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Recent Food Science and Human Wellness Articles

Recently published articles from Food Science and Human Wellness.

Dietary Peptides in Aging: Evidence and Prospects

Available online 7 January 2020
Khushwant S. Bhullar | Jianping Wu

Application of natural β-glucans as biocompatible functional nanomaterials

December 2019
Xiaojie Li | Peter Chi Keung Cheung

Naturally-occurring β-glucans are mostly investigated for their antitumor activity and immunomodulatory property. They have been widely regarded as a natural source for functional foods and pharmaceuticals....

Characterization of flavor fingerprinting of red sufu during fermentation and the comparison of volatiles of typical products

December 2019
Peng Wang | Xiaoran Ma | Wenping Wang | Dandan Xu | Xin Zhang | Jian Zhang | Yong Sun

•Volatile fingerprinting and flavor database were established with omics technologies.•16 Aroma-active compounds and 8 identicals were identified in four sufu by GC-O.•Characteristic and differential...

An investigation of the formulation and nutritional composition of modern meat analogue products

December 2019
Benjamin M. Bohrer

Meat analogues, or plant-based products that simulate the properties of traditional meat products, have secured a position in the conversation of protein foods. Rapid growth of the meat analogue industry...

Effects of ginseng dietary supplementation on a high-Fat diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6 Mice

December 2019
Jia-Ni Lin | Pei-Sheng Lee | Nai-Wen Mei | An-Chin Cheng | Roch-Chui Yu | Min-Hsiung Pan

Excess caloric intake increases the amount of adipose tissue and contributes to metabolic disorders in disrupted metabolic homeostasis. This study aimed to investigate the anti-obesity effects of ginseng...

Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase-mediated eicosanoid pathway: A potential mechanistic linkage between dietary fatty acid consumption and colon cancer risk

December 2019
Weicang Wang | Jianan Zhang | Guodong Zhang

Human consumption of linoleic acid (LA, 18:2ω-6, abundant in vegetable oils) is very high. Animal experiments showed that excessive LA intake increased azoxymethane-induced colon tumorigenesis, however,...

Development and validation of an analytical method for detecting chlorantraniliprole residues in fresh tea leaves

December 2019
Tengfei Liu | Minghui Dong | Fengjie Zhou | Daifeng Yang | Xueming Zhang

An efficient method using multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as dispersive solid-phase extraction sorbent was established for determining chlorantraniliprole residues in fresh tea leaves, which are...

Effectiveness of traffic light system on Brazilian consumers perception of food healthfulness

December 2019
Mayara Lima | Marcela de Alcantara | Amauri Rosenthal | Rosires Deliza

Front-of-package (FOP) nutrition labelling schemes were developed to improve consumer’s comprehension about the food nutrients associated with non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Several FOPs have already...

Effect of laccase from Trametes versicolor on the oxidative stability of edible vegetable oils

December 2019
G.K. Guerberoff | C.C. Camusso

The increasing demand of natural food from consumers has limited the use of traditional methods to control the oxidation of lipids, such as synthetic antioxidants and hydrogenation. Besides, it has...

Quantification and discovery of PCR inhibitors found in food matrices commonly associated with foodborne viruses

December 2019
Cassandra Suther | Matthew D. Moore

Human norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness globally. Detection and quantification of norovirus commonly involves the use of reverse transcriptase quantitative polymerase chain reaction...

A critical review on chemical constituents and pharmacological effects of Lilium

December 2019
Pengyu Wang | Jian Li | Fatma Alzahra K. Attia | Wenyi Kang | Jinfeng Wei | Zhenhua Liu | Changqin Li

Genus Lilium is famous for edible and medicinal function which is related to its chemical constituents and pharmacological effects. Chemical researches showed that genus Lilium genus mainly contains...

Wolfberry extracts inhibit Aβ1-42 aggregation and rescue memory loss of AD drosophila

Available online 27 December 2019
Cai-Hong Li | Jun-Li Yang

This study is to investigate the potential of wolfberry water extracts for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and the relationship between their anti-AD property and the geographic locations...

Health aspects of peanuts as an outcome of its chemical composition

Available online 27 December 2019
Rabiatu Bonku | Jianmei Yu

Peanut is an energy dense food item and it contains a substantial amount of fat, proteins, carbohydrate, both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Peanuts are consumed...

Isolation, purification, structural characteristic and antioxidative property of polysaccharides from A. cepa L. var. agrogatum Don

Available online 27 December 2019
Hongcheng Liu | Hongxiu Fan | Jing Zhang | Shanshan Zhang | Wenting Zhao | Tingting Liu | Dawei Wang

Allium cepa L. var. agrogatum Don (ALAP) is commonly consumed in China as well as other regions and has various beneficial health effects. A novel acidic polysaccharide (named ALAP-21) was obtained...

Impact of particle size of pulverized citrus peel tissue on changes in antioxidant properties of digested fluids during simulated in vitro digestion

Available online 26 December 2019
Yidi Cai | Wei Qin | Sunantha Ketnawa | Yukiharu Ogawa

To examine the effect of mechanical processing for plant-based materials on antioxidant properties during digestion, relationships between the size of pulverized plant tissue and changes in antioxidant...

Interaction mechanism of egg white- derived ACE inhibitory peptide TNGIIR with ACE and its effect on the expression of ACE and AT1 receptor

Available online 24 December 2019
Zhipeng Yu | Hui Guo | David Shiuan | Chensi Xia | Wenzhu Zhao | Long Ding | Fuping Zheng | Jingbo Liu

The egg white-derived hexapeptide TNGIIR inhibits angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity in vitro. In this work, molecular docking revealed that TNGIIR established hydrogen bonds with the S1 (Ala...

Advances in the detection of virulence genes of Staphylococcus aureus originate from food

Available online 12 December 2019
Yingying Zhao | Dandan Xia | Panpan Ma | Xiaofeng Gao | Wenyi Kang | Jinfeng Wei

Human health is threatened by foodborne illness and Staphylococcus aureus is a common foodborne pathogenic bacteria. It can cause food poisoning when we are infected, therefore, it is necessary to detect...

Oleogels for development of health-promoting food products

Available online 4 December 2019
Artur J. Martins | Antonio A. Vicente | Lorenzo M. Pastrana | Miguel A. Cerqueira

Metabolic health and maintenance of good levels of triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar are concerns to human quality of life. Healthy-driven consumers demand...

Antioxidant properties and sensory evaluation of microgreens from commercial and local farms

Available online 4 December 2019
Libo Tan | Holly Nuffer | Jiannan Feng | Shu Hang Kwan | Hsiangting Chen | Xiao Tong | Lingyan Kong

Microgreens are young and tender vegetables or herbs that provide attractive color, flavor, and nutrition. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the nutritional and sensory qualities of broccoli...

Fermentation-enabled wellness foods: A fresh perspective

September 2019
Huan Xiang | Dongxiao Sun-Waterhouse | Geoffrey I.N. Waterhouse | Chun Cui | Zheng Ruan

Fermented foods represent an important segment of current food markets, especially traditional or ethnic food markets. The demand for efficient utilization of agrowastes, together with advancements...

Antioxidant peptides encrypted in flaxseed proteome: An in silico assessment

September 2019
Dawei Ji | Chibuike C. Udenigwe | Dominic Agyei

Seaweed nutraceuticals and their therapeutic role in disease prevention

September 2019
Abirami R. Ganesan | Uma Tiwari | Gaurav Rajauria

There is a growing interest that bioactive compounds from seaweed can play a major therapeutic role in disease prevention in humans. Seaweed bioactives including polysaccharides, pigments, fatty acids,...

Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of essential oils and extracts of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) plants

September 2019
Adel F. Ahmed | Fatma A.K. Attia | Zhenhua Liu | Changqin Li | Jinfeng Wei | Wenyi Kang

The present study was conducted to evaluate the chemical composition and antioxidant activity of the essential oils and ethanol extracts of Ocimum basilicum L. obtained from Assiut, Minia and BeniSuef...

Almond cold-pressed oil by-product as ingredient for cookies with potential health benefits: Chemical and sensory evaluation

September 2019
João C.M. Barreira | M. Antónia Nunes | Beatriz Vieira da Silva | Filipa B. Pimentel | Anabela S.G. Costa | M. Alvarez-Ortí | J.E. Pardo | M. Beatriz P.P. Oliveira

Partially delipidified almond flour was used to develop a new highly appreciated formulation compatible with current consumers’ demands....

Risk assessment of chemical substances of safety concern generated in processed meats

September 2019
Mónica Flores | Leticia Mora | Milagro Reig | Fidel Toldrá

•Substances of safety concern may be generated in different types of meat processing.•N-Nitrosamines can be generated when using nitrite as preservative.•Heterocyclic aromatic amines are generated under...

Hyperinsulinemia, cancer and maqui berry: The promise of nutritional supplementation

September 2019
Brett Deters | Mir Saleem

Nutritional supplementation has long been studied as a possible treatment alternative or as an adjunct to the standard treatments for common ailments and diseases. According to the latest research,...

Occurrence, properties and biological significance of pyroglutamyl peptides derived from different food sources

September 2019
Behzad Gazme | Ruth T. Boachie | Apollinaire Tsopmo | Chibuike C. Udenigwe

Pyroglutamyl (pGlu) peptides are formed from intramolecular cyclization of glutamine or glutamic acid residue at the N-terminal position of peptides. This process can occur endogenously or during processing...

Mixed vitamin C and zinc diet supplements co-administered with artemether drug improved haematological profile and survival of mice infected with Plasmodium berghei

September 2019
Felicia N. Ekeh | Nkiru E. Ekechukwu | Chimdinma F. Chukwuma | Ifeanyi Oscar N. Aguzie | Chinenye M. Ohanu | Chike Ebido | Stanley N. Oluah

Iron and zinc deficiencies is common in malaria endemic areas and contributes to morbidity. Vitamin C and zinc combined supplements have been hypothesized as a remedy. This study evaluated the effect...

Impact of hot alkali modification conditions on secondary structure of peanut protein and embedding rate of curcumin

September 2019
Wei Li | Shugang Li | Yong Hu | Mengzhou Zhou | Chao Wang | Dongsheng Li | Deyuan Li

This study aimed to modify isolated and extracted peanut protein with hot alkali to study the impact of pH, heating temperature, processing time and other alkali liquor conditions on the molecular structure...

A review on rules for examination of licensing criteria for producing foods for special medical purpose in China

June 2019
Lei Wu | Lantian Zhang | Yan Zhang

In this paper, the background, principles, and main contents of the rules for the examination of production licenses of foods for special medical purposes are introduced. The contents including general...

Influence of luteolin on the apoptosis of esophageal cancer Eca109 cells and its mechanism of action

June 2019
Shaokang Wang | Lingmeng Fu | Yi Wu | Hongmei Xiao | Jing Wang | Guiju Sun

The present study was conducted to verify the influence of luteolin on apoptosis of Eca109 cells and to further investigate the possible mechanisms underlying its effect on apoptosis. The cells were...

Chemical constituents, biological functions and pharmacological effects for comprehensive utilization of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver

June 2019
Yi-Fan Xing | Dong He | Yi Wang | Wen Zeng | Chong Zhang | Yuan Lu | Nan Su | Yan-Hua Kong | Xin-Hui Xing

Eucommia ulmoides Oliver is a native plant and valuable tonic Chinese medicine in China with a long history, great economic value and comprehensive development potential. Traditionally, the comprehensive...

A value-added cooking process to improve the quality of soybean: Protecting its isoflavones and antioxidant activity

June 2019
Lei Chen | Hui Teng | Jianbo Xiao

This study investigated the effects of domestic cooking process on the variations of soybean isoflavones, aiming at understanding the conversion of β-glucosides and aglycones isoflavones during the...

Who will carry out the tests that would be necessary for proper safety evaluation of food emulsifiers?

June 2019
Katalin F. Csáki | Éva Sebestyén

Surfactant food emulsifiers are among the most extensively used food additives. Like all authorized food additives, emulsifiers have been evaluated by risk assessors, who consider them as safe. However,...

Isolation and identification of novel casein-derived bioactive peptides and potential functions in fermented casein with Lactobacillus helveticus

June 2019
Mengzhu Fan | Tingting Guo | Wanru Li | Jing Chen | Fushuo Li | Chao Wang | Yi Shi | David Xi-an Li | Shaohui Zhang

The present study here establishes a complete and effective method for isolating, purifying and identifying extracellular and intracellular peptides, and also describes the characters and bioactivities...

Biting force and tongue muscle strength as useful indicators for eating and swallowing capability assessment among elderly patients

June 2019
Xinmiao Wang | Gangying Zheng | Mingsong Su | Yanqiu Chen | Hua Xie | Weijia Han | Qing Yang | Jianqin Sun | Jianshe Chen

Weakened capability of eating and swallowing is common among elderly population, affecting negatively on their health and well-being. This work measured occlusal force and tongue muscle strength of...

Chemical composition, sensory properties and application of Sichuan pepper (Zanthoxylum genus)

June 2019
Yue Ji | Shiming Li | Chi-Tang Ho

This review summarized the composition of volatile and nonvolatile compounds, the sensory mechanism and the application of Sichuan pepper (Zanthoxylum genus) as a spice and multifunctional food, such...

Functional food products in Japan: A review

June 2019
Shun Iwatani | Naoyuki Yamamoto

Japan has a long history of using foods with health benefits and Japanese people are well-known for their longevity. In 1991, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare introduced a functional food regulation...

Mathematical rules for synergistic, additive, and antagonistic effects of multi-drug combinations and their application in research and development of combinatorial drugs and special medical food combinations

June 2019
Shoujun Yuan | Haoyu Chen

Multi-drug (or multi-element) combinations are often prescribed in the practice of clinical medicine and as foods for special medical purposes. The main motivations for these combinations are that most...

Enzymes inhibitory property, antioxidant activity and phenolics profile of raw and roasted red sorghum grains in vitro

June 2019
Emmanuel Anyachukwu Irondi | Bosede Mofoluwake Adegoke | Emy Sofie Effion | Selimat Oluwakemi Oyewo | Emmanuel Oladeji Alamu | Aline Augusti Boligon

Diet and medical foods in Parkinson’s disease

June 2019
Klaus W. Lange | Yukiko Nakamura | Ning Chen | Jianjun Guo | Shigehiko Kanaya | Katharina M. Lange | Shiming Li

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a slowly progressive neurodegenerative disorder with motor and non-motor signs, which begins long before the diagnosis can be made. Pharmacotherapy with dopaminergic drugs...

Research progress of gut flora in improving human wellness

June 2019
Chenggang Zhang | Wenjing Gong | Zhihui Li | Dawen Gao | Yan Gao

Human wellness is the ultimate goal of our efforts in improving the human life. Special foods are undoubtedly important in achieving human wellness. However, overeating significantly leads to obesity...

WITHDRAWN: Effects of ginseng dietary supplementation on a high-fat diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6 mice

Available online 22 April 2019
Jia-Ni Lin | Pei-Sheng Lee | Nai-Wen Mei | An-Chin Cheng | Roch-Chui Yu | Min-Hsiung Pan

This article has been withdrawn at the request of the author(s) and/or editor. The Publisher apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause....

Medical foods in Alzheimer’s disease

March 2019
Klaus W. Lange | Jianjun Guo | Shigehiko Kanaya | Katharina M. Lange | Yukiko Nakamura | Shiming Li

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most prevalent cause of dementia worldwide. Treatments achieving a marked improvement in symptoms or preventing or delaying the progression of the disease are not available....

Oral microbiota: A new view of body health

March 2019
Maoyang Lu | Songyu Xuan | Zhao Wang

Oral microbiota is an important part of the human microbiota. Oral microbes can be colonized into the intestine in various ways. Oral microbiota is associated with a variety of oral diseases. Recently,...

High uric acid model in Caenorhabditis elegans

March 2019
Zhenjing Li | Yibin Xue | Nifei Wang | Jingli Cheng | Xiaoying Dong | Qingbin Guo | Changlu Wang

Hyperuricemic C. elegans were obtained after normal worms were treated by xanthine (0.25 mg/mL, 18 h). For hyperuricemic worms, there was a statistically significant increase in the uric acid level...

QSAR modeling of benzoquinone derivatives as 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors

March 2019
T.K. Shameera Ahamed | Vijisha K. Rajan | K. Muraleedharan

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