Special Issue: Plant Diversity and Conservation of the Belt & Road Countries

Published 15 September, 2017

The Belt & Road Countries are rich in biodiversity and many of them fall in the global biodiversity hotspots. Yet, synthesis knowledge is particularly missing on the plant diversity in this region, which deters the better understanding of the current status and dynamic change of the ecosystem and hampers the conservation efforts of the region. Encapsulated in the Belt & Road Initiative, ecological civilization and green economy are proposed as the guiding policy for multilateral cooperation. Under this umbrella, the special issue of Plant Diversity entitled “Plant Diversity and Conservation of the Belt & Road Countries” will call and invite scientific review and research papers on the topic of plant diversity, with focus on the facts of plant diversity, main threats, conservation status, knowledge gap, and future research highlights in the Belt & Road countries.It should be noted that all manuscripts will be subject to rigorous peer review. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

We cordially invite you to submit or recommend papers through the paper submission system.

Paper Submission Due:
30th November, 2017

Publication Date:
25th April, 2018

Guest Editors:
Yongping Yang (Guest Editor-in-Chief)
Email: yangyp@mail.kib.ac.cn

Xuefei Yang (Guest Editor-in-Chief)
Email: xuefei@mail.kib.ac.cn


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