Annual Awards for Most Cited Articles & Most Active Editors

Published 16 January, 2023

In recognition of the valuable contributions to Plant Diversity, we have established the annual awards for the most cited and most active editors of our journal.

This year, we celebrate the most cited papers (according to the Web of Science data) published in 2020:

  1. ROS and oxidative burst: Roots in plant development
  1. Cenozoic topography, monsoons and biodiversity conservation within the Tibetan Region: An evolving story
  1. Ethiopian vegetation types, climate and topography
  1. Twenty years of Chinese vascular plant novelties, 2000 through 2019
  1. The tropical-subtropical evergreen forest transition in East Asia: An exploration

We are also delighted to announce the receipients of the Most Active Editor Award 2022:

  • Li Rong
  • Yang Jie
  • Deng Yunfei
  • Mao Kangshan
  • Tang Zhiyao
  • Kong Deliang
  • Nie Zelong
  • Chen Gao
  • Yang Xuefei
  • Zhou Wei

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