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Basic understanding of acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of tumors WINDOW FOR CHINA

Available online 21 October 2020
Jinchang Huang | Jingnan Xu

Acu-moxibustion oncology is an emerging subject which needs further exploration in many aspects. We tried to describe the origin and application of acu-moxibustion oncology in this paper. It is a novel...

Comparison of nutrition education policies and programs for children in China and other selected developed countries

September 2020
Guo Cheng | Fan Yang | Fei Xiong | Li Zhao | Lishi Zhang | Youfa Wang

A double burden of overweight/obesity and malnutrition during childhood is a major concern in China. Dietary intakes in this critical period affect children's physical and cognitive development, and...

The progression of clinical trials in Indonesia: an observational study of records from clinical trial registries databases

September 2020
Marlinang Diarta Siburian | Sifa Marie Joelle Muchanga | Antonio Fredelindo Dela Resma Villanueva | Rianto Setiabudy | Iiyama Tatsuo

This report presents an overview on the progress of clinical trials in Indonesia based on database assessment from clinical trial registries....

Barriers and facilitators in pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use intention among Chinese homosexual men

September 2020
Mingyu Si | Xiaoyou Su | Li Yan | Yu Jiang | Yuanli Liu | Chongyi Wei | Hongjing Yan

Despite strengthened efforts on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention and control, new HIV infections continue to increase among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China. Pre-exposure prophylaxis...

Midwives’ views and experiences of providing midwifery care in the task shifting context: a meta-ethnography approach

September 2020
Chunyi Gu | Xiaojiao Wang | Lingling Li | Yan Ding | Xu Qian

This study aimed to explore the existing knowledge about midwives’ views and experiences of providing care for women in the context of task shifting....

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the Chinese population: recent progress and implications

September 2020
Yuanjie Pang | Jun Lyu | Canqing Yu | Yu Guo | Liming Lee

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in both urban and rural areas of China. The current evidence regarding CVD risk factors was primarily established in Western countries, with...

Effect of physical activity on healthcare seeking behavior in the general Chinese population: an urban-rural perspective

September 2020
Junmin Zhou | Jiayue Xu | Juying Zhang | Zhanqi Duan

The “two-week visiting rate in those needing to visit” has been examined extensively as an important indicator of healthcare seeking behavior in China. Nevertheless, its relationship with health behaviors,...

Cultivating global health professionals: evaluation of a training course to develop international consulting service competence in China

June 2020
Pan Gao | Li Guan | Yisi Liu | Feifei Liu | Wenyuan Yu | Xiangyu Li | Suyang Liu | Yuanan Lu | Hao Li | Hao Xiang

China's accelerating development and increasingly important role in global health engagement create a great demand for global health professionals including international consulting experts. This study...

A review of medical artificial intelligence

June 2020
Rong Liu | Yan Rong | Zhehao Peng

Since the concept of “artificial intelligence” was introduced in 1956, it has led to numerous technological innovations in human medicine and completely changed the traditional model of medicine. In...

Improving the law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases in China: an employer-supporting management perspective

June 2020
Min Zhang | Jorma Rantanen

A healthy workforce is fundamental for China to pursue its Healthy China 2030 strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control...

Changes in clinical indicators among human immunodeficiency virus patients who failed in antiretroviral therapy during 2004–2016 in Yunnan, China: an observational cohort study

June 2020
Peicheng Wang | Junfang Xu | Bingbing Guo | Jason K. Wang | Liangmin Gao | Qianyun Wang | Jun Jing | Feng Cheng

This study aimed to investigate the changes in the clinical indicators and influencing factors of treatment duration among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients in whom antiretroviral therapy...

Vulnerability and everyday health risks of urban informal settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa

June 2020
Alexandre Zerbo | Rafael C. Delgado | Pedro A. González

More than half of the world population lives in the cities and around one billion in poor urban areas. These numbers are projected to increase, while Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest...

Omega-3 fatty acids and mental health

March 2020
Klaus W. Lange

Nutrition plays a key role in brain development, mental health, and psychiatric disorders. The role of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in physical health is well established, and their role in mental...

Aging in China: perspectives on public health

March 2020
Yuting Han | Yao He | Jun Lyu | Canqing Yu | Mingze Bian | Liming Lee

In line with the worldwide trend in population aging, China has stepped into an aging society since 2000. The outstanding features of aging, including a large proportion of the older population, rapid...

Remote consultation based on mixed reality technology

March 2020
Jiayao Zhang | Fei Gao | Zhewei Ye

Telemedicine includes remote teleradiology, remote ultrasound diagnostics, telesurgery, telemedicine consultation, and other forms. Telemedicine consultation is the most used form of telemedicine. However,...

China's unique role in the field of global health

December 2019
Yang Cheng | Feng Cheng

China's participation in global governance, inspired by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is driven by the guiding principle of “building a community of shared future for mankind”....

Development and prospects of digital orthopedics in Hubei province

December 2019
Xinghuo Wu | Zhewei Ye

Based on the development and application of new technology, as a new interdisciplinary subject, digital orthopedics becomes an important development direction of modern medicine in the past years. Using...

Health technology assessment in traditional Chinese medicine in China: current status, opportunities, and challenges

December 2019
Yi Yang | Kan Tian | Gengliang Bai | Xiangyuan Zhu | Yong Yang | Xiaoyong Yu | Lizheng Shi

The widespread usage of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the government's emphasis on TCM in China have created a positive macro-environment and great opportunities to develop and strengthen health...

Policy options for addressing the high cost of specialty pharmaceuticals

December 2019
Kristi Abbott | Hui Shao | Lizheng Shi

The cost to U.S. consumers of specialty drugs is too high, and cost-sharing obligations are reducing patient access to affordable and life-changing medications. While accounting only for approximately...

Containing the rising cost of insulin: select policy recommendations

December 2019
Mary Titus | Lizheng Shi

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects over 30 million people in the United States. Of these, approximately 7.4 million use one or more formulations of insulin to manage their condition. There is...

Mixed reality breathes fresh energy into the development of modern surgery

September 2019
Zhewei Ye

With the rapid development of holographic imaging technology, virtual reality and augmented reality technology have been used in medicine for decades. However, due to the lack of compatibility between...

Smart healthcare: making medical care more intelligent

September 2019
Shuo Tian | Wenbo Yang | Jehane Michael Le Grange | Peng Wang | Wei Huang | Zhewei Ye

With the development of information technology, the concept of smart healthcare has gradually come to the fore. Smart healthcare uses a new generation of information technologies, such as the internet...

The evaluation of global epidemic of HIV/AIDS with a novel approach using country-specific counts of HIV infections and three rates controlled for population and geographic area

September 2019
Xinguang Chen | Bin Yu | Lin Zhao

The human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) epidemic is a typical global health concern. The impact of HIV/AIDS is global, and we cannot effectively solve the problem...

Perinatal mental health in China: views of health system professionals in Shanghai

September 2019
Simone Schwank | Helena Lindgren | Birgitta Wickberg | Yan Ding | Ewa Andersson

•This study provides in-depth knowledge about the key informants in health care's perceptions on mental health problems Shanghai, China.•The informants described the need for more health care professionals...

Dengue epidemiology

June 2019
Qinlong Jing | Ming Wang

Dengue is the fastest spreading, mosquito-borne viral infectious disease worldwide, with remarkable morbidity and mortality. In the past decades, profound contributions have been made towards understanding...

China's Belt and Road Initiative: Incorporating public health measures toward global economic growth and shared prosperity

June 2019
Ernest Tambo | Christopher Khayeka-Wandabwa | Grace Wagithi Muchiri | Yun-Na Liu | Shenglan Tang | Xiao-Nong Zhou

The unprecedented globalization of trade, travel, climate change, protectionism, and geopolitical populism, as well as pandemic health threats are no longer issues for a single nation. In the field...

Accelerating the comprehensive and systematic evaluation of clinical evidence for Chinese medicine using a whole-evidence approach

June 2019
Charlie Changli Xue | Yubo Lyu

Modern Chinese medicine is rooted in classical literature and the legacies provided by ancient doctors and their patients. It is also grounded in the practices of expert clinicians and increasingly...

Oral health status of Chinese residents and suggestions for prevention and treatment strategies

June 2019
Yan Si | Baojun Tai | Deyu Hu | Huancai Lin | Bo Wang | Chunxiao Wang | Shuguo Zheng | Xuenan Liu | Wensheng Rong | Weijian Wang | Xiping Feng | Xing Wang

To understand the oral health status of urban and rural residents in China, the Fourth National Oral Health Epidemiological Survey (FNOHES) was conducted in 2015....

Control of HIV/AIDS can be achieved with multi-strategies

June 2019
Roger Detels | Jing Wu | Zunyou Wu

Over past three decades, many prevention strategies have been proven effective in reducing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission. However, none of these strategies alone are effective to stop...

Influence of the Three Gorges Dam on schistosomiasis control in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River

March 2019
Shiqing Zhang | Tianping Wang | Yibiao Zhou | Zhiguo Cao | Guangming Zhang | Na Wang | Qinwu Jiang

This paper summarizes the factors affecting schistosomiasis transmission in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River before and after the completion of the Three Gorges Dam and analyzes schistosomiasis...

Publication output of the new integrated strategy for schistosomiasis japonica control in China: a PubMed-based bibliometric assessment

March 2019
Yao Deng | Wei Wang | Yili Qian | Hongru Zhu | Yousheng Liang

Although sustainable control since 1950s has achieved great successes, schistosomiasis japonica remains a major public health problem in China. Since 2004, a new integrated strategy was developed aiming...

Institution-based Network on China-Africa Cooperation for Schistosomiasis Elimination (INCAS): Driving schistosomiasis elimination in Africa

March 2019
Eniola Michael Abe | Jing Xu | Louis-Albert Tchuem Tchuenté | Moussa Sacko | Yunhai Guo | Shizhu Li | Xiao-Nong Zhou

The burden of schistosomiasis remains a global public health problem, especially in sub-Saharan Africa despite progress in terms of morbidity control. Successful control efforts achieved by China in...

Farewell to the God of plague: China for the world disease control program

March 2019
Xiao-Nong Zhou | Eniola Michael Abe | Shizhu Li

Schistosomiasis was one of the most prevalent severe infectious diseases in China. Most of the control plans implemented were based on local settings; thus, the national schistosomiasis control program...

Research progress of the causal link between Zika virus and microcephaly

December 2018
Min Yan | Rongsheng Luan

Zika virus (ZIKV) was an emergent flavivirus transmitted by Aedes genus mosquitoes and made an explosive outbreak in Latin America in 2015. A few months later, an obvious increase in the number of microcephaly...

Construction of senior service system in the context of a healthy China

December 2018
Sensen Bian | Qing Guo | Xiaoxiao Wang

Entering the new era, the healthy senior service cause in China has achieved great development. However, due to regional differences, there are still certain gaps between the actual demands of ageing...

Longevity and elderly care: lessons from Japan

December 2018
Shaw Watanabe | Sayuri Kodama | Hideo Hanabusa

Japanese life expectancy is among the highest in the world and it keeps on increasing. Along with the extension of life span, healthy life expectancy is also increasing. Building geriatric hospitals...

Research progress on etiology of gestational diabetes mellitus

December 2018
Jiayue Zhang | Shujuan Ma | Chuhao Guo | Sisi Long | Shilan Wu | Hongzhuan Tan

As a metabolic disorder during pregnancy, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) has an important effects on fetal development, neonatal health and maternal long-term health, and is one of the pregnancy...

Antiretroviral regimen change among people infected with HIV: evidence from a cross-sectional study in China

September 2018
Junfang Xu | Peicheng Wang | Liangmin Gao | Xinyu Peng | Feng Cheng

Background: The rate of death among people living with HIV/AIDS has decreased significantly as a result of treatment with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). However, the issues of drug induced...

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