Special issue on synthetic biotechnology for C1 bio-refineries

Published 29 September, 2022


Single carbon (C1) feedstocks, including CO2, CO, CH4, formate and methanol, can serve as ideal raw materials for sustainable production of chemicals and biofuels toward the goal of carbon neutrality. The development in synthetic biology provides advanced bio-techniques and tools for the construction of efficient bioprocesses for bioconversion of C1 feedstocks in both native C1-trophs and traditional model microbes. This special issue will focus on current progress on synthetic biotechnology for efficient C1 bio-refinery.

Topics covered:

These will include, but not be limited to:

  • Bioconversion of C1 feedstock (CO2, CO, CH4, formate and methanol)
  • Enzyme engineering for improving C1 utilisation
  • Pathway engineering for improving C1 utilisation
  • Metabolic engineering model organisms for C1 utilisation
  • Metabolic engineering C1-trophic organisms
  • Chemical and biofuel production from C1 feedstocks
  • Systems biology of C1 metabolism
  • Tools and technologies to enable C1 engineering

Important deadlines:

  • Submission deadline (for full papers): 31 May 2023
  • Publication date: upon acceptance

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select the special issue “Synthetic biotechnology for C1 bio-refineries”.

Manuscripts will be reviewed and published on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all accepted manuscripts are published, they will be pulled together in this special issue.

Guest Editors:

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