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Most Downloaded Digital Communications and Networks Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Machine learning for internet of things data analysis: a survey

August 2018
Mohammad Saeid Mahdavinejad | Mohammadreza Rezvan | Mohammadamin Barekatain | Peyman Adibi | Payam Barnaghi | Amit P. Sheth

Rapid developments in hardware, software, and communication technologies have facilitated the emergence of Internet-connected sensory devices that provide observations and data measurements from the...

2. Visible light communication: Applications, architecture, standardization and research challenges

May 2017
Latif Ullah Khan

The Radio Frequency (RF) communication suffers from interference and high latency issues. Along with this, RF communication requires a separate setup for transmission and reception of RF waves. Overcoming...

3. A systematic literature review of blockchain cyber security

May 2020
Paul J. Taylor | Tooska Dargahi | Ali Dehghantanha | Reza M. Parizi | Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Since the publication of Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper on Bitcoin in 2008, blockchain has (slowly) become one of the most frequently discussed methods for securing data storage and transfer through...

4. Edge computing technologies for Internet of Things: a primer

April 2018
Yuan Ai | Mugen Peng | Kecheng Zhang

With the rapid development of mobile internet and Internet of Things applications, the conventional centralized cloud computing is encountering severe challenges, such as high latency, low Spectral...

5. A survey of 5G technologies: regulatory, standardization and industrial perspectives

April 2018
António Morgado | Kazi Mohammed Saidul Huq | Shahid Mumtaz | Jonathan Rodriguez

In recent years, there have been significant developments in the research on 5th Generation (5G) networks. Several enabling technologies are being explored for the 5G mobile system era. The aim is to...

6. A blockchain future for internet of things security: a position paper

August 2018
Mandrita Banerjee | Junghee Lee | Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are increasingly being found in civilian and military contexts, ranging from smart cities and smart grids to Internet-of-Medical-Things, Internet-of-Vehicles, Internet-of-Military-Things,...

7. Tracing manufacturing processes using blockchain-based token compositions

May 2020
Martin Westerkamp | Friedhelm Victor | Axel Küpper

Supply chain traceability is one of the most promising use cases to benefit from characteristics of blockchain, such as decentralization, immutability and transparency, not required to build prior trust...

8. A roadmap for security challenges in the Internet of Things

April 2018
Arbia Riahi Sfar | Enrico Natalizio | Yacine Challal | Zied Chtourou

Unquestionably, communicating entities (object, or things) in the Internet of Things (IoT) context are playing an active role in human activities, systems and processes. The high connectivity of intelligent...

9. Real-time air pollution monitoring with sensors on city bus

February 2020
Sami Kaivonen | Edith C.-H. Ngai

This paper presents an experimental study on real-time air pollution monitoring using wireless sensors on public transport vehicles. The study is part of the GreenIoT project in Sweden, which utilizes...

10. A survey of edge computing-based designs for IoT security

May 2020
Kewei Sha | T. Andrew Yang | Wei Wei | Sadegh Davari

Pervasive IoT applications enable us to perceive, analyze, control, and optimize the traditional physical systems. Recently, security breaches in many IoT applications have indicated that IoT applications...

11. Sarcastic sentiment detection in tweets streamed in real time: a big data approach

August 2016
S.K. Bharti | B. Vachha | R.K. Pradhan | K.S. Babu | S.K. Jena

Sarcasm is a type of sentiment where people express their negative feelings using positive or intensified positive words in the text. While speaking, people often use heavy tonal stress and certain...

12. Middleware technologies for cloud of things: a survey

August 2018
Amirhossein Farahzadi | Pooyan Shams | Javad Rezazadeh | Reza Farahbakhsh

The next wave of communication and applications will rely on new services provided by the Internet of Things which is becoming an important aspect in human and machines future. IoT services are a key...

13. A new type of blockchain for secure message exchange in VANET

May 2020
Rakesh Shrestha | Rojeena Bajracharya | Anish P. Shrestha | Seung Yeob Nam

In the Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANET), the collection and dissemination of life-threatening traffic event information by vehicles are of utmost importance. However, traditional VANETs face several...

14. A survey of free space optical networks

May 2017
In Keun Son | Shiwen Mao

Free Space Optical (FSO) networks, also known as optical wireless networks, have emerged as viable candidates for broadband wireless communications in the near future. The range of the potential application...

15. Cloud service performance evaluation: status, challenges, and opportunities – a survey from the system modeling perspective

May 2017
Qiang Duan

With rapid advancement of Cloud computing and networking technologies, a wide spectrum of Cloud services have been developed by various providers and utilized by numerous organizations as indispensable...

16. Recent advances in Industrial Internet: insights and challenges

February 2020
Wei Qin | Siqi Chen | Mugen Peng

The Industrial Internet is a promising technology combining industrial systems with Internet connectivity to significantly improve the product efficiency and reduce production cost by cooperating with...

17. Job schedulers for Big data processing in Hadoop environment: testing real-life schedulers using benchmark programs

November 2017
Mohd Usama | Mengchen Liu | Min Chen

At present, big data is very popular, because it has proved to be much successful in many fields such as social media, E-commerce transactions, etc. Big data describes the tools and technologies needed...

18. On the performance of web services, google cloud messaging and firebase cloud messaging

February 2020
Guido Albertengo | Fikru G. Debele | Waqar Hassan | Dario Stramandino

Smartphones and other connected devices rely on data services, such as Web Services (WS), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), to share the information they collect or use....

19. Performance analysis and comparison of PoW, PoS and DAG based blockchains

Available online 3 January 2020
Bin Cao | Zhenghui Zhang | Daquan Feng | Shengli Zhang | Lei Zhang | Mugen Peng | Yun Li

In the blockchain, the consensus mechanism plays a key role in maintaining the security and legitimation of contents recorded in the blocks. Various blockchain consensus mechanisms have been proposed....

20. Wireless sensing for a solar power system

February 2020
Su Kyi | Attaphongse Taparugssanagorn

Wireless sensing is an excellent approach for remotely operated solar power system. Not only being able to get the sensor data, such as voltage, current, and temperature, the system can also have a...

21. Attacks and defences on intelligent connected vehicles: a survey

Available online 24 May 2020
Mahdi Dibaei | Xi Zheng | Kun Jiang | Robert Abbas | Shigang Liu | Yuexin Zhang | Yang Xiang | Shui Yu

Intelligent vehicles are advancing at a fast speed with the improvement of automation and connectivity, which opens up new possibilities for different cyber-attacks, including in-vehicle attacks (e.g.,...

22. Evolution and challenges of DNS-based CDNs

November 2018
Zheng Wang | Jun Huang | Scott Rose

DNS-based server redirecting is considered the most popular means of deploying CDNs. However, with the increasing use of remote DNS, DNS-based CDNs face a great challenge in performance degradation....

23. Recent advances in mobile edge computing and content caching

May 2020
Sunitha Safavat | Naveen Naik Sapavath | Danda B. Rawat

The demand for digital media services is increasing as the number of wireless subscriptions is growing exponentially. In order to meet this growing need, mobile wireless networks have been advanced...

24. Analysis of identifiers on IoT platforms

Available online 15 May 2019
Haris Aftab | Komal Gilani | JiEun Lee | Lewis Nkenyereye | SeungMyeong Jeong | JaeSeung Song

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides new opportunities for different IoT platforms connecting various devices together. The need to identify those devices is foremost important to perform any kind...

25. Service aware 6G: An intelligent and open network based on convergence of communication, computing and caching

Available online 20 June 2020
Yiqing Zhou | Ling Liu | Lu Wang | Ning Hui | Xinyu Cui | Jie Wu | Yan Peng | Yanli Qi | Chengwen Xing

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), various services are emerging with totally different features and requirements, which cannot be supported by the current fifth generation of mobile...

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