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Recently published articles from Animal Nutrition.

Dietary supplementation of xylanase and protease on growth performance, digesta viscosity, nutrient digestibility, immune and oxidative stress status, and gut health of newly weaned pigs

December 2019
Marcos E. Duarte | Fang X. Zhou | Wilson M. Dutra | Sung Woo Kim

This study was to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation with xylanase and protease on growth performance, digesta viscosity, apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of nutrients, and gut health...

Coarse corn particles cause a negative effect on eggshell quality of semi-heavy laying hens

December 2019
Vanessa R.M. Oliveira | Alex M.V. Arruda | Aurora S. Melo | Davyd H. Souza | João B.F. Souza-Junior | Raimunda T.V. Fernandes | João P.A.F. Queiroz

One of the possible ways to optimize the productive performance of poultry is through the physical processing of ingredients, which can improve the use of nutrients in these animals. In this context,...

Cloning, expression pattern, and potential role of MAPKp38 and NF-κBp65 in response to lipopolysaccharide in yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco)

December 2019
Dan Shi | Ye Zhao | Lin Feng | Yang Liu | Wei-Dan Jiang | Pei Wu | Juan Zhao | Jun Jiang | Xiao-Qiu Zhou

Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK) and nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) pathways are considered to be two crucial intracellular signaling cascades in pro-inflammatory responses. In this study, we...

Effects of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) powder on laying performance, egg quality, and serum biochemical parameters of Japanese quails

December 2019
Nassim Moula | Ahmed Sadoudi | Leghel Touazi | Pascal Leroy | Fikremariam Geda

The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of dietary supplementation of stinging nettle powder (SNP) on laying performance, egg quality, and some selected serum biochemical parameters of...

Effect of protein sources on performance characteristics of turkeys in the first three weeks of life

December 2019
Megan L. Ross | Dervan D.S.L. Bryan | Dawn A. Abbott | Henry L. Classen

The effect of nutrition during the early life of turkey poults has a long-lasting impact on bird performance. This study assessed the digestibility of 5 high protein feed ingredients (soybean meal [SBM],...

Major cereal carbohydrates in relation to intestinal health of monogastric animals: A review

December 2019
Tolulope O. Adebowale | Kang Yao | Abimbola O. Oso

Type, quality, and origin of cereals in diets of poultry and pigs could influence gut microbes and affect their diversity and function, thereby impacting the intestinal function of the monogastric animal....

Effect of fosfomycin, Cynara scolymus extract, deoxynivalenol and their combinations on intestinal health of weaned piglets

December 2019
Guadalupe Martínez | Susana N. Diéguez | María B. Fernández Paggi | María B. Riccio | Denisa S. Pérez Gaudio | Edgardo Rodríguez | Fabián A. Amanto | María O. Tapia | Alejandro L. Soraci

Weaning is a challenging stage of pig farming. Animals undergo environmental, social and dietary changes leading to weaning stress syndrome. In order to compensate for the detrimental effects of weaning...

Comparative standardized ileal amino acid digestibility and metabolizable energy contents of main feed ingredients for growing pigs when adding dietary β-mannanase

December 2019
Se Min Jeon | Abdolreza Hosseindoust | Yo Han Choi | Min Ju Kim | Kwang Yeol Kim | Jun Hyung Lee | Dong Yong Kil | Beob Gyun Kim | Byung Jo Chae

The present study was conducted to test whether the dietary supplementation of β-mannanase affects amino acids (AA) digestibility, metabolizable energy (ME) contents of corn, wheat, soybean meal, distillers...

Solid-state fermented plant protein sources in the diets of broiler chickens: A review

December 2019
Oladapo Olukomaiya | Chrishanthi Fernando | Ram Mereddy | Xiuhua Li | Yasmina Sultanbawa

Protein sources are the second most important component in poultry diets. Due to the fluctuation in price of soybean meal (SBM) and persistent increase in feed prices, nutritionists have been exploring...

Dietary β-glucan supplementation improves growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality of finishing pigs

December 2019
Junqiu Luo | Dafu Zeng | Long Cheng | Xiangbing Mao | Jie Yu | Bing Yu | Daiwen Chen

This experiment was conducted to investigate growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality of finishing pigs with dietary β-glucan supplementation. A total of 96 healthy pigs (Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire;...

Prospects of HSP70 as a genetic marker for thermo-tolerance and immuno-modulation in animals under climate change scenario

December 2019
Faiz-ul Hassan | Ayesha Nawaz | Muhammad S. Rehman | Muhammad A. Ali | Syed M.R. Dilshad | Chengjian Yang

Heat stress induced by long periods of high ambient temperature decreases animal productivity, leading to heavy economic losses. This devastating situation for livestock production is even becoming...

In vitro growth of gut microbiota with selenium nanoparticles

December 2019
Sheeana Gangadoo | Benjamin W. Bauer | Yadav S. Bajagai | Thi Thu Hao Van | Robert J. Moore | Dragana Stanley

The application of nanoparticles rose steeply in the last decade, where they have become a common ingredient used in processed human food, improving food properties such as shelf life and appearance....

Effect of dietary supplementation of Bacillus coagulans or yeast hydrolysates on growth performance, antioxidant activity, cytokines and intestinal microflora of growing-finishing pigs

December 2019
Runqi Fu | Daiwen Chen | Gang Tian | Ping Zheng | Xiangbing Mao | Jie Yu | Jun He | Zhiqing Huang | Yuheng Luo | Bing Yu

This study was to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation of Bacillus coagulans (BC) and yeast hydrolysates (YH) on growth performance, antioxidant activity, cytokines and intestinal microflora...

A fermented rapeseed meal additive: Effects on production performance, nutrient digestibility, colostrum immunoglobulin content and microbial flora in sows

December 2019
Eugeniusz R. Grela | Anna Czech | Martyna Kiesz | Łukasz Wlazło | Bożena Nowakowicz-Dębek

This study was to assess the effect of fermented rapeseed meal (FRSM) in the diet of sows, taking into account the physiological period (pregnancy or lactation) and reproductive cycle (primiparous or...

Ginger extract enhances antioxidant ability and immunity of layers

December 2019
Shengying An | Guanzhong Liu | Xin Guo | Yahui An | Renyu Wang

This experiment was to investigate ginger extract on production performance, antioxidant ability and immunity of laying hens. A total of 600 Hy-Line brown laying hens aged at 25 wk old were randomly...

Functionality of a next generation biosynthetic bacterial 6-phytase in enhancing phosphorus availability to weaned piglets fed a corn-soybean meal-based diet without added inorganic phosphate

Available online 10 December 2019
Yueming Dersjant-Li | Boris Villca | Vincent Sewalt | Arno de Kreij | Leon Marchal | Deepak E. Velayudhan | Robin A. Sorg | Trine Christensen | Rie Mejldal | Igor Nikolaev | Sina Pricelius | Hye-Sook Kim | Svend Haaning | Jens F. Sørensen | Rosil Lizardo

The utility of a next generation biosynthetic bacterial 6-phytase in restoring bone ash, bone phosphorus (P) content and performance in piglets depleted in P was evaluated. A total of 9 treatments were...

Effect of phytase on phosphorous balance in 20-kg barrows fed low or adequate phosphorous diets

Available online 15 November 2019
Tsung Cheng Tsai | Robert Dove | Michael R. Bedford | Michael J. Azain

The effects of phytase on phosphorus (P) digestibility are well established. However, there are few studies that report P balance, particularly when phytase is used in diets that have adequate or deficient...

Hepatic lipid metabolism is affected by daily 3-meal pattern with varying dietary crude protein with a pig model

Available online 7 November 2019
Chunyan Xie | Xinyi Duan | Cimin Long | Xin Wu

The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of 3 meals administered daily with varying dietary crude protein (CP) contents on hepatic lipid metabolism with a pig model. Pigs were divided...

Molecular cloning, tissue distribution and the expression of cystine/glutamate exchanger in different tissues during development in broiler chickens

Available online 31 October 2019
Janghan Choi | Weiqi Li | Brayden Schindell | Liju Ni | Shangxi Liu | Xiaoya Zhao | Joshua Gong | Martin Nyachoti | Chengbo Yang

The cystine/glutamate exchanger (xCT, SLC7A11) is a component of the system Xc- amino-acid antiporter that can export glutamate and import cysteine into cells. The xCT amino acid exchanger has received...

Colostrum and milk performance, and blood immunity indices and minerals of Holstein cows receiving organic Mn, Zn and Cu sources

Available online 23 October 2019
Habiballah Roshanzamir | Javad Rezaei | Hassan Fazaeli

Effects of supplementing the basal diets with Mn, Zn and Cu, as sulphate, glycine or methionine salts, on colostrum and milk performance, some blood immunity indices and blood minerals of pre- and post-partum...

Influence of tannin-rich pine bark supplementation in the grain mixes for meat goats: Growth performance, blood metabolites, and carcass characteristics

Available online 18 October 2019
Desnatie Reynolds | Byeng R. Min | Nar Gurung | Wendell McElhenney | Jung H. Lee | Sandra Solaiman | Olga Bolden-Tiller

The objective was to evaluate the use of condensed tannin (CT)-rich ground pine bark (PB) in grain mixed diets on meat goat growth performance, blood metabolites, and carcass characteristics. Twenty...

Basal diet and indigestible marker influence apparent digestibilities of nitrogen and amino acids of cottonseed meal and soybean meal in pigs

September 2019
Susanto Prawirodigdo | Neil J. Gannon | Brian J. Leury | Frank R. Dunshea

This study was to determine the apparent ileal nitrogen (N) and amino acid digestibilities of cottonseed meal (CSM) and soybean meal (SBM) in simple carbohydrate-based and more complex wheat-based diets....

Vanadium in high-fat diets sourced from egg yolk decreases growth and antioxidative status of Wistar rats

September 2019
Jian-Ping Wang | Ren-Yong Cui | Xue-Mei Ding | Shi-Ping Bai | Qiu-Feng Zeng | Huan-Wei Peng | Ke-Ying Zhang

The objective of this paper was to evaluate the effect of vanadium (V) in high-fat diets sourced from egg yolk on body weight gain, feed intake, blood characteristics and antioxidative status of Wistar...

Antioxidant response and bioavailability of methionine hydroxy analog relative to DL-methionine in broiler chickens

September 2019
Youli Wang | Xiaonan Yin | Dafei Yin | Zhao Lei | Tahir Mahmood | Jianmin Yuan

This study was designed to compare the effect of methionine (Met) sources (DL-methionine [DLM] and DL-2-hydroxy-4-methylthio-butanoic acid [HMTBa]) and their supplementation levels on broiler growth...

Peanut skin in diet alters average daily gain, ruminal and blood metabolites, and carcass traits associated with Haemonchus contortus infection in meat goats

September 2019
Byeng R. Min | Abrahamsen Frank | Nar Gurung | Jung H. Lee | Jong W. Joo | Wilmer Pacheco

The aim of this study was to determine the effects of tannin-rich peanut skin (PS) supplementation on growth performance, ruminal and blood metabolites, and carcass traits associated with internal parasite...

Glycerol use in dairy diets: A systemic review

September 2019
Ahmed E. Kholif

There is an increasing interest in the production of biodiesel as bio-renewable fuel source, with numerous biofuel byproducts becoming available. The annual productions of biodiesel and crude glycerol...

Effects of dietary fiber and threonine on performance, intestinal morphology and immune responses in broiler chickens

September 2019
Nasim Saadatmand | Majid Toghyani | Abasali Gheisari

The present experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of fiber and threonine (Thr) on growth performance, intestinal morphology and immune responses of broiler chickens. A total of 420 one-day-old...

Grain free diets for utility dogs during training work: Evaluation of the nutrient digestibility and faecal characteristics

September 2019
Biagina Chiofalo | Giulia De Vita | Vittorio Lo Presti | Salvatore Cucinotta | Gabriella Gaglio | Francesco Leone | Ambra R. Di Rosa

Two different diets characterized by the absence of cereals or by the presence of conventional cereals were evaluated on the nutrient digestibility and faecal characteristics and faecal fermentative...

Fermentation characteristics of resistant starch, arabinoxylan, and β-glucan and their effects on the gut microbial ecology of pigs: A review

September 2019
Utsav P. Tiwari | Amit K. Singh | Rajesh Jha

Dietary fibers (DF) contain an abundant amount of energy, although the mammalian genome does not encode most of the enzymes required to degrade them. However, a mutual dependence is developed between...

Expression of antioxidant genes in broiler chickens fed nettle (Urtica dioica) and its link with pulmonary hypertension

September 2019
Behnam Ahmadipour | Fariborz Khajali

Nettle (Urtica dioica) contains a wide range of chemical constituents that confer a strong antioxidant capacity to the plant. The present study was to investigate the antioxidant gene expression and...

Evaluation of Calendula officinalis L. (marigold) flower as a natural growth promoter in comparison with an antibiotic growth promoter on growth performance, carcass traits and humoral immune responses of broilers

September 2019
Marjan Foroutankhah | Majid Toghyani | Nasir Landy

The objective of this experiment was to investigate the effects of dried powder of Calendula officinalis L. (marigold) flower as an antibiotic growth promoter substitute on growth performance, organ...

Daily expression of sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter-1 protein in jejunum during rat ontogeny

September 2019
Juan I. Bastón | Fabricio D. Cid | Enrique Caviedes-Vidal | Juan G. Chediack

It is widely known that intestinal capacities such as the enzymatic hydrolysis of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, and the subsequent absorption of the hydrolyzed products, are evolutionary matched...

Influence of dietary hydrogenated palm oil supplementation on serum biochemistry and progesterone levels in dairy goats

September 2019
Raffaella Tudisco | Nadia Musco | Maria E. Pero | Valeria M. Morittu | Micaela Grossi | Vincenzo Mastellone | Gina Cavaliere | Metha Wanapat | Federico Infascelli | Pietro Lombardi

The aim of this research was to investigate the influence of hydrogenated palm oil (HPO) added to a dairy goat diet on serum biochemistry and progesterone levels. Thirty pregnant Cilentana dairy goats...

Dietary sources and levels of selenium supplements affect growth performance, carcass yield, meat quality and tissue selenium deposition in broilers

September 2019
Reza Bakhshalinejad | Ahmad Hassanabadi | Robert A. Swick

This study examined the effects of sources and levels of selenium (Se) on performance, carcass parts yield, meat quality and tissue Se concentration in broilers. A total of 960 one-day-old male broilers...

Effects of phytonutrients on growth performance, antioxidative status, and energy utilization of broilers fed low energy diets

September 2019
Lei Yan | Sha An | Zunzhou Lv | Zhengguo Wang | Yueming Wu | Yutao Zhu | Min Zhao | Chunhua Sun | Mingbin Lv | Zhengpeng Zhu | Yuming Guo

Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of phytonutrients (PN) on growth performance, antioxidant status, intestinal morphology, and nutrient utilization of birds fed low energy diets....

Impact of zinc and arginine on antioxidant status of weanling piglets raised under commercial conditions

September 2019
Nadia Bergeron | Frédéric Guay

The effects of dietary zinc and L-arginine supplements on the weight gain, feed efficiency, antioxidant capacity and oxidative status of weanling piglets raised under commercial conditions were examined....

Storage time and condensed tannin content of high-moisture sorghum grains: Effects on in vitro fermentation and mold populations

Available online 17 September 2019
Carmen García y Santos | Lina Bettucci | Sebastián Brambillasca | Cecilia Cajarville

Silage of high moisture sorghum grains is a highly relevant source of energy in cattle production systems in South America. There is little information related to the chemical characteristics, the kinetics...

Effects of dietary probiotic supplementation on the growth, gut health and disease resistance of juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Available online 23 August 2019
Yun Xia | Miao Wang | Fengying Gao | Maixin Lu | Gang Chen

This study investigated the effects of the Streptococcus agalactiae antagonizing probiotics Bacillus cereus NY5 and Bacillus subtilis as feed additives for Nile tilapia in terms of growth performance,...

Feed particle selection and nutrient intake altered by pecking stone consumption and beak length in free-range laying hens

June 2019
Zafar Iqbal | Kelly Drake | Robert A. Swick | Rider A. Perez-Maldonado | Isabelle Ruhnke

The present study investigated the effects of pecking stones on feeding behaviour of hens from 16 to 46 weeks of age. Eighteen flocks of Hy-Line Brown hens were housed in 2 commercial free-range housing...

Laying hen performance, egg quality improved and yolk 5-methyltetrahydrofolate content increased by dietary supplementation of folic acid

June 2019
Sattar Bagheri | Hossein Janmohammadi | Ramin Maleki | Alireza Ostadrahimi | Ruhollah Kianfar

This study was performed to evaluate the effect of folic acid (FA) on performance, egg quality and yolk 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) content. A total of 384 Hy-line W36 strain hens from 52 to 58...

Pre-cecal phosphorus digestibility for corn, wheat, soybean meal, and corn gluten meal in growing Japanese quails from 28 to 32 d of age

June 2019
Mahmoud Ghazaghi | Ahmad Hassanabadi | Mehran Mehri

The optimization of dietary phosphorus (P) depends on precise details of the P availability in feed ingredients to avoid excess or deficient P in a mixed diet. This study was carried out to measure...

Effects of saccharicterpenin on antioxidant status and urinary metabolic profile of rats

June 2019
Guangmang Liu | Jie Zheng | Xianjian Wu | Gang Jia | Hua Zhao | Xiaoling Chen | Caimei Wu | Jing Wang

Saccharicterpenin is a new green additive agent that is derived from the extract of Theaceae plants and has the ability to improve immunity and meat quality, increase the digestive enzyme activity,...

Effect of traditional Chinese medicine compounds on rumen fermentation, methanogenesis and microbial flora in vitro

June 2019
Shui Ping Wang | Wen Juan Wang | Zhi Liang Tan | Guo Wei Liu | Cheng Fu Zhou | Meng Jie Yin

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of traditional Chinese medicine compounds (TCMC) on rumen fermentation, methane emission and populations of ruminal microbes using an in vitro gas...

Reduced dietary nitrogen with a high Lys:CP ratio restricted dietary N excretion without negatively affecting weaned piglets

June 2019
Hongnan Liu | Li Wu | Hui Han | Yuying Li | Lijian Wang | Jie Yin | Wenjun Fan | Miaomiao Bai | Jiming Yao | Xingguo Huang | Tiejun Li

We hypothesized that balancing the content of exogenous amino acids, especially lysine, to reduce protein content in swine diets could reduce nitrogen (N) pollution associated with animal husbandry....

Sampling duration and freezing temperature influence the analysed gastric inositol phosphate composition of pigs fed diets with different levels of phytase

June 2019
Steven Laird | Imke Kühn | Michael R. Bedford | Hayley Whitfield | Helen M. Miller

This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of time and freezing temperature during sampling on gastric phytate (myo-inositol [MYO] hexakisphosphate [InsP6]), lower inositol phosphates (InsP2–5)...

Feed intake pattern of broiler chickens under intermittent lighting: Do birds eat in the dark?

June 2019
Inês Rodrigues | Mingan Choct

This paper reflects the results of a short experiment conducted in parallel with a larger trial which aimed to test the assumption that ‘consumption of feed by broiler chickens during periods of darkness...

Growth performance, meat quality, and bone-breaking strength in broilers fed dietary rice hull silicon∗

June 2019
Sarawoot Nakhon | Sonthaya Numthuam | Rangsun Charoensook | Wandee Tartrakoon | Papichaya Incharoen | Tossaporn Incharoen

Bone problems have been a key issue that perilously affects broilers' health and welfare, resulting in severe economic loss. The present study was aimed at investigating the influence of dietary rice...

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