The development and application research of traditional Chinese medicine during its modernization process

Published 08 November, 2023


The inheritance, innovation, and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are important components of promoting the cause of a healthy China. Embracing the principles of “inheriting the essence, upholding integrity and innovation” we aim to continuously strengthen the inheritance, innovation, and development of TCM, and develop and produce more "Chinese medicine" that is suitable for the inheritance of Chinese life/ genes and physical quality characteristics.

In 1996, China officially implemented the "modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" strategy, proposing to combine the advantages and characteristics of TCM with modern science and technology, interpret, inherit, and promote the theory and practice of TCM, transform and enhance the research, development, production, management, and application of contemporary Chinese medicine, to meet the needs of social development for TCM. Since then, China has made remarkable achievements in the fields of TCM resources and sustainable utilization, basic research on TCM, new drug research and development, standardization and industrialization, and the "spreading TCM to the world".

Medicinal plants and Chinese medicinal materials form the cornerstone of TCM, serving as strategic resources crucial to the national economy and people's well-being. Safeguarding and advancing these resources carry many benefits, including enhanced public health, emergent industry growth, increased livelihoods for medicinal plant cultivators, and the advancement of ecological civilization. Nonetheless, there remain challenges, including uneven quality of Chinese medicinal materials and the depletion of rare and endangered TCM resources, posing a strain on supply.

The application of disciplines such as molecular biology and plant metabolic physiology in preserving and developing medicinal plant resources has shed light on the secrets behind exceptional quality and authentic Chinese medicinal materials. Additionally, modern high-precision analytical instruments offer invaluable tools for uncovering the pharmacological substances and mechanisms within TCM and its complex formulations. These advances have propelled TCM and its formulations into international markets.

The modernization of TCM continues to progress, and we are committed to combining the traditional wisdom of TCM with modern technology to remove the bottleneck in the TCM industry and support its high-quality development, promote the cluster rise of the TCM pharmaceutical industry, and accelerate the modernization and internationalization process of the development of the TCM industry.

We invite you to join us on our mission and welcome you to submit your contributions to this special issue, in the form of articles, short comments, and reviews related to the listed topics.

Please note that the topics we provided may not cover all research in this field. If your topic is related but not listed here, please contact us.

  • Uncover secrets of the superior forms and quality of medicinal plants ― the mechanism research based on molecular biology;
  • Investigation of the protection and evaluation of medicinal plant resources with the theory and technologies of plant metabolic physiology;
  • The application of modern high-precision instruments in the research and development of TCM;
  • Analysis of biologically active substances and the metabolic research of TCM;
  • Key technologies and their application research for standardized production of Chinese medicinal materials;
  • Deep excavation of traditional medicine resources in the process of modernization of TCM.

Guest Editors

Xiuteng Zhou, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Chunxia Ma, Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences)

Zhenyu Zhao, China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control

Hongyang Gao, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

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