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Recently published articles from Animal Nutrition.

Grain free diets for utility dogs during training work: Evaluation of the nutrient digestibility and faecal characteristics

Available online 20 May 2019
Biagina Chiofalo | Giulia De Vita | Vittorio Lo Presti | Salvatore Cucinotta | Gabriella Gaglio | Francesco Leone | Ambra R. Di Rosa

Two different diets characterized by the absence of cereals or by the presence of conventional cereals were evaluated on the nutrient digestibility and faecal characteristics and faecal fermentative...

Dietary supplementation of xylanase and protease on growth performance, digesta viscosity, nutrient digestibility, immune and oxidative stress status, and gut health of newly weaned pigs

Available online 11 May 2019
Marcos E. Duarte | Fang X. Zhou | Wilson M. Dutra | Sung Woo Kim

This study was to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation with xylanase and protease on growth performance, digesta viscosity, apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of nutrients, and gut health...

Fermentation characteristics of resistant starch, arabinoxylan, and β-glucan and their effects on the gut microbial ecology of pigs: A review

Available online 9 May 2019
Utsav P. Tiwari | Amit K. Singh | Rajesh Jha

Dietary fibers (DF) contain an abundant amount of energy, although the mammalian genome does not encode most of the enzymes required to degrade them. However, a mutual dependence is developed between...

Expression of antioxidant genes in broiler chickens fed nettle (Urtica dioica) and its link with pulmonary hypertension

Available online 9 May 2019
Behnam Ahmadipour | Fariborz Khajali

Nettle (Urtica dioica) contains a wide range of chemical constituents that confer a strong antioxidant capacity to the plant. The present study was to investigate the antioxidant gene expression and...

Cloning, expression pattern, and potential role of MAPKp38 and NF-κBp65 in response to lipopolysaccharide in yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco)

Available online 4 May 2019
Dan Shi | Ye Zhao | Lin Feng | Yang Liu | Wei-Dan Jiang | Pei Wu | Juan Zhao | Jun Jiang | Xiao-Qiu Zhou

Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK) and nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) pathways are considered to be 2 of the crucial intracellular signaling cascades in pro-inflammatory responses. In this study,...

Evaluation of Calendula officinalis L. (marigold) flower as a natural growth promoter in comparison with using of an antibiotic growth promoter on growth performance, carcass traits and humoral immune responses of broiler chicks

Available online 30 April 2019
Marjan Foroutankhah | Majid Toghyani | Nasir Landy

The objective of this experiment was to investigate the effects of dried powder of Calendula officinalis L. (marigold) flower as an antibiotic growth promoter substitute on growth performance, organ...

Daily expression of sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter-1 protein in jejunum during rat ontogeny

Available online 27 April 2019
Juan I. Bastón | Fabricio D. Cid | Enrique Caviedes-Vidal | Juan G. Chediack

It is widely known that intestinal capacities such as the enzymatic hydrolysis of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, and the subsequent absorption of the hydrolyzed products, are evolutionary matched...

Influence of dietary hydrogenated palm oil supplementation on serum biochemistry and progesterone levels in dairy goats

Available online 26 April 2019
Raffaella Tudisco | Nadia Musco | Maria E. Pero | Valeria M. Morittu | Micaela Grossi | Vincenzo Mastellone | Gina Cavaliere | Metha Wanapat | Federico Infascelli | Pietro Lombardi

This research was to investigate the influence of hydrogenated palm oil (HPO) added to a dairy goat diet on serum biochemistry and progesterone levels. Thirty pregnant Cilentana dairy goats were equally...

Effects of phytonutrients on growth performance, antioxidative status, and energy utilization of broilers fed low energy diets

Available online 19 April 2019
Lei Yan | Sha An | Zunzhou Lv | Zhengguo Wang | YuemingWu | Yutao Zhu | Min Zhao | Chunhua Sun | Mingbin Lv | Zhengpeng Zhu | Yuming Guo

Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of phytonutrients (PN) on growth performance, antioxidant status, intestinal morphology, and nutrient utilization of birds fed low energy diets....

Dietary sources and levels of selenium supplements affect growth performance, carcass yield, meat quality and tissue selenium deposition in broilers

Available online 17 April 2019
Reza Bakhshalinejad | Ahmad Hassanabadi | Robert A. Swick

This study examined the effects of sources and levels of selenium (Se) on performance, carcass parts yield, meat quality and tissue Se concentration in broilers. A total of 960 one-day-old male broilers...

Coarse corn particles cause negative effect on eggshell quality of semi-heavy laying hens

Available online 11 April 2019
Vanessa R.M. Oliveira | Alex M.V. Arruda | Aurora S. Melo | Davyd H. Souza | João B.F. Souza-Junior | Raimunda T.V. Fernandes | João P.A.F. Queiroz

One of the possible ways to optimize the productive performance of poultry is through the physical processing of ingredients, which can improve the use of nutrients in these animals. In this context,...

Impact of zinc and arginine on antioxidant status of weanling piglets raised under commercial conditions

Available online 5 April 2019
Nadia Bergeron | Frédéric Guay

The effects of dietary zinc and L-arginine supplements on the weight gain, feed efficiency, antioxidant capacity and oxidative status of weanling piglets raised under commercial conditions were examined....

Influence of dietary carbohydrases, individually or in combination with phytase or an acidifier, on performance, gut morphology and microbial population in broiler chickens fed a wheat-based diet

March 2019
Amin Roofchaei | Vahid Rezaeipour | Safieh Vatandour | Faegheh Zaefarian

The objective of this study was to examine the effects of dietary carbohydrases (xylanase and β-glucanase; XG), individually or in combination with phytase or acidifier on the growth performance, carcass...

Effects of Angelica sinensis extracts on lipid oxidation in fish feeds and growth performance of juvenile Jian carp (Cyprinus carpio var. Jian)

March 2019
Huatao Li | Dandan Yang | Zhihao Li | Mingquan He | Fengyi Li | Jun Jiang | Siyi Tang | Peiyuan Peng | Wenhao Du | Yuting Ma | Ying Liu

The study was to explore the effect of the extracts of Angelica sinensis (EAs) on lipid oxidation in fish feeds compared with ethoxyquin (EQ) and the effect of dietary EAs on growth performance of carp...

On growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood T lymphocyte subsets, and cardiac antioxidant status of broilers

March 2019
Wenying Huo | Min Li | Jianping Wang | Zhixiang Wang | Yanqun Huang | Wen Chen

Different lipid sources differ in the fatty acid profiles and differently affect growth performance as well as immune function of broilers. The influences of different dietary lipid sources on growth...

Effect of arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides and arabinoxylans on net energy and nutrient utilization in broilers

March 2019
Natalie K. Morgan | Chake Keerqin | Andrew Wallace | Shu-Biao Wu | Mingan Choct

Arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides (AXOS) are hydrolytic degradation products of arabinoxylans (AX) that can be fermented by the gut microbiota, thus potentially displaying prebiotic properties. This study...

Growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and slaughter traits of male fattening lambs under different feeding standards

March 2019
Tao Ma | Fan Wan | Dong Yang | Kaidong Deng | Kailun Yang | Qiyu Diao

This study compared the growth performance, nutrient utilization, and slaughter traits of Dorper crossbred male lambs fed as per the established nutrition recommendations for sheep, with an aim to verify...

Feeding of processed vegetable wastes to bulls and its potential environmental benefit

March 2019
Nani G. Das | Khan S. Huque | Sardar M. Amanullah | Harinder P.S. Makkar

The study was conducted with the objectives to quantify year round availability of different vegetables waste (VW) in a wholesale market and to determine the inclusion level of a processed VW (VWP)...

Influence of drying technique on chemical composition and ruminal degradability of subtropical Cajanus cajan L.

March 2019
Lindokuhle S. Buthelezi | John F. Mupangwa | Voster Muchenje | Florence V. Nherera-Chokuda

The experiment investigated the influence of forage drying methods on the dry-matter digestibility of foliage from Cajanus cajan varieties (ICEAP 00557, ICEAP 01514 and CIMMYT100/01). These leaves were...

Productive performance, egg quality, hematological parameters and serum chemistry of laying hens fed diets supplemented with certain fat-soluble vitamins, individually or combined, during summer season

March 2019
Mohamed E. Abd El-Hack | Mahmoud Alagawany | Khalid M. Mahrose | Muhammad Arif | Muhammad Saeed | Muhammad A. Arain | Rab N. Soomro | Farman A. Siyal | Sarfraz A. Fazlani | Justin Fowler

This present study aimed to determine the efficacy of supplementing layer diets with vitamin A (0, 8,000 and 16,000 IU/kg diet) and vitamin E (0, 250 and 500 mg/kg diet) either individually or in combination...

Growth performance, gastrointestinal weight, microbial metabolites and apparent retention of components in broiler chickens fed up to 11% rice bran in a corn-soybean meal diet without or with a multi-enzyme supplement

March 2019
Juan Sanchez | Aizwarya Thanabalan | Tanka Khanal | Rob Patterson | Bogdan A. Slominski | Elijah Kiarie

We investigated the effects of adding up to 11% rice bran (RB) in corn-soybean meal diets fed to broiler chickens without or with a multi-enzyme supplement (MES). The MES supplied xylanase, β-glucanase,...

Broiler gut microbiota and expressions of gut barrier genes affected by cereal type and phytogenic inclusion

March 2019
Vasileios Paraskeuas | Konstantinos C. Mountzouris

The present study assessed the effects of cereal type and the inclusion level of a phytogenic feed additive (PFA) on broiler ileal and cecal gut microbiota composition, volatile fatty acids (VFA) and...

Recent advances in fermented feeds towards improved broiler chicken performance, gastrointestinal tract microecology and immune responses: A review

March 2019
Sugiharto Sugiharto | Samir Ranjitkar

Previously, fermentation has been associated with methods that improve the nutritional value of unconventional feed ingredients for broilers. In recent decades, the fermentation process has been employed...

Involvement of Quebracho tannins in diet alters productive and reproductive efficiency of postpartum buffalo cows

March 2019
Sobhy M.A. Sallam | Marwa F.A. Attia | Adel N.M. Nour El-Din | Samir Z. El-Zarkouny | Adel M. Saber | Hani M. El-Zaiat | Moustafa M. Zeitoun

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of 10 weeks supplementation of Quebracho tannins (QT; 0 [control], 100 [QT100] or 200 g/[cow·d] [QT200]) to 30 multiparous postpartum buffalo cows...

Performance effects of feed-borne Fusarium mycotoxins on broiler chickens: Influences of timing and duration of exposure

March 2019
Anhao Wang | Natacha S. Hogan

In commercial practice, broiler chickens may be exposed to Fusarium mycotoxins either during specific growth stages or throughout the entire production cycle. A 34-day feeding trial was conducted to...

A β-glucosidase-producing M-2 strain: Isolation from cow dung and fermentation parameter optimization for flaxseed cake

March 2019
Chenhui Li | Junshu Wei | Yaping Jing | Baoxia Teng | Pingrong Yang | Xinjun Chen | Haiying Huang | Tang Zhao | Tuanjie Che | Chunjiang Zhang

Flaxseed cake contains cyanogenic glucosides, which can be metabolized into hydrocyanic acid in an animal's body, leading to asphyxia poisoning in cells. Beta-glucosidase is highly efficient in degrading...

Review on docosahexaenoic acid in poultry and swine nutrition: Consequence of enriched animal products on performance and health characteristics

March 2019
Sophie A. Lee | Natasha Whenham | Michael R. Bedford

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) are linked to a variety of health benefits against human disorders and disease. However, the typical western diet is generally low in n-3 PUFA and high...

Basal diet and indigestible marker influence apparent digestibility of nitrogen and amino acids of cottonseed meal and soybean meal in pigs

Available online 5 March 2019
Susanto Prawirodigdo | Neil J. Gannon | Brian J. Leury | Frank R. Dunshea

This study was to determine the apparent ileal nitrogen (N) and amino acid digestibility of cottonseed meal (CSM) and soybean meal (SBM) in simple carbohydrate-based and more complex wheat-based diets....

Is the kafirin profile capable of modulating the ileal digestibility of amino acids in a soybean meal-sorghum diet fed to pigs?

Available online 25 February 2019
Víctor A. Balderrama-Pérez | José G. Gómez-Soto | Tércia C. Reis de Souza | Ericka R. Rodríguez | Gerardo Mariscal-Landín

The effects of kafirins on protein and amino acid ileal digestibility have not been evaluated in vivo in pigs. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of protein profile on apparent ileal...

Reduced dietary nitrogen with a high Lys:CP ratio restricted dietary N excretion without negatively affecting weaned piglets

Available online 2 February 2019
Hongnan Liu | Li Wu | Hui Han | Yuying Li | Lijian Wang | Jie Yin | Wenjun Fan | Miaomiao Bai | Jiming Yao | Xingguo Huang | Tiejun Li

We hypothesized that balancing the content of exogenous amino acids, especially lysine, to reduce protein content in swine diets could reduce nitrogen (N) pollution associated with animal husbandry....

Sampling duration and freezing temperature influence the analysed gastric inositol phosphate composition of pigs fed diets with different levels of phytase

Available online 22 January 2019
Steven Laird | Imke Kühn | Michael R. Bedford | Hayley Whitfield | Helen M. Miller

This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of time and freezing temperature during sampling on gastric phytate (myo-inositol [MYO] hexakisphosphate [InsP6]), lower inositol phosphates (InsP2–5)...

Effect of Saccharomyces boulardii and Bacillus subtilis B10 on gut microbiota modulation in broilers

December 2018
Chubin Qin | Li Gong | Xiaoping Zhang | Yuanyuan Wang | Yibin Wang | Baikui Wang | Yali Li | Weifen Li

The gut microbiota plays important roles in animal overall health and productiveness. Balancing host gut microbiota by probiotics has been documented. Our previous study showed that Saccharomyces boulardii...

Productive performance of commercial growing and finishing pigs supplemented with a Buttiauxella phytase as a total replacement of inorganic phosphate

December 2018
Yueming Dersjant-Li | Peter Plumstead | Ajay Awati | Janet Remus

The objective of this study was to test if a novel phytase from Buttiauxella sp. can replace all added inorganic phosphate in a diet with reduced Ca and metabolizable energy (ME) fed to commercial pigs...

Impact of essential oils and organic acids on the growth performance, digestive functions and immunity of broiler chickens

December 2018
Xin Yang | Hongliang Xin | Chengbo Yang | Xiaojun Yang

The aim of the experiment was to study the effects of feeding blends of sorbic acid, fumaric acid, and thymol (EOA) on growth performance, digestive functions, and immunity of broiler chickens. A total...

Diet supplementation with an organic acids-based formulation affects gut microbiota and expression of gut barrier genes in broilers

December 2018
Irida Palamidi | Konstantinos C. Mountzouris

This study was designed to study the effect of diet supplementation with an organic acids-based formulation (OABF) on luminal- and mucosa-associated bacteria, concentration of volatile fatty acids (VFA),...

Thyme oil inclusion levels in a rabbit ration: Evaluation of productive performance, carcass criteria and meat quality under hot environmental conditions

December 2018
Ahmed A.A. Abdel-Wareth | Eman M.M. Taha | Karl-Heinz Südekum | Jayant Lohakare

The aim of this study was to determine the impact of thyme essential oil supplementation in rabbit rations on performance, carcass criteria, and meat quality under hot environmental conditions. A total...

Development of an in vitro protein digestibility assay mimicking the chicken digestive tract

December 2018
Dervan D.S.L. Bryan | Dawn A. Abbott | Henry L. Classen

It is difficult to obtain in vivo digestion kinetics data of high protein ingredients using chickens. Collecting kinetics data requires repeated sampling of digesta from the small intestine during the...

Nutritional value of detoxified Jatropha curcas seed cake protein isolates using rats as an animal model

December 2018
Yinuo Zhao | Yubao Wang | Haifeng Wang | Yueming Wu | Harinder P. Makkar | Jianxin Liu

A bioassay study was conducted to investigate the effects of substituting casein with graded levels of detoxified Jatropha curcas seed cake protein isolates (JPI) as a protein source on the growth performance,...

Increased dietary intake of tyrosine upregulates melanin deposition in the hair of adult black-coated dogs

December 2018
Adrian Watson | Jamie Wayman | Russell Kelley | Alexandre Feugier | Vincent Biourge

The principle determinant of melanin derived hair colour and patterning in mammals is genetic, but environmental factors are now thought to play a role. It has been shown that the concentration of melanins...

Lentil straw (Lens culinaris): An alternative and nutritious feed resource for kids

December 2018
Vishal Mudgal | Mukesh K. Mehta | Ashok S. Rane

The scarcity of feed resources with the continuously increasing cost of usual animal feeds urgently demands searching some alternate feeds for ruminants. In this study, Barberi male kids were divided...

Impact of on-range choice feeding with black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) on flock performance, egg quality, and range use of free-range laying hens

December 2018
Isabelle Ruhnke | Camille Normant | Dana L.M. Campbell | Zafar Iqbal | Caroline Lee | Geoff N. Hinch | Julie Roberts

Semi-intensive free-range farm systems are common in Australia, and these systems frequently practise on-range feeding. The objective of this study was to investigate the benefit of on-range choice...

Antioxidant capacity and phytochemical content of 16 sources of corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS)

December 2018
Eui-Cheol Shin | Gerald C. Shurson | Daniel D. Gallaher

Corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is a co-product of the fuel ethanol industry that is an excellent source of energy, digestible amino acids, and digestible phosphorus. However, the...

Impact of xylanases on gut microbiota of growing pigs fed corn- or wheat-based diets

December 2018
Zhengxiao Zhang | Hein M. Tun | Ru Li | Beatriz J.M. Gonzalez | Hannah C. Keenes | Charles M. Nyachoti | Elijah Kiarie | Ehsan Khafipour

This study investigated the effects of xylanase supplementations with cereal-based diets on nutrient digestibility and gut microbiota of growing pigs. A total of 96 individually penned pigs (initial...

Effect of supplementing layer hen diet with phytogenic feed additives on laying performance, egg quality, egg lipid peroxidation and blood biochemical constituents

December 2018
Reham Abou-Elkhair | Shaimaa Selim | Eman Hussein

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of supplementing laying hen diet with phytogenic additives on laying performance, egg quality, blood constituents and egg lipid peroxidation. Two hundred...

Ultrastructure of the gastro intestinal tract of healthy Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) using light and scanning electron microscopy

December 2018
Ngare Wilkinson | Ivan Dinev | William J. Aspden | Robert J. Hughes | Ingrid Christiansen | James Chapman | Sheeana Gangadoo | Robert J. Moore | Dragana Stanley

The Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) are popular both as an alternative protein source and as a model of choice for scientific research in several disciplines. There is limited published information...

Processing techniques of selected oilseed by-products of potential use in animal feed: Effects on proximate nutrient composition, amino acid profile and antinutrients

December 2018
Collins P. Duodu | Daniel Adjei-Boateng | Regina E. Edziyie | Nelson W. Agbo | Godfred Owusu-Boateng | Bodil K. Larsen | Peter V. Skov

The effects of processing by autoclaving (AC), soaking (SK), short-term fermentation (S-TF, 4 d) and long-term fermentation (L-TF, 14 d) on the nutritional composition, amino acid profile and some antinutrients...

Feed intake pattern of broiler chickens under intermittent lighting: Do birds eat in the dark?

Available online 27 December 2018
Inês Rodrigues | Mingan Choct

This paper reflects the results of a short experiment conducted in parallel with a larger trial which aimed to test the assumption that ‘consumption of feed by broiler chickens during periods of darkness...

Growth performance, meat quality, and bone-breaking strength in broilers fed dietary rice hull silicon∗

Available online 24 December 2018
Sarawoot Nakhon | Sonthaya Numthuam | Rangsun Charoensook | Wandee Tartrakoon | Papichaya Incharoen | Tossaporn Incharoen

Bone problems have been a key issue that perilously affects broilers' health and welfare, resulting in severe economic loss. The present study was aimed at investigating the influence of dietary rice...

Effects of saccharicterpenin on antioxidant status and urinary metabolic profile of rats

Available online 25 October 2018
Guangmang Liu | Jie Zheng | Xianjian Wu | Gang Jia | Hua Zhao | Xiaoling Chen | Caimei Wu | Jing Wang

Saccharicterpenin is a new green additive agent that is derived from the extract of Theaceae plants and has the ability to improve immunity and meat quality, increase the digestive enzyme activity,...

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