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Recent Digital Communications and Networks Articles

Recently published articles from Digital Communications and Networks.

Attacks and defences on intelligent connected vehicles: A survey

Available online 24 May 2020
Mahdi Dibaei | Xi Zheng | Kun Jiang | Robert Abbas | Shigang Liu | Yuexin Zhang | Yang Xiang | Shui Yu

Intelligent vehicles are advancing at rapid speed with increasing levels of automation and connectivity, which opens up new possibilities to different cyber-attacks including in-vehicle attacks (e.g.,...

Generating routes for autonomous driving in vehicle-to-infrastructure communications

Available online 11 May 2020
Jianjun Yang | Tinggui Chen | Bryson Payne | Ping Guo | Yanping Zhang | Juan Guo

The study of vehicular networks has attracted great interest in academia and the industry. In the broad area, connected vehicles and autonomous driving are technologies based on wireless data communication...

Identifying influential nodes in social networks via community structure and influence distribution difference

Available online 4 May 2020
Zufan Zhang | Xieliang Li | Chenquan Gan

This paper aims to effectively solve the influence maximization issue in social networks. For this purpose, an influence maximization method that can identify influential nodes via the community structure...

An intelligent task offloading algorithm (iTOA) for UAV edge computing network

Available online 4 May 2020
Jienan Chen | Siyu Chen | Siyu Luo | Qi Wang | Bin Cao | Xiaoqian Li

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is emerged as a promising technology for the support of human activities, such as target tracking, disaster rescue and surveillance. However, these tasks require a large...

Energy efficient fuzzy-based DASH adaptation algorithm

Available online 29 April 2020
Moad Mowafi | Eyad Taqieddin | Hiba Al-Dahoud

With the expansive demand for video streaming over mobile networks, it is necessary to adopt schemes that balance the need for high video quality with the available network resources when streaming...

An efficient voting based decentralized revocation protocol for vehicular ad hoc networks

Available online 22 April 2020
Miraj Asghar | Lei Pan | Robin Doss

Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs) enable cooperative behaviors in vehicular environments and are seen as an integral component of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs). The security of VANETs is...

Massive MIMO system lower bound spectral efficiency analysis with precoding and perfect CSI

Available online 14 April 2020
Tasher Ali Sheikh | Joyatri Bora | Md Anwar Hussain

The analytical lower bound of Spectral Efficiency (SE) of downlink transmission of the Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (Ma-MIMO) system is analyzed. In this paper, we derive some novel and approximate...

New bounds on the mutual information for discrete constellations and application to wireless channel estimation

Available online 11 April 2020
A. Taufiq Asyhari

The lack of closed-form expressions of the mutual information for discrete constellations has limited its uses for analyzing reliable communication over wireless fading channels. To address this issue,...

The detection method of low-rate DoS attack based on multi-feature fusion

Available online 10 April 2020
Liang Liu | Huaiyuan Wang | Zhijun Wu | Meng Yue

As a new type of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, the Low-rate Denial of Service (LDoS) attacks make the traditional method of detecting Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) attacks useless due...

Bayonet-corpus: a trajectory prediction method based on bayonet context and bidirectional GRU

Available online 9 April 2020
Mengyang Huang | Menggang Zhu | Yunpeng Xiao | Yanbing Liu

Predicting travel trajectory of vehicles can not only provide personalized services to users, but also have a certain effect on traffic guidance and traffic control. In this paper, we build a Bayonet-Corpus...

Recent advances in Industrial Internet: insights and challenges

February 2020
Wei Qin | Siqi Chen | Mugen Peng

The Industrial Internet is a promising technology combining industrial systems with Internet connectivity to significantly improve the product efficiency and reduce production cost by cooperating with...

Wireless sensing for a solar power system

February 2020
Su Kyi | Attaphongse Taparugssanagorn

Wireless sensing is an excellent approach for remotely operated solar power system. Not only being able to get the sensor data, such as voltage, current, and temperature, the system can also have a...

Submillimeter wave communication versus millimeter wave communication

February 2020
Madhuprana Goswami | Hyuck M. Kwon

This paper studies the performance of a submillimeter wave antenna operating between frequencies 0.1 THz and 10 THz with a 4-cyano-4-pentylbiphenyl [5CB] substrate. Since the size and shape of the antenna...

Traffic dynamics on multilayer networks

February 2020
Jiexin Wu | Cunlai Pu | Lunbo Li | Guo Cao

Many real-world networks are demonstrated to either have layered network structures in themselves or interconnect with other networks, forming multilayer network structures. In this survey, we give...

Design and analysis of multi-channel drop filter using dual L defected hexagonal photonic crystal ring resonator

February 2020
D. Saranya | Shoba Mohan | A. Rajesh

In this paper, dual L defected hexagonal Photonic Crystal Ring Resonator (PCRR) using Channel Drop Filter (CDF) is designed for Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) systems. In this structure,...

The partial side information problem with additional reconstructions

February 2020
Viswanathan Ramachandran

We consider a quadratic Gaussian distributed lossy source coding setup with an additional constraint of identical reconstructions between the encoder and the decoder. The setup consists of two correlated...

RFHUI: an RFID based human-unmanned aerial vehicle interaction system in an indoor environment

February 2020
Jian Zhang | Zhitao Yu | Xiangyu Wang | Yibo Lyu | Shiwen Mao | Senthilkumar CG. Periaswamy | Justin Patton | Xuyu Wang

In this paper, we present an RFID based human and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Interaction system, termed RFHUI, to provide an intuitive and easy-to-operate method to navigate a UAV in an indoor environment....

Multifault diagnosis in WSN using a hybrid metaheuristic trained neural network

February 2020
Rakesh Ranjan Swain | Pabitra Mohan Khilar | Tirtharaj Dash

Wireless sensor networks are susceptible to failures of nodes and links due to various physical or computational reasons. Some physical reasons include a very high temperature, a heavy load over a node,...

On the performance of web services, google cloud messaging and firebase cloud messaging

February 2020
Guido Albertengo | Fikru G. Debele | Waqar Hassan | Dario Stramandino

Smartphones and other connected devices rely on data services, such as Web Services (WS), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), to share the information they collect or use....

A multi-layered policy generation and management engine for semantic policy mapping in clouds

February 2020
Faraz Fatemi Moghaddam | Philipp Wieder | Ramin Yahyapour

The long awaited cloud computing concept is a reality now due to the transformation of computer generations. However, security challenges have become the biggest obstacles for the advancement of this...

Analysis of Radio over Fiber system for mitigating four-wave mixing effect

February 2020
Namita Kathpal | Amit Kumar Garg

In this paper, an efficient 8-channel 32Gbps RoF (Radio over Fiber) system incorporating Bessel Filter (8/32 RoF-BF) has been demonstrated to reduce the impact of non-linear transmission effects, specifically...

Dynamic load balancing with learning model for Sudoku solving system

February 2020
Nattapong Kitsuwan | Praphan Pavarangkoon | Hendro Mulyo Widiyanto | Eiji Oki

This paper proposes a dynamic load balancing with learning model for a Sudoku problem solving system that has multiple workers and multiple solvers. The objective is to minimise the total processing...

Enhancing secrecy rates in a wiretap channel

February 2020
Shahid M. Shah | Vinod Sharma

Reliable communication imposes an upper limit on the achievable rate, namely the Shannon capacity. Wyner's wiretap coding ensures a security constraint and reliability, but results in a decrease of...

NLDA non-linear regression model for preserving data privacy in wireless sensor networks

February 2020
A.L. Sreenivasulu | P.Chenna Reddy

Recently, the application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has been increasing rapidly. It requires privacy preserving data aggregation protocols to secure the data from compromises. Preserving privacy...

Network selection in cognitive radio enabled Wireless Body Area Networks

February 2020
Monish Bhatia | Krishan Kumar

In recent years, the great interest in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) has been aroused significantly due to the advancement in wireless communications. In wireless communication, all WBAN nodes...

Real-time air pollution monitoring with sensors on city bus

February 2020
Sami Kaivonen | Edith C.-H. Ngai

This paper presents an experimental study on real-time air pollution monitoring using wireless sensors on public transport vehicles. The study is part of the GreenIoT project in Sweden, which utilizes...

An iterative ITI cancellation method for multi-head multi-track bit-patterned magnetic recording systems

Available online 22 February 2020
Santi Koonkarnkhai | Piya Kovintavewat

Bit-Patterned Magnetic Recording (BPMR) is one of the emerging data storage technologies, which promises an Areal Density (AD) of about 4 Tb/in2. However, a major problem practically encountered in...

The analysis of coverage probability, ASE and EE in heterogeneous ultra-dense networks with power control

Available online 17 February 2020
Qiaoshou Liu | Zhongpei Zhang

The ultra-dense network is a promising technology to increase the network capacity in the forthcoming fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication networks by deploying lots of low power Small Base Stations...

Securing color image transmission using compression-encryption model with dynamic key generator and efficient symmetric key distribution

Available online 8 February 2020
Emy Setyaningsih | Retantyo Wardoyo | Anny Kartika Sari

There are a few issues related to the existing symmetric encryption models for color image data, such as the key generation and distribution problems. In this paper, we propose a compression-encryption...

Electromagnetic spectrum chipless radio frequency identification: A review

Available online 7 January 2020
Qingjuan Li | Rana Sadaf Anwar | Huansheng Ning | Jun Wang | Lingfeng Mao

Over the past few years, Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) has stridden significantly due to its adoption in a wide range of business and daily life activities. RFID empowers end-to-end and item-by-item...

Quanta - A platform for rapid control and monitoring of heterogeneous robots

Available online 7 January 2020
CH. S.Sankhar Reddy | Anita Agrawal | K.R. Anupama

Rapid prototyping, real-time control and monitoring of various events in robots are crucial requirements for research in the fields of modular and swarm robotics. A large quantities of resources (time,...

Performance analysis and comparison of PoW, PoS and DAG based blockchains

Available online 3 January 2020
Bin Cao | Zhenghui Zhang | Daquan Feng | Shengli Zhang | Lei Zhang | Mugen Peng | Yun Li

In the blockchain, the consensus mechanism plays a key role in maintaining the security and legitimation of contents recorded in the blocks. Various blockchain consensus mechanisms have been proposed....

A data reduction scheme for active authentication of legitimate smartphone owner using informative apps ranking

November 2019
Abdulaziz Alzubaidi | Swarup Roy | Jugal Kalita

Smartphones are vulnerable to fraudulent use despite having strong authentication mechanisms. Active authentication based on behavioral biometrics is a solution to protect the privacy of data in smart...

Secrecy sum-rate analysis of massive MIMO systems under dual-threat attacks using normalization methods

November 2019
Kishan Neupane | Rami J. Haddad

Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) has been considered as an emerging technology to enhance the spectral and energy efficiency for the upcoming wireless communication systems. This paper...

AdaptiveMutate: a technique for privacy preservation

November 2019
Louma Chaddad | Ali Chehab | Imad H. Elhajj | Ayman Kayssi

Mobile apps are known to be rich sources for gathering privacy-sensitive information about smartphone users. Despite the presence of encryption, passive network adversaries who have access to the network...

CLB: a multilevel co-operative load balancing algorithm for C-RAN architecture

November 2019
B. Mahapatra | R. Kumar | A.K. Turuk | S.K. Patra

The Fifth-Generation (5G) cellular and wireless communication envisage to integrate multiple technologies to provide a wide range of applications. The rapid growth of Information and Communication Technology...

A novel modeling approach for vertical handover based on dynamic k-partite graph in heterogeneous networks

November 2019
Mohamed Lahby | Ayoub Essouiri | Abderrahim Sekkaki

The future network world will be embedded with different generations of wireless technologies, such as 3G, 4G and 5G. At the same time, the development of new devices equipped with multiple interfaces...

Anonymous crowdsourcing-based WLAN indoor localization

November 2019
Mu Zhou | Yiyao Liu | Yong Wang | Zengshan Tian

In order to solve the problem of location privacy under big data and improve the user positioning experience, a new concept of anonymous crowdsourcing-based WLAN indoor localization is proposed by employing...

A service-based RBAC & MAC approach incorporated into the FHIR standard

November 2019
Yaira K. Rivera Sánchez | Steven A. Demurjian | Mohammed S. Baihan

Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides a more complete health record with the aim to improve patient care with relevant data gathered from multiple Health Information Technology (HIT) systems. In...

Development of multiple mobile networks call detailed records and its forensic analysis

November 2019
Emmanuel Abba | A.M. Aibinu | J.K. Alhassan

Call Detailed Records (CDR) are generated and stored in Mobile Networks(MNs) and contain subscriber’s information about active or passive usage of the network for various communication activities. The...

On the use of the genetic programming for balanced load distribution in software-defined networks

November 2019
Shahram Jamali | Amin Badirzadeh | Mina Soltani Siapoush

As a new networking paradigm, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)enables us to cope with the limitations of traditional networks. SDN uses a controller that has a global view of the network and switch...

EECDH to prevent MITM attack in cloud computing

November 2019
Shajina Anand | Varalakshmi Perumal

Cloud computing has reached the peak of Gartner hype cycle, and now the focus of the whole telecom industry is the ability to scale data storage with minimal investment. But data privacy and communication...

SDN assisted Stackelberg Game model for LTE-WiFi offloading in 5G networks

November 2019
Sudha Anbalagan | Dhananjay Kumar | Gunasekaran Raja | Alkondan Balaji

The data traffic that is accumulated at the Macro Base Station (MBS) keeps on increasing as almost all the people start using mobile phones. The MBS cannot accommodate all user’s demands, and attempts...

A simple 2D modulation code in single-reader two-track reading BPMR systems

Available online 30 November 2019
Wiparat Busyatras | Chanon Warisarn | Santi Koonkarnkhai | Piya Kovintavewat

A reduction in the track width of magnetic recording systems results in a welcome increase in Areal Density (AD), but can severely deteriorate system performance in the unfortunate appearance of extreme...

DVCast: denoising and variable dct for analog visual communications

Available online 25 November 2019
Min Wang | Bin Tan | Dongmei Zhu | Qin Zou

Recently, analog visual transmission has attracted considerable attention owing to its graceful performance degradation for various wireless channels. In this study, we propose a novel analog visual...

Towards Yo-Yo attack mitigation in cloud auto-scaling mechanism

Available online 15 October 2019
Xiaoqiong Xu | Jin Li | Hongfang Yu | Long Luo | Xuetao Wei | Gang Sun

Cloud platforms could automatically scale underlying network resources up and down in response to changes in the traffic load. Such auto-scaling mechanism can largely enhance the elasticity and the...

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