Call for nominations: 2021 Nano Materials Science Award

Published 15 June, 2021

The Nano Materials Science Award, established by the journal Nano Materials Science, is awarded annually to individual scientists for outstanding contributions to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

This award aims to encourage contributions from scientists and engineers, stimulate innovation and promote development of nano materials research.

  • Nomination criteria

Nominees should adhere to at least one of the following criteria:
1. Display a considerable influence in the field of nanomaterial science and technology
2. Present significant new research or demonstrate exceptional contributions to the progress of nanomaterial science and technology
3. Greatly promote the large-scale application of nano materials and their new products to produce extensive economic and social benefits

  • Selection method

The Nano Materials Science Award recipient is selected by the Award Committee from nominees nominated by members of the Nano Materials Science Editorial Board.

  • Award

The Nano Materials Science Award will be announced on the Nano Materials Science journal website and the recipient will receive a certificate and an award at the Nano Materials Science Forum.

  • Deadline for nominations

30 June 2021

  • Award cycle

The Nano Materials Science Award is presented annually to one or two individuals.

  • Withdraw mechanism

The Nano Materials Science Award will be withdrawn in the following circumstances:
1. Recipient’s involvement in academic misconduct
2. Significant debate on his/her academic achievements
3. Other improper means to win the award

  • Contact information:

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