Digital Communications and Networks: 2022 Best Paper Awards

Published 10 January, 2023

Digital Communications and Networks (DCN) introduced the Best Paper Awards to recognize outstanding papers that meet the aims, scope and high standards of the journal.

Winning papers are chosen not only for their professional excellence, remarkable advances in the state-of-the-art and understanding of a particular topic, but also for their exceptional technical quality with concise and informative illustrations.

The winners of the 2022 Best Paper Awards are:

Review articles

Yuan Ai, Mugen Peng, Kecheng Zhang. Edge computing technologies for Internet of Things: a primer, Digital Communications and Networks, 4 (2) 2018: 77-86.

Research articles

Rakesh Shrestha, Rojeena Bajracharya, Anish P. Shrestha, Seung Yeob Nam. A new type of blockchain for secure message exchange in VANET, Digital Communications and Networks, 6 (2) 2020: 177-186.

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