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Changgen Feng

Editor-in-Chief, Defence Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Dr. Feng is a Chair Professor at the Mechanics and Engineering Department of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in Beijing, China. In addition, he served as Vice President of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) in 1997-2001 and Executive Secretary of CAST in 2001-2011, as well as Vice-president of BIT in 1999-2001.

Research Interests
Generalized thermal explosion theory and generalized theory of ignition, including theory of ignition by hot wire, analytical equations of time-to-ignition, influence of reactant consumption on ignition, variable thermal conductivity cases, and parallel exothermic reaction cases, dynamic problems of thermal explosion, thermal stability of CSTR, complicated explosion phenomena and non-linear chemical kinetic models.

Professional Activities and Awards
Board of Directors of the China Scientific and Technological Development Foundation in 1992-2006, Vice president of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education in 1998-2008.

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