Catalysis: Mechanisms and Materials

Published 16 March, 2020

At present, there is an ongoing effort to search for sustainable, clean and highly efficient strategies to satisfy the energy needs of modern society. Among various advanced technologies, catalysis plays a key role in the energy conversion. There are enormous efforts has been devoted to finding high-performance catalyst. Along the way, the new techniques to investigate the properties of materials and the fundamental mechanism of the catalysis were also invented.

Therefore, “Nano Materials Science” will publish a Special Issue entitled "Catalysis: Mechanisms and Materials", that will primarily feature selected high-quality research Articles and Reviews from that field. The scope of the Special Issue will be quite broad and encompasses the following research areas, but is not limited to:

  • Nano catalyst materials
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Fuel cells
  • Interfacial catalysts
  • Carbon based catalyst materials
  • Defect induced catalyst materilas
  • The modeling and mechanism study of catalyst cycles


In view of the important contributions that your group has provided to the field of Catalysis, we would like to invite you to submit a manuscript for consideration as part of this Special Issue. The issue will contain a mixture of original (Full Papers) and review-type (Concepts, Minireviews, and Reviews) articles, and you can choose which type of article you would prefer to submit. Manuscripts will be judged by the same stringent peer-review standards as all other submissions, as we aim for this to be a high-quality showcase of the very best research in the field. Further details can be found in the Guide for Authors on the journal homepage.

The deadline for submission of your article for inclusion in this Special Issue is 15th August. 2020. Manuscripts should be submitted directly to the editorial office of Nano Materials Science using the following link:

Please indicate when submitting that your manuscript is intended for the Special Issue: Catalysis: Mechanisms and Materials " by selecting this upon submission in the Section drop-down menu.

In addition, you can also mention the invitation for the special issue in the cover letter.


Specialty Chief Editor

  • Prof. Zidong Wei, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chongqing University, Email:

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