CO2 Reductions to Fuels/Carbon Feedstocks via Photo-/Thermo-/Electro-catalytic Processes and Metal-CO2 Batteries

Published 20 June, 2022


Global climate disruption caused by the excessive release of carbon dioxide (CO2) is affecting the planet in ways never experienced before. Many countries and regions have proposed strong policies and vigorous investment for research and applications of new technologies that can help to achieve “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality”. Among them, the photo-, thermo- and electro-catalytic reduction of CO2 to fuels or carbon feedstocks using renewable electricity demonstrates a highly potential and competitive route, which effectively reduces more than 100 billion tons of CO2 per year.

This special issue focuses on recent developments in the reduction of CO2 to fuels or feedstock chemicals through advanced technologies such as photocatalysis, thermocatalysis, electrocatalysis and their combinations, as well as the utilization of CO2 in energy conversion devices exemplified by metal-CO2 batteries. We hope it will contribute to readers’ understanding of the catalyst construction, reaction mechanism and system design under these different CO2 conversion technologies mentioned above.

Topics Covered:

  • CO2 electrochemical reductions (including room temperature and high temperature)
  • light-driven CO2 reduction (CO2 photocatalytic reduction)
  • Thermo-catalytic conversion of CO2 into fuels
  • Metal-CO2 batteries
  • Plasma-assisted catalytic CO2 conversion

Important Deadlines:

Submission deadline: 10 November 2022

Submission Instructions:

Please visit the Guide for Authors to refer to the information about the four paper types of MRE and the notes for manuscript preparation before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select “SI: CO2 Reduction/CO2 Batteries” on submission. Please note that it is mandatory to prepare the Graphical Abstract image and the Biographies of Author(s) along with your paper manuscript.

Guest Editor:

Prof. Jinli Qiao

Donghua University, China. E-mail:

Co-Guest Editors:

Dr. Guicheng Liu

Dongguk University, Republic of Korea. E-mail:

Dr. Nengneng Xu

Donghua University, China. E-mail:

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