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ISSN: 2214-9147

Clive R. Woodley

Executive Editors-in-Chief, Defence Technology

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Clive Woodley is a world expert on the mathematical modelling of the internal ballistics of guns and, in particular, modelling the ignition and combustion of energetic materials.

His work has included developing innovative numerical modelling techniques to assess the risks and potential performance gains of novel gun systems, such as liquid propellant guns and electric guns. The first person in the world to identify enhanced combustion of propellants due to plasma, Clive led the successful development of ground-breaking theories to model and understand the phenomenon.

Clive's other accomplishments include:
Leading a TTCP collaborative programme, involving Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, on two-phase flow interior ballistic modelling.
Pioneering modelling techniques to simulate the ignition and combustion of modular charge systems.
Clive is frequently invited to chair technical sessions at the International Symposium on Ballistics, and he is President and Membership Chair of the International Ballistics Society.

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