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Recently published articles from Grain & Oil Science and Technology.

GC–MS, GC-O and OVA analyses of key aroma compounds in Jiaozi Steamed Bread

Available online 4 December 2019
Yuanhui Wang | Jingwen Zhao | Fei Xu | Xiaoyun Wu | Wenxuan Hu | Yongfeng Chang | Lanlan Zhang | Jie Chen | Changhong Liu

Jiaozi Steamed Bread (JSB) has a unique aroma as a traditional staple food in China. The volatile compounds in JSB were extracted by simultaneous distillation and extraction (SDE) and headspace solid-phase...

Antimicrobial and cytotoxic potential of seeds and flowers crude extracts of sunflower

Available online 26 November 2019
Nuzha Bint Mahdi Bin Ali Al-Shukaili | Mohammad Amzad Hossain

Oil-producing crops, including Helianthus annuus L (H. annuus, Sunflower) have been used for the treatment of different human diseases since ancient times. This study aims to determine the antimicrobial...

Prevalence of Wolbachia in 10 Tenebrionidae stored-product insects and spatiotemporal infection dynamics in Tribolium confusum (Jaquelin Du Val) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Available online 18 November 2019
Yujie Lu | Shiyuan Miao | Zhengyan Wang | Sibao Wang

Insect symbionts Wolbachia used for pest population control has focused on vector pest species and agricultural insects while rare reports in Chinese stored-product insect samples. In this paper, we...

Effect of wheat bran insoluble dietary fiber with different particle size on the texture properties, protein secondary structure, and microstructure of noodles

Available online 31 October 2019
Jian Zhang | Mengqin Li | Chaoran Li | Yanqi Liu

This study was conducted to explore how the insoluble dietary fiber (IDF) of wheat bran with different particle size affects the texture properties, water distribution, protein secondary structure and...

Production of biscuits by substitution with different ratios of yellow pea flour

Available online 19 October 2019
Jikai Zhao | Xin Liu | Xiang Bai | Fengcheng Wang

To promote the commercialization of yellow pea flour (YPF) due to its nutritional benefits. Four biscuits with different YPF ratio (10%–50%) were conducted to explore the optimal addition percentage....

Health benefits of black rice – A review

Available online 18 October 2019
Balasubramaniam Jaya Prasad | Pazhaniyandi Subramania Sharavanan | Rengaraj Sivaraj

Rice has been a staple food across the globe since time immemorial. Generally, different types of rice, such as white, purple, red, brown, and black rice, are named following the physical appearance...

DON reduction of wheat grain without compromising the lab-scale milling properties of flour

September 2019
Jikai Zhao | Xin Liu | Fengcheng Wang

Wheat bran was investigated to be the most commonly contaminated raw material by mycotoxins. However, there are no economical and practical pretreatment methods for industrial on-line application until...

Effect of extrusion on the structure and antigenicity of soybean β-conglycinin

September 2019
Haicheng Yin | Feng Jia | Jin Huang | Yong Zhang | Xin Zheng | Xinrui Zhang

β-Conglycinin, the main component of 7S globulin in soybean protein, is also a key soybean antigen protein that causes allergic reactions. Extrusion technologies have received considerable attention...

Proteomics-based analysis of functional proteins after fermentation of compound wheat embryo Chinese medicine

September 2019
Jihong Huang | Xing Lyu | Aimei Liao | Yi Zhao | Yinchen Hou | Wenjing Chen | Canrui Yang

Compound probiotics were used to ferment compound wheat embryo Chinese medicine (CWECM) at 37 °C for a given period, and the fermentation end point was determined based on pH value. The full spectrum...

Enzymatic synthesis, antioxidant ability and oil-water distribution coefficient of troxerutin fatty acid esters

September 2019
Yongmei Xiao | Ming Li | Pu Mao | Liangru Yang | Lingbo Qu

Troxerutin fatty acid esters were prepared using troxerutin and fatty acid vinyl esters as substrates in pyridine through enzymatic route. The structures of as-prepared compounds were identified by...

Xylo-oligosaccharides preparation through acid hydrolysis of hemicelluloses isolated from press-lye

September 2019
Tiangui Wang | Chuang Li | Mengmeng Song | Rongrong Fan

The preparation of xylo-oligosaccharides (XOSs) through hydrolysis of hemicelluloses was studied. The hemicelluloses were isolated from the press lye discharged in the production of viscose, which contained...

The variation of two extracellular enzymes and soybean meal bitterness during solid-state fermentation of Bacillus subtilis

June 2019
Haicheng Yin | Feng Jia | Jin Huang

The debittering effect of extracellular enzymes from Bacillus subtilis ACCC 01746 was studied using soybean meal as a substrate for solid-state fermentation (SSF). Results showed that B. subtilis produces...

Method for pests detecting in stored grain based on spectral residual saliency edge detection

June 2019
Yao Qin | Yanli Wu | Qifu Wang | Suping Yu

Pests detecting is an important research subject in grain storage field. In the past decades, many edge detection methods have been applied to the edge detection of stored grain pests. Although some...

Role of essential oils in food safety: Antimicrobial and antioxidant applications

June 2019
Sundaresan Bhavaniramya | Selvaraju Vishnupriya | Mohammad Saleh Al-Aboody | Rajendran Vijayakumar | Dharmar Baskaran

Essential oils (EOs) are more complex and comprise a number of volatile and natural bioactive compounds, which often used in food industries as the best alternatives. This review focuses on the impact...

Efficiency of Oryza punctata extract on glucose regulation: Inhibition of α-amylase and α-glucosidase activities

June 2019
Balasubramaniam Jaya Prasad | Pazhaniyandi Subramania Sharavanan | Rengaraj Sivaraj

Red rice (Oryza punctata) is a type of unpolished rice which has higher nutritional value compared to white rice or even polished rice. Owing to higher nutritive content and metabolites, dieticians...

Proteomic analysis reveals the differential proteins of endosperm between soft and hard wheat varieties

June 2019
Feng Jia | Haicheng Yin | Qi Wang | Yu Chen | Jinshui Wang

In this study, we revealed the differential proteins from the wheat endosperms using proteomic analysis and investigated their surface properties. The pattern of the polypeptides obtained from the Yangmai-15...

Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing bacteria from groundnut oil cake dumping site for the control of foodborne pathogens

March 2019
Obula Reddy Chittepu

Infection and intoxication are two common types of foodborne illnesses throughout the world. The aim of the present work was to isolate and characterize biosurfactant producing bacteria from groundnut...

Synergism of essential oils with lipid based nanocarriers: emerging trends in preservation of grains and related food products

March 2019
Satyavani Kaliamurthi | Gurudeeban Selvaraj | Lifen Hou | Zhao Li | Yongkai Wei | Keren Gu | Dongqing Wei

Grains are one of the major food staples in the world. The cereal grains are easily susceptible to damage by moisture content, flour beetles and food pathogens during storage, harvesting and post harvesting....

Study on the effect of wheat bran dietary fiber on the rheological properties of dough

March 2019
Ning Liu | Sen Ma | Li Li | Xiaoxi Wang

The aim of the study was to determine the influence of wheat bran dietary fiber on wheat flour dough rheological properties. In this paper, wheat bran dietary fiber (WBDF) with different levels (0,...

Antidepressant activity and HPTLC fingerprinting of stearic acid in different days of wheat seedlings

March 2019
Palanisamy Ravikumar | Muthusamy Jeyam

Depression is a chronic, recurring and potentially life threatening illness and affects up to 20% of the world population and in the year 2020, depression will become the second most common disease...

Consolidated bioprocess of corn stover to polysaccharide using Chaetomium globosum CGMCC 6882

March 2019
Lin Peng | Tao Ning | Wenbo Lu | Peizhang Chen | Haifeng Li | Yanjie Yi | Zichao Wang | Yuansen Hu

Polysaccharide produced from medicinal endophytic fungus not only has applications in foods, but also exhibits multiple biological activities. In this work, an endophytic fungus Chaetomium globosum...

Review on Volatile Flavor Components of Roasted Oilseeds and Their Products

October 2018
LI Cuicui | HOU Lixia

Volatile flavor components in foods are the key quality parameters. The researchers conducted in-depth research on sesame oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame paste and peanut butter,...

The Sizes of Sitophilus zeamais in Different Life Stage

October 2018
JI Le | WANG Dianxuan | ZHAO Chao | ZHANG Ruijie | ZENG Fangfang

Knowing the developmental states of stored grain insects, especially for the immature stages hidden in cereal kernel, such as Sitophilus zeamais, could be in favor of monitoring early and controlling...

Xylo-Oligosaccharide Preparation through Enzyme Hydrolysis of Hemicelluloses Isolated from Press Lye

October 2018
WANG Tiangui | LI Chuang | FAN Rongrong | SONG Mengmeng

The emerging food additive, xylo-oligosaccharide (XOSs), was prepared through enzymatic hydrolysis of hemicelluloses isolated from press lye. Two of the three experimental enzyme preparations presented...

Formula and Quality Study of Multigrain Noodles

October 2018
QI Jing | LYU Yingguo | WANG Yuanhui | CHEN Jie | HOU Panfeng

Multigrain noodles were made by com and wheat flour as the main ingredients and with small ratios of oat flour, soybean flour and millet flour through extrusion process. Simplex centroid design was...

The Effect of Oat Bran on the Dough Rheology and Quality of Chinese Steamed Bread

July 2018
LIU Wenjun | BRENNAN Margaret | SERVENTI Luca | BRENNAN Charles

The present study investigates the effects of incorporating oat bran (OB) into Chinese steamed bread (CSB). Different levels (5%, 10% and 15%) of OB were used to replace wheat flour in the manufacture...

Improvement of Foaming and Emulsifying Properties of Gluten by Conjugation with Fructose through Maillard Reaction

July 2018
SONG Yongling | QIN Ruiqi | YANG Shaoming | LI Jianghe | WANG Ruolan

Gluten has poor emulsifying and foaming ability due to its amino acid composition. In this study, Maillard reaction was used to improve the emulsifying and foaming properties of gluten. The processing...

Effects of Peeling with Flexible Alloy Blade on Naked Oats

July 2018
ZHANG Zheng | WANG Xiaoxi | MA Sen

This research reported the effect of peeling naked oats with a peeling machine equipped with the flexible alloy blade. Results showed that the flexible alloy blade could achieve the same effect as traditional...

Preparation of Potato Whole Flour and Its Effects on Quality of Flour Products: A Review

July 2018
CUI Lingling | TIAN Yange | TIAN Shuangqi | WANG Yanbo | GAO Fuqiang

When harvested the potato has a high moisture content, this could make its transportation and storage difficult. To help solve the transportation difficulties, potato is made into whole flour by many...

Comparison of the Physicochemical Characteristics of Pinus koraiensis L. Nut Oils from Different Extraction Technologies

July 2018
HOU Lixia | LI Cuicui | QIU Jihong

In this study, the physicochemical properties, fatty acid profiles, and tocopherol compositions of Pinus koraiensis L. nut oils were evaluated, and the impact of different extraction technologies on...

Discussion on the Application of LS-DYNA in Superfine Grinding of Wheat Bran

July 2018
CHENG Min | LIU Baoguo | CAO Xianzhou

Superfine grinding, involving the fragmentation mechanism of wheat bran cell tissue, is being employed by milling industry. In order to determine the effect of wheat bran cell tissue on the fragmentation...

Effect of Pectins on Dough Rheology and Chinese Steamed Bread Quality

April 2018
LI Jinxin | YIN Lijun | LI Jinlong

Dough preparation and performance are two critical factors influencing the final quality of wheat products. The influence of high and low methoxyl pectins on empirical and dynamic rheological properties...

Lipophilization of Phenolic Acids through Esterification Using p-toluenesulfonic Acid as Catalyst

April 2018
CHEN Jingnan | LIU Wei

Lipophilic antioxidants are used in edible oils and oleaginous foods. Therefore, development of novel lipophilic antioxidant is very important. p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA) catalyzed esterification...

Effects of Sourdough Addition on the Quality and Shelf Life of Chinese Steamed Bread

April 2018
CHEN Di | WANG Jinshui | JIA Feng | ZHANG Changfu

The effect of adding sourdough with lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum M616) on dough quality and the sensory scores, specific volume, crumb firmness, and spread ratio of resultant Chinese...

Behavioral Response of Lasioderma serricorne to Materials from Cinnamomum camphora

April 2018
LYU Jianhua | ZENG Shujing | HUO Mingfei | ZHANG Yupu | KANG Yulong

The attractiveness of Cinnamomum camphora (Laurales: Lauraceae) blocks and essential oil to Lasioderma serricorne (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) adults was investigated. The results showed that...

Effect of Mono-, Di-, and Trihydric Alcohols on Lipase-Catalyzed Alcoholysis of Phosphatidylcholine in Hexane

April 2018
YANG Yingying | YANG Guolong | HU Jingbo | WANG Menghua

In this study, alcoholysis of phosphatidylcholine (PC) catalyzed by two lipases (Novozym 435 and Lipozyme RM IM) was performed in n-hexane to evaluate the effects of mono-, di-, and trihydric alcohols...

Image Analysis of the Sugar-reduced Muffin Formulated with Stevianna® or Inulin as a Sugar Replacer

April 2018
GAO Jingrong | HAN Fezhong | GUO Xinbo | ZENG Xi’an | MASON Susan L | BRENNAN Margaret A | BRENNAN Charles S

Sugar replacement, and/or reduction, in cereal products is important in relation to consumer appeal for nutritionally balanced, calorie reduced, products. However, when using sugar replacers, product...

Study on Isolation and Raman Spectroscopy of Glycinin in Soybean Protein

April 2018
YIN Haicheng | HUANG Jin | ZHANG Huiru

The secondary structures of soybean glycinin was investigated by Raman spectroscopy and its acidic and basic polypeptides were isolated. The results showed that the secondary structures of glycinin...

Preparation of DHA- and EPA-enriched Glycerides by Enzymatic Interesterification Using Tuna Oil and Capric Acid

April 2018
LIANG Shaohua | WANG Mengyuan | ZHU Lijie | ZHANG Man | YANG Ming

This study focused on the preparation of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) enriched-triacylglycerols by enzymatic interesterification using tuna oil and capric acid. The content...

Antifatigue, Antioxidant and Immunoregulatory Effects of Peptides Hydrolyzed from Manchurian Walnut (Juglans mandshurica Maxim.) on Mice

January 2018
Li FANG | Dayong REN | Lingyu CUI | Chunlei LIU | Ji WANG | Wei LIU | Weihong MIN | Jingsheng LIU

The Manchurian walnut (Juglans mandshurica Maxim.) is rich in proteins, whereas this resource has not been used efficiently. The antifatigue, antioxidative and immunoregulatory effects of Manchurian...

Size Changes of Reverse Micelles after Extraction of Peanut Protein and Their Forward Extraction Rates

January 2018
Limin WANG | Kunlun LIU | Fusheng CHEN | Lijun YIN

The aim of this study was to detect the size changes of reverse micelles after extraction of peanut protein and their forward extraction rates. Factors that affect the size of reverse micelles and the...

Extraction of Sodium Copper Chlorophyll in Food Samples Based on Cloud Point Extraction with a Nonionic Surfactant

January 2018
Chen SUN | Guangyu LIU | Peixia ZHAO

A new method was developed for the determination of sodium copper chlorophyll (SCC) by cloud point extraction preconcentration and spectrophotometry, for which Triton X-114 was selected as a nonionic...

Study on Changes in the Characteristics of Key Carbohydrates in Wheat during the After-ripening Period

January 2018
Junnan WU | Xiaoxi WANG | Sen MA

Three wheat cultivars—Zhengmai 366 (ZM366), Zhoumai 27 (ZM27) and Yangmai 15 (YM15)—were used in the present study. After storage at 25 ℃ for 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 and 150 d, the crude starch, amylose,...

Rapid and Non-destructive Prediction of Protein Content in Peanut Varieties Using Near-infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Method

January 2018
Yijie WANG | Junhu CHENG

This study was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of near-infrared (NIR) hyperspectral imaging (1 000–2 500 nm) for non-destructive and quantitative prediction of protein content in peanut kernels....

Separation and Identification of Glutamine Peptides from Defatted Soybean Meal by Enzymatic Hydrolysis

January 2018
Chen WANG | Yanli XIE | Chengye MA | Dongdong XIE

Glutamine peptides were obtained from defatted soybean meal by enzymatic hydrolysis using a combination of Protamex® and trypsinase. The results showed that the extent of hydrolysis and the concentration...

Diacylglycerol-enriched Oil from Hydrolysis of Soybean Oil with Rhizopus Oryzae Lipase against High-fat Diet-induced Obesity in Mice

January 2018
Mengke ZHANG | Bo SHI | Chao LI | Yongqiang CHENG

The present work aimed to investigate the impact of intake of diacylglycerol (DAG) from soybean oil on the reduction of fat accumulation and the long-term effects of dietary intake of DAG and triacylglycerol...

Method to Detect Granary Storage Weight Based on the Janssen Model

January 2018
Dexian ZHANG | Miao ZHANG | Qinghui ZHANG | Yuan ZHANG | Lei LYU

This study proposes a new model of granary storage weight detection based on the Janssen model to satisfy the strategic requirements of granary storage quantity detection in China. The model theoretically...

Correlation of Gluten Molecular Conformation with Dough Viscoelastic Properties during Storage

January 2018
Feng JIA | Shuaibing ZHANG | Yijun ZHANG | Jinshui WANG

Significant correlations exist for the total sample between the dough viscoelastic properties and quality, but little information about these links is available. This study investigates the relationship...

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