Special Issue: Metabolic Pathway Engineering

Published 07 February, 2017

Special Issue Call for Papers: Metabolic Pathway Engineering

We invite you to submit your paper for consideration to the Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology special issue before July 31st, 2017.

The metabolic pathways of organisms can be rewired to produce a variety of commodity and specialty chemicals, including biofuels, bioplastics, monomers, drugs, pigments, fragrances, and flavorants from renewable sources. Biosynthetic pathways are constructed using endogenous or exogenous enzymes; and may be tailored from natural metabolic pathways, or built de novo using systems-based approaches to make compounds that are not produced in natural organisms.

The main topics of consideration for this special issue include:

  • New metabolic pathways for valuable products
  • Metabolic pathway optimization
  • Synthetic biology tools for metabolic engineering
  • Systems metabolic engineering
  • Enzyme engineering
  • High throughput technologies for metabolic engineering
  • Subcellular (organelle) metabolic engineering
  • Metabolic engineering in non-model organisms
  • Transcriptional regulation of metabolic pathways
  • Multivariate-modular metabolic pathway engineering
  • Biosensors for metabolic engineering
  • Cell consortia metabolic engineering
  • Directed evolution for strain improvement
  • Computational modeling for pathway engineering
  • Biochemical engineering
  • New methods in biochemistry, molecular biology, or microbiology for metabolic pathway engineering
  • Combinatorial pathway engineering
  • Multiplex metabolic pathway engineering
  • Refactoring natural product and other metabolic pathways

Yours sincerely,

Special Issue Guest Editors

  • Hal S. Alper, McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, United States, halper@che.utexas.edu
  • Jose L. Avalos, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, United States, javalos@princeton.edu

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