Special issue on hydrogen fuel cells and advanced hydrogen generation, storage and distribution

Published 09 May, 2022


The hydrogen economy offers efficient, environmentally-benign, large-scale production of electrical power. Well-to-wheel, hydrogen reformate in fuel cells is cleaner and four times more efficient than internal combustion electrical generators, and extends the life of petroleum reserves proportionately. Renewable wind-, solar- and nuclear-powered water electrolysis offers a sustainable supply of clean hydrogen. Technical issues have delayed the practical use of hydrogen-powered generators. This special issue of the journal welcomes contributions from authors that advance our ability to turn the hydrogen economy into a commercial reality.

Topics covered:

  • Advanced fuel cells, electrolyte membranes and electrode catalysts
  • Advanced hydrogen generation by electrolysis, reforming, etc.
  • Advanced hydrogen storage: hydrogen pressurisation, condensation and containment
  • Hydrogen infrastructure: distribution from reformers, wind, solar and nuclear sources to fuelling stations for vehicle, residential and industrial applications

Important deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 15 August 2022

Submission instructions:

Guest Editor:

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