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Recent Watershed Ecology and the Environment Articles

Recently published articles from Watershed Ecology and the Environment.

Assessing alteration of leaf litter breakdown rate influenced by dam operation in Nakatsugawa River and Arakawa River, Central Japan

Allan Sriratana Tabucanon | Wenchao Xue | Takeshi Fujino

The process of leaf litter breakdown is essential as a main energy source for aquatic life in stream ecosystems. This process is complicated due to the interaction among the stream's physical, chemical,...

Using biochar to purify runoff in road verges of urbanised watersheds: A large-scale field lysimeter study

K. Kuoppamäki | M. Hagner | M. Valtanen | H. Setälä

Urban runoff from traffic areas is a major source of pollution that degrades the quality of adjacent surface waters. Green infrastructure provided by the substantial amount of roadside land at urban...

Exploring the influence of hydrology on the threshold phosphorus-loading rate in shallow lakes

William F. Kenney | Matthew N. Waters

The Alternative Stable States Model describes the two contrasting conditions of shallow lakes that occur in response to external phosphorus (P) loading: 1) a clear-water, macrophyte-dominated state...

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