AI for earthquake research

Published 22 February, 2024

1 Local earthquakes detection: A benchmark dataset of 3-component seismograms built on a global scale
2 Seismic labeled data expansion using variational autoencoders
3 ShakeDaDO: A data collection combining earthquake building damage and ShakeMap parameters for Italy
4 The potential of self-supervised networks for random noise suppression in seismic data
5 Deep convolutional autoencoders as generic feature extractors in seismological applications
6 Sparse inversion-based seismic random noise attenuation via self-paced learning
7 PolarCAP – A deep learning approach for first motion polarity classification of earthquake waveforms
8 MLReal: Bridging the gap between training on synthetic data and real data applications in machine learning
9 A study on small magnitude seismic phase identification using 1D deep residual neural network
10 Attenuation of seismic migration smile artifacts with deep learning
11 Irregularly sampled seismic data interpolation via wavelet-based convolutional block attention deep learning
12 High resolution pre-stack seismic inversion using few-shot learning
13 Near-surface velocity estimation using shear-waves and deep-learning with a U-net trained on synthetic data
14 Seismic swarm intelligence inversion with sparse probability distribution of reflectivity
15 Unsupervised pre-stack seismic facies analysis constrained by spatial continuity
16 Research on microseismic denoising method based on CBDNet
17 Toward earthquake early warning: A convolutional neural network for rapid earthquake magnitude estimation
18 Machine learning elucidates the anatomy of buried carbonate reef from seismic reflection data
19 Blockly earthquake transformer: A deep learning platform for custom phase picking
20 Enhanced crustal and intermediate seismicity in the Hindu Kush-Pamir region revealed by attentive deep learning model
21 Robust high frequency seismic bandwidth extension with a deep neural network trained using synthetic data

The role of artificial intelligence and IoT in prediction of earthquakes: Review

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