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Recent Defence Technology Articles

Recently published articles from Defence Technology.

Synergistic effect of hybrid Himalayan Nettle/Bauhinia-vahlii fibers on physico-mechanical and sliding wear properties of epoxy composites

August 2020
Sandeep Kumar | K.K.S. Mer | Brijesh Gangil | Vinay Kumar Patel

The cellulosic bast fibers are recognized as a justifiable and biodegradable substitute for producing moderate strength polymer composite materials because of their characteristics of renewability,...

An investigation on anti-impact and penetration performance of basalt fiber composites with different weave and lay-up modes

August 2020
Hai-dong Fu | Xin-ya Feng | Jin-xu Liu | Zhi-ming Yang | Chuan He | Shu-kui Li

The woven basalt fiber composites (WBFC) and the unidirectional [0°/90°/45°/-45°]s basalt fiber composites (UBFC) were prepared by hot-pressing. Three-point bending test, low velocity impact test, and...

Experimental study of transient pressure wave in the behind armor blunt trauma induced by different rifle bullets

August 2020
Rui-guo Han | Yong-jie Qu | Wen-min Yan | Bin Qin | Shu Wang | Jian-zhong Wang

Pressure wave plays an important role in the occurrence of behind armor blunt trauma (BABT), and ballistic gelatin is widely used as a surrogate of biological tissue in the research of BABT. Comparison...

Fragment spatial distribution of prismatic casing under internal explosive loading

August 2020
Tianbao Ma | Xinwei Shi | Jian Li | Jianguo Ning

Non-cylindrical casings filled with explosives have undergone rapid development in warhead design and explosion control. The fragment spatial distribution of prismatic casings is more complex than that...

Fast-armored target detection based on multi-scale representation and guided anchor

August 2020
Fan-jie Meng | Xin-qing Wang | Fa-ming Shao | Dong Wang | Xiao-dong Hu

Focused on the task of fast and accurate armored target detection in ground battlefield, a detection method based on multi-scale representation network (MS-RN) and shape-fixed Guided Anchor (SF-GA)...

A study of flames with millimeter-wave radiation

August 2020
Jing-ran Xu | Ru Peng | Chen-guang Zhu | Xiao Xie | Chen-guang Yan

It is a valuable issue to explore whether a flame can radiate microwaves, in spite of the electric field formed in the flame. Presented herein is an experimental study on a series of flames with millimeter-wave...

Experimental study on explosion dispersion process of a multi-layer composite charge under different initiation modes

August 2020
Xiao-wen Hong | Wei-bing Li | Wen-bin Li | He-yang Xu | Bo-liang Wang | Wei Xiao

The influence of initiation modes on the explosive dispersion process of the multi-layer composite charge (MCC) was studied. Overpressure sensors and high-speed photography system were used to investigate...

Arbitrary-oriented target detection in large scene sar images

August 2020
Zi-shuo Han | Chun-ping Wang | Qiang Fu

Target detection in the field of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has attracted considerable attention of researchers in national defense technology worldwide, owing to its unique advantages like high...

Novel approach for active vibration control of a flexible missile

August 2020
Cheng-long Pan | Ji-li Rong | Tian-fu Xu | Da-lin Xiang

This paper investigates the feasibility of using an active dynamic vibration absorber (ADVA) for active vibration control of a flexible missile system through simulation. Based on the principles of...

Analysis of sliding electric contact characteristics in augmented railgun based on the combination of contact resistance and sliding friction coefficient

August 2020
Chun-yan Zhu | Bao-ming Li

The contact resistance between the armature and rails is an important indicator of the contact characteristics in electromagnetic launches. As the contact resistance depends not only on the contact...

Modeling and simulation of muzzle flow field of railgun with metal vapor and arc

August 2020
Yuan Gao | Yan-jie Ni | Zhao-xin Wang | Ying-tao Xu | Yong Jin | Bao-ming Li

During the electromagnetic railgun launching process, there will be a complex flow field with high temperature in the muzzle area because of the high-speed friction, transition and secondary arc-ignition....

A high performance waveform and a new ranging method for the proximity detector

August 2020
Qi-le Chen | Xin-hong Hao | Xiao-peng Yan | Ping Li

Signal modulation is an essential design factor for proximity detectors and directly affects the system’s potential performance. In order to achieve the advantages of chaotic codes bi-phase modulation...

Experimental investigation on dynamic response and damage models of circular RC columns subjected to underwater explosions

August 2020
Tie-shuan Zhuang | Ming-yang Wang | Jun Wu | Cheng-yu Yang | Tao Zhang | Chao Gao

Reinforced concrete (RC) columns are widely used as supporting structures for high-piled wharfs. The study of damage model of a RC column due to underwater explosion is a critical issue to assess the...

Robust adaptive UKF based on SVR for inertial based integrated navigation

August 2020
Meng-de Zhang | Hai-fa Dai | Bai-qing Hu | Qi Chen

Aiming at the problem that the traditional Unscented Kalman Filtering (UKF) algorithm can’t solve the problem that the measurement covariance matrix is unknown and the measured value contains outliers,...

Analysis for the residual prestress of composite barrel for railgun with tension winding

August 2020
Dong-mei Yin | Bao-ming Li | Hong-cheng Xiao

Based on the elastic theory of cylindrical shells and the theory of composite laminates, a prediction model for the residual prestress of the simplified round composite barrel for railgun is established....

Study on dynamic response of multi-degree-of-freedom explosion vessel system under impact load

August 2020
Yun-hao Hu | Wen-bin Gu | Jian-qing Liu | Jing-lin Xu | Xin Liu | Yang-ming Han | Zhen-xiong Wang

In order to study the dynamic response and calculate the axial dynamic coefficient of the monolayer cylindrical explosion vessel, the wall of vessel is simplified as a multi-degree-of-freedom (MDoF)...

Path planning for moving target tracking by fixed-wing UAV

August 2020
Song-lin Liao | Rong-ming Zhu | Nai-qi Wu | Tauqeer Ahmed Shaikh | Mohamed Sharaf | Almetwally M. Mostafa

For the automatic tracking of unknown moving targets on the ground, most of the commonly used methods involve circling above the target. With such a tracking mode, there is a moving laser spot on the...

Performance study of jute-epoxy composites/sandwiches under normal ballistic impact

August 2020
Sangamesh Rajole | K.S. Ravishankar | S.M. Kulkarni

This study is undertaken to explore the use of natural fiber Jute-epoxy (JE), Jute-epoxy-rubber (JRE) sandwich composite for ballistic energy absorption. Energy absorbed and residual velocities for...

Aerodynamics analysis of a hypersonic electromagnetic gun launched projectile

August 2020
Jian Shen | Shao-bo Fan | Ya-xin Ji | Qing-yu Zhu | Ji Duan

A hypersonic aerodynamics analysis of an electromagnetic gun (EM gun) launched projectile configuration is undertaken in order to ameliorate the basic aerodynamic characteristics in comparison with...

Theoretical calculation and experimental study on the interaction mechanism between TKX-50 and AP

August 2020
Jun Tao | Xiao-Feng Wang | Kun Zhang | Xue-song Feng

The combination of 5,5′-bistetrazole-1,1′-diolate (TKX-50) and ammonium perchlorate (AP) can make greater use of the chemical energy of TKX-50 based energetic materials. The research on the interaction...

Responses of HFR-LWC Beams under Close-range Blast Loadings Accompanying Membrane Action

Available online 31 July 2020
Wan-xiang Chen | Li-sheng Luo | Zhi-kun Guo | Peng Yuan

The load-carrying capacities and failure patterns of reinforced concrete components can be significantly changed by membrane effects. However, limited work has been carried out to investigate the blast...

Influence of magnetically constricted arc traverse speed (MCATS) on tensile properties and microstructural characteristics of welded inconel 718 alloy sheets

Available online 29 July 2020
Tushar Sonar | Visvalingam Balasubramanian | Sudersanan Malarvizhi | Thiruvenkatam Venkateswaran | Dhenuvakonda Sivakumar

The magnetically constricted arc technique was implemented to mitigate the heat input related metallurgical problems in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) of Inconel 718 alloy particularly Nb segregation...

Design and analysis of a scheme for the naval gun test shell entering the bore

Available online 18 July 2020
Xin-yun Liu | Da-lin Wu | Jian Hou

The test shell without projectile belt is widely used in the teaching, inspection and maintenance of modern automatic naval guns. In order to ensure the normal work of each mechanism, it is very important...

Storage life prediction under pre-strained thermally-accelerated aging of HTPB coating using the change of crosslinking density

Available online 18 July 2020
Yong-qiang Du | Jian Zheng | Gui-bo Yu

In order to predict the storage life of a certain type of HTPB (hydroyl-terminated polybutadiene) coating at 25 °C and analyze the influence of pre-strain on the storage life, the accelerated aging...

Trajectory predictions of new lift separation sabots

Available online 18 July 2020
Sreelal Mohanan | Rajesh G

This paper presents a modified analytical model to evaluate the trajectories of various lift separation sabot configurations. The aerodynamic forces acting on the sabot surfaces during a supersonic...

A cooperative interference resource allocation method based on improved firefly algorithm

Available online 16 July 2020
Huai-xi Xing | Hua Wu | You Chen | Kun Wang

To deal with the radio frequency threat posed by modern complex radar networks to aircraft, we researched the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) formations radar countermeasures, aiming at the solution of...

Multi-objectives nonlinear structure optimization for actuator in trajectory correction fuze subject to high impact loadings

Available online 15 July 2020
Jiang-hai Hui | Min Gao | Ming Li | Ming-rui Li | Hui-hui Zou | Gang Zhou

This paper presents an actuator used for the trajectory correction fuze, which is subject to high impact loadings during launch. A simulation method is carried out to obtain the peak-peak stress value...

Fabrication and characterization of Al–CuO nanocomposites prepared by sol-gel method

Available online 14 July 2020
Yue-ting Wang | Xiao-ting Zhang | Jian-bing Xu | Yun Shen | Cheng-ai Wang | Fu-wei Li | Ze-hua Zhang | Jian Chen | Ying-hua Ye | Rui-qi Shen

In this study, Al–CuO nanocomposites were fabricated by sol-gel method. As a contrast, the thermite was prepared by physical mixing at the equivalence ratio of 0.5, 1, 2, respectively. The intermediates...

Response of masonry systems against blast loading

Available online 11 July 2020
Eid Badshah | Amjad Naseer | Mohammad Ashraf | Tauseef Ahmad

In this paper eight successive experimental blast tests with an increasing TNT equivalent charge weights ranging from 0.56 kg to 17.78 kg were conducted on unreinforced, ferrocemented overlay masonry...

The mechanism of liquid dispersing from a cylinder driven by central dynamic shock loading

Available online 9 July 2020
Lei Li | Xiao-xia Lu | Xiao-bin Ren | Ye-jun Ren | Shou-tian Zhao | Xiao-fang Yan

A systematic investigation on the mechanism of dynamic liquid dispersing process via theoretical and experimental approach is presented. The experiments include weak and strong constrained scenarios...

Dynamic necking of a near α titanium alloy at high strain rates: Experiments and modelling

Available online 9 July 2020
Long-hui Zhang | Antonio Pellegrino | Nik Petrinic

The tensile behaviour of near α Ti3Al2.5 V alloy, conceived for applications in aerospace and automotive engineering, is characterized from quasi-static to high strain rates. The material is found to...

Repeater jamming suppression method for pulse Doppler fuze based on identity recognition and chaotic encryption

Available online 9 July 2020
Jian Dai | Xin-hong Hao | Qiang Liu | Xiao-peng Yan | Ping Li

Pulse Doppler (PD) fuze is widely used in current battlefield. However, with the threat of repeater jamming, especially digital radio frequency memory technology, the deficiency in the anti-repeater...

Mitigation effects on the reflected overpressure of blast shock with water surrounding an explosive in a confined space

Available online 8 July 2020
Hai-bin Xu | Long-kui Chen | De-zhi Zhang | Fang-ping Zhang | Zhao-wu Shen | Wen-xiang Liu | Sheng-hong Huang

The mitigation of blast shock with water has broad application prospects. Understanding the mitigation effects on the reflected overpressure of the explosion shock with water surrounding an explosive...

Numerical investigation of the shockwave overpressure fields of multi-sources FAE explosions

Available online 7 July 2020
Chun-hua Bai | Xing-yu Zhao | Jian Yao | Bin-feng Sun

Shockwaves from fuel-air explosive (FAE) cloud explosions may cause significant casualties. The ground overpressure field is usually used to evaluate the damage range of explosion shockwaves. In this...

Thermal and combustion behavior of Al-MnO2 nanothermite with poly(vinylidene fluoride -co- hexafluoropropylene) energetic binder

Available online 7 July 2020
Jia-xing Song | Tao Guo | Miao Yao | Jia-lin Chen | Wen Ding | Feng-li Bei | Xiao-nan Zhang | Qin Yin | Jun-yi Huang | Chang-hao Li

Fluoropolymers get increasing attention in energetic materials application due to the high fluorine content. To explore the effect of poly(vinylidene fluoride -co- hexafluoropropylene) (P(VDF-HFP))...

Supercritical carbon dioxide as a new working medium for pneumatic launch: A theoretical study

Available online 5 July 2020
Hong-xin Yao | Xue-zhong Wei | Hong Ye

Compared with the conventionally gaseous or liquid working media, the specific internal energy of supercritical carbon dioxide (SCD) is higher at the same temperature and pressure, and the critical...

Numerical research on adverse effect of muzzle flow formed by muzzle brake considering secondary combustion

Available online 5 July 2020
Peng-fei Li | Xiao-bing Zhang

The simulation of the artillery interior and intermediate ballistics problem is performed to investigate the influence of a gas dynamics device, muzzle brake, on the muzzle hazard phenomena, such as...

Multi-objective design optimization of composite submerged cylindrical pressure hull for minimum buoyancy factor and maximum buckling load capacity

Available online 5 July 2020
Muhammad Imran | Dong-yan Shi | Li-li Tong | Ahsan Elahi | Hafiz Muhammad Waqas | Muqeem Uddin

This paper presents the design optimization of composite submersible cylindrical pressure hull subjected to 3 MPa hydrostatic pressure. The design optimization study is conducted for cross-ply layups...

Effect of the end cap on the fragment velocity distribution of a cylindrical cased charge

Available online 4 July 2020
Wei Liao | Jian-wei Jiang | Jian-bing Men | Shu-you Wang | Mei Li | Han Liu

The prediction of the fragment velocity distribution of a cylindrical cased charge with end caps is one of the key issues to assess the damage efficiency of the warhead. However, limited work has been...

Experimental research on the instability propagation characteristics of liquid kerosene rotating detonation wave

Available online 3 July 2020
Quan Zheng | Hao-long Meng | Chun-sheng Weng | Yu-wen Wu | Wen-kang Feng | Ming-liang Wu

In order to study the instability propagation characteristics of the liquid kerosene rotating detonation wave (RDW), a series of experimental tests were carried out on the rotating detonation combustor...

Optimization of reluctance accelerator efficiency by an improved discharging circuit

June 2020
Hui-min Deng | Yu Wang | Fa-long Lu | Zhong-ming Yan

In this paper, an improved discharging circuit was proposed to quicken the decay of the current in the drive coil in a reluctance accelerator when the armature reaches the center of the coil. The aim...

Local blast wave interaction with tire structure

June 2020
Paweł Baranowski | Jerzy Małachowski | Łukasz Mazurkiewicz

The paper presents modelling and simulation of a local blast wave interaction with a tire of a logistic truck supporting military operations. In the military industry, it is desired to improve effectiveness...

Statistical variability and fragility assessment of ballistic perforation of steel plates for 7.62 mm AP ammunition

June 2020
Mark G. Stewart | Michael D. Netherton

The paper describes field test results of 7.62 × 51 mm M61 AP (armour piercing) ammunition fired into mild steel targets at an outdoor range. The targets varied from 10 mm to 32 mm in thickness. The...

The Early Responses of Air-backed plate subjected to underwater explosion with aluminized explosives

June 2020
Jian Liu | Feng-jiang An | Cheng Wu | Sha-sha Liao | Ming-xue Zhou | Dong-yu Xue

This work aims to research the effects on the early responses of the air-backed plate subjected to the loading generated by the underwater explosion with aluminized explosives. The loading characteristics...

Growth model of cavity generated by the projectile impacting liquid-filled tank

June 2020
Bei-lei Zhao | Ji-guang Zhao | Cun-yan Cui | Yong-sheng Duan | Yan Wang

The high-speed impact of a projectile on a liquid-filled tank causes the hydraulic ram, in which a cavity is formed. To study the growth characteristics of the cavity, the formation mechanism of the...

Research on extraction and reproduction of deformation camouflage spot based on generative adversarial network model

June 2020
Xin Yang | Wei-dong Xu | Qi Jia | Ling Li | Wan-nian Zhu | Ji-yao Tian | Hao Xu

The method of describing deformation camouflage spots based on feature space has some shortcomings, such as inaccurate description and difficult reproduction. Depending on the strong fitting ability...

Knowledge-oriented modeling for influencing factors of battle damage in military industrial logistics: An integrated method

June 2020
Xiong Li | Xiao-dong Zhao | Wei Pu

Modeling influencing factors of battle damage is one of essential works in implementing military industrial logistics simulation to explore battle damage laws knowledge. However, one of key challenges...

Attitude deflection of oblique perforation of concrete targets by a rigid projectile

June 2020
Zhuo-ping Duan | Shu-rui Li | Zhao-fang Ma | Zhuo-cheng Ou | Feng-lei Huang

A perforation model is developed to predict the attitude deflection in the oblique perforation of concrete targets by a rigid projectile, in which the inertial moment of the projectile is introduced,...

Fabrication and analysis of TIG welding-brazing butt joints of in-situ TiB2/7050 composite and TA2

Available online 30 June 2020
Huan-huan Sun | Yi-bo Ren | Yang Feng | Hao-qiang Ba | Dong Chen | Chun-juan Xia | Hao-wei Wang

Lightweight hybrid structures of Al MMCs and titanium alloy dissimilar materials have great prospect in the defence industry application. So, it is necessary to join Al MMCs with Ti metal to achieve...

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