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A new Look on reserves prediction of unconventional shale gas plays: Moving from static parameters to dynamic, operation-based reserves calculation

Available online 21 March 2019
Steven Chandra | Fatimah Larasati Putri Pratami | William Angtony

As conventional oil and gas are now in a scarcer condition than they have ever been, attentions have shifted into unconventional resources. These unconventional resources, although abundant in nature,...

Effects of low frequency external excitation on oil slug mobilization and flow in a water saturated capillary model

Available online 15 March 2019
Liming Dai | Yihe Zhang

The present research is to experimentally study the joint effects of external pressure and vibratory excitations of low frequency on oil slug mobilization and flow in a capillary model. During and after...

Impact of methane adsorption on tight rock permeability measurements using pulse-decay

Available online 24 January 2019
Mohamed Mahmoud | Mohammed Eliebid | Hasan Y. Al-Yousef | Muhammad Shahzad Kamal | Karem Al-Garadi | Salaheldin Elkatatny

The permeability of the rock is usually measured by the injection of gas using Darcy's flow model (pulse-decay). For oil formations, helium and nitrogen are the most common gases used to measure the...

Optimization of acid fracturing for a tight carbonate reservoir

Available online 23 January 2019
Aymen Al-Ameri | Talal Gamadi

In this study, acid fracturing treatments were simulated for a tight limestone reservoir within a shale formation using FRACPRO software. The purpose was to investigate the optimum acid fracturing design...

Optimization of magnetic anomaly detection with single-axis sensor for pig locating in low latitude areas

Available online 9 January 2019
Wei Xu | Zhiyong Guo | Zhongxiang Liu | Peng Zhang | Yanxi Zhou

When a pig mounted with permanent magnets gets stuck in the pipeline, it can be located by detecting the magnetic anomalies on the ground using a single-axis magnetic sensor. In order to collect the...

Modeling the effect of water vaporization and salt precipitation on reservoir properties due to carbon dioxide sequestration in a depleted gas reservoir

December 2018
Yong Tang | Ruizhi Yang | Xingmei Kang

Vaporization of water during both gas reservoir development and CO2 geological sequestration in saline formations can cause salt precipitation with rapid loss of formation porosity and permeability....

Application of a hybrid algorithm –PSOSA in well test parameter estimation

December 2018
Yong Wang | Chen Zhang | Mingjun Li

Estimating the significance parameters, such as skin factor, permeability, wellbore storage coefficient, are the most component of transient pressure analysis. Many optimization algorithms have been...

Fenton treatment via oxidative mechanism and its kinetics on soil polluted with automatic gas oil

December 2018
O.V. Akpoveta | W.O. Medjor | Eunice Adebowale Medjor

The effectiveness, viability and feasibility of applying Fenton reactants in treating soil contaminated with automatic gas oil (AGO) was investigated ex-situ. Soil was simulated to achieve 10% contamination...

Laboratory study on efficiency of three calcium carbonate scale inhibitors in the presence of EOR chemicals

December 2018
Qiwei Wang | Feng Liang | Waleed Al-Nasser | Faez Al-Dawood | Tawfiq Al-Shafai | Hameed Al-Badairy | Shouwen Shen | Hassan Al-Ajwad

Chemical flooding has been widely used in the oil industry since the 1980s for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process. Previous studies have shown that the effectiveness of calcium carbonate scale inhibitors...

CO2 sequestration through direct aqueous mineral carbonation of red gypsum

December 2018
Amin Azdarpour | Mohammad Afkhami Karaei | Hossein Hamidi | Erfan Mohammadian | Bizhan Honarvar

In this study, the physical and chemical characteristics and direct aqueous mineral carbonation of red gypsum have been investigated. The characterization studies showed that red gypsum is a very potential...

New insights into porosity determination using artificial intelligence techniques for carbonate reservoirs

December 2018
Salaheldin Elkatatny | Zeeshan Tariq | Mohamed Mahmoud | Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

The porosity of the petroleum reservoirs is considered one of the most important parameters in reserve estimation because it determines the effective volume of the hydrocarbon that is stored in the...

Research into selection evaluation system on co-mining of “the three gas” in coal series stratum

December 2018
Qiang Liu | Jianjun Liu | Bing Liang

Along with the continuously go deep into of the research on coal series stratum, unconventional coal-derived gas gets more attention, including coalbed methane, shale gas and tight sandstone gas. However,...

Design and realization of rock salt gas storage database management system based on SQL Server

December 2018
Yingjie Wang | Jianjun Liu | Xiang He | Bing Wang

Projects involving the construction of rock salt underground gas storage have several disadvantages, for example, effective management is not employed to manage the production information and data in...

Enhanced application for FSRU recondensing equipment during periods of low or no gas send out to minimize LNG cargo losses

December 2018
Maksym Kulitsa | David A. Wood

Most modern floating storage and regasification units (FSRU) are fitted with recondensing equipment that feed condensed boil-off gas (BOG) to the regasification unit in addition to a stream of liquefied...

Bottom hole pressure estimation using hybridization neural networks and grey wolves optimization

December 2018
Menad Nait Amar | Nourddine Zeraibi | Kheireddine Redouane

An effective design and optimum production strategies of a well depend on the accurate prediction of its bottom hole pressure (BHP) which may be calculated or determined by several methods. However,...

Study on the fluid flow rule of five-cylinder plunger pump hydraulic end

December 2018
Zhanghua Lian | Yang Liu | Tiejun Lin | Li Li | Zhongqing Lei | Chuanjun Han

The change of velocity and pressure of flow field in suction and discharge chamber of five-cylinder plunger pump obtained by CFD under maximum and minimum stroke, the results show that: when the stroke...

Developing a K-value equation for predict dew point pressure of gas condensate reservoirs at high pressure

December 2018
Seyedfoad Aghamiri | Mohsen Tamtaji | Mohammad Javad Ghafoori

This paper proposed a new empirical K-value equation is developed to calculate dew pressure for gas condensate reservoirs. This equation is applicable in the wide ranges of composition, temperature,...

Effect of wettability of ceramic proppant surface in guar gum solution on the oil flow efficiency in fractures

Available online 28 December 2018
Kanjicai Dong | Ming Wang | Chi Zhang

Guar gum and its derivatives have been the most commonly used polymers to increase the viscosity of fracture fluids. Ceramic proppants are vital products for enhancing oil and gas well productivity...

Molecular dynamics simulation of methane gas flow in nanopores

Available online 26 December 2018
Jing Zhang | Guihong Pei | Liyin Zhang

The transport properties of fluids in nanopores are a fundamental scientific issue in the development of tight reservoirs such as shale gas. The flow of gas in nanosized pores is affected by a size...

Significant aspects of carbon capture and storage – A review

Available online 19 December 2018
Arshad Raza | Raoof Gholami | Reza Rezaee | Vamegh Rasouli | Minou Rabiei

Excessive emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has resulted in a progressive climate change and global warming in the past decades. There have been many approaches developed to reduce the...

Development and application of polymetric surfactant emulsification and viscosity reduction system

Available online 19 December 2018
Dongdong Wang | Nanjun Lai

Compounding polymer AP-P4 with high viscosity-reducing Gemini Surfactant HD, which is used as an emulsifier viscosity reduce, to improve the stability of the O/W emulsion while the viscosity reduction...

Effects of inhibitor KCl on shale expansibility and mechanical properties

Available online 12 December 2018
Xiangchao Shi | Lei Wang | Jianhua Guo | Qiang Su | Xiao Zhuo

The expansibility and mechanical properties of shale are significantly influenced by water-based muds (WBMs); thus, it is necessary to mitigate this effect to avoid borehole instabilities in drilling...

Oil emulsions in naturally fractured Porous Media

Available online 12 December 2018
A. Paulina Gómora-Figueroa | Rodolfo G. Camacho-Velázquez | José Guadarrama-Cetina | T. Iván Guerrero-Sarabia

Most of the studies regarding the formation and stability of emulsions focus on the conditioning and management of crude oil on surface facilities. Since a great deal of the crude oil produced is in...

Implementation of multilayer perceptron (MLP) and radial basis function (RBF) neural networks to predict solution gas-oil ratio of crude oil systems

Available online 12 December 2018
Aref Hashemi Fath | Farshid Madanifar | Masood Abbasi

Exact determination of pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) properties of the reservoir oils is necessary for reservoir calculations, reservoir performance prediction, and the design of optimal production...

A review on casing while drilling technology for oil and gas production with well control model and economical analysis

Available online 12 December 2018
Dipal Patel | Vivek Thakar | Sivakumar Pandian | Manan Shah | Anirbid Sircar

The extraction of petroleum fluids from sub-surface accumulations mandates the drilling of a well into the formation containing the accumulation. The drilling techniques have evolved over time to overcome...

Transparent open-box learning network and artificial neural network predictions of bubble-point pressure compared

Available online 12 December 2018
David A. Wood | Abouzar Choubineh

The transparent open box (TOB) learning network algorithm offers an alternative approach to the lack of transparency provided by most machine-learning algorithms. It provides the exact calculations...

Big Data analytics in oil and gas industry: An emerging trend

Available online 1 December 2018
Mehdi Mohammadpoor | Farshid Torabi

This paper reviews the utilization of Big Data analytics, as an emerging trend, in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Big Data or Big Data analytics refers to a new technology which can...

A nano-particle based approach to improve filtration control of water based muds under high pressure high temperature conditions

Available online 28 October 2018
Ong Siong Guan | Raoof Gholami | Arshad Raza | Minou Rabiei | Nikoo Fakhari | Vamegh Rasouli | Omid Nabinezhad

There have been many attempts to improve the filtration control of water based muds under High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) condition using a cost effective approach. Nano particles are perhaps...

A comprehensive investigation on the performance of durian rind as a lost circulation material in water based drilling mud

Available online 27 October 2018
Nor Fatin Fatihah Majid | Allan Katende | Issham Ismail | Farad Sagala | Norshila Md Sharif | Mohd Azizi Che Yunus

Oil and gas operators worldwide are expecting service companies to deliver integrated techniques to minimize, if not prevent, drilling problems. Drilling fluids perform vital functions to ensure the...

Numerical study of influence of hydraulic fracturing on fluid flow in natural fractures

Available online 22 October 2018
Jaber Taheri-Shakib | Amir Ghaderi | Mohammad Amin Sharif Nik

The hydraulic fracturing operation is highly complex in fractured reservoirs. The fundamental key to a successful operation is processing and analysis of the propagation of hydraulic fracturing in a...

Using Raman shift and FT-IR spectra as quality indices of oil bit PDC cutters

Available online 17 October 2018
Rafid K. Abbas | Kanaan Mohammad Musa

Nowadays many of oil and gas wells are drilled extensively by Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) drill bits. Various companies are manufacturing PDC cutters according to their usage. All of these...

Pressure-rate convolution and deconvolution response for fractured conventional and unconventional reservoirs using new decline rate model

Available online 16 October 2018
Salam Al-Rbeawi | Jalal Farhan Owayed

This paper introduces new approach for pressure-rate convolution and deconvolution analysis of multi-stages hydraulically fractured conventional and unconventional reservoirs. This approach demonstrates...

Practical solution for stabilized pseudo-steady state productivity index of multiple vertical wells depleting closed reservoirs

Available online 10 October 2018
Salam Al-Rbeawi | Fadhil S. Kadhim

The objective of this paper is introducing practical solutions for stabilized pseudo-steady state productivity index and pressure behaviors and flow regimes of multiple vertical wells depleting closed...

In-situ stress inversion in Liard Basin, Canada, from caliper logs

Available online 1 October 2018
Hongxue Han | Shunde Yin

This paper proposes an integrated method of analytical calculation, artificial intelligence, and probabilistic analysis to cost-effectively determine geomechanical properties and in-situ stresses from...

Prediction of oil flow rate through an orifice flow meter: Artificial intelligence alternatives compared

Available online 1 October 2018
Hamzeh Ghorbani | David A. Wood | Abouzar Choubineh | Afshin Tatar | Pejman Ghazaeipour Abarghoyi | Mohammad Madani | Nima Mohamadian

Fluid-flow measurements of petroleum can be performed using a variety of equipment such as orifice meters and wellhead chokes. It is useful to understand the relationship between flow rate through orifice...

Predictions of equilibrium solubility and mass transfer coefficient for CO2 absorption into aqueous solutions of 4-diethylamino-2-butanol using artificial neural networks

Available online 1 October 2018
Sutida Meesattham | Pornmanas Charoensiritanasin | Songpol Ongwattanakul | Zhiwu Liang | Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul | Teerawat Sema

In the present work, artificial neuron network (ANN) based models for predicting equilibrium solubility and mass transfer coefficient of CO2 absorption into aqueous solutions of high performance alternative...

Pad-scale control improves SAGD performance

September 2018
Tao Guo | Jingyi Wang | Ian D. Gates

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is widely used in the Athabasca oil sands deposit to recover bitumen. Since the viscosity of bitumen is high at original reservoir conditions, heat is required...

Fluid flow with compaction and sand production in unconsolidated sandstone reservoir

September 2018
Yu Xiong | Hongguang Xu | Yongqing Wang | Wensheng Zhou | Chen Liu | Ling Wang

The fluid flow of unconsolidated sandstone reservoir can be affected by compaction and sand production which will damage the reservoir and affect oil well productivity. This study aims to measure how...

A novel Shan and Chen type Lattice Boltzmann two phase method to study the capillary pressure curves of an oil water pair in a porous media

September 2018
Sahand Nekoeian | Ataallah Soltani Goharrizi | Mohammad Jamialahmadi | Saeed Jafari | Fatemeh Sotoudeh

In this study, an immiscible oil-water two phase flow in a typical porous media was modeled using the well-known Lattice Boltzmann method. A set of flow tests for modeling an oil-water two phase flow...

Depositional and petrophysical controls on the volumes of hydrocarbons trapped in the Messinian reservoirs, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt

September 2018
Mahmoud Leila | Andrea Moscariello

The Messinian sequence in the Nile Delta hosts the most prolific hydrocarbon reservoirs, and is therefore of great importance from the aspect of nonrenewable fuel sources exploration and development...

Reconstruction and prediction of capillary pressure curve based on Particle Swarm Optimization-Back Propagation Neural Network method

September 2018
Lijun You | Qigui Tan | Yili Kang | Chengyuan Xu | Chong Lin

Capillary pressure curve plays a critical role in the reservoir evaluation. It is essential to reconstruct and predict capillary pressure curve properly. Many traditional capillary pressure correlations...

Insight into heavy oil recovery of cyclic solvent injection (CSI) utilizing C3H8/CH4 and C3H8/CH4/CO2

September 2018
Arash Ahadi | Farshid Torabi

In this study, a sandpack model with porosity and permeability of 32.3% and 9.4 D, and a heavy crude oil with viscosity of 6430 mPa.s were used to represent a typical thin heavy oil formation. First,...

Study and application of a new blockage remover in polymer injection wells

September 2018
Yiyong Pan | Changlong Liu | Liqiang Zhao | Feng Li | Yigang Liu | Pingli Liu

With the extensive application of polymer flooding technology in offshore oilfields, the plugging in polymer injection wells has become more and more severe, which seriously affects the oil displacement...

Study on characteristics of well-test type curves for composite reservoir with sealing faults

September 2018
Qiguo Liu | Heng Lu | Longxin Li | Aiting Mu

The pressure response for the composite reservoirs with a sealing fault locating in inner and outer region is different, which neglected by previous researchers, would cause significant errors during...

Development of an artificial neural network model for prediction of bubble point pressure of crude oils

September 2018
Aref Hashemi Fath | Abdolrasoul Pouranfard | Pouyan Foroughizadeh

Bubble point pressure is one of the most important pressure–volume–temperature properties of crude oil, and it plays an important role in reservoir and production engineering calculations. It can be...

Experimental research of condensate blockage and mitigating effect of gas injection

September 2018
Zhouhua Wang | Shili Zhu | Wei Zhou | Huang Liu | Yisheng Hu | Ping Guo | Jianfen Du | Junjie Ren

The condensate blockage causes a substantial decrease in well productivity for gas condensate reservoirs. Based on the previous studies, a novel experimental method was designed to evaluate condensate...

A new heuristic model for estimating the oil formation volume factor

September 2018
Mohammad Reza Mahdiani | Mohammad Norouzi

The necessity of oil formation volume factor (Bo) determination does not need to be greatly emphasized. Different types of reservoir oil have specific conditions which impart the hydrocarbon's major...

Role of biosurfactants in bioremediation of oil pollution-a review

September 2018
Abraham Peele Karlapudi | T.C. Venkateswarulu | Jahnavi Tammineedi | Lohit Kanumuri | Bharath Kumar Ravuru | Vijaya ramu Dirisala | Vidya Prabhakar Kodali

The energy resources mainly petroleum and petroleum hydrocarbons are major pollutants of the environment. The oil and oil products contamination may cause severe harm and hence, the attention has been...

General criterion for intersection between hydraulic induced fractures and pre-existing natural fractures

Available online 10 September 2018
Zhifeng Luo | Nanlin Zhang | Liqiang Zhao | Fei Liu | Nianyin Li

Pre-existing natural fractures and other structurally weak planes are usually well-developed in unconventional reservoirs. When such fractures intersect with hydraulic induced fractures, they will redirect...

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