Special Issue on Vector-borne Disease Modelling

Published 07 April, 2018

Special Issue on Vector-borne Disease Modelling

Vector-borne diseases are a growing public health threat. Many are emerging or re-emerging diseases, but their patterns of emergence are highly variable due to the  high variability among pathogens, hosts, vectors, regional environments and landscapes. The differences in social and epidemiological characteristics of the human population also influence how environmental risk affects the frequency of disease cases, patient outcomes and ultimately the burden of these vector borne diseases.  Mathematical modeling and analysis has been shown to be a key technology to synergise the data and science of vector-borne disease to enhance prevention and control.

We are guest editing a special issue “Vector-borne Disease Modelling” for Infectious Disease Modelling, a peer-reviewed open access journal that aims to promote research working to interface mathematical modelling, infection disease data retrieval and analysis, and public and animal health decision support.

Consistent with the scope of the journal, we invite your submission to this special issue in the following categories:

  • original research articles contributing to the enhancement of this interface;
  • review articles of cutting edge methodologies motivated by and applicable to data collection and informatics for vector-borne disease public health decision making and policy;
  • position articles that propose challenges for novel mathematical formulations and analyses to address important vector-borne disease prevention and control issues.


You can submit your work directly through the journal's online submission system by choosing the special issue. The review processes will be normally complete within two weeks after the submission, and all accepted papers will appear first on-line shortly after the acceptance. These papers will be first published as a regular article in the journal, and all accepted papers will be collected in the special issue by the end of 2018. The special issue will be featured in the journal and will be promoted by the publisher through ScienceDirect.

We believe this will be an important contribution to the growing strong field of vector-borne disease modelling, and we invite your kindly considering submitting your work to this contribution.

Patrick Leighton, patrick.a.leighton@umontreal.ca

Nicholas Ogden, Nicholas.Ogden@canada.ca

Jianhong Wu, wujh@yorku.ca


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