International Symposium on Geoheritage and National Parks 2022

Published 01 October, 2022

The International Symposium on Geoheritage and National Parks have been held every year since 2018. It aims to:

  • Carry out in-depth research on geoheritage and national parks
  • Disseminate and share the knowledge and experience of geoheritage and national parks
  • Collect best practice cases
  • Promote the further improvement and implementation of protection policies
  • Build a platform for cooperation and communication between government, organizations and research institutes in the fields of geoheritage and national parks.

The topic of the 2022 symposium is the sustainable development of geoheritage and national parks in a changing world. There are five themes under this topic:

  • Geotourism
  • Geoheritage management and practice
  • Geoheritage for resilience
  • National park systems
  • Forest therapy in geoheritage sites and national parks

Due to Covid-19, the symposium will be held online via ZOOM.


Registration link:, OR scan the QR code below to register!

Registration deadline: 8 November 2022

Call for session proposals:

Session 1: National park systems

Session 2: Geoheritage and geotourism

Session 3: Geoheritage for resilience

Session 4: Forest therapy


To submit a session proposal, please email the proposal to The deadline of proposal submission is 1 November 2022.

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