Air–Sea Interface Processes

Published 23 May, 2024

The air–sea interface, the area of direct interaction between the ocean and atmosphere, is a variable and complex system with complicated physical, chemical, and biological processes. This interface is not only a crucial pathway for the exchange of energy and transportation of substances between the ocean and atmosphere, but also functions as an important link connecting the diverse layers of the Earth and influencing the global climate system and marine ecosystem. Research on the air–sea interface can help us to understand the energy exchanges, nutrient cycles, and biogeochemical cycles between the ocean and atmosphere. Furthermore, it is also of great significance for predicting and responding to global climate change and protecting the marine ecological environment. In particular, global climate change is becoming increasingly severe and the marine ecological environment is facing difficult challenges, so research on the air–sea interface becomes particularly significant and urgent.

Within this context, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters (AOSL) invites submissions focusing on the air–sea interface (including the marine upper boundary layer and the atmospheric lower boundary layer) to gain a deeper understanding of the processes of air–sea energy exchange and the mechanisms of air–sea substance cycling, to explore ecosystem dynamics, and to predict and respond to climate change. This special issue will provide an opportunity for scientists to disseminate their recent research progress in the field of the air–sea interface.

Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

(1) Physical, chemical, and biological processes at the air–sea interface

(2) Observation, simulation, and prediction techniques for the air–sea interface

(3) Calculation, spatiotemporal variation patterns, and impacts of air–sea interface fluxes

(4) Response of air–sea interface processes to global climate change

(5) Innovation and application of other air–sea interface technologies

Submission Instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All submissions should be made online; please select the manuscript type “Special Issue on Air-Sea Interface Process”. Questions can be emailed to the AOSL editorial office at

Submission deadline:

31 March 2025

Special Issue Editors:

Lead Editor:

  • Prof. PingqingFu   

Tianjin University



Guest Editor:

  • Prof. Changming Dong

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology



  • Prof. Guihua Wang

Fudan University


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