Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Petroleum visits Southwest Petroleum University

Published 12 January, 2016

Professor Paitoon, the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Petroleum Visiting the Journal Publishing Center of the Southwest Petroleum University


Professor Paitoon of the University of Regina, the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Petroleum and Professor Fanhua Zeng, the Editorial Board member of the journal visited the Journal Publishing Center of the Southwest Petroleum University on November 26th, 2015.

In the afternoon, Professor Jianjun Liu, the Director of the Journal Publishing Center gave a presentation about the current status and the development of Petroleum. Many university leaders attended the meeting, including Professor Liehui Zhang, the Deputy Headmaster of the Southwest Petroleum University, Professor Zhiyu Huang, the Dean of the Graduate School, Professors Yili Kang and Xiao Guo, the Deputy Deans of the School of Oil & Natural Gas Engineering, and Professor Yan Yang, the Deputy Dean of the Graduate School.

Professor Jianjun Liu reported the launching history, the current status, the progress in 2015 and the major problems of Petroleum. Attendees had deep discussions on how to increase the number of high quality articles submitted to the journal and how to encourage the Editorial Board members to be more involved in the journal development.

Professor Paitoon stated that as the Honorary Editor-in-Chief, he would certainly put more efforts to the journal in the future. He is now planning to organize a Special Issue on CCUS (CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage) for Petroleum in 2016.

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