Editorial board meeting of IJTST 2024

Published 17 March, 2024

The annual meeting of International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology (IJTST) was held in the Marquis Salon 14 (M2) / Marriott Marquis Room at Washington D.C. during the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 103rd Annual Meeting on January 8, 2024.

A Zoom option was provided for participants to join the meeting virtually. The meeting was attended by the editors-in-chief, associate editors, members of the editorial board and other staff members. Professor Zhongren Wang, a founder of IJTST and senior member of the American Association of Transportation Engineers, presided over the meeting.

Professor Zhongren Wang delivered a speech at the conference and greeted all the guests. Professor Wang thanked everyone for their efforts and contributions to IJTST in the past year, and expressed his longing and expectation for the future development of IJTST.

Professor Wanjing Ma, secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Transportation Engineering at Tongji University, also delivered a speech at the conference. He acknowledged the contributions and achievements of IJTST in the field of transportation science and technology. Additionally, he engaged in discussions with the editorial board members of IJTST regarding future construction and development directions.

Following these speeches, Professor Wei (David) Fan, editor-in-chief of IJTST, presented a report to the editorial board on the manuscript situation, the work conducted in 2023 and the development plan for 2024. Professor Fan detailed the progress of IJTST's application for SCI, regression plan, CN number application, and analyzed various metrics such as the number of papers published, submissions, downloads, citations, and manuscript acceptance rate.

The conference also hosted an award ceremony where Tongji University and IJTST congratulated and thanked the recipients of the Best Editor Awards, Outstanding Reviewer Awards and Most Cited Paper Awards. Professors Fan and Ma jointly presented the award certificates to the winners.

On behalf of all members of IJTST, Professor Fan expressed sincere appreciation to and deep respect for the former members of the editorial board for their hard work and selfless dedication. Their valuable contributions, enriched by their professional knowledge and industry expertise, have significantly contributed to the development of IJTST.

At the same time, Professor Fan announced the addition of new editorial board members, aiming to infuse fresh vigor and dynamism into the editorial board. He noted that these changes are essential to better align with the evolving landscape and requirements of the transportation field, ensuring the journal's academic forefront and high standards. Furthermore, the Editor-in-Chief underscored the importance of fostering a cohesive team atmosphere among the editorial board members. He encouraged collaborative efforts to elevate the IJTST journal to greater heights.

Finally, editorial board members engaged in discussions on the future construction direction and planning goals for IJTST. It was suggested that journal should incorporate multidisciplinary research content to foster academic exchanges and facilitate cross-disciplinary integration of knowledge. Emphasis should be placed on strengthening collaboration with peers, importing excellent research findings from around the world, and actively participating in international academic exchange conferences and activities. These efforts will improve the international influence and popularity of the journal. The participants put forward many constructive opinions and provided suggestions toward the development of the journal.

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