A review on sustainable supply chain network design: Dimensions, paradigms, concepts, framework and future directions

Published 09 August, 2022

Supply chains are getting more and more complex with addition of new sustainability paradigms in highly fragile and vulnerable environments as the world is transforming faster and faster due to the acceleration of activities, operations and new technologies. To date, few efforts have been made to systematically explore the status of sustainable supply chains networks models as a few research includes sustainable development as a main attribute of the problem considered. This review is the outcome of several papers under the year frame from 2010 to 2021 delivering the role of sustainability in supply chain network with identification of strategies and various methodologies used by the academicians. A new framework of sustainable supply chain network design dimensions with inclusion of indicators and the parameters have been introduced. Moreover, future paths and research directions are provided for researchers and practitioners to explore the concepts of sustainability and new avenues of research to include sustainability aspects more effectively.

Caption: Structural dimensions of SSC's.

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