SDG 13: Climate Action

Published 03 June, 2023

1.       Biomass production from microalgae Chlorella grown in sewage, kitchen wastewater using industrial CO2 emissions: Comparative study
2.       Recent advances in visible-light-driven conversion of CO2 by photocatalysts into fuels or value-added chemicals
3.       Greenhouses for CO2 sequestration from atmosphere
4.       Effects of CO2 atmosphere on slow pyrolysis of high-ash lignite
5.       Effects of mixing methods of bifunctional catalysts on catalyst stability of DME synthesis via CO2 hydrogenation
6.       Process integration of Calcium Looping with industrial plants for monetizing CO2 into value-added products
7.       Study of CH4 and CO2 competitive adsorption on shale in Yibin, Sichuan Province of China
8.       Environmental impacts concerning flexible power generation in a biogas production
9.       Reactivity improvement of ilmenite by calcium nitrate melt infiltration for Chemical Looping Combustion of biomass
10.     Influence of CaO and HZSM-5 on oxygen migration in Chlorella vulgaris polysaccharide pyrolysis
11.     Boosting chemical looping combustion performances of red mud with transition metal oxides
12.     Light biofuel production from waste cooking oil via pyrolytic catalysis cracking over modified Thai dolomite catalysts
13.     Optimization of enhanced weathering networks with alternative transportation modes
14.     Efficiency analysis of sorption-enhanced method in steam methane reforming process
15.     In-situ study on structure evolution and gasification reactivity of biomass char with K and Ca catalysts at carbon dioxide atmosphere
16.     Establishment of correlation between reaction kinetics and carbon structures in the char gasification process
17.     Application of ionic liquids in CO2 capture and electrochemical reduction: A review
18.     A separate-type autothermal CH4 dry reforming system with exergy recuperation

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