Sports Medicine and Health Science Best Paper Award Announcement

Published 13 January, 2021

We are proud to announce the winners of Sports Medicine and Health Science (SMHS) best paper awards.

Based on the download on ScienceDirect and citations (google scholar), the best paper award for the year 2019 goes to…

Physical activity, exercise, and chronic diseases: A brief review
Elizabeth Anderson and J. Larry Durstine

And the best paper award for 2020 goes to…

The COVID-19 pandemic and physical activity
Jeffrey A.Woods, Noah T. Hutchinson, Scott K. Powers, William O. Roberts, Mari Carmen Gomez-Cabrera, Zsolt Radak, Istvan Berkes, Anita Boros, Istvan Boldogh, Christiaan Leeuwenburg, Hélio José Coelho-Júnior, Emanuele Marzetti, Ying Cheng, Jiankang Liu, J. Larry Durstine, Junzhi Sun and Li Li Ji.

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