Top 5 most cited Petroleum articles of 2016

Published 16 March, 2017

In order to promote development of Petroleum and deepen the cooperation with broad scholars, the Editorial Office of Petroleum announced the “Top 5 most cited articles” in 2016, and awarded certificates of honor to related authors. The list was calculated based on Web of Science, focusing on the papers published in 2015 and cited in 2016.



Li Quanshu, Xing Huilin, Liu Jianjun & Liu Xiangchon

A Review on Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconventional Reservoir

Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, Reza Soleimani, Moonyong Lee, Tomoaki Kashiwao & Alireza Bahadori

Determination of oil well production performance using artificial neural network (ANN) linked to the particle swarm optimization (PSO) tool

Afshin Tatar, Saeid Naseri, Nick Sirach, Moonyong Lee & Alireza Bahadori

Prediction of reservoir brine properties using radial basis function (RBF) neural network

Liu Pingli, Feng Yinsheng, Zhao Liqiang, Li Nianyin & Luo Zhifeng

Technical status and challenges of shale gas development in Sichuan Basin, China

James J. Sheng

Status of surfactant EOR technology


Many thanks to the experts, authors, and readers who have gave powerful supports and made great contributions to Petroleum!

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