Environmental Functional Materials is now welcoming submissions

Published 06 April, 2022

We invite you to submit your paper for consideration to the new open access Environmental Functional Materials. 

Environmental Functional Materials is an international journal publishing quality, cutting-edge research related to multi-scale functional materials and technology for green environment in water, soil and air, environmental monitoring and analysis. 

Topics covered:

  • Sustainable materials and technologies
  • Absorbent materials in environmental pollution
  • Catalytic degradation materials in environmental pollution
  • Environmental remediation materials
  • Materials and technologies in clean air
  • Climate change and pollution control materials
  • Materials and technologies in clean water, waste water treatment, and desalination
  • New environmental alternative materials in clean processing and utilization of fossil resources
  • Energy saving and emission reduction materials
  • Migration and transformation of environmental materials

Author benefits:

  • Global reach: Papers are hosted on ScienceDirect which has over 17 million active users per month
  • Open access publishing fee waived for papers submitted before December 2022


  • Prof Jinren Ni, Peking University, China

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