Special Issue on Ecology Monitoring and Assessment in Watershed

Published 09 July, 2020

Without ecosystems, humans lose the foundation of survival and development. As we know, river basins are closely related to the survival and development of human society. The theme of watershed ecological space and biodiversity conservation has been a focus of ecological research. With the development of earth observation technology, including small-scale ecosystem observation with unmanned aerial vehicles, more and more information on watershed ecosystems is available. Based on multi-source observation data (e.g., remote sensing images, ground observation data, experimental analysis data), the state of ecosystems can be assessed more easily and findings can assist with ecosystem management and social sustainable development.

In order to promote academic exchange and discipline development in watershed ecology and the environment, this special issue will present recent advances in the fields of ecology monitoring, ecosystem assessment and ecosystem management. The special issue covers but is not limited to topics such as: 

  • Ecology monitoring and assessment in watershed
  • Ecosystem services and ecological capital assessment 
  • Landscape dynamics and analysis
  • Ecology restoration 
  • Ecology risk assessment
  • Nature reserve monitoring and assessment 
  • Ecological protection red line and ecological space protection
  • Biodiversity protection and ecological corridor 

Important Dates

Submission deadline: 30 November 2021

Guest Editors

  • Prof. Dr. Peng Hou, satellite environment center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China, houpcy@163.com 
  • Prof. Dr. Honglin He, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, hehl@igsnrr.ac.cn 
  • Prof. Dr. Weiguo Jiang, Beijing Normal University, China, jiangweiguo@bnu.edu.cn
  • Dr. Haifeng Gao, satellite environment center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China, gaohf@secmep.cn

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