Finding reviewers

It can be a challenge to find new reviewers, here are some tools and tips help:


  • Elsevier Editorial Manager (EM), used by KeAi, offers a Scopus search field to identify reviewers. Scopus helps to determine the suitability of a reviewer using their publication and citation record, as well as details of co-authors.
  • ScienceDirect offers access to full-text articles for reviewers to help them validate a review paper.
  • EM assists editors in building reviewer databases and helps with the reviewer invitation process, including setting up automatic secondary reviewer invitations should a reviewer not respond within a sufficient time.


  • Select reviewers conducting research in a similar area; they will be best placed to spot any shortcomings of the paper. Their interest in the topic may also mean they review the paper quicker.
  • Ask editorial board members to review.
  • Try not to use reviewers who have not published in the last five years.
  • Contact young professors, researchers, postdoctorates or emeritus professors; they can often be some of the best reviewers.
  • Ask recently published authors; they may be more likely to review.
  • Mid-career professionals, and those who have not published in the journal, may not review but could refer papers to another reviewer.
  • Only invite as many reviewers as you require.


Stay Informed

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