SMHS Editorial Board agrees a list of hot article topics for 2022

Published 16 November, 2021

At an Editorial Board meeting of Sports Medicine and Health Science (SMHS) held in November, members drew up a list of topics the journal will focus on in the year ahead. They include:

  • COVID-19 and physical activity
  • Exercise and how the body functions in a time of air pollution and climate change
  • Exercise in rehabilitation after brain injuries
  • Mitochondrial biology and muscle ageing
  • Molecular mechanisms of exercise in a multiorgan system

Another big focus for members in 2022 will be improving the Editorial Board’s gender equality.

The meeting was attended by Xiaofei Pan, the President of CDSU, and Weiping Shu, former president of the CDSU, who are both members of the editorial office. They were joined by Junshi Chen, honorary Editor-in-Chief, J. Larry Durstine and Quansheng Su, Editors-in-Chief, Li Ji, Benxiang He and Zsolt Radák, deputy Editors-in-Chief, and more than 40 other board members.

The Editorial Board meeting was held in conjunction with the 3rd International Academic Forum on Sports Medicine and Health.

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