Special Issue on Recent Advances in Seismic Performance Analysis and Resilience Assessment of Tunnel and Underground Structures

Published 08 November, 2023


Tunnel and underground structures play a pivotal role in modern infrastructure systems, such as transportation, utilities, and storage facilities. However, underground structures are highly vulnerable to seismic hazards, which can lead to negative implications such as emergency response impairment, potential casualties, and regional and social economy losses. The ability of underground structures to withstand earthquakes and recover quickly is important for the well-being and economic stability of our societies.

This special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and professionals to share their insights and advancements related to analysis of seismic performance and resilience assessment of tunnels and underground structures.

Topics covered:

Topics should fall within areas related to underground structures, including, but not limited to:

  • State-of-the-art seismic analysis and design methodologies for underground structures.
  • Innovative seismic retrofit and strengthening techniques for existing tunnels and underground facilities.
  • Performance-based seismic design and assessment methods.
  • Recent breakthroughs in vulnerability assessment and resilience analysis of tunnel structures.
  • Case studies showcasing the impacts of recent seismic events on underground construction projects.
  • Novel materials and technologies for enhancing seismic resilience in tunnels.

Submissions may be in the form of reviews, regular research articles, or short communications (at most 4 to 5 printed pages) with hyperlinks to videos, data, and high-resolution images.

Important deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 1 July 2024
  • First review round: till 31 September 2024
  • Issue date: December 2024

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select Special Issue on Recent Advances in Seismic Performance Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment of Tunnel and Underground Structures for submission. You can contact the editorial office with questions at era-2021@outlook.com or era@seis.ac.cn

Guest Editors (Sorted alphabetically):

Zhongkai Huang, Tongji University (China), Email: 5huangzhongkai@tongji.edu.cn

Guochen Zhao, Jianghan Univerisity (China), Email: zhaoguochen@jhun.edu.cn

Qiangqiang Sun, Hebei University (China), Email: qiangqiangsun@hbu.edu.cn

Liguo Jin, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration (China), Email: jlg1206@tju.edu.cn

Xiaoyu Zhang, Guangzhou University (China), Email: xiaoyu@gzhu.edu.cn

Xiancheng Mei, Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), Email: xcmei@whrsm.ac.cn

Yiyao Shen, Tongji University (China), Email: shenyiyao@tongji.edu.cn

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