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Recently published articles from Animal Nutrition.

Enteromorpha polysaccharide-zinc replacing prophylactic antibiotics contributes to improving gut health of weaned piglets

September 2021
Chunyan Xie | Yumei Zhang | Kaimin Niu | Xiaoxiao Liang | Haihua Wang | Junwei Shan | Xin Wu

This research aimed to study whether Enteromorpha polysaccharide-zinc (EP-Zn) can act as an alternative to antibiotics in weaned piglet feeds. Two hundred and twenty-four weaned piglets from 14 pens...

The insensitive mechanism of poultry to zearalenone: A review

September 2021
Kuntan Wu | Chenxi Ren | Yangfan Gong | Xin Gao | Shahid Ali Rajput | Desheng Qi | Shuai Wang

Zearalenone (ZEN) is one of the most common contaminating mycotoxins and is mainly produced by Fusarium graminearum. ZEN and its metabolites can interfere with estrogen function and affect animals'...

Xylooligosaccharide attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced intestinal injury in piglets via suppressing inflammation and modulating cecal microbial communities

September 2021
Xiuying Wang | Kan Xiao | Cheng Yu | Longmei Wang | Tianzeng Liang | Huiling Zhu | Xiao Xu | Yulan Liu

Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) has been considered to be an effective prebiotic, but its exact mechanisms remain unknown. This research was conducted to evaluate the effects of XOS on pig intestinal bacterial...

Hulless barley and β-glucanase affect ileal digesta soluble beta-glucan molecular weight and digestive tract characteristics of coccidiosis-vaccinated broilers

September 2021
Namalika D. Karunaratne | Rex W. Newkirk | Nancy P. Ames | Andrew G. Van Kessel | Michael R. Bedford | Henry L. Classen

Exogenous β-glucanase (BGase) in barley-based feed has been shown to reduce digesta viscosity in chickens, and thereby improve performance. Less well studied is the potential for BGase to convert barley...

Cage type and mineral nutrition had independent impact on skeletal development in Lohmann LSL-Lite pullets from hatch to 16 weeks of age

September 2021
Tanka Khanal | Gregoy Y. Bedecarrats | Elijah G. Kiarie

The effects of rearing cage type and dietary Ca, available P and vitamin D3 (VitD3) on body and skeletal development were studied. A total of 3,420 Lohmann LSL-Lite day-old chicks were reared in conventional...

Zinc alleviates the heat stress of primary cultured hepatocytes of broiler embryos via enhancing the antioxidant ability and attenuating the heat shock responses

September 2021
Tingting Li | Wengang He | Xiudong Liao | Xi Lin | Liyang Zhang | Lin Lu | Yanli Guo | Zongping Liu | Xugang Luo

Zinc (Zn) has been shown to attenuate the adverse effects of heat stress on broilers, but the mechanisms involving this process remain unclear. We aimed to investigate possible protective mechanisms...

Probiotic Paenibacillus polymyxa 10 and Lactobacillus plantarum 16 enhance growth performance of broilers by improving the intestinal health

Available online 24 July 2021
Baikui Wang | Li Gong | Yuanhao Zhou | Li Tang | Zihan Zeng | Qi Wang | Peng Zou | Dongyou Yu | Weifen Li

With the ever-growing strict prohibitions on antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in animal production, in-feed probiotics are becoming attractive alternatives to antibiotics in the poultry industry. To...

Effect of gestation dietary methionine-to-lysine ratio on methionine metabolism and antioxidant ability of high-prolific sows

Available online 24 July 2021
Mao Xia | Jie Peng | Chenbin Cui | Qiongyao Gu | Linjie Zhou | Chao Wang | Haiqing Sun | Jian Peng | Hongkui Wei

The uptake and metabolism of methionine (Met) are critical for epigenetic regulation, redox homeostasis, and embryo development. Our previous study showed that appropriate supplementation of dietary...

Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species ratio regulate porcine embryo development during pre-implantation period: A mini-review

Available online 15 July 2021
Zhen Luo | Jianbo Yao | Jianxiong Xu

Significant porcine embryonic loss occurs during conceptus morphological elongation and attachment from d 10 to 20 of pregnancy, which directly decreases the reproductive efficiency of sows. A successful...

Dietary N-carbamylglutamate or L-arginine supplementation improves hepatic energy status and mitochondrial function and inhibits the AMP-activated protein kinase-peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1α-transcription factor A pathway in intrauterine-growth-retarded suckling lambs

Available online 14 July 2021
Hao Zhang | Xiaoyun Liu | Shengnan Ren | Mabrouk Elsabagh | Mengzhi Wang | Hongrong Wang

The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of dietary administration of L-arginine (Arg) or N-carbamylglutamate (NCG) on hepatic energy status and mitochondrial functions in suckling...

Substitution of ramie (Boehmeria nivea) for alfalfa in improving the carcass and meat quality of Liuyang Black goats

Available online 14 July 2021
Shaoxun Tang | Yao He | Peihua Zhang | Jinhe Kang | Qiongxian Yan | Xuefeng Han | Zhiliang Tan | Hongrong Wang | Duanqin Wu | Lihuai Yu | Min Wang | Chuanshe Zhou | Jinzhen Jiao

Ramie (Boehmeria nivea) is noted for the production of a large biomass that has a high protein content and is rich in antioxidants. It may thus serve as a high-quality forage material to replace alfalfa...

Age-associated changes in caecal microbiome and their apparent correlations with growth performances of layer pullets

Available online 10 July 2021
Yanli Liu | Tao Yan | Zhouzheng Ren | Xiaojun Yang

The microbiome in gastrointestinal tracts play an important role in regulating nutrient utilization and absorption, gut immune function, and host growth or development. This study was conducted to investigate...

N-carbamoylglutamate improves lipid metabolism, inflammation, and apoptosis responses in visceral adipocytes of Japanese seabass (Lateolabrax japonicus), in vivo and in vitro

Available online 10 July 2021
Haoyan Huang | Xiaoran Zhang | Xiaofang Liang | Xiufeng Wu | Xu Gu | Juan Han | Min Xue

This study applied in vivo and in vitro methods to investigate the effect of dietary N-carbamoylglutamate (NCG) on lipid metabolism, inflammation and apoptosis related-gene expression in visceral adipose...

4-Phenylbutyric acid accelerates rehabilitation of barrier function in intestinal porcine epithelial cell (IPEC-J2) monolayer model

Available online 3 July 2021
Qian Jiang | Jie Yin | Jiashun Chen | Xiaokang Ma | Miaomiao Wu | Xilong Li | Kang Yao | Bie Tan | Yulong Yin

As the first line of defence against pathogens and endotoxins crossing the intestine-blood barrier, the intestinal epithelial barrier plays a determinant role in pigs’ health and growth. 4-Phenylbutyric...

Inclusion of wheat aleurone in gestation diets improves postprandial satiety, stress status and stillbirth rate of sows

June 2021
Jinping Deng | Chuanhui Cheng | Haoyuan Yu | Shuangbo Huang | Xiangyu Hao | Jianzhao Chen | Jiansen Yao | Jianjun Zuo | Chengquan Tan

This study investigated the effects of different amounts of wheat aleurone (WA) (0, 15%, 30%) inclusion in gestation diets on the reproductive performance, postprandial satiety, stress status and stereotypic...

Physiological function and application of dietary fiber in pig nutrition: A review

June 2021
Hao Li | Jie Yin | Bie Tan | Jiashun Chen | Haihan Zhang | Zhiqing Li | Xiaokang Ma

Dietary fiber (DF), divided into soluble dietary fiber (SDF) and insoluble dietary fiber (IDF), has attracted increasing attention in the field of pig nutrition. Although DF reduces nutrient digestibility...

Source of fiber influences growth, immune responses, gut barrier function and microbiota in weaned piglets fed antibiotic-free diets

June 2021
Qinghui Shang | Hansuo Liu | Di Wu | Shad Mahfuz | Xiangshu Piao

This study examined the impacts of different fiber sources on growth, immune status and gut health in weaned piglets fed antibiotic-free diets. Sixty piglets (BW = 8.18 ± 1.35 kg) were assigned to 3...

Dietary chenodeoxycholic acid improves growth performance and intestinal health by altering serum metabolic profiles and gut bacteria in weaned piglets

June 2021
Min Song | Fenglin Zhang | Lin Chen | Qiang Yang | Han Su | Xiaohua Yang | Haiwen He | Mingfa Ling | Jisong Zheng | Chen Duan | Xumin Lai | Mushui Pan | Xiaotong Zhu | Lina Wang | Ping Gao | Gang Shu | Qingyan Jiang | Songbo Wang

Nutritional diarrhea and subsequent performance degradation in weaned piglets are major challenges for the pig industry. Bile acids (BA) can be added to the diet as emulsifiers. This experiment was...

Effects of dietary supplementation with Allium mongolicum Regel extracts on growth performance, serum metabolites, immune responses, antioxidant status, and meat quality of lambs

June 2021
He Ding | Wangjing Liu | Khas Erdene | Hongxi Du | Changjin Ao

The present study was to evaluate the effects of dried Allium mongolicum Regel (AMR) powder and its water- and fat-soluble extracts (AWE and AFE) on the growth performance, serum metabolites, immune...

Early life administration of milk fat globule membrane promoted SCFA-producing bacteria colonization, intestinal barriers and growth performance of neonatal piglets

June 2021
Yujun Wu | Xiangyu Zhang | Dandan Han | Yu Pi | Shiyu Tao | Shiyi Zhang | Shilan Wang | Junying Zhao | Lijun Chen | Junjun Wang

Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) possesses various nutritional and biological benefits for mammals, whereas its effects on neonatal gut microbiota and barrier integrity remained unclear. This study...

Evaluation of energy values of high-fiber dietary ingredients with different solubility fed to growing pigs using the difference and regression methods

June 2021
Zhengqun Liu | Ruqing Zhong | Kai Li | Liang Chen | Bifeng Zhang | Lei Liu | Hongfu Zhang

The objective of this study was to compare the energy values of high-fiber dietary ingredients with different solubility (sugar beet pulp [SBP] and defatted rice bran [DFRB]) in growing pigs using the...

A preliminary study of dietary protein requirement of juvenile marbled flounder (Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae)

June 2021
Jeong-Hyeon Cho | Seunghyung Lee | Bong-Joo Lee | Sang-Woo Hur | Kang-Woong Kim | Maeng-Hyun Son | Dong-Jae Yoo

An 8-week feeding trial was conducted to determine the optimal dietary protein level for juvenile marbled flounder. Five semi-purified test diets were formulated to contain different protein levels...

Gut microbiota absence and transplantation affect growth and intestinal functions: An investigation in a germ-free pig model

June 2021
Hua Zhou | Jing Sun | Bing Yu | Zuohua Liu | Hong Chen | Jun He | Xiangbing Mao | Ping Zheng | Jie Yu | Junqiu Luo | Yuheng Luo | Hui Yan | Liangpeng Ge | Daiwen Chen

This study was conducted to investigate host–microbiota interactions and explore the effects of maternal gut microbiota transplantation on the growth and intestinal functions of newborns in a germ-free...

Potential of blended organic acids to improve performance and health of broilers infected with necrotic enteritis

June 2021
Alip Kumar | Mehdi Toghyani | Sarbast K. Kheravii | Lane Pineda | Yanming Han | Robert A. Swick | Shu-Biao Wu

Organic acids (OA) and their blends have been shown to positively affect performance and health of broilers. However, the data in the literature are not consistent. This study examined the potential...

Tolerance and safety evaluation of sodium sulfate: A subchronic study in laying hens

June 2021
Bing Liu | Jiaming Zhu | Qin Zhou | Dongyou Yu

Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) is a readily available chlorine-free source of sodium, which could be used to reduce sodium chloride to maintain the ratio between chlorine and sodium in poultry diets. Dietary...

Effects of soybean raffinose on growth performance, digestibility, humoral immunity and intestinal morphology of growing pigs

June 2021
Zhu Zeng | Yalin Zhang | Jun He | Jie Yu | Xiangbing Mao | Ping Zheng | Yuheng Luo | Junqiu Luo | Zhiqing Huang | Bing Yu | Daiwen Chen

There are appreciable does of raffinose in soybean, but the impacts of raffinose on pigs are poorly investigated. We used 2 experiments to investigate the influence of soybean raffinose on growth performance,...

Prevotella-rich enterotype may benefit gut health in finishing pigs fed diet with a high amylose-to-amylopectin ratio

June 2021
Wen Ren | Honglin Yan | Bing Yu | Maria C. Walsh | Jie Yu | Ping Zheng | Zhiqing Huang | Junqiu Luo | Xiangbing Mao | Jun He | Hui Yan | Daiwen Chen | Yuheng Luo

To investigate the influence of baseline enterotypes and dietary starch type on the concentration of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), numbers of butyrate producing bacteria and the expression of genes...

Dietary supplementation with curcumin-loaded nanocapsules in lambs: Nanotechnology as a new tool for nutrition

June 2021
Hiam Marcon | Luiz G. Griss | Vitor L. Molosse | Bruno G.O. Cecere | Davi F. Alba | Karoline W. Leal | Gabriela M. Galli | Carine F. Souza | Matheus D. Baldissera | Samanta Gundel | Vitória de A. Bassotto | Aline F. Ourique | Marcelo Vedovatto | Aleksandro S. Da Silva

Curcumin-containing nanocapsule powder formulations have not been used in ruminant feed to date, despite the fact that curcumin is known to be a functional food additive. The objective of this study...

Trends in feed evaluation for poultry with emphasis on in vitro techniques

June 2021
Faegheh Zaefarian | Aaron J. Cowieson | Katrine Pontoppidan | M. Reza Abdollahi | Velmurugu Ravindran

Accurate knowledge of the actual nutritional value of individual feed ingredients and complete diets is critical for efficient and sustainable animal production. For this reason, feed evaluation has...

Gut health: The results of microbial and mucosal immune interactions in pigs

June 2021
Jie Peng | Yimei Tang | Yanhua Huang

There are a large number of microorganisms in the porcine intestinal tract. These microorganisms and their metabolites contribute to intestinal mucosal immunity, which is of great importance to the...

Mulberry leaf powder regulates antioxidative capacity and lipid metabolism in finishing pigs

June 2021
Yingying Liu | Yinghui Li | Yi Xiao | Yinglin Peng | Jianhua He | Chen Chen | Dingfu Xiao | Yulong Yin | Fengna Li

This study evaluated the potential of mulberry leaf powder as an unconventional feed material for finishing pigs by assessing the growth performance, antioxidative properties, fatty acid profile, and...

Evaluation of xylanase and a fermentable xylo-oligosaccharide on performance and ileal digestibility of broiler chickens fed energy and amino acid deficient diets

June 2021
Gemma González-Ortiz | Tiago T. dos Santos | Michael R. Bedford

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of a product consisting of a combination of xylanase and xylo-oligosaccharide (STBIO) on performance and ileal digestibility of broiler chickens...

Multi-carbohydrase enzymes improve feed energy in broiler diets containing standard or low crude protein

June 2021
Sosthene Musigwa | Natalie Morgan | Robert A. Swick | Pierre Cozannet | Sarbast K. Kheravii | Shu-Biao Wu

This study evaluated the effect of multi-carbohydrase (MC) on energy and nitrogen (N) balance and gene expression in broilers fed diets with different crude protein (CP) contents. The study employed...

Net energy, energy utilization, and nitrogen and energy balance affected by dietary pea supplementation in broilers

June 2021
Nishchal K. Sharma | Zhibin Ban | Hank L. Classen | Huaming Yang | Xiaogang Yan | Mingan Choct | Shu-Biao Wu

Pea starch consists predominantly of C-type of amylopectin chain which is more resistant to digestive enzymes than A-type of starch thus slowly digested in poultry. It was hypothesized that the presence...

Dietary soluble non-starch polysaccharide level and xylanase supplementation influence performance, egg quality and nutrient utilization in laying hens fed wheat-based diets

June 2021
Xa H. Nguyen | Hong T. Nguyen | Natalie K. Morgan

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of dietary soluble non-starch polysaccharide (sNSP) content and xylanase supplementation on production performance, egg quality parameters, and nutrient...

Serine-to-glycine ratios in low-protein diets regulate intramuscular fat by affecting lipid metabolism and myofiber type transition in the skeletal muscle of growing-finishing pigs

June 2021
Xihong Zhou | Yonghui Liu | Lingyu Zhang | Xiangfeng Kong | Fengna Li

Serine and glycine are 2 of the first-affected nonessential amino acids in low crude protein (CP) diets for pigs. Therefore, we explored the effects of different dietary serine-to-glycine ratios on...

Natural capsicum extract replacing chlortetracycline enhances performance via improving digestive enzyme activities, antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammatory function, and gut health in weaned pigs

June 2021
Shenfei Long | Sujie Liu | Jian Wang | Shad Mahfuz | Xiangshu Piao

The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of natural capsicum extract (NCE, containing 2% natural capsaicin, the rest is carrier) replacing chlortetracycline (CTC) on performance, digestive...

Serum biochemical parameters and amino acids metabolism are altered in piglets by early-weaning and proline and putrescine supplementations

June 2021
Jing Wang | Yuxin Xiao | Jianjun Li | Ming Qi | Bie Tan

The study was to investigate the effect of early-weaning stress and proline (Pro) and putrescine (Put) supplementations on serum biochemical parameters and amino acids (AA) metabolism in suckling and...

Balanced nutrient density for broiler chickens using a range of digestible lysine-to-metabolizable energy ratios and nutrient density: Growth performance, nutrient utilisation and apparent metabolizable energy

June 2021
Reza Barekatain | Luis F. Romero | José Otávio B. Sorbara | Aaron J. Cowieson

Currently, specific nutrient concentration, metabolizable energy (ME) and digestible amino acids are used as feed formulation criteria. A balanced nutrient density (BND) concept based on 2 criteria...

Low-protein diets supplemented with glutamic acid or aspartic acid ameliorate intestinal damage in weaned piglets challenged with hydrogen peroxide

June 2021
Shuai Chen | Xin Wu | Jielin Duan | Pan Huang | Tiejun Li | Yulong Yin | Jie Yin

Glutamic acid (Glu) and aspartic acid (Asp) are acidic amino acids with regulatory roles in nutrition, energy metabolism, and oxidative stress. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of low-protein...

Production performance and plasma metabolite concentrations of broiler chickens fed low crude protein diets differing in Thr and Gly

June 2021
Laura Star | Sophie Tesseraud | Marije van Tol | Ilaria Minussi | Etienne Corrent | William Lambert

The aim of the study was to test the interaction between Thr and Gly in low crude protein (CP) diets in 7 to 28 d broilers on production performance and plasma metabolites. A total of 2,040 broilers...

Manganese methionine hydroxy analog chelated affects growth performance, trace element deposition and expression of related transporters of broilers

June 2021
Tiantian Meng | Lumin Gao | Chunyan Xie | Yangkui Xiang | Yiqiang Huang | Yawei Zhang | Xin Wu

The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of manganese methionine hydroxyl analog chelated (Mn-MHAC) as a manganese (Mn) source on growth performance and trace element deposition in broilers....

Lysine deficiency impaired growth performance and immune response and aggravated inflammatory response of the skin, spleen and head kidney in grown-up grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

June 2021
Yangyang Hu | Lin Feng | Weidan Jiang | Pei Wu | Yang Liu | Shengyao Kuang | Ling Tang | Xiaoqiu Zhou

This dissertation was primarily focused on the immune response, inflammatory response and molecular mechanisms in the skin, head kidney and spleen of grown-up grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). Six...

Dietary supplementation with betaine or glycine improves the carcass trait, meat quality and lipid metabolism of finishing mini-pigs

June 2021
Yinzhao Zhong | Zhaoming Yan | Bo Song | Changbing Zheng | Yehui Duan | Xiangfeng Kong | JinPing Deng | Fengna Li

The objective of the study is to evaluate and compare the effects of betaine or glycine on carcass trait, meat quality and lipid metabolism of finishing Huan Jiang mini-pigs. Betaine called trimethylglycine...

Effects of dietary sodium butyrate on growth, digestive enzymes, body composition and nutrient retention-related gene expression of juvenile yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco)

June 2021
Hongxia Zhao | Guoxia Wang | Hairui Wang | Wenyan Mo | Yanhua Huang | Junming Cao | Peijia Li

An 8-week feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of sodium butyrate (SB) on growth, digestive enzymes, body composition and nutrient retention-related gene expression of juvenile yellow...

Dietary inclusion of multispecies probiotics to reduce the severity of post-weaning diarrhea caused by Escherichia coli F18+ in pigs

June 2021
Yawang Sun | Marcos E. Duarte | Sung Woo Kim

This study was aimed to determine the efficacy of multispecies probiotics in reducing the severity of post-weaning diarrhea caused by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) F18+ on newly weaned pigs....

Starch digestion rates in multiple samples of commonly used feed grains in diets for broiler chickens

June 2021
Peter H. Selle | Amy F. Moss | Ali Khoddami | Peter V. Chrystal | Sonia Yun Liu

In this study the starch digestion rates in broiler chickens from 18 samples of 5 commonly used feed grains (sorghum, wheat, maize, barley, triticale) were determined. The methodology to determine starch...

Response of laying hens to l-arginine, l-citrulline and guanidinoacetic acid supplementation in reduced protein diet

June 2021
Hiep Thi Dao | Nishchal K. Sharma | Emma J. Bradbury | Robert A. Swick

A study was conducted with Hy-Line Brown laying hens to examine the effects of reduced protein diet, deficiency of arginine (Arg), and addition of crystalline Arg, citrulline (Cit) and guanidinoacetic...

Alterations on vitamin C synthesis and transportation and egg deposition induced by dietary vitamin C supplementation in Hy-Line Brown layer model

Available online 26 June 2021
Yufei Zhu | Wei Guo | Jianfei Zhao | Kailong Qin | Jiakun Yan | Xinhuo Huang | Zhouzheng Ren | Xin Yang | Yanli Liu | Xiaojun Yang

In ovo feeding of vitamin C (VC) has positive effects on the growth performance, immune and antioxidant function in poultry, which indicates that increasing VC content in eggs may be benefit. This study...

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