Special Issue on Cross-Border e-Commerce and Risk Management

Published 06 May, 2021

Since cross-border e-commerce emerged in 2000, its rapid development has been driven by internet technology advancement and consumer demand diversification. Not only has it become an important part of national foreign trade and economic cooperation, it also plays a role in global economic growth. Despite the short-term impact of COVID-19, the overall cross-border e-commerce market is still showing an upward trend. More and more consumers are choosing online, cross-border shopping; globally the penetration rate has reached 51.2%, and the Asia Pacific and North America regions account for nearly 50%.

However, the process of cross-border e-commerce is complex. With multiple countries and regions involved, the risk characteristics differ from those found in traditional e-commerce. The areas impacted include information technology, finance, customs, logistics, law and security. For example,  artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cloud computing create risks around personal privacy protection and cross-border data. According to the MIT Technology Review, many countries and regions, including China, South Korea, the United States and Europe, are increasing their focus on digital sovereignty and cross-border data governance.

For this special issue, we welcome both cross-border e-commerce and risk management-related papers.

Topics Covered:

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cross-border e-commerce risk analysis
  • Cross-border e-commerce risk assessment
  • Cross-border risk management
  • Cross-border e-commerce governance
  • Cross-border model innovation
  • COVID-19 and cross-border e-commerce
  • Cross-border logistics and supply chain management
  • Cross-border e-commerce capability development
  • AI in cross-border e-commerce
  • New technologies (e.g., blockchain) in cross-border e-commerce
  • Personal privacy protection in cross-border e-commerce
  • Risk management for cross-border data flow
  • Cyberspace management in cross-border data flow
  • Data security management in cross-border e-commerce
  • Data-driven management decisions in cross-border e-commerce

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 1 October 2021

Submission Instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select SI: Cross-Border e-Commerce on submission.

Authors are also encouraged to submit the full paper or research-in-progress manuscript or abstract to the track “Cross-border e-commerce and risk management” in the 22nd International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2021), which will be held 29 June - 1 July 2021. High-quality papers in this track will be selected for a special issue submission.

Guest Editors:

For further enquiries, please email dsm@xjtu.edu.cn, and the editing team will respond promptly.

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