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Tropical Cyclone Research and Review

  • Tropical Cyclone Research and Review
  • is an international journal focusing on tropical cyclone monitoring, forecasting and research as well as its associated hydrological effects and disaster risk reduction. This journal is edited and published by ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee (TC) and Shanghai Typhoon Institute of China Meteorology Administration (STI/CMA). Contributions from all tropical cyclone basins are welcome.

    Scope of the journal includes:

    • Review of tropical cyclones that have unusual characteristics or behavior, or have caused disastrous impacts on Typhoon Committee Members and other WMO regional bodies
    • Advances in tropical cyclone applied and basic research or technology to improve tropical cyclone forecasts and warnings
    • Basic theoretical study of tropical cyclones
    • Event reports, interesting pictures and topic review reports of tropical cyclones
    • Impacts, risk assessments or risk management techniques related to tropical cyclones

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    Editor-in-Chief: Xiaotu LEI, Jixin YU
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    Imprint: KeAi
    ISSN: 2225-6032
    e-ISSN: 2589-3025
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