Natural Products

Published 18 June, 2019

I invite you to submit your paper for consideration to the Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology special issue before 28 February 2020.

Natural products were and will continue to be a very important resource for industry-relevant and pharmacology-active compounds. As we know, a large fraction of industrial chemicals and a high percentage of current pharmaceuticals are either natural products or derived from natural products. With the advances in read and write genomes, it is believed that there is a huge unexploited potential of novel natural products with different applicable characteristics. We have reasons to believe that another golden age of natural products discovery is yet to come.

The main topics of consideration for this special issue include:

  • Biosynthetic pathway elucidation of natural products
  • Biosynthetic pathway reconstruction of natural products
  • Cell factory/chassis design/construction for heterogeneous expression of natural products
  • Synthetic biology tools for natural products
  • Enzyme discovery
  • Chemistry and/or biochemistry of natural products
  • Plant natural products
  • Fungal natural products
  • Bacterial natural products
  • Marine natural products
  • Genome mining
  • Chemical biology of natural products
  • Activation of cryptic secondary metabolic pathway (natural products)
  • Functional studies of natural products
  • Natural products identification/characterization
  • Biosensors for natural products
  • Metabolic modeling for pathway engineering of natural products
  • New methods/biotechnologies that facilitate natural products discovery

Submission Deadline

Submit your paper before 28 February 2020

Special Issue Guest Editor

  • Yaojun Tong, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark. Kgs. Lyngby 2800, Denmark.

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