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Most Downloaded Watershed Ecology and the Environment Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Resilience of coastal communities to climate change in Bangladesh: Research gaps and future directions

Muhammad Ziaul Hoque | Shenghui Cui | Xu Lilai | Imranul Islam | Ghaffar Ali | Jianxiong Tang

The assessment of resilience for people, places, and systems to climate-change hazards is essential for understanding how to reduce disaster risks. Globally, a number of resilience assessment methodologies...

2. Integrated water resources management for an inland river basin in China

Pankaj Kumar | Wei Liu | Xi Chu | Yue Zhang | Zhihui Li

There is a crucial need to achieve a more sustainable management of the world's water resources with serious water scarcity and water pollution. The trans-basin movement of water faces major environmental...

3. Resilience and sustainable development goals based social-ecological indicators and assessment of coastal urban areas ——A case study of Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, China

Jingjing Liang | Yangfan Li

The coastal area, with its fragile environment and the characteristics of both marine and terrestrial, is getting increasing attention globally, highlighting a critical need to form a systematic management...

4. Interaction of spatial sulfur patterns between urban air and woody species of the Pearl River Delta, southern China

Nancai Pei | Yingfang Zhu | Xin Shi | Bing Sun | Juyang Liao | Yan Liu | Feifan Li

Sulfur (S) uptakes by woody plants might indicate the presence of urban air pollution in the form of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is one of the most important pollutants worldwide. The present study...

5. Copper, zinc, manganese, cadmium and chromium in crabs from the mangrove wetlands in Qi'ao Island, South China: Levels, bioaccumulation and dietary exposure

Zaiwang Zhang | Zhanqiang Fang | Jialiang Li | Tao Sui | Lang Lin | Xiangrong Xu

Mangrove wetlands are under increasing pollution pressure from human activities due to rapid industrialization and urbanization of coastal regions. Many pollutants such as heavy metals may be accumulated...

6. Using biochar to purify runoff in road verges of urbanised watersheds: A large-scale field lysimeter study

K. Kuoppamäki | M. Hagner | M. Valtanen | H. Setälä

Urban runoff from traffic areas is a major source of pollution that degrades the quality of adjacent surface waters. Green infrastructure provided by the substantial amount of roadside land at urban...

7. Exploring the influence of hydrology on the threshold phosphorus-loading rate in shallow lakes

William F. Kenney | Matthew N. Waters

The Alternative Stable States Model describes the two contrasting conditions of shallow lakes that occur in response to external phosphorus (P) loading: 1) a clear-water, macrophyte-dominated state...

8. Assessing alteration of leaf litter breakdown rate influenced by dam operation in Nakatsugawa River and Arakawa River, Central Japan

Allan Sriratana Tabucanon | Wenchao Xue | Takeshi Fujino

The process of leaf litter breakdown is essential as a main energy source for aquatic life in stream ecosystems. This process is complicated due to the interaction among the stream's physical, chemical,...

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