We are looking for Associate Editors

Published 23 April, 2024

In light of the rapid development of the journal, we would like to appoint up to three additional Associate Editors for Resources Chemicals and Materials! Together, we aim to propel the journal to new heights!


Candidates should provide a CV and a one-page cover letter.


Please send your application files to the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Guangwen Xu (gwxu@syuct.edu.cn) or the journal publisher Mr. Jinze Li (jzli@keaipublishing.com).


Application deadline: 30 June 2024


We will notify shortlisted candidates by email in early July this year, and the new Associate Editors will be appointed in August or September.

About the role

The Associate Editor should be a senior researcher in one or more areas of resources, chemistry or materials, and be able to work with the editorial team to serve the journal's research community.

The Associate Editor should work together with the EiCs and editorial team and handle manuscripts assigned by the EiCs in the online system. The Associate Editor should be responsible for peer-review process of assigned manuscripts and provide his/her comments and decision to the EiCs. The peer-review process should be as detailed, efficient and collegial as possible.

The Associate Editor also identifies topics of interest to the journal, organizes special issues and commissions invited articles on these topics. They work in tandem with the editorial board to enhance the journal's performance, ensuring the publication of influential, interesting and innovative research. Leveraging personal and team networks is essential to sourcing cutting-edge content and effectively promoting the journal and its articles.

Additionally, the Associate Editor is responsible for ensuring that the journal's publications comply with academic ethics and for working closely with KeAi in accordance with the guidelines of the International Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The first term of the Associate Editor is for two years, from October 1, 2024 to September 30, 2026. Renewal may be negotiated upon termination of the appointment.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:

Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Guangwen Xu, gwxu@syuct.edu.cn

Publisher, Mr. Jinze Li, jzli@keaipublishing.com

About the journal

Resources Chemicals and Materials (RCM) is an international open access journal founded in 2021, owned by Shenyang University of Chemical Technology and published by KeAi. The Editors-in-chief of the journal are Prof Guangwen Xu from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology and Prof Ondřej Mašek of the University of Edinburgh, UK. The editorial board is composed of more than 100 experts from more than 20 countries in various fields. RCM focuses on the creation, production, characterization and economics of materials and chemicals arising during the processing, conversion and utilization of various resources. The research fields of published articles include biomass green functional materials, high entropy alloy materials, bioflexible electronic materials, new devices for lithium-ion batteries, coal hot bond chemical refining, light/electric catalysis and many other frontier fields. RCM has been indexed in DOAJ, EBSCOhost, Chemical Abstract Service, and Scopus. CiteScoreTracker 2023 is 4.2 (updated on 5 April 2024).

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