guns because of its impact resistance, high strength and low weight. These properties make Kevlar an ideal...

4. Thermobaric and enhanced blast explosives (TBX and EBX)

December 2016
Lemi Türker

In this review, excerpts from the literature of thermobaric (TBX) and enhanced blast explosives (EBX) that are concentrated on studies that include their compositions, properties, reactive metal components,...

5. Research Advance in Swarm Robotics

March 2013
Ying Tan | Zhong-yang Zheng

The research progress of swarm robotics is reviewed in details. The swarm robotics inspired from nature is a combination of swarm intelligence and robotics, which shows a great potential in several...

6. Cold metal transfer (CMT) technology - An overview

February 2018
S. Selvi | A. Vishvaksenan | E. Rajasekar

Cold Metal Transfer technology has revolutionized the welding of dissimilar metals and thicker materials by producing improved weld bead aesthetics with controlled metal deposition and low heat-input....

7. Survey and technological analysis of laser and its defense applications

Available online 25 February 2020
Syed Affan Ahmed | Mujahid Mohsin | Syed Muhammad Zubair Ali

The laser technology has made remarkable progress over the past couple of decades. It is being widely employed in diverse domains, such as holography, space sciences, spectroscopy, medical sciences,...

8. High density thermite mixture for shaped charge ordnance disposal

October 2017
Tamer Elshenawy | Salah Soliman | Ahmed Hawass

The effect of thermite mixture based on aluminum and ferric oxides for ammunition neutralization has been studied and tested. Thermochemical calculations have been carried out for different percentage...

9. Effect of welding processes on mechanical and microstructural characteristics of high strength low alloy naval grade steel joints

September 2015
S. Ragu Nathan | V. Balasubramanian | S. Malarvizhi | A.G. Rao

Naval grade high strength low alloy (HSLA) steels can be easily welded by all types of fusion welding processes. However, fusion welding of these steels leads to the problems such as cold cracking,...

10. A review on machinability of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite materials

August 2018
Meltem Altin Karataş | Hasan Gökkaya

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials are heterogeneous and anisotropic materials that do not exhibit plastic deformation. They have been used in a wide range of contemporary applications...

11. A review on the gun barrel vibrations and control for a main battle tank

October 2017
Tolga Dursun | Fırat Büyükcivelek | Çağrıhan Utlu

Achieving high hitting accuracy for a main battle tank is challenging while the tank is on the move. This can be reached by proper design of a weapon control and gun system. In order to design an effective...

12. The ballistic performance of the bombard Mons Meg

April 2016
Ian Lewtas | Rachael McAlister | Adam Wallis | Clive Woodley | Ian Cullis

The bombard Mons Meg, located in Edinburgh Castle, with a diameter of 19 inches (48 cm), was one of the largest calibre cannons ever built. Constructed in 1449 and presented to King James II of Scotland...

13. Review of Infrared signature suppression systems using optical blocking method

June 2019
Nidhi Baranwal | Shripad P. Mahulikar

With rapid advancements in Infra-Red (IR) detection techniques, the range from where the IR-guided missiles are able to lock the target aircraft has increased. To avoid the detection and tracking by...

14. A comprehensive review on material selection for polymer matrix composites subjected to impact load

Available online 7 April 2020
Vishwas Mahesh | Sharnappa Joladarashi | Satyabodh M. Kulkarni

Polymer matrix composites (PMC) are extensively been used in many engineering applications. Various natural fibers have emerged as potential replacements to synthetic fibers as reinforcing materials...

15. Research progress on advanced rail materials for electromagnetic railgun technology

Available online 31 March 2020
Hong-bin Xie | Hui-ya Yang | Jian Yu | Ming-yu Gao | Jian-dong Shou | You-tong Fang | Jia-bin Liu | Hong-tao Wang

Electromagnetic railgun attracts more and more attention due to its advantage in speed, cost, and obscurity. It is found that the rail should withstand huge mechanical and thermal shocks during the...

16. Enhancing the explosive characteristics of a Semtex explosive by involving admixtures of BCHMX and HMX

April 2020
Ahmed Elbeih | Ahmed K. Hussein | Tamer Elshenawy | Svatopluk Zeman | Sara M. Hammad | Ahmad Baraka | Mohamed A. Elsayed | Mohamed Gobara | Hesham Tantawy

A well-known ternary plastic explosive, Czech Semtex 1H, contains a mixture of PETN and RDX softened by SBR. In this work, BCHMX was used to replace PETN in Semtex 1H to form Sem-BC+RDX. In addition,...

17. Analysis of workload of tank crew under the conditions of informatization

March 2014
Ming Mao | Fang Xie | Jian-jun Hu | Bo Su

A consensus has been reached that the tanks need to be integrated into the informatization battlefield. With the development of technology, the tank crew has being gradually decreased, so the research...

18. Modeling of the whole process of shock wave overpressure of free-field air explosion

October 2019
Zai-qing Xue | Shunping Li | Chun-liang Xin | Li-ping Shi | Hong-bin Wu

The waveform of the explosion shock wave under free-field air explosion is an extremely complex problem. It is generally considered that the waveform consists of overpressure peak, positive pressure...

19. Study on performance degradation and failure analysis of machine gun barrel

April 2020
Xiaolong Li | Lei Mu | Yong Zang | Qin Qin

An increase in the use of the gun barrel will cause wear of the inner wall, which reduces the muzzle velocity and the spin rate of the projectile. The off-bore flight attitude and trajectory of the...

20. Polymer composite for antistatic application in aerospace

February 2020
Ramdayal Yadav | Manoj Tirumali | Xungai Wang | Minoo Naebe | Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian

The phenomenon of static electricity is unpredictable, particularly when an aircraft flying at high altitude that causes the accumulation of static charges beyond a threshold value leading to the failure...

21. Trans-dinitroglycoluril isomers-A DFT treatment

February 2017
Lemi Türker

Isomers of trans-1,4-Dinitroglycoluril (trans-DINGU) and their 1,3-tautomers are considered within the constraints of B3LYP/6-31++G (d,p) and B3LYP/CC-PVTZ levels of DFT calculations. Additionally,...

22. Modeling and simulation of bullet-barrel interaction process for the damaged gun barrel

December 2019
Chao Shen | Ke-dong Zhou | Ye Lu | Jun-song Li

In this paper, the influences of bore damage on the bullet-barrel interaction process and the mechanism of how bore damage results in the end of a machine gun barrel's service life were studied, which...

23. Conceptual design of automobile engine rubber mounting composite using TRIZ-Morphological chart-analytic network process technique

August 2018
A.M. Noor Azammi | S.M. Sapuan | M.R. Ishak | Mohamed T.H. Sultan

An engine rubber mounting is one of the important parts of a vehicle. It is a function to isolate or absorb and to reduce vibration to the vehicle body thus to the passenger itself. Due to the engine...

24. Aerodynamics analysis of a hypersonic electromagnetic gun launched projectile

August 2020
Jian Shen | Shao-bo Fan | Ya-xin Ji | Qing-yu Zhu | Ji Duan

A hypersonic aerodynamics analysis of an electromagnetic gun (EM gun) launched projectile configuration is undertaken in order to ameliorate the basic aerodynamic characteristics in comparison with...

25. Structurally modified RDX - A DFT study

December 2017
Lemi Türker | Serhat Variş

RDX is a nitramine type explosive which is widely employed in military and industrial applications. A hot topic in military area is lowering the sensitivity of explosives. Along this direction, one...

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