New editor-in-chief of Natural Gas Industry B: Professor Zhang Jinchuan

Published 20 July, 2023

In July 2023, Professor Zhang Jinchuan assumed the role of editor-in-chief of Natural Gas Industry B.

Having initiated his research on strata, structure, sedimentation, and hydrocarbon accumulation geology in Chinese basins since 1986, Professor Zhang has emerged as a renowned authority in the field of unconventional oil and gas exploration and evaluation in China. His expertise encompasses the assessment of hydrocarbon accumulation mechanisms, distribution, and resources.

As the newly appointed editor-in-chief of Natural Gas Industry B, Professor Zhang is committed to elevating the journal's academic standards and expanding its influence within the field. His dedication and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued enhancement of Natural Gas Industry B's academic prestige and impact.

About Professor Zhang Jinchuan

Zhang Jinchuan holds the esteemed position of second-level professor and serves as the chief of an exceptional science and technology team at China University of Geosciences (Beijing). Furthermore, he has been recognized as a high-level leading talent by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Previously, Professor Zhang held the position of executive chairman of Xiangshan Scientific Conference and International Shale Gas Seminar. He served as the technical chief of national shale gas exploration and evaluation technology, and of shale gas exploration and evaluation in Henan, Guizhou and other provinces.

Additionally, he has served in various leadership roles including the directorship of the Virtual Simulation Teaching and Experiment Center of Energy Geological Evaluation at the national level. He has also held the position of director for the Key Laboratory of Shale Gas Strategic Evaluation under the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Energy Experiment Center at China University of Geosciences (Beijing).

Throughout his career, Professor Zhang has been actively involved in various aspects of China's oil and gas industry, including offshore oil and gas geological evaluation, onshore oil and gas exploration, hydrocarbon accumulation mechanisms, unconventional natural gas geologic evaluation, and geothermal resource research. He has been a strong advocate for the exploration and development of unconventional natural gas, particularly in the areas of tight sandstone gas (deep basin gas reservoirs) and shale gas. His expertise has been instrumental in conducting nationwide and regional predictions and research on accumulation conditions, geological distribution, favorable area selection, and resource evaluation of shale gas.

Notably, Professor Zhang has made significant contributions to the development of geological theories related to unconventional natural gas accumulation and prediction, playing a leading role in China's drilling and discovery of shale gas.

Editor-in-chief's address

The emergence of new energy sources, coupled with the growing focus on green and sustainable development in the conventional energy sector, has presented unprecedented opportunities for the natural gas industry in China. Against this backdrop, Natural Gas Industry B plays a crucial role in internationalizing scientific and technological advancements within the natural gas industry. Its mission is to showcase the achievements of China's natural gas industry and related fields on a global scale.

With its profound historical significance and the shared mission of fostering a green energy era, Natural Gas Industry B is poised to establish a distinctive platform for the industry. By directly promoting scientific and technological breakthroughs, the journal will contribute to shaping a sustainable future and facilitate global cooperation in the natural gas sector.

About Natural Gas Industry B

Since the foundation in 2014, Natural Gas Industry B has always adhered to the principle of "report cutting-edge academic research in the field of natural gas, present the development trends of engineering technology, and promote the progress of engineering technology with theoretical research results". It is committed to serve the global natural gas industry, and actively promote the carbon emission reduction and low-carbon energy transition within the energy sector. Through 9 years of diligent work, Natural Gas Industry B has published a number of excellent academic papers with industrial influence. It has been widely recognized by the international academic community, and can been searched in ESCI, INSPEC, Scopus, DOAJ ,Georef, and other databases. In June 2023, Natural Gas Industry B got the first impact factor 3.3 of Web of Science.

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