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Reversible and irreversible adsorption of bare and hybrid silica nanoparticles onto carbonate surface at reservoir condition

Available online 7 September 2019
Zain-UL-Abedin Arain | Sarmad Al-Anssari | Muhammad Ali | Shoaib Memon | Masood Ahmed Bhatti | Christopher Lagat | Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Realistic implementation of nanofluids in subsurface projects including carbon geosequestration and enhanced oil recovery requires full understanding of nanoparticles (NPs) adsorption behaviour in the...

A minimum volume prediction of spacer based on turbulent dispersion theory: Model and example

Available online 7 September 2019
Deyang Xu | Jianchun Guo | Bin Yuan | Dayang Wen | Xiang Fang | Hailiang Li | Bo Ling

During cementing operations involving cement slurry contamination, problems often occur due to the inaccurate calculation of the space fluid volume. This study, based on the turbulent dispersion theory,...

Enhanced gelled hydrocarbon well treatment fluids

Available online 31 August 2019
Leiming Li | Sehmus Ozden | Jilin Zhang | Feng Liang

Compared with water-based well treatment fluid systems, hydrocarbon-based fluids possess advantages such as better fluid compatibility and lower formation damage, especially in water-sensitive formations....

Pore volumes to breakthrough estimation in carbonate acidizing with hydrochloric acid by using an analytical derivation method

Available online 4 August 2019
Sina Lohrasb | Radzuan Junin

Acidizing treatment is considered as a significant process in the oil well stimulations to form wormholes in carbonate formation in order to enhance the reservoir fluid production. Obtaining the number...

Surfactant flooding: The influence of the physical properties on the recovery efficiency

Available online 25 July 2019
P. Druetta | F. Picchioni

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes aim at increasing the performance and operative life of oilfields while newer, greener and more efficient energy sources are developed. Among the chemical EOR techniques,...

A multiobjective dominance and decomposition algorithm for reservoir model history matching

Available online 15 July 2019
Osho Ilamah

Reservoir model history matching is a multiobjective optimization problem. It involves the adjustment of relevant reservoir model input parameters, to minimize the mismatch between simulated and observed...

Genesis and characteristics of the dolomite reservoirs in Middle Devonian Guanwushan Formation, Northwest Sichuan Basin, SW China

Available online 11 July 2019
Ya Zhang | Bing Luo | Cong Chen | Minglong Li | Zhimin Jin | Shixuan Zhang | Yuwei Shen

A great breakthrough has been made on oil-gas exploration of the Middle Devonian Guanwushan Formation in Northwest Sichuan Basin. The further exploration shows that the dolomite reservoir is complicated...

Temperature profile estimation: A study on the Boberg and Lantz steam stimulation model

Available online 9 July 2019
Mehdi Safari | Raoof Gholami | Ebrahim Khajehvandi | Majid Mohammadi

Cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) is widely used for production from heavy oil reservoirs where oil viscosity is manipulated by heat. Many analytical models have been developed to predict the temperature...

Slug catcher finger-type CFD simulator for two-phase flow separation

June 2019
Alessio Pierro | Simone Spadoni | Francesco Chiappetta | Francesco Ferrini

Slug catcher is an important and costly equipment in the up-stream assets, but is the less supported by research or commercial simulation software in terms of design and sizing criteria....

A slug capturing method in unconventional scenarios: The 5ESCARGOTS code applied to non-Newtonian fluids, high viscous oils and complex geometries

June 2019
Marco Ferrari | Arianna Bonzanini | Pietro Poesio

Previous work showed that a one-dimensional, hyperbolic, transient five-equation two-fluid model can predict automatically the formation, growth, and subsequent development of slugs in horizontal and...

High efficiency gas-liquid separation system for pumped wells

June 2019
L. Enrique Ortiz-Vidal | Marcel C. Barbosa | Oscar M.H. Rodriguez

Gas-liquid separation is a very common process in industrial plants, where often high Efficiency of Gas Separation (EGS) is demanded. In the upstream oil industry, gas separation is also crucial for...

Influence of oil viscosity on oil-water core-annular flow through a horizontal pipe

June 2019
Erik van Duin | Ruud Henkes | Gijs Ooms

An experimental study has been made of oil-water core-annular flow in a horizontal pipe with special attention for the influence of the oil viscosity on the pressure drop. For that purpose a heating...

Application of Lauryl Betaine in enhanced oil recovery: A comparative study in micromodel

June 2019
Hamidreza Yarveicy | Ali Javaheri

Micromodel flooding is a cost-effective method to investigate enhanced oil recovery. In this study, we apply Lauryl Betaine as an amphoteric surfactant to the injected fluids into the micromodel and...

The pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns: experimental benchmark and computational fluid dynamics modeling

June 2019
Giorgio Besagni | Fabio Inzoli | Thomas Ziegenhein | Dirk Lucas

A precise prediction of the fluid dynamics in bubble columns is of fundamental importance to correctly design “industrial-scale” reactors. It is known that the fluid dynamics in bubble columns is related...

Stratified gas-liquid flow–An analysis of steady state and dynamic simulation for gas-condensate systems

June 2019
Luigi Raimondi

In the transport of gas-liquid mixtures, where the amount of liquid condensate is low, a stratified flow-pattern is predicted by mechanistic two-phase flow models. In this case, the momentum balance...

Velocity profiles description and shape factors inclusion in a hyperbolic, one-dimensional, transient two-fluid model for stratified and slug flow simulations in pipes

June 2019
Arianna Bonzanini | Davide Picchi | Marco Ferrari | Pietro Poesio

In a previous work it has been shown that a one-dimensional, hyperbolic, transient five equations two-fluid model is able to numerically describe stratified, wavy, and slug flow in horizontal and near-horizontal...

Sand transport in multiphase flow mixtures in a horizontal pipeline: An experimental investigation

June 2019
Mariella Leporini | Barbara Marchetti | Francesco Corvaro | Giuseppe di Giovine | Fabio Polonara | Alessandro Terenzi

An inherent problem with both oil and natural gas production is the deposition of sand particles in pipeline, which could lead to problems such as excessive pressure drops, equipment failure, pipeline...

On the scale-up criteria for bubble columns

June 2019
Giorgio Besagni | Lorenzo Gallazzini | Fabio Inzoli

It is generally admitted that experimental data obtained in “laboratory-scale” bubble columns are representative of “industrial-scale” reactors if the well-known three “Wilkinson et al. scale-up criteria”...

Pipeline wax deposition modeling: A sensitivity study on two commercial software

June 2019
Giancarlo Giacchetta | Barbara Marchetti | Mariella Leporini | Alessandro Terenzi | Davide Dall’Acqua | Laura Capece | Roberta Cocci Grifoni

This paper presents the results of a sensitivity study carried out to investigate the performances of two commercial codes, OLGA and LedaFlow, used to model the wax deposition process in pipelines under...

Single- and two-phase flow model in low-permeability reservoir

June 2019
Song Fuquan | Song Xingxing | Wang Yong | Sun Yeheng

In petroleum development, low-permeability reservoir means having permeability of porous media lower than 50 micro-Darcy. The mathematical model of liquid flow in low-permeability reservoirs has been...

Experimental and Numerical Study of Multiphase Flow Phenomena and Models in Oil & Gas Industry

June 2019
Alessandro Terenzi | Barbara Marchetti | Mariella Leporini | Pietro Poesio | Jianjun Liu

Characteristics and Mechanism of Upper Permian Reef Reservoirs in the Eastern Longgang Area, Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China

Available online 22 June 2019
Lei Tan | Hong Liu | Yuzhe Tang | Bing Luo | Ya Zhang | Yuran Yang | Yisha Liao | Weifeng Du | Xiran Yang

As a typical kind of lithologic reservoirs, reef reservoirs are generally featured by their large single-well reservoir thickness, good reservoir physical properties, and high gas well productivity....

Study on wellbore temperature of riserless mud recovery system by CFD approach and numerical calculation

Available online 22 June 2019
Xin Li | Jie Zhang | Xu Tang | Gezhen Mao | Peigang Wang

The riserless mud recovery (RMR) system abandons the riser used in conventional offshore drilling, and the drill string above the seabed is directly exposed to seawater, resulting in convective heat...

Removal of petroleum asphaltenes by improved activity of NiO nanoparticles supported on green AlPO-5 zeolite: Process optimization and adsorption isotherm

Available online 22 June 2019
Majid Mohammadi | Mehdi Sedighi | Meysam Hemati

Asphaltenes removal enhances the quality of the oil and facilitates the processing. In the present work, a NiO/AlPO-5 nanocomposite using green TMG was synthesized as a particular adsorbent for asphaltenes...

Research on conversion time between lost circulation and overflow for the fractured stratum

Available online 20 June 2019
Rongguo Nie | Hongwei Xia | Liangjie Mao | Mingjie Cai

A new model was established based on the flow model of the drilling fluid in one-dimensional radial fracture to research the influencing factors on conversion time between lost circulation and overflow...

A comprehensive review of the application of nano-silica in oil well cementing

Available online 20 June 2019
Akshar Thakkar | Aakash Raval | Shishir Chandra | Manan Shah | Anirbid Sircar

Oil and Gas Industry is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. Drilling a well is costly, right from exploration to drilling and production to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Nanotechnology has the potential...

Prediction of new perforation intervals in a depleted reservoir to achieve the maximum productivity: A case study of PNN logging in a cased-well of an Iranian oil reservoir

Available online 19 June 2019
Saeed Zaker | Shahab mohamadi nafchi | Mahdi Rastegarnia | Soheila Bagheri | Ali Sanati | Amir Naghibi

Pulsed neutron-neutron (PNN) logging is based on emitting neutrons into the near-wellbore zone and computing the neutron count decay due to scattering and capturing. The main application of this logging...

On physical models in V.I. Gulyayev's three papers on drill string whirling and torsional vibrations

Available online 7 June 2019
Zifeng Li | Chaoyue Zhang | Guangming Song

This paper introduces physical models of drill string whirling and torsional vibrations and analyses the physical models in V.I. Gulyayev's three papers on drill string whirling and torsional vibrations:...

Geometric modeling of underground ferromagnetic pipelines for magnetic dipole reconstruction-based magnetic anomaly detection

Available online 7 June 2019
Dandan Zhao | Zhiyong Guo | Jian Du | Zhongxiang Liu | Wei Xu | Gaofei Liu

To aid the magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) of underground ferromagnetic pipelines, this paper proposes a geometric modeling method based on the magnetic dipole reconstruction method (MDRM). First,...

A tight sandstone multi-physical hydraulic fractures simulator study and its field application

Available online 24 May 2019
Yonghong Wang | Binshan Ju | Shihao Wang | Zhenzhou Yang | Qing Liu

During the past years, the recovery of unconventional gas formation has attracted lots of attention and achieved huge success. To produce gas from the low-permeable unconventional formations, hydraulic...

Carbonate rocks resistivity determination using dual and triple porosity conductivity models

Available online 2 May 2019
Zeeshan Tariq | Mohamed Mahmoud | Hasan Al-Youssef | Mohammad Rasheed Khan

The rocks may be classified as Archie rocks or Non-Archie rocks, depending on the link between pore structure and resistivity of the rock. For carbonate rocks, keeping this factor in view, the applicability...

Diagenesis and diagenetic stages prediction of Ed2 reservoir in the west of Bozhong sag

Available online 19 April 2019
Wendao Qian | Taiju Yin | Changmin Zhang | Guowei Hou | Miao He

Diagenesis of clastic rock and hydrocarbon generating capacity are closely related with diagenetic stages. Based on diagenetic evolution, reservoir diagenetic stages prediction method is proposed through...

Sand production: A smart control framework for risk mitigation

Available online 15 April 2019
Hisham Ben Mahmud | Van Hong Leong | Yuli Lestariono

Due to the current global oil price, the sand production is considered undesirable product and the control of sand production is considered as one of the main concerns of production engineers. It can...

Predicting the performance of steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) method utilizing artificial neural network (ANN)

Available online 11 April 2019
Areeba Ansari | Marco Heras | Julianne Nones | Mehdi Mohammadpoor | Farshid Torabi

As the price of oil decreases, it is becoming increasingly important for oil companies to operate in the most cost-effective manner. This problem is especially apparent in Western Canada, where most...

Pore-fillings of dolomite reservoirs in Sinian Dengying Formation in Sichuan basin

Available online 1 April 2019
Chao Chen | Xuefei Yang | Xingzhi Wang | Deming Zeng | Mingyou Feng | Lin Xie | Xiang Li

The Sinian Dengying Formation in the Sichuan basin is an important potential reservoir for oil and gas exploration in the periphery of the Sichuan basin. Its reservoirs were well developed. And many...

Simulation of CO2 removal from ethane with Sulfinol-M+AMP solvent instead of DEA solvent in the South Pars phases 9 and 10 gas processing facility

March 2019
Hassan Ghanbarabadi | Behnam Khoshandam | David A. Wood

Raw gas gathered from well production has to be treated to extract its ethane, to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from it and to dry it, so that the send-out ethane gas complies with transport constraints...

A new method used for reservoir production performance analysis

March 2019
Shuyong Hu | Yi Deng | Yongkai Li | Ran Wang

Water flooding type-curves, recently receiving increasing attentions, play an essential role in evaluation of OOIP and prediction of future production. The study proposed a method modified form Weibull...

A modified predictive model for estimating gas flow rate in horizontal drain hole

March 2019
Fadairo Adesina | Oladepo Adebowale | Adeyemi Gbadegesin

Accurate prediction of the flow rate of horizontal gas well is necessary for economic feasibility, planning and development of gas field. Most of the early models assumed that the production from the...

Sweet-spot mapping through formation evaluation and property modelling using data from the Goldwyer Formation of the Barbwire Terrace, Canning Basin

March 2019
Munther Alshakhs | Reza Rezaee

The Goldwyer Formation of the Canning Basin has been regarded as a highly prospective shale play. This study assesses the potential prospectivity of this source rock as an unconventional hydrocarbon...

Intermittent and short duration ultrasound in a simulated porous medium

March 2019
Augustine Agi | Radzuan Junin | Mohd Faddli Syamsul | Aik Shye Chong | Afeez Gbadamosi

Ultrasound is an unconventional method used to recovery oil, despite the report on the use of this technique, the focus has always been on the continuous application of ultrasound. But the continuous...

Study on mechanical behaviors of double shoulder drill pipe joint thread

March 2019
Liangliang Dong | Xiaohua Zhu | Desheng Yang

Double shoulder drill pipe joint (DSJ) is a novel thread structure which appears in recent years. Its strength reduced efficiently while the structure design is not appropriately, for the DSJ’s mechanical...

Integrated Mineral Analysis of sandstone and dolomite formations using different chelating agents during matrix acidizing

March 2019
Mian Umer Shafiq | Hisham Khaled Ben Mahmud | Mohsen Ghasemi

Mineral analysis plays a major role in the successful matrix acidizing as it shows the change in physiochemical changes in the formation due to the reaction with fluids injected. Mineralogy of the reservoir...

Evaluation of shale fracture toughness based on micrometer indentation test

March 2019
Xue Su | Ping Chen | Tianshou Ma

It is an important mechanical parameter for fracture toughness that affects hydraulic fracturing. Some methods such as indoor test core and logging data interpretation are commonly used to obtain fracture...

Preparation of an environmentally friendly emulsion-type lubricant based on crude rice bran wax

March 2019
Zhengqiang Xiong | Fan Fu | Xiaodong Li | Yanning Li

In this study, crude rice bran wax oil - in - water emulsion (named CRBWE) was prepared by agent-in-water method. The critical factors influencing the sample preparation process were optimized. For...

The effect of natural fracture on the fluid leak-off in hydraulic fracturing treatment

March 2019
Amir Ghaderi | Jaber Taheri-Shakib | Mohamad Amin Sharifnik

Fluid leak-off phenomenon plays a critical role in hydraulic fracturing operation. This phenomenon can be very impressive in successful operation of hydraulic fracturing. This operation is very complex...

A study of the performance of the LSWA CO2 EOR technique on improvement of oil recovery in sandstones

March 2019
H. Al-Abri | P. Pourafshary | N. Mosavat | H. Al Hadhrami

Low salinity water is an emerging enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method that causes wettability alteration towards a favorable state to reduce residual oil saturation, while water alternating gas (WAG)...

A review on casing while drilling technology for oil and gas production with well control model and economical analysis

March 2019
Dipal Patel | Vivek Thakar | Sivakumar Pandian | Manan Shah | Anirbid Sircar

The extraction of petroleum fluids from sub-surface accumulations mandates the drilling of a well into the formation containing the accumulation. The drilling techniques have evolved over time to overcome...

Effect of water salinity on oil/brine interfacial behaviour during low salinity waterflooding: A mechanistic study

Available online 30 March 2019
Peyman Rostami | Mohammad Fattahi Mehraban | Mohammad Sharifi | Morteza Dejam | Shahab Ayatollahi

In recent years, controlling the salinity and composition of the injected water has become an emerging enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique, often described as low salinity (LS) waterflooding. This...

Tightness and sweet spot formation in moldic-pore-type dolomite reservoirs: The middle Ordovician Majiagou Formation in the eastern Ordos Basin, central China

Available online 30 March 2019
Tong Niu | Kai Hu | Di Xiao | Xing Gao | Juanping Chen | Jian Cao

The diagenetic evolution of the moldic-pore-containing gypsum dolomites of the Middle Ordovician Majiagou Formation in the eastern Ordos Basin, central China, was studied by means of petrological, mineralogical,...

Comparative risk evaluation and sensitivity analysis of the Libyan EPSA IV and its modified model LEPSA I

Available online 29 March 2019
Saad A. Balhasan | Brian F. Towler | Khaled O. AlHadramy | Biltayib M. Biltayib

This paper extends the analysis of the fourth model of Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA IV) and our proposed modification of the Libyan Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement...

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