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Recent Frontiers of Architectural Research Articles

Recently published articles from Frontiers of Architectural Research.

Art and technology interactions in Islamic and Christian context: Historical approach to architectural globalization

March 2019
Maziar Asefi | Safa Salkhi Khasraghi | Ana Pereira Roders

Efficient interaction between art and technology enabled Islamic architecture to actively experience early globalization, but today׳s separation between these domains and technological hegemony have...

Effect of building interface form on thermal comfort in gymnasiums in hot and humid climates

March 2019
Xiaodan Huang | Xiaoli Ma | Qingyuan Zhang

The thermal environment and thermal comfort of a building are greatly affected by the design of the building interface form. Most contemporary architectural designs consider only the relations between...

Potential strategies offered by animals to implement in buildings׳ energy performance: Theory and practice

March 2019
César Martín-Gómez | Amaia Zuazua-Ros | Javier Bermejo-Busto | Enrique Baquero | Rafael Miranda | Cristina Sanz

The strategies for thermal regulation and environmental control found in nature are countless. In this article, a parallelism between animals and building energy systems is defined in order to identify...

Medieval mausoleums of Kazakhstan: Genesis, architectural features, major centres

March 2019
Eskander Baitenov | Ainagul Tuyakayeva | Gulnara Abdrassilova

This article details the origin and development of one of the core groups of the Central Asian (Kazakhstani) medieval architecture – i.e. domed mausoleums; also it identifies the original traits of...

City in transition: Podgorica, Europe׳s youngest capital city

March 2019
Emina Zejnilović | Erna Husukić

Podgorica, known as the “city under the mountain,” rests at the intersection of five rivers and is Europe׳s youngest capital. Over a 2000-year-long history, Podgorica has experienced turbulence. The...

From file to factory: Innovative design solutions for multi-storey timber buildings applied to project Zembla in Kalmar, Sweden

March 2019
Alex Kaiser | Magnus Larsson | Ulf Arne Girhammar

A “file-to-factory” process of computer technology is a way to both maximise efficiency throughout the building process, increase a building׳s performance, and be able to add interesting architectural...

A copy is (not a simple) copy: Role of urban landmarks in branding Seoul as a global city

March 2019
Jieheerah Yun

This paper examines the role of urban landmark design in Seoul, after the structural adjustment in the late 1990s, in branding Seoul׳s image as a global city. The topic of urban branding through the...

Effects of urbanization on historical heritage buildings in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India

March 2019
K. Kiruthiga | K. Thirumaran

Urbanization is a common and inevitable occurrence everywhere. While growth and expansion are beneficial for many people and businesses, there is a potential for loss of historical areas that are the...

Comparative study of the factors affecting the generativity of office spaces

March 2019
Maziar Asefi | Farzin Haghparast | Elaheh Sharifi

This study investigated the categories of generative and conservative offices by using syntactic theories and conducting a comparative analysis of two different layout configurations. Generativity depends...

Narratives of a lost space: A semiotic analysis of central courtyards in Iranian cinema

Available online 22 February 2019
Hamed Goharipour

Most constructions in Iranian cities today neglect the traditional principles of design, particularly the rules on spatial hierarchy. This interdisciplinary study deploys cinematic analysis to understand...

Research-by-design framework for integrating education and research in an intercultural parallel design studio

Available online 8 February 2019
Oswald Devisch | Els Hannes | Tú Anh Trinh | Maria Leus | Jo Berben | Đặng Thế Hiến

Intercultural student exchange can positively impact education, research, and society. Research-by-design has been put forward in design education as an approach to explicitly address the integration...

The effect of qibla direction on the hierarchy of movement in mosque: A case study of mosques in Yazd, Iran

Available online 8 February 2019
Mahya Ghouchani | Mohammad Taji | Fatemeh Kordafshari

In the architecture of Iranian-Islamic mosques, besides the geographic directions affecting the climate, the direction of qibla also affects their architecture. In the present study, based on the descriptive-analytical...

The built environment of Japanese shopping streets as visual information on pedestrian vibrancy

Available online 7 February 2019
Giancarlo Carmelino | Toshihiro Hanazato

Twenty shopping streets in Tokyo, Japan, were analyzed based on pedestrian vibrancy and visual information by assessing physical dimensions, objects, shops and quantity of pedestrians and walking speeds....

Critical perspective of design collaboration: A review

December 2018
Danfulani Babangida Idi | Khairul Anwar Mohamed Khaidzir

This study reviews the issue of collaboration with respect to the manner by which it has become increasingly important in promoting a contemporary design approach. Moreover, the study aims to critically...

Challenging the assumption about a direct relationship between historic preservation and architecture in the United States

December 2018
Jeremy C. Wells

A close relationship is assumed to exist between historic preservation and architectural practice. This study explores the nature of this relationship by using evidence from scholarly literature, the...

Reflection of cultural practices on syntactical values: An introduction to the application of space syntax to vernacular Malay architecture

December 2018
Nayeem Asif | Nangkula Utaberta | Azmal Bin Sabil | Sumarni Ismail

This study introduces the basic concepts and terminologies regarding space syntax research through a simple spatial configuration. The concepts are elaborated for intricate configurations. This study...

An account of critical regionalism in diverse building types in postcolonial Indian architecture

December 2018
Sanyam Bahga | Gaurav Raheja

Critical regionalism is an architectural concept that seeks to balance local needs and capabilities with the progressive lessons of modernisation. Critical regionalism has been an influential architectural...

The ‘Urban Elements’ method for teaching parametric urban design to professionals

December 2018
Aurel von Richthofen | Katja Knecht | Yufan Miao | Reinhard König

The article proposes a method for teaching advanced urban design to working professionals in Singapore. The article aims to expand the discourse on parametric urban design education by introducing ‘Urban...

Scenario-based design: New applications in metamorphic architecture

December 2018
Buthayna Eilouti

Architectural design targets mainly humans, the lives of whom are dynamic and continuously changing. Consequently, the conventional design methodologies that deal with buildings as static entities do...

Preliminary investigation of late Mughal period wall paintings from historic monuments of Begumpura, Lahore

December 2018
Saima Gulzar | Jean-Pierre Burg

Deterioration of wall paintings caused by environmental pollution is a worldwide problem especially with reference to the present industrial era. The alarming incremental trend of pollution in Pakistan...

Emotional evaluation of lighting in university classrooms: A preliminary study

December 2018
Nuria Castilla | Carmen Llinares | Fabio Bisegna | Vicente Blanca-Giménez

In educational environments an improvement in the quality of interior lighting has a direct benefit in increasing productivity and alertness of students and teachers, as well as very important implications...

Recovery and reuse of abandoned buildings for student housing: A case study in Catania, Italy

December 2018
Stefano Cascone | Gaetano Sciuto

Over the past 15 years, housing supply for university students has increased significantly given the considerable attention provided by national institutions on the issue of student housing. In Italy,...

Spatio-visual experience of movement through the Yuyuan Garden: A computational analysis based on isovists and visibility graphs

December 2018
Rongrong Yu | Michael J. Ostwald

A traditional Chinese private garden (TCPG) is a historically important spatial type of garden that is well-known for its rich experiential properties. Although several theories have been used to explain...

A systematic assessment of architectural approaches for solving the housing problem in Iraq

December 2018
Omar Al-Hafith | Satish B.K. | Simon Bradbury | Pieter de Wilde

Iraq experiences housing shortage of around 1–1.5 million units with low production rate. Managing this challenge requires integrated efforts across a number of fields. One way forward is to develop...

Territorial behaviors and integration between buildings and city in urban public spaces of Iran׳s metropolises

December 2018
Mansour Yeganeh | Mansoreh Kamalizadeh

This paper studies the relationship between citizens׳ territorial behaviors and the levels and criteria of "integration of buildings and city in urban public spaces"(IBCUPS). The hypothesis of this...

Design of hospital healing gardens linked to pre- or post-occupancy research findings

September 2018
Angeliki Triandafillou Paraskevopoulou | Emmanouela Kamperi

This work examined the evidence-based design (EBD) and post-occupancy research of hospital healing gardens. The lack of statutory design guidelines raises concerns on how such gardens are created and...

Actual condition of Seoullo 7017 overpass regeneration project based on field surveys

September 2018
Yan Hong

For a city with a car based transportation system and a highway within the system, the highway has a negative impact on the city׳s skyline and landscape. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided...

Parametric wind design

September 2018
Lenka Kormaníková | Henri Achten | Miloš Kopřiva | Stanislav Kmeť

Although gradual, the changes in the weather patterns are also noticeable and impactful to architectural design. If the local microclimate is taken into account early in the conceptual stage of design,...

Javanese vernacular architecture and environmental synchronization based on the regional diversity of Joglo and Limasan

September 2018
Noor Cholis Idham

Joglo and Limasan are traditional Javanese architecture structures and the most preferred vernacular dwellings in Java. These houses spread to other areas through Central Java and the Yogyakarta Province...

The application of building performance simulation in the writing of architectural history: Analysing climatic design in 1960s Israel

September 2018
Or Aleksandrowicz | Ardeshir Mahdavi

This article presents a methodology for the integration of building performance simulation (BPS) into the writing of architectural history. While BPS tools have been developed mainly for design purposes,...

Between city and home: Spaces of transition in London Postwar Housing

September 2018
Gerardo Semprebon | Wenjun Ma

In the period between the idealistic vision of the ׳Reshaping society׳ and Thatcherism, in the so-called ׳Swinging London׳, the second wave of modernism is facing the demands and the quantities of bombed...

Geometric spatial structure of traditional Tibetan settlements of Degger County, China: A case study of four villages

September 2018
Yingzi Zhang | Suolang Baimu | Jing Tong | Wenshuang Wang

This study investigates the characteristics of spatial elements and structure in a multi-cultural traditional settlement in Degger County, Sichuan Province, in the Tibetan area of China. This study...

Role of social indicators on vitality parameter to enhance the quality of women׳s communal life within an urban public space (case: Isfahan׳s traditional bazaar, Iran)

September 2018
Akram Khalili | Siyamak Nayyeri Fallah

Vitality is a quality that makes a public space operational and attractive throughout the day in relation to ongoing activities. This parameter can be evaluated through measures such as collective people...

Best practices in managing, supervising, and assessing architectural graduation projects: A quantitative study

September 2018
Mohammed Ghonim | Nehad Eweda

Graduation project courses refer to the culmination of the learning experiences of higher education. These courses consolidate the disciplinary knowledge gained during architectural education while...

Mat-hybrid housing: Two case studies in Terni and London

September 2018
Virginia De Jorge-Huertas

This study focuses on the spatial and mutable characteristics of the “mat-hybrid housing” (MHH), a specific type of public housing. Analyses were conducted specifically on the period between 1960 and...

Toward sustainable development: Lessons from vernacular settlements of Sri Lanka

September 2018
Ranjith Dayaratne

From modern urban perspectives, indigenous housing practices are regarded as undeveloped, backward, and require improvements. They may be valid for measuring on the basis of standards alien to the communities....

Marginalization and invasion of architects’ role on house projects: Institutional intervention inadequacy and super wicked problems

September 2018
Samuel Frimpong | Ayirebi Dansoh

The design and construction of houses normally require an architect׳s input. However, architects are increasingly being marginalized in these projects, and their roles are constantly being invaded by...

The kitchen in urban dwellings in Barcelona, 1920–1950: Out of step with modern architecture

September 2018
Maribel Rosselló

Changes in spaces for cooking and eating are fundamental to modern architecture. Proposals and studies conducted in America from the 19th century and in Europe mainly from the 1920s have caused architectural...

A crowd route choice evacuation model in large indoor building spaces

June 2018
Y. Wu | J. Kang | C. Wang

Route choice is a fundamental requirement in the evacuation process. The aim of this paper is to identify a method to simulate crowds in large indoor spaces with consideration of the acoustic system....

On conservation issues of contemporary architecture: The technical design development and the ageing process of the Jubilee Church in Rome by Richard Meier

June 2018
Luciano Cardellicchio

A vast amount of iconic buildings distinguished by complex geometries have been constructed in the last two decades in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Overall, the construction...

Study of the ornamentation of Bhong Mosque for the survival of decorative patterns in Islamic architecture

June 2018
Madiha Ahmad | Khuram Rashid | Neelum Naz

Islamic architecture is rich in decorative patterns. Mosques were constructed in the past as simple buildings for offering prayers five times a day. However, in subsequent periods, various features...

Investigating elective courses in architectural education

June 2018
Mohammed Ghonim | Nehad Eweda

One of the approaches used by educational institutions to ensure that their programs reflect advances and changes in the architectural profession is the inclusion of elective courses. This study aims...

Socially responsive research-based design in an architecture studio

June 2018
Carin Combrinck

Globally, the architectural profession faces complex challenges, bringing the transformation of the curriculum to the forefront of critical discourse. This article reflects on the Honors programme at...

Verification tests of a mirror box type artificial sky without and with building scale model

June 2018
Rizki A. Mangkuto | Mhd. Akbar Anthony Siregar

A mirror box type artificial sky for simulating the CIE standard overcast sky has been designed and constructed, while the verification method has been developed and tested. Ratio between the mirror...

Concept evolution in architectural design: an octonary framework

June 2018
Buthayna Eilouti

A framework that integrates the fragmented elements of concept derivation, processing, and translation is developed and discussed. This framework aims to consolidate the divergent components of design...

Evaluating diverse patterns of occupant behavior regarding control-based activities in energy performance simulation

June 2018
Basak Gucyeter

Simulation is recognized as an effective tool for building energy performance assessment during design or retrofit processes. Nevertheless, simulation models yield deviating outcomes from the actual...

Resident participation in urban renewal: Focused on Sewoon Renewal Promotion Project and Kwun Tong Town Centre Project

June 2018
Yan Hong

This study aimed to identify problems related to resident participation by analyzing urban renewal projects. It attempted to draw specific measures to promote participation of residents that can be...

Factors affecting creativity in the architectural education process based on computer-aided design

March 2018
Abdollah Baghaei Daemei | Hossein Safari

One of the most influential factors in architectural design is creativity. The enhancement of student creativity is a universally sought objective. This research hypothesized that computer-aided design,...

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of natural light in the dome of San Lorenzo, Turin

March 2018
Sadegh Panahiazar | Morteza Matkan

The Church of San Lorenzo in Turin, which was designed by the Theatine architect Guarino Guarini in the 17th century, is among the most famous Christian Baroque architectural masterpieces. Guarini was...

Architecture, values and perception: Between rhetoric and reality

March 2018
Lino Bianco

Throughout history, design values have always underlined a given architectural style. The manner architects and architectural critics distinguish between them varies from that of the public. In fact...

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