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Recent Digital Communications and Networks Articles

Recently published articles from Digital Communications and Networks.

Electromagnetic spectrum chipless radio frequency identification: A review

Available online 7 January 2020
Qingjuan Li | Rana Sadaf Anwar | Huansheng Ning | Jun Wang | Lingfeng Mao

Over the past few years, Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) has stridden significantly due to its adoption in a wide range of business and daily life activities. RFID empowers end-to-end and item-by-item...

Quanta - A platform for rapid control and monitoring of heterogeneous robots

Available online 7 January 2020
S.Sankhar Reddy CH | Anita Agrawal | K.R. Anupama

Rapid prototyping, real-time control and monitoring of various events in robots are crucial requirements for research in the domains of modular and swarm robotics. Significant amount of resources (time,...

Performance analysis and comparison of PoW, PoS and DAG based blockchains

Available online 3 January 2020
Bin Cao | Zhenghui Zhang | Daquan Feng | Shengli Zhang | Lei Zhang | Mugen Peng | Yun Li

In the blockchain, the consensus mechanism plays a key role in maintaining the security and legitimation of contents recorded in the blocks. Various blockchain consensus mechanisms have been proposed....

A data reduction scheme for active authentication of legitimate smartphone owner using informative apps ranking

November 2019
Abdulaziz Alzubaidi | Swarup Roy | Jugal Kalita

Smartphones are vulnerable to fraudulent use despite having strong authentication mechanisms. Active authentication based on behavioral biometrics is a solution to protect the privacy of data in smart...

Secrecy sum-rate analysis of massive MIMO systems under dual-threat attacks using normalization methods

November 2019
Kishan Neupane | Rami J. Haddad

Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) has been considered as an emerging technology to enhance the spectral and energy efficiency for the upcoming wireless communication systems. This paper...

A simple 2D modulation code in single-reader two-track reading (SRTR) BPMR systems

Available online 30 November 2019
Wiparat Busyatras | Chanon Warisarn | Santi Koonkarnkhai | Piya Kovintavewat

A reduction in the track width of magnetic recording systems results in a welcome increase in areal density (AD), but also in the unfortunate appearance of extreme inter-track interference (ITI) that...

SDN assisted Stackelberg Game model for LTE-WiFi offloading in 5G networks

November 2019
Sudha Anbalagan | Dhananjay Kumar | Gunasekaran Raja | Alkondan Balaji

The data traffic that is accumulated at the Macro Base Station (MBS) keeps on increasing as almost all the people start using mobile phones. The MBS cannot accommodate all user’s demands, and attempts...

EECDH to prevent MITM attack in cloud computing

November 2019
Shajina Anand | Varalakshmi Perumal

Cloud computing has reached the peak of Gartner hype cycle, and now the focus of the whole telecom industry is the ability to scale data storage with minimal investment. But data privacy and communication...

On the use of the genetic programming for balanced load distribution in software-defined networks

November 2019
Shahram Jamali | Amin Badirzadeh | Mina Soltani Siapoush

As a new networking paradigm, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)enables us to cope with the limitations of traditional networks. SDN uses a controller that has a global view of the network and switch...

Development of multiple mobile networks call detailed records and its forensic analysis

November 2019
Emmanuel Abba | A.M. Aibinu | J.K. Alhassan

Call Detailed Records (CDR) are generated and stored in Mobile Networks(MNs) and contain subscriber’s information about active or passive usage of the network for various communication activities. The...

A service-based RBAC & MAC approach incorporated into the FHIR standard

November 2019
Yaira K. Rivera Sánchez | Steven A. Demurjian | Mohammed S. Baihan

Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides a more complete health record with the aim to improve patient care with relevant data gathered from multiple Health Information Technology (HIT) systems. In...

Anonymous crowdsourcing-based WLAN indoor localization

November 2019
Mu Zhou | Yiyao Liu | Yong Wang | Zengshan Tian

In order to solve the problem of location privacy under big data and improve the user positioning experience, a new concept of anonymous crowdsourcing-based WLAN indoor localization is proposed by employing...

A novel modeling approach for vertical handover based on dynamic k-partite graph in heterogeneous networks

November 2019
Mohamed Lahby | Ayoub Essouiri | Abderrahim Sekkaki

The future network world will be embedded with different generations of wireless technologies, such as 3G, 4G and 5G. At the same time, the development of new devices equipped with multiple interfaces...

CLB: a multilevel co-operative load balancing algorithm for C-RAN architecture

November 2019
B. Mahapatra | R. Kumar | A.K. Turuk | S.K. Patra

The Fifth-Generation (5G) cellular and wireless communication envisage to integrate multiple technologies to provide a wide range of applications. The rapid growth of Information and Communication Technology...

AdaptiveMutate: a technique for privacy preservation

November 2019
Louma Chaddad | Ali Chehab | Imad H. Elhajj | Ayman Kayssi

Mobile apps are known to be rich sources for gathering privacy-sensitive information about smartphone users. Despite the presence of encryption, passive network adversaries who have access to the network...

DVCast: denoising and variable dct for analog visual communications

Available online 25 November 2019
Min Wang | Bin Tan | Dongmei Zhu | Qin Zou

Recently, analog visual transmission has attracted considerable attention owing to its graceful performance degradation for various wireless channels. In this study, a novel analog visual communications...

Towards Yo-Yo attack mitigation in cloud auto-scaling mechanism

Available online 15 October 2019
Xiaoqiong Xu | Jin Li | Hongfang Yu | Long Luo | Xuetao Wei | Gang Sun

Cloud platforms could automatically scale underlying network resources up and down in response to changes in the traffic load. Such auto-scaling mechanism can largely enhance the elasticity and the...

VRS-DB: Preserve confidentiality of users' data using encryption approach

Available online 20 September 2019
J.S. Rauthan | K.S. Vaisla

We focus on security and privacy problems within a cloud database framework, which exploits the Database as a Service (DBaaS). In this framework, an information proprietor drives out its information...

SPEMS-MES: Similar physical entity matching strategy for mobile edge search

Available online 11 September 2019
Puning Zhang | Xuyuan Kang

In recent years, a large number of intelligent sensing devices have been deployed to the physical world, which brings great difficulties to the existing entity search. With the increase of the number...

A survey of edge computing based designs for IoT security

Available online 6 September 2019
Kewei Sha | T. Andrew Yang | Wei Wei | Sadegh Davari

Pervasive IoT applications enable us to perceive, analyze, control, and optimize the traditional physical systems. Recently security breaches in many IoT applications indicate that IoT applications...

Capacity maximizing in massive MIMO with linear precoding for SSF and LSF channel with perfect CSI

Available online 4 September 2019
Tasher Ali Sheikh | Joyatri Bora | Md Anwar Hussain

The capacity of a massive MIMO cellular network depends on user and antenna selection algorithms, and also on the acquisition of perfect channel state information (CSI). Low computational cost algorithms...

Recent advances in mobile edge computing and content caching

Available online 4 September 2019
Sunitha Safavat | Naveen Naik Sapavath | Danda B. Rawat

The demand for digital media services is increasing as the number of wireless subscriptions is growing exponentially. In order to meet this growing need, mobile wireless networks have been advanced...

Self-healing and SDN: bridging the gap

Available online 3 September 2019
Leonardo Ochoa-Aday | Cristina Cervelló-Pastor | Adriana Fernández-Fernández

Achieving high programmability has become an essential aim of network research due to the ever-increasing internet traffic. Software-Defined Network (SDN) is an emerging architecture aimed to address...

Mobility-driven user-centric AP clustering in mobile edge computing based ultra dense networks

Available online 3 September 2019
Shuxin He | Tianyu Wang | Shaowei Wang

Ultra Dense Network (UDN) has been envisioned as a promising technology to provide high quality wireless connectivity in dense urban areas, in which the density of Access Points (APs) is increased up...

Enhanced spectrum sensing using a combination of energy detector, matched filter and cyclic prefix

Available online 3 September 2019
Ghassan Alnwaimi | Hatem Boujemaa

In this paper, we propose a sensing scheme based on energy detection, matched filter and cyclic prefix. Both Equal Gain Combining (EGC) and optimal combination of the aforementioned detectors are investigated...

Distributed privacy protection strategy for MEC enhanced Wireless Body Area Networks

Available online 1 September 2019
Yan Zhen | Hanyong Liu

With the rapid development and widespread application of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), the traditional centralized system architecture cannot handle the massive data generated by edge devices....

A time-aware searchable encryption scheme for EHRs

August 2019
Yousheng Zhou | Xiaofeng Zhao | Siling Liu | Xingwang Long | Wenjun Luo

Despite the benefits of EHRs (Electronic Health Records), there is a growing concern over the risks of privacy exposure associated with the technologies of EHR storing and transmission. To deal with...

QSM-IDM – A novel quadrature spatial modulation based on interleaving division multiplexing for multiple antenna system

August 2019
Sherif K. El Dyasti | Esam A.A. Hagras | Hadia El-Hennawy

Quadrature Spatial Modulation (QSM) is a high spectral efficiency Multiple-Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technique used to improve the spectral efficiency of wireless communication systems. The main...

Gaussian broadcast channel with lossy state reconstruction

August 2019
Viswanathan Ramachandran

We consider a state reconstruction problem where the additive state process of a Gaussian Broadcast Channel (GBC) is to be reconstructed at both receivers, subject to some distortion constraints. The...

Improving signature quality for network application identification

August 2019
Justin Tharp | Sang C. Suh | Hyeonkoo Cho | Jinoh Kim

Network application identification is one of the core elements in network operations and management to provide enhanced network service and security. For accurate identification, an approach using common...

Design of multi-antenna relaying for OFDM in impulsive noise environment

August 2019
Ahmed El-Mahdy | MennaTullah Seraj-Eldin

A low-complexity multi-antenna relaying scheme is proposed for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) in the presence of Class-A Impulsive Noise (IN). One way and two way relaying are considered....

Beam interference suppression in multi-cell millimeter wave communications

August 2019
Zufan Zhang | Honghui Yu

Due to the increase in the number of users, beam switching is used for suppressing interference, which leads to higher computational complexity in multi-cell millimeter wave communications. In order...

Developing a platform to evaluate and assess the security of wearable devices

August 2019
Matthew L. Hale | Kerolos Lotfy | Rose F. Gamble | Charles Walter | Jessica Lin

Operating in a body area network around a smartphone user, wearables serve a variety of commercial, medical and personal uses. Depending on a certain smartphone application, a wearable can capture sensitive...

S-transformation based integrated approach for spectrum estimation, storage, and sensing in cognitive radio

August 2019
Pyari Mohan Pradhan | Ganapati Panda

Cognitive Radio (CR) uses the principle of dynamic spectrum allocation to improve the utilization of spectrum bands. The estimation of missing data is essential for maintaining an uninterrupted quality...

Design of a USIM and ECC based handover authentication scheme for 5G-WLAN heterogeneous networks

Available online 23 July 2019
Amit Kumar | Hari Om

A variety of wireless communication technologies have been developed to provide services to a large number of users. The future integrated 5G-WLAN wireless networks will support seamless and secure...

Recent advances in industrial internet: Insights and challenges

Available online 10 July 2019
Wei Qin | Siqi Chen | Mugen Peng

The Industrial Internet is a promising technology combining industrial systems with Internet connectivity to significantly improve the product efficiency and reduce production cost by cooperating with...

Field test of multi-hop image sensing network prototype on a city-wide scale

May 2019
Xianhui Che | Barry Ip | Zhuge Yan

Wireless multimedia sensor networks drastically stretch the horizon of traditional monitoring and surveillance systems. Most existing research has utilized Zigbee or WiFi as the communication technology....

A time-domain estimation method of rapidly time-varying channels for OFDM-based LTE-R systems

May 2019
Jin-Kyu Choi | Van Duc Nguyen | Hai Nam Nguyen | Van Vinh Duong | Tien Hoa Nguyen | Hanbyeog Cho | Hyun-Kyun Choi | Seong-Gyoon Park

This paper addresses the performance of fast doubly selective fading channel estimation combined with Inter-Carrier Interference (ICI) cancellation for Long Term Evolution (LTE) communication platform...

Application of cognitive radio and interference cancellation in the L-Band based on future air-to-ground communication systems

May 2019
Muthalagu Raja

The Very High Frequency band (VHF) currently used for aeronautical communications is becoming congested, and future Air-to-Ground (A/G) communication will require much greater use of data communications....

High mobility channel estimation method based on improved basis expansion model

May 2019
Jinjin Huang | Yisheng Zhao | Zhixiang Dong | Mengjia Chen | Zhonghui Chen

In this paper, the problem of high mobility channel estimation in the Long-Term Evolution for Railway (LTE-R) communication system is investigated. By using a Basis Expansion Model (BEM), the channel...

A BCH code assisted modified NCO based LSPF-DPLL topology for Nakagami-m, Rayleigh and Rician fading channels

May 2019
Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya | Aradhana Misra | Kandarpa Kumar Sarma

In spite of the rapid developments in communication technologies over the past few decades, which include attractive features offered by the presently used 3G/4G systems, it continues to be a challenge...

A comparative study of name resolution and routing mechanisms in information-centric networks

May 2019
Hang Liu | Koorosh Azhandeh | Xavier de Foy | Robert Gazda

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is an innovative paradigm for the future internet architecture, which addresses IP network limitations in supporting content distribution and information access...

Percolation analysis of large-scale wireless balloon networks

May 2019
M.D. Nashid Anjum | Honggang Wang | Hua Fang

Recent advancements in wireless technology have tested Wireless Balloon Networks (WBNs) as an ideal solution for the provision of internet facilities in deprived and challenging areas. A few high profile...

Impact of antenna and beam-selection-based sectored relay planning for performance evaluation of 4G LTE-A tri-sectored cell

May 2019
Javaid A. Sheikh | Mehboob-ul- Amin | Shabir A. Parah | G. Mohiuddin Bhat

The deployment of Relay Nodes (RNs) in 4G LTE-A networks, mainly originating from the wireless backhaul link, provides an excellent network planning tool to enhance system performance. Better coordination...

Analytical model of IoT CoAP traffic

May 2019
Rolando Herrero

The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a mechanism that enables the efficient transmission of information in the context of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) characteristic of the Internet of...

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