Announcement: Biogeotechnics Awards

Published 03 February, 2024

Biogeotechnics Award, established by the journal Biogeotechnics, is awarded annually to individual scientists for outstanding contributions to biogeotechnics.

  • Award Type

Biogeotehnics Lecture Award

The Biogeotechnics Lecture Award is set up to honour one of the most outstanding researchers in the world in the research areas covered by Biogeotechnics. It is the most prestigious honour and recognition that could be offered by this journal, the editorial board members and the publisher

Excellent Contribution Award

Editorial board members or reviewers will be selected as Biogeotechnics Excellent Contribution Awardees who made outstanding contributions to Biogeotechnics.

Best Paper Award

Journal’s annual best paper will be selected to acknowledge academic distinguished paper in Biogeotechnics.

Editors’ Choice Paper Award

Four papers (Research paper or Review paper) published in Biogeotechnics in previous year will be nominated for the award.

  • Selection method

The Biogeotechnics Award recipient is selected by the Award Committee from nominees nominated by members of the Biogeotechnics Editorial Board.

  • Award

The Biogeotechnics Award will be announced on the Biogeotechnics journal, website and the recipient will receive a certificate and an award.

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