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Effect of reservoir heterogeneity on air injection performance in a light oil reservoir

Available online 1 November 2017
Hu Jia

Air injection is a good option to development light oil reservoir. As well-known that, reservoir heterogeneity has great effect for various EOR processes. This also applies to air injection. However,...

A methodology to improve nanosilica based cements used in CO2 sequestration sites

Available online 31 October 2017
Khizar Abid | Raoof Gholami | Henry Elochukwu | Masood Mostofi | Chua Han Bing | Golam Muktadir

Attempts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere in recent years have led to the development of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) technology. However, there have been...

A fully coupled finite element framework for thermal fracturing simulation in subsurface cold CO2 injection

Available online 23 October 2017
Shunde Yin

Thermal fracturing could occur during cold CO2 injection into subsurface warm rock formations. It can be seen in a variety of fields such as carbon geo-sequestration, unconventional gas development,...

CO2 sequestration through direct aqueous mineral carbonation of red gypsum

Available online 21 October 2017
Amin Azdarpour | Mohammad Afkhami Karaei | Hossein Hamidi | Erfan Mohammadian | Bizhan Honarvar

In this study, the physical and chemical characteristics and direct aqueous mineral carbonation of red gypsum have been investigated. The characterization studies showed that red gypsum is a very potential...

Design and realization of rock salt gas storage database management system based on SQL Server

Available online 21 October 2017
Yingjie Wang | Jianjun Liu | Xiang He | Bing Wang

Projects involving the construction of rock salt underground gas storage have several disadvantages, for example, effective management is not employed to manage the production information and data in...

Research into selection evaluation system on co-mining of “the three gas” in coal series stratum

Available online 28 September 2017
Liu Qiang | Liu Jian Jun | Liang Bing

Along with the continuously go deep into of the research on coal series stratum, unconventional coal-derived gas gets more attention, including coalbed methane, shale gas and tight sandstone gas. However,...

Application of a hybrid algorithm –PSOSA in well test parameter estimation

Available online 25 September 2017
Yong Wang | Chen Zhang | Mingjun Li

Estimating the significance parameters, such as skin factor, permeability, wellbore storage coefficient, are the most component of transient pressure analysis. Many optimization algorithms have been...

The influence of water disposal method on the property of chemical oil-displacement agent--taking Guan 109-1 area of Dagang oilfield as example

Available online 22 September 2017
Shengwang Yuan

Aiming at the actual demand of Guan 109-1 block in Dagang oilfield, by means of instrumental analysis, chemical analysis, modern physical simulation, viewing polymer viscosity and seepage characteristic...

Analytical models & type-curve matching techniques for reservoir characterization using wellbore storage dominated flow regime

Available online 18 September 2017
Salam Al-Rbeawi

The applicability of early time data in reservoir characterization is not always considered worthy. Early time data is usually controlled by wellbore storage effect. This effect may last for pseudo-radial...

Focus on adsorptive equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic components of petroleum produced water biocoagulation using novel Tympanotonos Fuscatus extract

Available online 17 September 2017
Matthew Menkiti | Ifechukwu Ezemagu | Sreeram Singaraju

Adsorptive component of produced water (PW) coagulation using Tympanotonos Fuscatus coagulant (TFC) was studied. Influence of the following parameters: pH, coagulant dose, settling time, and temperature...

Simulation study of huff-n-puff air injection for enhanced oil recovery in shale oil reservoirs

Available online 14 September 2017
Hu Jia | James J. Sheng

This paper is the first attempt to evaluate huff-n-puff air injection in a shale oil reservoir using a simulation approach. Recovery mechanisms and physical processes of huff-n-puff air injection in...

Application of Lauryl Betaine in enhanced oil recovery: A comparative study in micromodel

Available online 9 September 2017
Hamidreza Yarveicy | Ali Javaheri

Micromodel flooding is a cost-effective method to investigate enhanced oil recovery. In this study, we apply Lauryl Betaine as an amphoteric surfactant to the injected fluids into the micromodel and...

A review of multiscale expansion of low permeability reservoir cracks

Available online 7 September 2017
Liuke Huang | Jianjun Liu | Youjun Ji | Xiaoping Gong | Liangkai Qin

The study of rock crack propagation by multi-scale method is of great significance to comprehensively and accurately understand the law of rock crack evolution. In this paper, the theoretical, experimental...

How much do you know about the methods for determining onset of asphaltene precipitation?

September 2017
Mohammad Mahdi Shadman | Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani | Mohammad Hasan Badizad

One of the major problems in all area of petroleum industry, including production, operation, storage and transportation, is formation of heavy organic compounds, e.g., asphaltene and wax, and their...

Characteristics and significance of the penecontemporaneous karst in lacustrine carbonate, Da'anzhai Member, Lower Jurassic, Beibei area, eastern Sichuan Basin

September 2017
Chengpeng Su | Xiucheng Tan | Kailan Shi | Juan Zou | Feifan Lu | Sicong Luo | Hao Tang | Xinyu Zhang

There are few reports about the penecontemporaneous karst of the lacustrine carbonate of Da'anzhai Member which developed on the top of Lower Jurassic Ziliujing Formation, eastern Sichuan Basin. Based...

Laboratory experiments of well testing for fracture-cave carbonate gas reservoirs

September 2017
Yu Xiong | Wanli Xiong | Mingjin Cai | Chengxi Hou | Chong Wang

It is well known that the flowing of oil and gas in fracture and cave does not obey Darcy law, which makes it unable to interpret parameters correctly when doing well testing for those kinds of formation...

Low salinity water–Surfactant–CO2 EOR

September 2017
Tadesse Weldu Teklu | Waleed Alameri | Hossein Kazemi | Ramona M. Graves | Ali M. AlSumaiti

Coreflood, interfacial tension (IFT), contact angle, and phase behavior measurements were performed to investigate the viability of a hybrid of low-salinity water, surfactant, and CO2 flood enhanced...

Study on sulfur deposition damage model of fractured gas reservoirs with high-content H2S

September 2017
Linji He | Xiao Guo

Due to extreme poison, strong corrosion, and complex precipitation and deposition of H2S in the reservoir, it is very difficult and risky to investigate and explore drilling, completion, production...

Pressure transient analysis of multiple fractured horizontal wells in naturally fractured unconventional reservoirs based on fractal theory and fractional calculus

September 2017
Daihong Gu | Daoquan Ding | Zeli Gao | Aihua Zhang | Leng Tian | Tianpeng Wu

Currently, most models for multiple fractured horizontal wells (MFHWs) in naturally fractured unconventional reservoirs (NFURs) are based on classical Euclidean models which implicitly assume a uniform...

Robust correlation to predict dew point pressure of gas condensate reservoirs

September 2017
Mohammad Ali Ahmadi | Adel Elsharkawy

When the bottom-hole flowing pressure in a gas condensate reservoir drops below the dew point pressure, liquid starts to build up around the well bore resulting in gas productivity decline....

Study on gas-liquid relative permeability experiments of fractured-porous reservoirs

September 2017
Ping Guo | Huimin Zhang | Jianfen Du | Zhouhua Wang | Wanbo Zhang | Hongmei Ren

For carbonate reservoirs, gas-water and oil-gas relative permeability curve are of importance for parameters calculation in oil-field development, dynamic analysis and numerical reservoir simulation....

A natural dye in water-based drilling fluids: Swelling inhibitive characteristic and side effects

September 2017
Aghil Moslemizadeh | Seyed Reza Shadizadeh

The development of eco-friendly shale inhibitors is still an area which has attracted a lot of attention in the drilling industry. Henna extract is a natural dye which has recently shown considerable...

Experimental investigation on continuous N2 injection to improve light oil recovery in multi-wells fractured-cavity unit

September 2017
Wei Su | Jirui Hou | Teng Zhao | Yuanyuan Xi | Can Cui

The purpose of this experimental study is to evaluate the feasibility and oil recovery efficiency of continuous N2 injection in a multi-well fractured-cavity reservoir. In this study, the similar criterion...

Stress corrosion cracking of L360NS pipeline steel in sulfur environment

September 2017
Zhou Fan | Xiaogang Hu | Jianyi Liu | Hongchuan Li | Jinwen Fu

Slow strain rate test (SSRT) and tensile fracture observation are applied to study the stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of L360NS pipeline steel. 5.0 wt. % sodium chloride solution containing elemental...

Mechanism of polymer adsorption on shale surfaces: Effect of polymer type and presence of monovalent and divalent salts

September 2017
Sudiptya Banerjee | Zaid R. Abdulsattar | Kaylaychi Agim | Robert H. Lane | Berna Hascakir

This paper studies the adsorption behavior of representative guar-based polymers onto the surface of source rock outcrop samples to provide a better picture of the interaction(s) of polymers with these...

Screening of inhibitors for remediation of asphaltene deposits: Experimental and modeling study

Available online 12 August 2017
Mehdi Madhi | Riyaz Kharrat | Touba Hamoule

One of the most severe problems during production from heavy crude oil reservoirs is the formation of asphaltene precipitation and as a result deposition in the tubing, surface facilities and near wellbore...

Throttle characteristics of multi-stage circumfluence nozzle during the separate-layer injection of CO2

Available online 12 August 2017
Haizhu Wang | Gensheng Li | Lichuan Zhao | Youwen Wang | Yun Liu | Qingling Liu | Meng Wang | Fei Gao | Meng Cai

Separate-layer injection of CO2 is an important method to improve oil and gas production and recovery. Conventional single-stage nozzle is usually blocked by impurities, and the ice-barrier phenomenon...

Developing a K-value equation for predict dew point pressure of gas condensate reservoirs at high pressure

Available online 7 August 2017
Seyedfoad Aghamiri | Mohsen Tamtaji | Mohammad Javad Ghafoori

This paper proposed a new empirical K-value equation is developed to calculate dew pressure for gas condensate reservoirs. This equation is applicable in the wide ranges of composition, temperature,...

Revisiting fracture gradient: Comments on “A new approaching method to estimate fracture gradient by correcting Matthew–Kelly and Eaton's stress ratio”

Available online 25 July 2017
Farizal Hakiki | Muizzuddin Shidqi

A study performed by Marbun et al. [1] claimed that “A new methodology to predict fracture pressure from former calculations, Matthew–Kelly and Eaton are proposed.” Also, Marbun et al.'s paper stated...

Evaluation of dolomite reservoirs in the Longwangmiao Formation, Lower Cambrian in Northern Sichuan basin, China

Available online 30 June 2017
Xuefei Yang | Yaping Wang | Xingzhi Wang | Deming Zeng | Longbo Xu | Zisang Huang

With the extended petroleum exploration of the carbonate reservoir in the Longwangmiao Formation, Lower Cambrian in Sichuan basin, looking for a new favorable exploration area is the primary task in...

Effects of rock pore sizes on the PVT properties of oil and gas-condensates in shale and tight reservoirs

Available online 19 June 2017
Arash Kamari | Lei Li | James J. Sheng

Shales make up a large proportion of the rocks with extremely low permeability representing many challenges which can be complex in many cases. A careful study of rock and fluid properties (i.e. PVT...

A hybrid PSO-SVM-based model for determination of oil recovery factor in the low-permeability reservoir

Available online 19 June 2017
Bing Han | Xiaoqiang Bian

Oil recovery factor is one of the most important parameters in the development process of oil reservoir, especially in the low-permeability reservoir. In general, the determination of recovery factor...

Verification of two-dimensional LBM-DEM coupling approach and its application in modeling episodic sand production in borehole

June 2017
Yanhui Han | Peter Cundall

The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is implemented in the Particle Flow Code (PFC) as a pore-scale CFD module and coupled with the particulate discrete element assemblage in PFC using an immersed boundary...

Review and prospect on the botryoidal structures from the Sinian Dengying Formation, Sichuan Basin, China

June 2017
Chengbo Lian | Guanxiong Ren | Fang Qu | Xiucheng Tan | Ling Li | Wei Zeng | Guang Hu | Hong Liu

Fabric of carbonate rock is the important foundation and one of main research contents for study on carbonate sedimentology, and has always been the attention of the academic circles. Botryoidal structures...

Most common surfactants employed in chemical enhanced oil recovery

June 2017
Chegenizadeh Negin | Saeedi Ali | Quan Xie

Chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and particularly surfactant injection has recently received a great deal of attention. The suggested recovery mechanisms after injecting surfactants include wettability...

The sedimentary facies characteristics and lithofacies palaeogeography during Middle-Late Cambrian, Sichuan Basin and adjacent area

June 2017
Feifan Lu | Xiucheng Tan | Teng Ma | Ling Li | Aiwei Zhao | Chengpeng Su | Jingqing Wu | Haitao Hong

Combined with the regional strata filling characteristics of Middle-Upper Cambrian, the present paper conducts a systematic research on sedimentary facies in the basin and its peripheral area by utilizing...

Discussion of liquid threshold pressure gradient

June 2017
Xiukun Wang | James J. Sheng

Some authors believe that a minimum pressure gradient (called threshold pressure gradient (TPG)) is required before a liquid starts to flow in a porous medium. In a tight or shale oil formation, this...

A prediction method for the wax deposition rate based on a radial basis function neural network

June 2017
Ying Xie | Yu Xing

The radial basis function neural network is a popular supervised learning tool based on machinery learning technology. Its high precision having been proven, the radial basis function neural network...

Decline curve based models for predicting natural gas well performance

June 2017
Arash Kamari | Amir H. Mohammadi | Moonyong Lee | Alireza Bahadori

The productivity of a gas well declines over its production life as cannot cover economic policies. To overcome such problems, the production performance of gas wells should be predicted by applying...

Discussion of the feasibility of air injection for enhanced oil recovery in shale oil reservoirs

June 2017
Hu Jia | James J. Sheng

Air injection in light oil reservoirs has received considerable attention as an effective, improved oil recovery process, based primarily on the success of several projects within the Williston Basin...

Rheology of diluted and semi-diluted partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide solutions under shear: Experimental studies

June 2017
Rui Zhang | Xianru He | Shuwei Cai | Kun Liu

Rheological properties of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (HPAM) solutions were measured in oscillatory and flow shear. In oscillatory shear the storage and loss moduli increased as the concentrations of...

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) study, on reciprocating compressors API 618

June 2017
Francesco Corvaro | Giancarlo Giacchetta | Barbara Marchetti | Maurilio Recanati

The Oil & Gas industry has continuously increased its requirements and together with the high complexity of technological systems and the higher competitiveness of markets, has compelled providers to...

On the evaluation of steam assisted gravity drainage in naturally fractured oil reservoirs

June 2017
Seyed Morteza Tohidi Hosseini | Shayan Esfahani | Mehran Hashemi Doulatabadi | Abdolhossein Hemmati Sarapardeh | Amir H. Mohammadi

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) as a successful enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process has been applied to extract heavy and extra heavy oils. Huge amount of global heavy oil resources exists in...

Prediction of sand production onset in petroleum reservoirs using a reliable classification approach

June 2017
Farhad Gharagheizi | Amir H. Mohammadi | Milad Arabloo | Amin Shokrollahi

Controlling sand production in the petroleum industry has been a long-standing problem for more than 70 years. To provide technical support for sand control strategy, it is necessary to predict the...

Wormholes propagation for fractured-vuggy formation: Laboratory tests, numerical simulation and field application

Available online 31 May 2017
Fei Liu | Yu Sang | Nanxing Xie | Li Li | Li Ran | Weihua Chen

The propagation of wormhole is vital important for matrix acidizing and acid fracturing in carbonate reservoirs. While the formation of acid dissolved wormhole is derived from heterogeneous physical...

Optimized polymer flooding projects via combination of experimental design and reservoir simulation

Available online 30 May 2017
Ali Bengar | Siyamak Moradi | Mostafa Ganjeh-Ghazvini | Amin Shokrollahi

The conventional approach for an EOR process is to compare the reservoir properties with those of successful worldwide projects. However, some proper cases may be neglected due to the lack of reliable...

CO2 storage in depleted gas reservoirs: A study on the effect of residual gas saturation

Available online 30 May 2017
Arshad Raza | Raoof Gholami | Reza Rezaee | Chua Han Bing | Ramasamy Nagarajan | Mohamed Ali Hamid

Depleted gas reservoirs are recognized as the most promising candidate for carbon dioxide storage. Primary gas production followed by injection of carbon dioxide after depletion is the strategy adopted...

The impact of hydraulic flow unit & reservoir quality index on pressure profile and productivity index in multi-segments reservoirs

Available online 27 May 2017
Salam Al-Rbeawi | Fadhil Kadhim

The objective of this paper is studying the impact of the hydraulic flow unit and reservoir quality index (RQI) on pressure profile and productivity index of horizontal wells acting in finite reservoirs....

Shale hydration inhibition characteristics and mechanism of a new amine-based additive in water-based drilling fluids

Available online 16 May 2017
Pezhman Barati | Khalil Shahbazi | Mosayyeb Kamari | Amir Aghajafari

In this work, shale hydration Inhibition performance of tallow amine ethoxylate as a shale stabilizer in water based drilling fluid, was investigated through these tests: bentonite hydration inhibition...

The study of CO2 absorption intensification using porous media material in aqueous AMP solution

Available online 10 May 2017
Min Xiao | Helei Liu | Haiyan Zhang | Yanqing Na | Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul | Zhiwu Liang

In this work, the performance of CO2 absorption into aqueous 2-amino-2-methyl-propanol (AMP) solution was investigated by measuring the amount of CO2 in the liquid phase during CO2 absorption process...

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