SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Published 03 June, 2023

1.       Biochar surface functional groups as affected by biomass feedstock, biochar composition and pyrolysis temperature

2.       Biomass production from microalgae Chlorella grown in sewage, kitchen wastewater using industrial CO2 emissions: Comparative study

3.       Recent advances in visible-light-driven conversion of CO2 by photocatalysts into fuels or value-added chemicals

4.       Co-pyrolysis of waste biomass and waste plastics (polystyrene and waste nitrile gloves) into renewable fuel and value-added chemicals

5.       Pyrolytic carbon derived from spent coffee grounds as anode for sodium-ion batteries

6.       Greenhouses for CO2 sequestration from atmosphere

7.       Evaluation of stability and catalytic activity of Ni catalysts for hydrogen production by biomass gasification in supercritical water

8.       Electron-driven heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of ammonia: Current states and perspective

9.       Bio-oil production from pyrolysis of oil palm biomass and the upgrading technologies: A review

10.    Hydrothermal base catalyzed depolymerization and conversion of technical lignin – An introductory review

11.    Fabrication of three-dimensional graphene anode for augmenting performance in microbial fuel cells

12.    Tire-derived carbon for catalytic preparation of biofuels from feedstocks containing free fatty acids

13.    Progress in plant-based bioelectrochemical systems and their connection with sustainable development goals

14.    Hydrothermal carbonization of agricultural residues: A case study of the farm residues -based biogas plants

15.    Reaction decoupling in thermochemical fuel conversion and technical progress based on decoupling using fluidized bed

16.    Biotechnological valorization of biodiesel-derived glycerol: Trials with the non-conventional yeasts Yarrowia lipolytica and Rhodosporidium sp

17.    A review on transesterification of propylene carbonate and methanol for dimethyl carbonate synthesis

18.    High yield bio-oil production by hydrothermal liquefaction of a hydrocarbon-rich microalgae and biocrude upgrading

19.    Impact of hydrolysis on surface area and energy storage applications of activated carbons produced from corn fiber and soy hulls

20.    Environmental impacts concerning flexible power generation in a biogas production

21.    Recent advances in water-splitting electrocatalysts based on manganese oxide

22.    Improved performance of direct methanol fuel cells with the porous catalyst layer using highly-active nanofiber catalyst

23.    Novel materials for solid oxide fuel cells cathodes and oxygen separation membranes: Fundamentals of oxygen transport and performance

24.    Optimization of pelleting parameters for producing composite pellets using agricultural and agro-processing wastes by Taguchi-Grey relational analysis

25.    Correlation between solubility parameters and recovery of phenolic compounds from fast pyrolysis bio-oil by diesel extraction

26.    Effect of chemical reactions between electrolyte and lithium compounds on the electrochemical performance of the ceramic fuel cells

27.    Polyelectrolytes/α-Fe2O3 modification of carbon cloth anode for dealing with food wastewater in microbial fuel cell

28.    Secondary cracking of volatile and its avoidance in infrared-heating pyrolysis reactor

29.    Characteristics of gas-solid micro fluidized beds for thermochemical reaction analysis

30.    Enhancement of methane yield from cotton stalks by mechanical pre-treatment

31.    Upgrading of biomass fast pyrolysis oil over a moving bed of coal char

32.    Thermal analysis of lithium ion battery cathode materials for the development of a novel pyrometallurgical recycling approach

33.    Sustainable arabitol production by a newly isolated Debaryomyces prosopidis strain cultivated on biodiesel-derived glycerol

34.    Catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae over metal incorporated mesoporous SBA-15 with high hydrothermal stability

35.    Test and performance optimization of nozzle inclination angle and swirl combustor in a low-tar biomass gasifier: a biomass power generation system perspective

36.    Light biofuel production from waste cooking oil via pyrolytic catalysis cracking over modified Thai dolomite catalysts

37.    Alternative feedstock for the production of activated carbon with ZnCl2: Forestry residue biomass and waste wood

38.    Energy-saving strategy for a transport bed flash calcination process applied to magnesite

39.    Influence of Ca(OH)2 on ash melting behaviour of woody biomass

40.    Efficiency analysis of sorption-enhanced method in steam methane reforming process

41.    Optimization of ultrasound procedure for the sustainable production of oil from plum seeds

42.    Resource optimisation in aquaponics facility via process monitoring and graph-theoretical approach

43.    Catalytic hydrotreatment of alkaline lignin and its consequent influences on fast pyrolysis

44.    In-situ study on structure evolution and gasification reactivity of biomass char with K and Ca catalysts at carbon dioxide atmosphere

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