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Published 26 December, 2023

The International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology (IJTST), sponsored by Tongji University, is an international academic journal covering the first-level disciplines of transportation engineering. We sincerely invite academics in the field of transportation to be a part of IJTST. We will welcome around 15 young editorial board members to come on board.

Youth Editorial Board Member Recruitment of International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology (IJTST)

The International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology (IJTST, ISSN 2046-0430) is sponsored by Tongji University and is an international academic journal serving the first-level discipline of transportation engineering. Established in 2012, it is currently led by Co-Editors-in-Chief by Professor Zhongyin Guo from Tongji University and Professor Wei (David) Fan from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA. IJTST has always focused on the basic theories and general technologies of comprehensive, intelligent, and sustainable transportation, paying attention to cutting-edge technologies such as sustainability and intelligence in the transportation field, and publishing high-quality papers related to transportation system planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance management. At present, the journal has been included in important databases such as ESCI, DOAJ, Scopus, Ei Compendex, etc., with a CiteScore of 6.7 in 2022, and is located in the Q1 area of its discipline.

With the large-scale and high-speed development of the transportation industry worldwide, rapid progress has been made in related discipline construction and scientific and technological innovation. The quality of talent training has been continuously improved, scientific and technological strength has been significantly enhanced, and international cooperation and exchanges have been unprecedentedly active, providing new opportunities and challenges for the continued development and progress of IJTST. To further promote the high-quality development of this journal, enhance its academic influence at home and abroad, and provide young scholars with broader development space and opportunities to showcase their talents, we are openly recruiting young editorial board members from domestic and foreign universities and research institutes and sincerely inviting outstanding young scholars to join us. The relevant information is hereby presented as follows.

1. Number of invitations

About 15 young editorial board members will be recruited this time.

2. Invitation conditions

  1. Upright academic style, rigorous academic research, and adherence to academic ethics.
  2. Under the age of 40 (born after January 1st, 1983), with a doctoral degree or vice-senior or higher title.
  3. Have high academic attainments and influence, and have published at least 5 high-quality papers as the first or corresponding author in authoritative domestic and foreign journals related to transportation science and technology in the past 5 years.
  4. Have a sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm, willing to undertake journal work, pay attention to journal development, and have strong abilities in organizing, writing, soliciting, and reviewing manuscripts.
  5. Applicants with long-term experience in reviewing, submitting, and planning special topics for authoritative scientific and technological journals in the professional field, especially for this journal, will be given priority.

3. Rights

  1. After being selected, a Youth Editorial Committee Employment Certificate will be issued, with a term of 2 years (dynamically adjusted annually based on work conditions).
  2. Selected members can set up special topics, columns, or special issues in this journal, and solicit contributions as the editor-in-chief of special topics, columns, or special issues.
  3. Selected members can publish their personal information as Youth Editorial Board members on the journal’s official media platform (WeChat official account) to publicize their research achievements and enhance their academic influence.
  4. Selected members can enjoy academic publishing services of higher quality, and outstanding manuscripts written or recommended by themselves can be given priority for publication after peer review.
  5. Selected members with outstanding contributions can participate in the annual award selection for outstanding Youth Editorial Board members and will be given priority in being recruited as members of the next editorial board of the journal.

4. Responsibilities

  1. Journal promotion: actively publicize and promote this journal in domestic and foreign research and academic exchange activities.
  2. Outstanding manuscripts or special issues arrangement: provide the latest scientific research trends in the discipline, assist the editorial department in planning hot and cutting-edge topics, and arrange high-quality manuscripts written by well-known teams.
  3. Paper submission: Write no less than one high-level paper for this journal either as the first author or corresponding author each year.
  4. Peer review: Work with the editorial department to complete the preliminary review of manuscripts, undertake a certain amount of review work, and actively recommend outstanding talents in the research field to enrich the review expert team.
  5. Care about the development of the journal: actively provide suggestions for the development and promotion of the journal and participate in the implementation; actively participate in the Youth Editorial Board meetings of the journal and various academic activities hosted or co-organized by the journal.

5. Research areas

  1. Frontier transportation science and technology (smart transportation, sustainable development, autonomous driving, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.)
  2. Innovative science and technology with interdisciplinary integration (integration of transportation and automotive, civil engineering, environment, electronics, communication, surveying and mapping, medicine, etc.)
  3. Common core science and technology of multimodal comprehensive transportation (planning, design, construction, operation, management, etc.)

6. Application and selection process

  1. Application
    • Fill out the “Application Form for Youth Editorial Board Member of IJTST” and send it to email: ijtst@tongji.edu.cn.
    • The email topic should be "IJTST Youth Editorial Board Member Application - Name". The deadline is 03/30/2023.
  2. Selection process
    • After the application materials pass the preliminary review by the editorial department, they will be submitted to the editors-in-chief of the journal and members of the editorial board for final selection.
    • After the selected results are officially released, a working meeting will be held for the establishment of the Youth Editorial Board and the certificate will be issued.

Download: Application Form for Youth Editorial Board Member of IJTST-2023.doc

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