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Recent Defence Technology Articles

Recently published articles from Defence Technology.

Damage mechanics and energy absorption capabilities of natural fiber reinforced elastomeric based bio composite for sacrificial structural applications

February 2021
Vishwas Mahesh | Sharnappa Joladarashi | Satyabodh M. Kulkarni

The present study deals with the experimental, finite element (FE) and analytical assessment of low ballistic impact response of proposed flexible ‘green’ composite make use of naturally available jute...

Vibration analysis of fluid-conveying multi-scale hybrid nanocomposite shells with respect to agglomeration of nanofillers

February 2021
Farzad Ebrahimi | Ali Dabbagh

The vibration problem of a fluid conveying cylindrical shell consisted of newly developed multi-scale hybrid nanocomposites is solved in the present manuscript within the framework of an analytical...

Mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of pristine and functionalized carbon nanotube reinforced metallic glass composites: A molecular dynamics approach

February 2021
Sumit Sharma | S.K. Tiwari | Sagar Shakya

This work uses the molecular dynamics approach to study the effects of functionalization of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the mechanical properties of Cu64Zr36 metallic glass (MG). Three types of functional...

On vibration analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced magneto-electro-elastic plates with different electro-magnetic conditions using higher order finite element methods

February 2021
M. Vinyas | D. Harursampath | S.C. Kattimani

This article deals with evaluating the frequency response of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced magneto-electro-elastic (FG-CNTMEE) plates subjected to open and closed electro-magnetic circuit...

Influence of thickness and projectile shape on penetration resistance of the compliant composite

February 2021
Vishwas Mahesh | Sharnappa Joladarashi | Satyabodh M. Kulkarni

The present study deals with development of conceptual proof for jute rubber based flexible composite block to completely arrest the projectile impacting the target at high velocity impact of 400 m/s...

Peridynamic modeling and simulation of thermo-mechanical de-icing process with modified ice failure criterion

February 2021
Ying Song | Shaofan Li | Shuai Zhang

De-icing technology has become an increasingly important subject in numerous applications in recent years. However, the direct numerical modeling and simulation the physical process of thermo-mechanical...

Micromechanical simulation and experimental investigation of aluminum-based nanocomposites

February 2021
Mohammad Javad Ghasemi | Mohammad Silani | Ali Maleki | Mostafa Jamshidian

Ceramic reinforced metal matrix nanocomposites are widely used in aerospace and auto industries due to their enhanced mechanical and physical properties. In this research, we investigate the mechanical...

Force chains based mesoscale simulation on the dynamic response of Al-PTFE granular composites

February 2021
Le Tang | Chao Ge | Huan-guo Guo | Qing-bo Yu | Hai-fu Wang

Force chains based mesoscale simulation is conducted to investigate the response behavior of aluminum-polytetrafluoroethylene (Al-PTFE) granular composites under a low-velocity impact. A two-dimensional...

Optimization of buckling load for laminated composite plates using adaptive Kriging-improved PSO: A novel hybrid intelligent method

February 2021
Behrooz Keshtegar | Trung Nguyen-Thoi | Tam T. Truong | Shun-Peng Zhu

An effective hybrid optimization method is proposed by integrating an adaptive Kriging (A-Kriging) into an improved partial swarm optimization algorithm (IPSO) to give a so-called A-Kriging-IPSO for...

Buckling analysis of embedded graphene oxide powder-reinforced nanocomposite shells

February 2021
Farzad Ebrahimi | Pendar Hafezi | Ali Dabbagh

In this study, the buckling analysis of a Graphene oxide powder reinforced (GOPR) nanocomposite shell is investigated. The effective material properties of the nanocomposite are estimated through Halpin-Tsai...

FE modeling of concrete beams and columns reinforced with FRP composites

February 2021
Farid Abed | Chahmi Oucif | Yousef Awera | Haya H. Mhanna | Hakem Alkhraisha

Compression and flexure members such as columns and beams are critical in a structure as its failure could lead to the collapse of the structure. In the present work, numerical analysis of square and...

A higher order coupled frequency characteristics study of smart magneto-electro-elastic composite plates with cut-outs using finite element methods

February 2021
M. Vinyas | D. Harursampath | T. Nguyen Thoi

This article deals with investigating the effect of cut-outs on the natural frequencies of magneto-electro-elastic (MEE) plates incorporating finite element methods based on higher order shear deformation...

An efficient SPH methodology for modelling mechanical characteristics of particulate composites

February 2021
Z.J. Zheng | S. Kulasegaram | P. Chen | Y.Q. Chen

Particulate composites are one of the widely used materials in producing numerous state-of-the-art components in biomedical, automobile, aerospace including defence technology. Variety of modelling...

Mitigation of the blast load effects on a building structure using newly composite structural configurations

February 2021
Ahmed K. Taha | M.S. Zahran | Zhengguo Gao

In this study, a nonlinear three-dimensional hydrocode numerical simulation was carried out using AUTODYN-3D to investigate the effect of blasting of a high explosive material (TNT) against several...

A novel formulation of material nonlinear analysis in structural mechanics

February 2021
Himanshu Gaur | Anupam Srivastav

This article demonstrates a novel approach for material nonlinear analysis. This analysis procedure eliminates tedious and lengthy step by step incremental and then iterative procedure adopted classically...

Numerical simulation study on penetration performance of depleted Uranium (DU) alloy fragments

February 2021
Fu-lin Zhu | Yang Chen | Gui-li Zhu

Due to its high strength, high density, high hardness and good penetration capabilities, Depleted uranium alloys have already shined in armor-piercing projectiles. There should also be a lot of room...

Delamination process in cross-ply UHMWPE laminates under ballistic penetration

February 2021
Gen-lin Mo | Qian-wen Ma | Yong-xi Jin | Wen-min Yan | Zhong-xin Li | Zhi-lin Wu

Cross-ply unidirectional laminates made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers are widely used as components of bullet-proof vests. To simulate the delamination process of the material under...

Size dependent free vibration analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric micro/nano shell based on modified couple stress theory with considering thickness stretching effect

February 2021
Maryam Lori Dehsaraji | Mohammad Arefi | Abbas Loghman

Higher-order shear and normal deformation theory is used in this paper to account thickness stretching effect for free vibration analysis of the cylindrical micro/nano shell subjected to an applied...

Adaptive phase field modelling of crack propagation in orthotropic functionally graded materials

February 2021
Hirshikesh | Emilio Martínez-Pañeda | Sundararajan Natarajan

In this work, we extend the recently proposed adaptive phase field method to model fracture in orthotropic functionally graded materials (FGMs). A recovery type error indicator combined with quadtree...

Bending and stress analysis of polymeric composite plates reinforced with functionally graded graphene platelets based on sinusoidal shear-deformation plate theory

February 2021
Mohammad Arefi | Ali Tabatabaeian | Masoud Mohammadi

The bending and stress analysis of a functionally graded polymer composite plate reinforced with graphene platelets are studied in this paper. The governing equations are derived by using principle...

Effect of functionally-graded interphase on the elasto-plastic behavior of nylon-6/clay nanocomposites; a numerical study

February 2021
Maziyar Bazmara | Mohammad Silani | Iman Dayyani

In nanocomposites, the interphase thickness may be comparable to the size of nano-particles, and hence, the effect of interphase layers on the mechanical properties of nanocomposites may be substantial....

A comprehensive review on material selection for polymer matrix composites subjected to impact load

February 2021
Vishwas Mahesh | Sharnappa Joladarashi | Satyabodh M. Kulkarni

Polymer matrix composites (PMC) are extensively been used in many engineering applications. Various natural fibers have emerged as potential replacements to synthetic fibers as reinforcing materials...

Real-time prediction of projectile penetration to laminates by training machine learning models with finite element solver as the trainer

February 2021
Pushkar Wadagbalkar | G.R. Liu

Studies on ballistic penetration to laminates is complicated, but important for design effective protection of structures. Experimental means of study is expensive and can often be dangerous. Numerical...

Damage modeling of ballistic penetration and impact behavior of concrete panel under low and high velocities

February 2021
Chahmi Oucif | J.S. Kalyana Rama | K. Shankar Ram | Farid Abed

This work presents a numerical simulation of ballistic penetration and high velocity impact behavior of plain and reinforced concrete panels. This paper is divided into two parts. The first part consists...

An optimization method for passive muzzle arc control devices in augmented railguns

Available online 20 January 2021
Bo Tang | Qing-hua Lin | Bao-ming Li

In this paper, a passive muzzle arc control device (PMACD) of the augmented railguns is studied. By discussing its performance at different numbers of extra rails, a parameter optimization model is...

Research on a combinatorial control method for coaxial rotor aircraft based on sliding mode

Available online 20 January 2021
Yi-ran Wei | Hong-bin Deng | Zhen-hua Pan | Ke-wei Li | Han Chen

Aiming at the position and attitude tracking of coaxial rotor aircraft (CRA), this paper proposes a combinatorial control method of sliding mode control (SMC) coupled with proportional-integral-derivative...

A fast and accurate model for the creation of explosion fragments with improved fragment shape and dimensions

Available online 20 January 2021
David Felix | Ian Colwill | Paul Harris

Explosion models based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be used to simulate how a warhead fragments. However their execution times are extensive. Active protection systems need to make very fast...

Pressure relief of underground ammunition storage under missile accidental ignition

Available online 20 January 2021
Ya-wei Wang | Yu-zhuo Yang | Gao-wan. Zou | Hui Dong | Yan Huo

Safety of underground ammunition storage is an important issue, especially during the accidental ignition of missiles. This work investigates the pressure and temperature distribution of the multi-layer...

Buckling analysis of shear deformable composite conical shells reinforced by CNTs subjected to combined loading on the two-parameter elastic foundation

Available online 20 January 2021

The main objective of this study is to investigate the buckling analysis of CCSs reinforced by CNTs subjected to combined loading of hydrostatic pressure and axial compression resting on the two-parameter...

A capture probability analytic model for the electromagnetic launched anti-torpedo torpedo

Available online 5 January 2021
Bao-qi Wu | Xiao-cun Guan | Shao-hua Guan | Jing-bin Shi

With the unique characteristics, electromagnetic launch technology is applicable to launch shipborne anti-torpedo torpedo(ATT). This paper aims to establish an analytic model to pre-evaluate the capture...

Effects of nano-sized aluminum on detonation characteristics and metal acceleration for RDX-based aluminized explosive

Available online 5 January 2021
Dan-yang Liu | Pin Zhao | Serene Hay-Yee Chan | Huey Hoon Hng | Lang Chen

Nano-sized aluminum (Nano-Al) powders hold promise in enhancing the total energy of explosives and the metal acceleration ability at the same time. However, the near-detonation zone effects of reaction...

Formation and characterization of core-shell CL-20/TNT composite prepared by spray-drying technique

Available online 2 January 2021
Chang-gui Song | Xiao-dong Li | Yue Yang | Hui-min Liu | Ying-xin Tan | Jing-yu Wang

The core-shell 2,4,6,8,10,12-Hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazaisowurtzitane/2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (CL-20/TNT) composite was prepared by spray-drying method in which sensitive high energy explosive (CL-20)...

Responses of HFR-LWC beams under close-range blast loadings accompanying membrane action

December 2020
Wan-xiang Chen | Li-sheng Luo | Zhi-kun Guo | Peng Yuan

The load-carrying capacities and failure patterns of reinforced concrete components can be significantly changed by membrane effects. However, limited work has been carried out to investigate the blast...

Development of cost effective personnel armour through structural hybridization

December 2020
P. Rama Subba Reddy | T. Sreekantha Reddy | I. Srikanth | Juhi Kushwaha | V. Madhu

The objective of the present study is to develop cost effective thermoplastic hybrid laminate using Dyneema® HB50 and Tensylon®HSBD 30A through structural hybridization method. Laminates having 20 mm...

Experimental research on the instability propagation characteristics of liquid kerosene rotating detonation wave

December 2020
Quan Zheng | Hao-long Meng | Chun-sheng Weng | Yu-wen Wu | Wen-kang Feng | Ming-liang Wu

In order to study the instability propagation characteristics of the liquid kerosene rotating detonation wave (RDW), a series of experimental tests were carried out on the rotating detonation combustor...

A split target detection and tracking algorithm for ballistic missile tracking during the re-entry phase

December 2020
Muhammad Asad | Sumair Khan | Ihsanullah | Zahid Mehmood | Yifang Shi | Sufyan Ali Memon | Uzair Khan

In the re-entry phase of a ballistic missile, decoys can be deployed as a mean to overburden enemy defenses. This results in a single track being split into multiple track-lets. Tracking of these track-lets...

Effects of jute fibre content on the mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of the composites in structural applications

December 2020
Suhad D. Salman

Due to notable characteristics, sustainability concept and environmental issues, hybridisation natural with synthetic fibres to fabricate composites have been rapidly gaining market share in different...

Gabor-CNN for object detection based on small samples

December 2020
Xiao-dong Hu | Xin-qing Wang | Fan-jie Meng | Xia Hua | Yu-ji Yan | Yu-yang Li | Jing Huang | Xun-lin Jiang

Object detection models based on convolutional neural networks (CNN) have achieved state-of-the-art performance by heavily rely on large-scale training samples. They are insufficient when used in specific...

Effect of silicon carbide and wire-mesh reinforcements in dissimilar grade aluminium explosive clad composites

December 2020
S. Saravanan | K. Raghukandan

Aluminium composites are inevitable in the manufacture of aircraft structural elements owing to less weight, superior corrosion resistance and higher specific properties. These composites reduce the...

Integrated guidance and control of guided projectile with multiple constraints based on fuzzy adaptive and dynamic surface

December 2020
Shang Jiang | Fu-qing Tian | Shi-yan Sun | Wei-ge Liang

Based on fuzzy adaptive and dynamic surface (FADS), an integrated guidance and control (IGC) approach was proposed for large caliber naval gun guided projectile, which was robust to target maneuver,...

Strain concentration caused by the closed end contributes to cartridge case failure at the bottom

December 2020
Song Cai | Jie Feng | Hui Xu | Kun Liu | Zhong-xin Li | Zhi-lin Wu

Ruptures at the bottom of cartridges are a common cause of failure of ammunitions, which directly threatens the safety of weapons and shooters. Based on plastic tube theory, this study analyses the...

Experimental and numerical investigation of zirconium jet performance with different liner shapes design

Available online 9 December 2020
Tamer Elshenawy | Qing-ming Li | Ahmed Elbeih

This paper studies the shaped charge jet performance in terms of different liner shapes including conical, bell, hemispherical and bi-conical liners. The critical angles and the relevant flow velocities...

Effects of module number and firing condition on charge thermal safety in gun chamber

Available online 8 December 2020
Huan-yu Qian | Yong-gang Yu | Jing Liu

Thermal safety of modular charge which is fed into and retained in the chamber after gun fires consecutively is first investigated with cook-off method. A two-dimensional cook-off model of modular charge...

Investigation of the shock compression behaviors of Al/PTFE composites with experimental and a 3D mesoscale-model

Available online 4 December 2020
Xiang-li Yang | Yong He | Yuan He | Chuan-ting Wang | Jie Zhou

The responses of Al/PTFE reactive materials (RMs) under shock compression were investigated by a single-stage gas gun. A 3D mesoscale-model was established based on micro-computed tomography (micro-CT)...

A reusable planar triggered spark-gap switch batched-fabricated with PCB technology for medium- and low-voltage pulsed power systems

Available online 2 December 2020
Zhi Yang | Ke Wang | Peng Zhu | Peng Liu | Qiu Zhang | Cong Xu | Hao-tian Jian | Rui-qi Shen

Triggered spark-gap switch is a popular discharge switch for pulse power systems. Previous studies have focused on planarizing this switch using thin film techniques in order to meet the requirements...

Effects of Mg/PTFE pyrotechnic compositions on reignition characteristics of base bleed propellants and heating mechanism

Available online 2 December 2020
Xiao-chun Xue | Long-ze Ma | Yong-gang Yu

The effects of magnesium/polytetrafluoroethylene (Mg/PTFE) pyrotechnic compositions on the coupled flow field and reignition mechanism are important aspects governing the performance and range of base...

Study on energy release characteristics of reactive material casings under explosive loading

Available online 2 December 2020
Ning Du | Wei Xiong | Tao Wang | Xian-feng Zhang | Hai-hua Chen | Meng-ting Tan

Reactive Materials (RMs), a new material with structural and energy release characteristics under shock-induced chemical reactions, are promising in extensive applications in national defense and military...

Cooperative interception with fast multiple model adaptive estimation

Available online 2 December 2020
Shao-bo Wang | Yang Guo | Shi-cheng Wang | Zhi-guo Liu | Shuai Zhang

For the case that two pursuers intercept an evasive target, the cooperative strategies and state estimation methods taken by pursuers can seriously affect the guidance accuracy for the target, which...

Robust TDOA/FDOA estimation from emitter signals for hybrid localization using UAVs

Available online 30 November 2020
Yu-bing Wang | Xiao-long Liang | Jia-qiang Zhang | Bao-xiang Ren | Ke Jin

This paper considers the time difference of arrival (TDOA) and frequency difference of arrival (FDOA) estimation problem for joint localization using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), involving range...

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