2020 International Conference on Defence Technology

Published 10 April, 2020

The 2020 International Conference on Defence Technology (2020 ICDT) is intended to be held during 26-30 October, 2020, at International Youth Convention Hotels in Nanjing, China.

The 2020ICDT follows on from the very successful 2018 ICDT. Over 600 delegates, representing over 20 countries, attended the 2018 ICDT. Countries represented included France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA and China. There were many extremely interesting and informative presentations covering basic research in the fields of impact physics, rail guns, energetic materials, properties of materials, novel manufacturing processes and photoelectronic information systems.

The 2020ICDT brings together many different and extremely interesting and informative presentations covering basic research in the fields of defence science and technology.

Theme Categories

  • Session 1: Energetic Materials
  • Session 2: Explosion & Impact,including Armour & Protection
  • Session 3: Novel Manufacturing Processes and Management (includes Additive Manufacturing,3D Printing,Metals with Nanostructures,Casting Technology)
  • Session 4: Autonomous Technology
  • Session 5: Application of Composite Materials
  • Session 6: Directed Energy and Pulsed Power
  • Session 7: Modelling & Simulation in Defence Science & Technology
  • Session 8: Photoelectronic Information Technology
  • Session 9: Other Defence Technologies


ICDT Website

Invited Oral Presentations

Timon Rabczuk

Professor, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences;Chair of Computational Mechanics

Affiliation: Faculty of Civil Engineering,Bauhaus Universität-Weimar, Germany

Title: Coming Soon


Wang Huaming

Professor, Academician of the China Academy of Engineering

Affiliation: School of Materials Science and Engineering,Beihang University, China

Title: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) for High-Performance Large Critical Metallic Components and its Impacts on Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Industries


Gerald Nurick

Professor,Fellow of the University of Cape Town,Fellow of the South African Academy of Engineers,Honorary Fellow of South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering,Honorary Member of the International Society of Impact Engineering,Life Member of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Affiliation: University of Cape Town, South Africa

Title: The Art and Science of Using Plastic Explosive Methods in Experiments to Determine the Dynamic Plastic Response of Structural Components


Daniel Rittel

Professor,Honorary Professor of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,Fellow of the Society for Experimental Mechanics,Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers,Associate Editor of Mechanics of Materials,Associate Editor of the International Journal of Engineering Science,Associate Editor of the International Journal of Impact Engineering

Affiliation: Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Title: Coming Soon


Tan Ying


Affiliation: School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,Peking University, China

TitleSwarm Intelligence and Its Application to Multi-Objects Search


Hao Qun

Professor,Associate Editor of Defence Technology

Affiliation: School of Optics and Photonics,Beijing Institute of Science and Technology, China

TitleNovel Imaging Technique with Simultaneous Zoom and Line of Sight Stabilization for Mobile Platform


Li Baoming

Professor,Principal scientist

Affiliation: China Academy of Ordnance Science, National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics of Nanjing University of Science And Technology,China

Title: Coming Soon


Rusinek Alexis


Affiliation: Laboratory of Microstructure Studies and Mechanics of Materials, Lorraine University, France

Title: Advanced Constitutive Relations and Original Experiments at High Strain Rates


Simon Bland

Senior Lecturer

Affiliation: Department of Physics, Imperial College London,UK

Title: New Insights into Pulsed Power Driven Underwater Wire Array Explosions and Their Use to Propel Flyer Plates


Chen Pengwan


Affiliation: Faculty of Civil Engineering,Bauhaus Universität-Weimar, Germany

Title: Impact Safety of ExplosivesExperiments and Modeling


Each tutorial fee(not included in the registration fee)is 1200 RMB


Clive Woodley

Principal Scientist

Affiliation: Imperial College London,UK

Tutorial DescriptionThe course is intended to be attended by scientists and engineers relatively new to the area of the interior ballistics of guns. Specific areas covered in the tutorial will include the following:1)Ignition of Solid Propellants;2)Solid Propellants;3)Novel Guns and Advanced Charges;4)Charge Design and Interior Ballistics Modelling;4)Other areas may be addressed by request in advance or questions during or afterwards.


Adam Wiśniewski


Affiliation: Military Institute of Armament Technology,Poland

Tutorial DescriptionNew materials for passive armours:1) Behaviour of passive armours after impact of different types of projectiles;2)Nanostructural Steel (NS), their parameters, building of armours with NS and testing;3)Shear Thickening Fluid (STF), their parameters, building of armours with STF and testing;4)Magnetorheological Fluid (MF), their parameters, building of armours with MR and testing.


Nicolas Eches

Principal Scientist

Affiliation: Nexter Munitions Company,France

Tutorial DescriptionThe topic of this tutorial is to describe what are the interaction between the different components of the system, i.e. the projectile ends its inner parts such as sabot and penetrator, the barrel, rifled or not, the breech block, the recoil system, and the guiding system, such as the cradle or the sled. The motion equations will be described, detailing the different efforts applied on the projectile, and the reactions of the different parts of the weapon system. Modelling and experimental techniques will also be presented, and will allow to study the sensitivity of several definition parameters. To conclude, the influence of the muzzle and projectile movements on the final impact point will be examined and some information about intermediate ballistics will be given.


Luigi T. DeLuca


Affiliation: Politecnico di Milano,Italy

Tutorial DescriptionThis tutorial describes the main features, in terms of performance parameters, of solid rocket propellants loaded with nanometals and intends to emphasize the unique properties made possible by the addition of nano-sized energetic ingredients. In the first part, steady combustion regimes are examined in detail, including burning rate, pressure exponent, and initial temperature sensitivity, for a wide variety of solid propellants. In the second part, unsteady combustion regimes are discussed, including ignition, extinction by fast depressurization, self-sustained oscillatory burning, pressure deflagration limit, acoustic damping and other transient burning processes. In the third part, particle passivation and coating, chemical and mechanical activation, condensed combustion products, aggregation/agglomeration phenomena, hazards and aging, and delivered specific impulse of solid rocket motors are treated.


Registration Fee

  Before/On 29 February 2020 After 29 February 2020
Regular participant 3800 RMB 4800 RMB
Student 3000 RMB 3800 RMB
Accompany person 3000 RMB 3800 RMB



  • Best Contribution Award Only one Bonus:60,000 RMB
  • Best Poster Presentation Award Only one Bonus:12,000 RMB
  • The Young Author Awards six Bonus:10,000 RMB per person



2020ICDT welcomes research institutes,companies,laboratories that related to enterprises and institutions to display military trade equipment model test equipment and technical software equipment and publications, etc. Please contact the 2020ICDT Organizer Committee for the exhibition and sponsorship. You can find the contact information at the bottom of this email.



Nanjing Ming City Wall
Experience Chinese Fan Painting
Confucius Temple
Qinhuai River Cruise
Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum
Presidential Palace

The specific content of the meeting can be found on 2020ICDT Website:http://www.icdt-conf.com

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Clive Woodley cliverwqq@gmail.com

Address 10 yard Chedaogou,Haidian District,Beijing 100089,P.R.China

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