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Recently published articles from Animal Nutrition.

Dietary synbiotic supplementation improves the growth performance, body antioxidant pool, serum biochemistry, meat quality, and lipid oxidative stability in broiler chickens

September 2020
Kapil Dev | Nasir Akbar Mir | Avishek Biswas | Jyoti Kannoujia | Jubeda Begum | Rajiv Kant | Asitbaran Mandal

The present study investigated the effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus (LBA) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) supplementation on the production performance, serum biochemistry, antioxidant profile,...

Effect of different starch sources in a raw meat-based diet on fecal microbiome in dogs housed in a shelter

September 2020
Misa Sandri | Sandy Sgorlon | Elisa Scarsella | Bruno Stefanon

A dietary intervention study was assessed to determine if different sources of starch in homemade diets could significantly modify fecal microbiome of dogs. Twenty-seven adult dogs were enrolled and...

Over-processed meat and bone meal and phytase effects on broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis: Part 1. Performance, intestinal lesions and pH, bacterial counts and apparent ileal digestibility

September 2020
Holy K. Zanu | Sarbast K. Kheravii | Natalie K. Morgan | Michael R. Bedford | Robert A. Swick

This feeding study investigated the hypothesis that over-processing of meat and bone meal (MBM) would impair the performance, gut health and ileal digestibility of nutrients in birds challenged with...

Role of dietary gamma-aminobutyric acid in broiler chickens raised under high stocking density

September 2020
Su-Been Jeong | Yoo Bhin Kim | Jeong-Woo Lee | Da-Hye Kim | Byung-Hern Moon | Hong-Hee Chang | Yang-Ho Choi | Kyung-Woo Lee

The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in broiler chickens raised in high stocking density (HSD) on performance and physiological responses....

Effect of toasting grain silages from field peas (Pisum sativum) and field beans (Vicia faba) on in vitro gas production, methane production, and post-ruminal crude protein content

September 2020
Martin Bachmann | Christian Kuhnitzsch | Sebastian Michel | Annabel Thierbach | Mandy Bochnia | Jörg M. Greef | Siriwan D. Martens | Olaf Steinhöfel | Annette Zeyner

Legume grains such as field peas and field beans can be produced on a local level, and may be reliable sources of dietary protein and energy apart from common soybean and rapeseed meals. In ruminants,...

Dietary supplementation of Bacillus subtilis PB6 improves sow reproductive performance and reduces piglet birth intervals

September 2020
Qianqian Zhang | Jian Li | Meng Cao | Yan Li | Yong Zhuo | Zhengfeng Fang | Lianqiang Che | Shengyu Xu | Bin Feng | Yan Lin | Xuemei Jiang | Xilun Zhao | De Wu

We investigated the effects of dietary supplementation with Bacillus subtilis PB6 (B. subtilis PB6) during late gestation and lactation on sow reproductive performance, antioxidant indices, and gut...

Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) silage in dairy cow rations reduces ruminal biohydrogenation and increases transfer efficiencies of unsaturated fatty acids from feed to milk

September 2020
Nguyen Thi Huyen | Martin W.A. Verstegen | Wouter H. Hendriks | Wilbert F. Pellikaan

The effects of replacing grass silage by sainfoin silage in a total mixed ration (TMR) based diet on fatty acid (FA) reticular inflow and milk FA profile of dairy cows was investigated. The experiment...

Priming of intestinal cytoprotective genes and antioxidant capacity by dietary phytogenic inclusion in broilers

September 2020
Konstantinos C. Mountzouris | Vasileios V. Paraskeuas | Konstantinos Fegeros

The potential of a phytogenic premix (PP) based on ginger, lemon balm, oregano and thyme to stimulate the expression of cytoprotective genes at the broiler gut level was evaluated in this study. In...

Bacillus subtilis ANSB01G culture alleviates oxidative stress and cell apoptosis induced by dietary zearalenone in first-parity gestation sows

September 2020
Jianchuan Zhou | Xiang Ao | Yuanpei Lei | Cheng Ji | Qiugang Ma

This study was conducted to evaluate the alleviation of Bacillus subtilis ANSB01G culture as zearalenone (ZEA) biodegradation agent on oxidative stress, cell apoptosis and fecal ZEA residue in the first...

Micro-encapsulated essential oils and organic acids combination improves intestinal barrier function, inflammatory responses and microbiota of weaned piglets challenged with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli F4 (K88+)

September 2020
Yetong Xu | Ludovic Lahaye | Zhengxiao He | Jinxiao Zhang | Chengbo Yang | Xiangshu Piao

This study evaluated the effects of micro-encapsulated (protected) organic acids (OA) and essential oils (EO) combination, P(OA + EO), and effects of a regular blend of free acids (FA) on the growth,...

Facilitating the acceptance of tangibly reduced-crude protein diets for chicken-meat production

September 2020
Peter V. Chrystal | Shiva Greenhalgh | Peter H. Selle | Sonia Yun Liu

Inclusions of non-bound amino acids particularly methionine, lysine and threonine, together with the “ideal protein” concept have allowed nutritionists to formulate broiler diets with reduced crude...

Dietary mitigation of enteric methane emissions from ruminants: A review of plant tannin mitigation options

September 2020
Byeng R. Min | Sandra Solaiman | Heidi M. Waldrip | David Parker | Richard W. Todd | David Brauer

Methane gas from livestock production activities is a significant source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which have been shown to influence climate change. New technologies offer a potential to manipulate...

Macronutrient modulation of mRNA and microRNA function in animals: A review

September 2020
Md Mahmodul Hasan Sohel

Dietary macronutrients have been regarded as a basic source of energy and amino acids that are necessary for the maintenance of cellular homeostasis, metabolic programming as well as protein synthesis....

Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and Campylobacter infection induce diarrhea in piglets: Microbial dysbiosis and intestinal disorder

September 2020
Gang Yang | Yali Yan | Li Zhang | Zheng Ruan | Xiaoqing Hu | Shuo Zhang | Xiaozhen Li

Diarrhea is considered to be associated with microbial dysbiosis caused by infection of pathogens but poorly understood. We herein characterized the colonic microbiota of diarrheal early-weaning piglets...

Live yeast supplementation during late gestation and lactation affects reproductive performance, colostrum and milk composition, blood biochemical and immunological parameters of sows

September 2020
Xie Peng | Chuan Yan | Liang Hu | Yingyan Huang | Zhengfeng Fang | Yan Lin | Shengyu Xu | Bin Feng | Jian Li | Yong Zhuo | De Wu | Lianqiang Che

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary live yeast (LY) supplementation during late gestation and lactation on reproductive performance, colostrum and milk composition, blood biochemical...

Nutritional value, bioactivity, and application potential of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) as a neotype feed resource

Available online 25 September 2020
Yue Wang | Yiguang Zhao | Fuguang Xue | Xuemei Nan | Hui Wang | Dengke Hua | Jun Liu | Liang Yang | Linshu Jiang | Benhai Xiong

The large-scale development of herbivorous animal husbandry has increased the demand for forage products in China. However, due to scarce land resources and poor soil quality, forage is in short supply....

Dietary supplementation of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol improves tibial mass by suppression bone resorption in meat ducks

Available online 20 September 2020
Huaiyong Zhang | Qiufeng Zeng | Shiping Bai | Jianping Wang | Xuemei Ding | Yue Xuan | Zhuowei Su | Gergory S. Fraley | Bing Yao | Keying Zhang

Leg problems often result from the rapid weight gain and poor bone quality in modern ducks, leading to a high risk of fractures and continuous pain. We hypothesized that increasing bone quality in combination...

Dietary xylanase and live yeast supplementation influence intestinal bacterial populations and growth performance of piglets fed a sorghum-based diet

Available online 5 September 2020
Gemma González-Ortiz | Marco A. Callegari | Pete Wilcock | Diego Melo-Duran | Michael R. Bedford | Hilário R.V. Oliveira | Marcos A.A. da Silva | Carlos R. Pierozan | Caio A. da Silva

This study was to evaluate the effect of xylanase supplementation and the addition of live yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, on growth performance and intestinal microbiota in piglets. One hundred and...

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 improves performance and gut function in broilers fed different levels of protein and/or under necrotic enteritis challenge

Available online 23 August 2020
Kosar Gharib-Naseri | Juliano C.P. Dorigam | Kiran Doranalli | Natalie Morgan | Robert A. Swick | Mingan Choct | Shu-Biao Wu

Two studies were conducted to investigate the effect of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 (BA) as a probiotic on growth performance, amino acid digestibility and bacteria population in broiler chickens...

Dietary supplementation of yeast cell wall improves the gastrointestinal development of weaned calves

Available online 15 July 2020
Jian Ma | Mujtaba Ali Shah | Yaqun Shao | Zhisheng Wang | Huawei Zou | Kun Kang

The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential benefits of yeast cell wall (YCW) on the gastrointestinal development of weaned calves. Twenty healthy Holstein male calves (BW = 92 ± 8.29...

Regulative role of L-proline on fetal pig growth and intestinal epithelial cell proliferation in vivo and in vitro

Available online 15 July 2020
Jing Wang | Bi E. Tan | Jianjun Li | Xiangfeng Kong | Minjie Tan | Guoyao Wu

L-proline (Pro) is a precursor of ornithine, which is converted into polyamines via ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). Polyamines plays a key role in the proliferation of intestinal epithelial cells. The...

Protein digestive dynamics of meat and bone meals in broiler chickens

Available online 9 July 2020
Shemil P. Macelline | Leon R. McQuade | Bernie V. Mclnerney | Amy F. Moss | Peter H. Selle | Sonia Y. Liu

This study determined the variations in protein digestibilities and digestion rates in broiler chickens offered diets containing 7 different meat and bone meals (MBM). A total of 252 male Ross 308 broiler...

Use of nanoscale metals in poultry diet as a mineral feed additive

June 2020
Еlena Sizova | Sergey Miroshnikov | Svyatoslav Lebedev | Boris Usha | Sergey Shabunin

The research was aimed at studying the efficiency of a nanoscale alloy of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) to be used as a mineral additive for feeding broiler chickens, compared to inorganic and organic forms...

An alternative model for fetal loss disorders associated with mare reproductive loss syndrome

June 2020
Thomas W. Swerczek

Fertile chicken eggs were used as an alternative model for large animals to evaluate suspect toxic dietary ingredients for fetal loss disorders associated with mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS)...

Maternal chitosan oligosaccharide intervention optimizes the production performance and health status of gilts and their offspring

June 2020
Thi Ho | Marefa Jahan | Ziaul Haque | Susie Kracht | Peter C. Wynn | Yuguang Du | Allan Gunn | Bing Wang

Chitosan oligosaccharides (COS) are the hydrolyzed product of chitosan and have multifunctional health benefits. The objective of this study was to elucidate the effect of COS as a dietary supplement...

Effects of starch and gelatin encapsulated vitamin A on growth performance, immune status and antioxidant capacity in weaned piglets

June 2020
Yuhan Hu | Lin Zhang | Yu Zhang | Haitao Xiong | Fengqin Wang | Yizhen Wang | Zeqing Lu

To evaluate the effects of gelatin and starch encapsulated vitamin A on growth performance, immune status and antioxidant capacity in weaned piglets, a total of 96 weaned piglets (body weight = 9.11 ± 0.03 kg,...

Body weight and range usage affect net energy utilisation in commercial free-range laying hens when evaluated in net energy chambers

June 2020
Manisha Kolakshyapati | Shu-Biao Wu | Terence Z. Sibanda | Santiago Ramirez-Cuevas | Isabelle Ruhnke

Within a given free-range flock, some hens prefer to spend the majority of their time in the shed (stayers), while others frequently access the range (rangers). Laying performance has been associated...

Volatile basic nitrogen measurement in digesta using a Berthelot reaction in automated Skalar instrumentation

June 2020
Holy K. Zanu | Leanne Lisle | Michael R. Bedford | Robert A. Swick

The undigested nitrogenous fraction entering the hindgut of chickens is further metabolized by microbiota present producing volatile basic metabolites including amines and ammonia (NH3). Ammonia increases...

Antioxidant mechanism of tea polyphenols and its impact on health benefits

June 2020
Zhaoming Yan | Yinzhao Zhong | Yehui Duan | Qinghua Chen | Fengna Li

Tea trees have a long history of cultivation and utilization. People in many countries have the habit of drinking tea and choosing green tea, oolong tea, or black tea according to different regions...

Combined yeast culture and organic selenium supplementation during late gestation and lactation improve preweaning piglet performance by enhancing the antioxidant capacity and milk content in nutrient-restricted sows

June 2020
Shihai Zhang | Zhihui Wu | Jinghui Heng | Hanqing Song | Min Tian | Fang Chen | Wutai Guan

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation with yeast culture (YC) and organic selenium (Se) during late gestation and lactation on reproductive performance, milk...

Dietary glutamine, glutamate, and aspartate supplementation improves hepatic lipid metabolism in post-weaning piglets

June 2020
Ming Qi | Jing Wang | Bi'e Tan | Jianjun Li | Simeng Liao | Yanhong Liu | Yulong Yin

A previous study has demonstrated that early weaning significantly suppressed hepatic glucose metabolism in piglets. Glutamate (Glu), aspartate (Asp) and glutamine (Gln) are major metabolic fuels for...

Capping dietary starch:protein ratios in moderately reduced crude protein, wheat-based diets showed promise but further reductions generated inferior growth performance in broiler chickens

June 2020
Shiva Greenhalgh | Bernard V. McInerney | Leon R. McQuade | Peter V. Chrystal | Ali Khoddami | Molly A.M. Zhuang | Sonia Y. Liu | Peter H. Selle

The hypothesis that capping dietary starch:protein ratios would enhance the performance of broiler chickens offered reduced-crude protein (CP) diets was tested in this experiment. A total of 432 off-sex,...

Dietary pectic oligosaccharide supplementation improves rat reproductive performance via regulating intestinal volatile fatty acids during middle gestation

June 2020
Minghui Liu | Xiangbing Mao | Daiwen Chen | Bing Yu | Jun He | Ping Zheng | Jie Yu | Junqiu Luo | Yuheng Luo | Jianping Wang | Quyuan Wang | Huifen Wang

As a kind of green additive, pectic oligosaccharide (POS) may regulate some physiological functions of animals, such as gut health, antioxidant capacity, immunity and lipid metabolism. This study aimed...

Effect of full-fat sunflower or flaxseed seeds dietary inclusion on performance, egg yolk fatty acid profile and egg quality in laying hens

June 2020
Yandy J. Aguillón-Páez | Laura A. Romero | Gonzalo J. Diaz

A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of the dietary inclusion of full-fat flaxseed or full-fat sunflower seeds on performance parameters, egg quality parameters and egg yolk fatty acid profile...

Effect of dietary L-glutamate levels on growth, digestive and absorptive capability, and intestinal physical barrier function in Jian carp (Cyprinus carpio var. Jian)

June 2020
Ye Zhao | Tian-Ran Zhang | Qian Li | Lin Feng | Yang Liu | Wei-Dan Jiang | Pei Wu | Juan Zhao | Xiao-Qiu Zhou | Jun Jiang

The present study explored effects of L-glutamate (Glu) levels on growth, digestive and absorptive capability, and intestinal physical barrier functions of Jian carp (Cyprinus carpio). A total of 600...

Effects of benzoic acid, Bacillus coagulans and oregano oil combined supplementation on growth performance, immune status and intestinal barrier integrity of weaned piglets

June 2020
Junning Pu | Daiwen Chen | Gang Tian | Jun He | Ping Zheng | Xiangbing Mao | Jie Yu | Zhiqing Huang | Junqiu Luo | Yuheng Luo | Bing Yu

This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of benzoic acid, Bacillus coagulans and oregano oil combined supplementation on growth performance, immune status and intestinal barrier integrity...

Dietary protein levels and amino acid supplementation patterns alter the composition and functions of colonic microbiota in pigs

June 2020
Yumei Zhao | Gang Tian | Daiwen Chen | Ping Zheng | Jie Yu | Jun He | Xiangbing Mao | Zhiqing Huang | Yuheng Luo | Junqiu Luo | Bing Yu

Different dietary nitrogen (N) patterns may have different effects on gut microbiota. To investigate the effects of different crude protein (CP) levels or essential amino acids (EAA) supplementation...

A selectively suppressing amino acid transporter: Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 2 inhibits cell growth and mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 pathway in skeletal muscle cells

Available online 26 June 2020
Lingyu Zhang | Yehui Duan | Qiuping Guo | Wenlong Wang | Fengna Li

Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 2 (SNAT2), also known as solute carrier family 38 member 2 (SLC38A2), is expressed in the skeletal muscle. Our research previously indicated that SNAT2...

Effects of stocking density on growth performance, blood parameters and immunity of growing pigs

Available online 19 June 2020
Xue Li | Xia Xiong | Xin Wu | Gang Liu | Kai Zhou | Yulong Yin

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of different stocking densities on growth performance, blood parameters, intestinal morphology and intestinal immunity of growing pigs. A total of 288...

Imbalanced dietary methionine-to-sulfur amino acid ratio can affect amino acid profiles, antioxidant capacity, and intestinal morphology of piglets

Available online 26 May 2020
Miaomiao Bai | Lei Wang | Hongnan Liu | Kang Xu | Jinping Deng | Ruilin Huang | Yulong Yin

Animal protein sources such as fishmeal and plasma powder are excellent and indispensable sources of energy, amino acids, and minerals in animal production. Amino acid imbalance, especially methionine-to-sulfur...

Over-processed meat and bone meal and phytase effects on broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis: Part 2. Inositol phosphate esters hydrolysis, intestinal permeability, hematology, jejunal gene expression and intestinal morphology

Available online 30 April 2020
Holy K. Zanu | Sarbast K. Kheravii | Natalie K. Morgan | Michael R. Bedford | Robert A. Swick

This study investigated the hypothesis that feeding broilers over-processed meat and bone meal (MBM) would impair gut health in the absence of phytase and in turn, affect inositol phosphate (inositol...

Chromium propionate improves performance and carcass traits in broilers

Available online 24 April 2020
Veerle Van Hoeck | Mahendra Sonawane | Antonio L. Gonzalez Sanchez | Iris Van Dosselaer | Chris Buyens | Dany Morisset

There is evidence to suggest that poultry may have a dietary requirement for metabolically available chromium (Cr) that exceeds the amount provided through wheat soybean meal diets. The objective of...

Effects of dietary probiotic supplementation on the growth, gut health and disease resistance of juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

March 2020
Yun Xia | Miao Wang | Fengying Gao | Maixin Lu | Gang Chen

This study investigated the effects of the Streptococcus agalactiae antagonizing probiotics Bacillus cereus NY5 and Bacillus subtilis as feed additives for Nile tilapia in terms of growth performance,...

Colostrum and milk performance, and blood immunity indices and minerals of Holstein cows receiving organic Mn, Zn and Cu sources

March 2020
Habiballah Roshanzamir | Javad Rezaei | Hassan Fazaeli

Effects of supplementing the basal diets with Mn, Zn and Cu, as sulphate, glycine or methionine salts, on colostrum and milk performance, some blood immunity indices and blood minerals of pre- and post-partum...

Molecular cloning, tissue distribution and the expression of cystine/glutamate exchanger (xCT, SLC7A11) in different tissues during development in broiler chickens

March 2020
Janghan Choi | Weiqi Li | Brayden Schindell | Liju Ni | Shangxi Liu | Xiaoya Zhao | Joshua Gong | Martin Nyachoti | Chengbo Yang

The cystine/glutamate exchanger (xCT, SLC7A11) is a component of the system Xc amino-acid antiporter that is able to export glutamate and import cysteine into cells. The xCT amino acid exchanger has...

Hepatic lipid metabolism is affected by a daily 3-meal pattern with varying dietary crude protein with a pig model

March 2020
Chunyan Xie | Xinyi Duan | Cimin Long | Xin Wu

The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of 3 meals administered daily with varying dietary crude protein (CP) contents on hepatic lipid metabolism with a pig model. Pigs were divided...

Effect of phytase on phosphorous balance in 20-kg barrows fed low or adequate phosphorous diets

March 2020
Tsung Cheng Tsai | Robert Dove | Michael R. Bedford | Michael J. Azain

The effects of phytase on phosphorus (P) digestibility are well established. However, there are few studies that report P balance, particularly when phytase is used in diets that have adequate or deficient...

Comparison between linseed expeller and canola expeller on concentrate intake, and circulating inflammatory mediators in Holstein calves

March 2020
Pedro Melendez | Romina Ramirez | María P. Marin | Mario Duchens | Pablo Pinedo

The objective of this study was to compare the effect of linseed and canola expeller on average daily weight gain (ADG), concentrate intakes, incidence of diarrhea, serum haptoglobin, interleukin (IL)-1,...

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